A Visitor

"Caroline," Carly turned around looking for who was calling her, but the club was empty.

"Hello? Who's there?" she turned nervously

"Caroline" the voice sounded so impatient and so.so.familiar?

"Who's there? Where are you?" Carly turned more, looking for the voice.

"Carrie, it's me."

Carly's heart froze, she knew that voice, and she knew her old name, "Carly?" She whispered softly afraid of everything all of a sudden.

"Finally" the voice said and then as if by magic Carly Roberts appeared before her.

"But, but..you're dead," Carly said backing up, wishing she was home with Sonny and Michael.

The apparition before her just gave a small laugh "I kinda did notice that Carrie."

"Why are you here?" Part of Carly knew she should be bursting with joy, love, everything positive.Carly was here, Carly her best friend, her sister, the person she'd always wanted to be was here, with her..But she knew better, she knew she should be scared.

"Nice to see you too," the ghost said as she smiled evermore brightly

"Is this one of those Christmas Carol stories?"

"Huh?" her friend looked at her perplexed

"You know Scrooge, three ghosts; I need to change something in my life."

But ghost Carly just laughed at her "Christmas is over. It's the 29th."

"I know" Carly said smiling "Michael's birthday, we had a party at my mother's."

Ghost Carly just smiled at her and said nothing

This worried Carly "Why are you here then?"

"I think you know," her friend was no longer smiling

"No I don't." Carly said shaking her head and turning away.

"Carrie," the ghost reached out and touched her shoulder.

This caused Carly to jerk away in fear "I can feel you."

"I know"

"No," Carly said shaking her head "No, no I can't be. I've got too much in my life. I have a son, a husband; no everything's going so great."

"Carrie, baby I'm sorry." The ghost reached out again to touch her, but Carly moved away.

"I AM NOT DEAD" she screamed at the ghost, this devil, this evil figment of her imagination. Someone put something into her drink, she was drugged, it was a bad dream, that's all this was.


But she cut them off "No, Michael turned five today, he needs his mommy."

"Carrie, he's never known you."

Carly turned back "What?" she whispered

"You died five years ago."

Carly shook her head "No I didn't."

"Yea baby, you did. They couldn't stop the bleeding." Tears had formed in her best friend's eyes and she realized now they mirrored her own and she felt them sliding down her cheeks.

"I'm not dead Carly, I didn't die then. I'm alive, I'm married, everything's great." Carly said shaking her head, suddenly Brenda, Alcazar, murder charges didn't matter.

"Baby this isn't real. People deal with death differently, sometimes people don't deal at all, and I thought you were going to be one of those people. You created this, this isn't what's real. Parts of it are because you're still tapped into it, but you don't exist there, not like you think you do."

"I don't believe you," was all she could say.

"I don't blame you," the spirit answered honestly, "just come with me though. See what's real and maybe you won't be so scared."

Carly had no choice but to take her hand..