"Five years, how can it have already been five years?" Virginia said putting down her tea in Bobbie's living room

"I know." Bobbie replied

"Sometimes it seems like forever, but most times, I still see that little girl running home covered in grass stains and mud."

"She was too young."

"Any child is too young."

"So much time wasted.."

"So many fights."

"God, she loved to pick them," Bobbie said with a smile. "She just wanted to be loved so badly. I wish she had let me done that. I wish she'd let me be her mother."

Virginia shook her head "She tried; she just didn't know how to let it in. She was so afraid of it, she was so afraid of being hurt, rejected."

"She deserved more time, why not us? She should be here raising Michael."

"She's raising him, we just can't see her, but she's there. I can feel her right now, she knows that he's okay, she sees him happy, he's one very loved little boy."

Bobbie laughed "He should be, he's got six grandparents."

"That little boy has everything in the world except for his Mommy."

"I know," Bobbie replied as she picked her tea back up and the both became quiet.

Carly started to cry as they left her "She never got to know me."

Her friend took her in her arms "Yes she did, she has Virginia, she has Jason, they both know who you are, flaws and all they knew you and they loved you and most importantly she has Michael, she knows you through him."

"Oh god, I don't want them to leave me, I don't want to leave them." Carly sobbed

"You'll always be with them, you'll always be watching over." She tried to console as she rubbed her back.

"It's not the same" she cried

"I know Carrie, I know, but at least this will be real."

With that Caroline Benson took the hand of her best friend and allowed herself to be freed from the purgatory she had been living in and walked into the light.