A/N: I wrote this for the wrestling kink meme and decided to post it here too. This is my first foray into this pairing so fingers crossed that it don't like completely suck.

There might potentially be a part two for this down the road. We'll see what I feel like (and if anyone wants it anyway).

Mox couldn't sleep. Of course, that fact in itself was absolutely nothing new. Insomnia had plagued him ever since he was a kid. Usually he could deal with it. Not tonight though. Tonight it was different. Tonight it felt like he was about to start crawling out of his own skin. His normal twitchiness had spiraled to an uncontrollable level, making him really glad that he was alone. His roommate Sami was supposed to be out with his girlfriend, and Mox really hoped he would actually just stay out. It would be easier to get a hold of himself without Sami babbling in his ear a mile a minute. Though granted, he could have used Sami to maybe hit him upside the head and knock him the hell out. That would have been a hell of a nice reprieve to have handy.

He turned over on his other side, curling himself up and fixating his eyes on the wall. The nearby clock ticked away loudly, beckoning him to glance over at it. He fought to resist that urge though. Time was already going slow enough as it was. He didn't need to watch it literally drag by. Sleep. He needed to just get to sleep. If he just fell to sleep then maybe this feeling would pass him by. Or maybe it would just fade away enough to let him get up and function long enough to get his hands on some cash. That was all he really needed. Just a little cash so he could buy what would actually fix him.

Fix. Fuck, he needed a fix so fucking badly. He sucked in a harsh breath, his twitching becoming even worse as the absolute need reared its ugly head once again. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. He had to fucking get a hold of himself. He had no money to get himself any drugs. He didn't even have enough money to buy a candy bar. He was broke to a rather disgusting degree. It was already costing him a bunch of problems. Sami was furious over having to cover the whole sum of their rent yet again. He had gotten drunk and yelled about it, calling him a stupid junkie and threatening to throw him out on his ass. Whatever. Mox didn't give a shit right now. He just wanted to get some sleep and worry about his dire financial state when he woke up.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Mox groaned and flipped over on his side. The clock was mocking him. Fucking bastard thing. He wanted to get up and rip it off the wall. But he didn't. He made himself stay put, his eyes squeezed shut. Sleep. He had to focus on sleep. There was no drug dealer that would give him anything without cash. Absolutely none.

Not true...

Oh hell no. He was not letting himself even consider that. Out of all the ideas he could come up with, that was truly fucking terrible. Yet now that it remotely slipped into his brain, he couldn't get it out. The answer to this problem was one phone call away. He didn't have to lay there and suffer. Well, not physically anyway. His pride would take the hit if he gave in. He didn't want that. He already pretended to have more pride than he should. Giving in and making the call would only make it that much harder.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Every sound that clock made was getting louder and louder. It burned itself into his brain. It wouldn't leave him be. It wouldn't let him get any peace. There was only one thing that could give him that. And there was exactly one guy who he could turn to.

"Fuck!" The curse was grumbled as he rolled out of bed. "Fuck fuck fuck!" His voice got louder every time he repeated the curse. He stumbled over to the clock first, taking it off the wall and chucking it across the room. It hit the door with a bang, which filled him with pure satisfaction. "Yeah, you better stop ticking mother fucker."

"Mox what the fuck are you doing?" Sami yelled from the other room.

Mox didn't answer. Instead he just slipped on a plain white t-shirt before rummaging around for his keys and his phone. It was always hard for him to keep track of his shit. Even when reluctantly sober he was incredibly absent minded. This time though, it only took him about twenty minutes to find both items. They were still stuffed in the pocket of one of his pairs of jeans, which were laying on the floor.

"Tell me you're gonna actually go out and make some fucking money."

Mox looked over to see Sami standing at his doorway. His black hair was sticking up in just about every direction, as per usual. His bare chest was covered in rather fresh looking scratch marks, meaning his girlfriend Jessicka was probably somewhere in the apartment. He had a beer in one hand while the other rested against the door frame.

"Seriously Mox. I can't keep fucking doing this shit by myself."

"I'll get money." This wasn't an argument that Mox wanted to have now. Not in the very fucking least.

"I'm fucking serious Jon."

"I'll fucking get it later, alright? I got other shit to do first."

"Like what? Get high? How are you even -" Sami stopped as the answer to his question popped into his head. Immediately the pissed off look on his face melted away, being swiftly replaced by an amused grin. "You're going to your little boyfriend's then?"

Mox scowled. "Jimmy's not my fucking boyfriend."

"You sure about that?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty fucking sure. I don't even like the fucker."

"But you like, suck his dick every fucking day."

"I do not! I just...I fucking need some shit. And I don't have any money."

Sami shook his head. "So you're gonna whore yourself out again? Christ Mox." He brought his beer to his lips and took a long drink of it before speaking again. "The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?"

The words were a direct slap to the face. A fucking low blow to the highest degree. And in another time and another place, he would have attacked, spitting and snarling as he threw punches. But not now. Not when it had become so painfully true that not even he could deny it. So instead he just stormed out of the room, shoulder checking Sami in the process. Something was said to him on his way out, but he didn't care enough to listen. Instead he kept on going, slamming the front door shut behind him as hard as he could. Hopefully that was taken as the "fuck you" it was meant to be.


BANG BANG BANG! "Jacobs!" BANG BANG BANG! Mox pounded his fist against Jimmy's front door relentlessly. He had walked all the way here, thunder rumbling ominously almost the whole way. The rain hadn't actually started yet, but he felt like his luck on that front was about to run out. "Jimmy open the fucking door!" He pounded on the door harder, knowing the other man was home. The stupid rottweilers that tried to bite him every time he came up to the house were outside with them. Jimmy wasn't the type to leave his animals outside. He loved the bastard things for whatever fucking reason.

The door finally opened, leading to Mox nearly hitting the smaller man right in the face with his fist. "The fuck are you doing Jon?"

Mox felt his eye twitch at the use of his first name. Nobody really ever called him that. Even Sami, his own best friend, rarely ever used it. And there was just something about the way that Jimmy said it that bothered him. He couldn't really explain it; he just wished that Jimmy fucking Jacobs would stop saying his name like that. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing here?"

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "I know why you're here. What I meant was -" he stopped to shake some of his hair out of his eyes "what the fuck are you doing pounding on my door like a damn lunatic? It's not like I've gone deaf or anything."

"Well maybe you should have answered the door faster." Mox shoved his hands into his pockets and fidgeted. "Can I come in or not?"

Jimmy just stepped aside wordlessly, shaking his hair out of his eyes once again as he did so. Red streaks had replaced the blonde, which was probably a Tyler inspired change. In the absence of his ex-girlfriend Lacey, his friend Tyler had become the true object of Jimmy's desire instead. Not that Tyler would notice. He was too busy fucking half the town to notice that his best friend was in love with him. A mocking comment was on the tip of Mox's tongue, but he managed to bite it back. Just saying Tyler's name seemed to make him appear, and Mox was in no mood to deal with that little weasel. Fuck that bullshit.

Mox stomped his way down the hall and into the kitchen. He heard Jimmy following him, but he didn't cast a look back at him. Instead he went the refrigerator, opening the door and peeking inside. There wasn't a whole lot there, but it was still more than he had. His lip curled into a sneer. Maybe he should take something. Really make himself at home.

"Don't you mooch off of me enough as it is?"

"Mooch?" Oh yeah, he was definitely taking something now. He grabbed the carton of Chinese food that was in there and opened it. A quick whiff told him that it wasn't totally bad. Feeling more confident, he stepped away from the fridge and bumped the door shut with his hip. "I don't fucking mooch."

"Some would say you do." Jimmy leaned up against the counter, his eyes slowly moving up and down Mox's frame. "Though uh, they're not a party that's had your mouth put to good use."

"Fuck you." Mox started opening drawers, trying to find a fork to use. He didn't exactly fancy eating this orange chicken with his fingers.

Jimmy's eyes narrowed a bit and suddenly he was moving. Faster than Mox's brain could process the space had closed between them. The carton of food was knocked right out of his hand. It hit the floor but neither one of them really noticed. Jimmy had a handful of his shirt and had him pulled down for a harsh kiss. His hands immediately moved to Jimmy's chest, nearly pushing him away before he stopped himself. As much as it completely pained him to admit it, Jimmy had all the power here. Jimmy didn't actually have to take the non-cash payments he offered up. Jimmy in all reality could tell him to go fuck off any time he felt like it. He had to play nice, which wasn't exactly in his nature.

Jimmy bit down on his lower lip and tugged it roughly. Mox grunted and dug his fingers into the thin material of Jimmy's shirt. He tried to gain control of the kiss, but the smaller man wasn't having it. Teeth found his lower lip again, this time biting hard enough to draw blood. Fingers drifted over his arm, tracing over the array of track marks that decorated the skin there. A shiver ran up his spine. The touch was a sharp reminder as to why he was there. It was the same mess he had watched his mother live in until she overdosed when he was seventeen. He sold his body for the drugs. He had sold his body before to keep a roof over his and Sami's head and would probably have to do it again. He had sold it for food, to pay off debts...everything he had ever sworn he wouldn't do he had done.

"Come here." As suddenly as he had started the kiss, Jimmy broke it. He was moving away from Mox, pulling a chair away from the table and sitting down on it. He spread his legs apart, a little smirk dancing across his lips. "Hurry up before I start thinking about raising my price."

Mox's eyes narrowed. "We had an agreement."

"Yeah well, the economy is hard Jon." Jimmy rested his palm against his groin, his smirk getting even bigger. "There might be a day where a blowjob isn't enough of a trade off for my financial loss." He laughed at the look on Mox's face. "It's not like you haven't done it before. And I didn't say today anyway. Not unless you don't hurry the hell up."

"Asshole," Mox muttered. He didn't know whether Jimmy heard him or not. He didn't particularly care. Instead he closed the distance between them and dropped down to his knees. His hands went to Jimmy's jeans, undoing the button and the zipper before grabbing the waistband. Jimmy raised his hips to let him pull them down. He left them down around Jimmy's ankles. The older man wasn't wearing underwear, as per usual. Mox was at the point of thinking he never actually wore them.

"Come on Jon." Jimmy reached out and grabbed a handful of Mox's dirty blonde locks. "Put that pretty mouth of yours to good use."

"My mouth isn't fucking pretty," Mox snapped. One hand rested on Jimmy's leg while the the other wrapped around Jimmy's cock. He gave the length a couple of strokes before wrapping his mouth around it, moving fast because he just wanted to be done already. The head hit the back of his throat, and his eyes watered as he gagged. He instinctively tried to pull his head back, but Jimmy's grip on his hair tightened, keeping him in place. Fucking bastard. Mox gripped on to both of Jimmy's thighs now, digging his nails into his flesh. He hoped it hurt.

Jimmy's fingers twisted in his hair as he arched his hips up. Even without looking upwards, Mox knew there was a completely smug look in his eyes. Mox let out a groan and forced his throat to relax. The grip on his hair loosened just a bit, allowing him to start bobbing his head up and down. He closed his eyes and tried to get out of his own head. He didn't need to focus on what he was doing. He could just do it, get what he came here for and then get out.

"Fucking god damn." Jimmy's grip tightened once more, making it so he was guiding Mox's movements now. "You fucking do have a pretty mouth. You should see it right now." A small laugh escaped him. "All fucking wrapped around my cock…"

Mox glared up at him, wanting to punch the stupidly smug look off his stupid looking face. But he made himself resist the urge. Instead he sloppily swirled his tongue around the head, probing the slit with the tip before his head was moved back down. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder, earning a moan of appreciation from the other man.

"So fucking eager." Jimmy was talking again, though his voice was so low that it was hard for Mox to tell if he was actually talking to him or to himself. "God damn Jon…"

Mox hummed around the length, his eyes closing as he tried to zone out once again. He was just starting to succeed when Jimmy suddenly pulled him away from his cock completely. "What the f -"

Jimmy kept his head in place with one hand while the other wrapped around his dick and stroked quickly. The first shot of cum hitting him right below the eye made Mox snarl and try to yank himself free. Jimmy held tight though, laughing as the rest of his seed spilled on to Mox's face.

"Mother fucker!" Mox scrambled up to his feet as soon as Jimmy finally let go of his hair. He pushed the other man away and stumbled over to the sink. He turned the water on full blast and washed his face off, his entire body flushing as Jimmy's laughter echoed in his ears. Fucking bastard. There was going to be a day where he wouldn't need to do this and on that day he was going to knock the little fuck on his ass. And it would be absolutely glorious.

"Oh come on." Jimmy was still laughing at him even as he was turning the water off. "It's a good look on you Jon."

"Just give me the stuff you asshole." Mox didn't even bother to grab a towel. Instead he pulled his shirt up and dried himself off with it instead.

Jimmy rolled his eyes, but didn't argue. Once his pants were pulled up he went into the other room, returning with the drugs Mox had been seeking all along. Mox went to grab them, nearly combusting on the spot as Jimmy stepped back. "What?" he growled. "What the fuck now?"

"Just so you know…" Jimmy licked his lips and wagged his eyebrows "next time I want your ass."

Mox just glared at him. He wanted to say there wouldn't be a next time, but if he got weak and came back, he didn't want to have to eat those words. So instead he just snatched the drugs out of Jimmy's hand and stormed out. He didn't dare cast a look back. He just wanted to get home, get high and forget he just did that.