ⅰ. Prologue

"If you comply, you will be rewarded." The voice whispered.

Her eyes stung with tears, threatening to spill down. The metal contractor that was holding her and her eyes in place was cold, everything was cold, the world was too cold.

"Comply, Agent 37." Senior Bakshee whispered more forcefully. She wavered a little, biting her lip. Bakshee smirked in triumph. It was over. "I comply." She answered without any emotions. Bakshee helped her down from the uncomfortable position she was forced to reside in for a whole two weeks. He walked across the room and picked up a phone while the girl walked a few miles, stretching her limbs.

She watched solemnly as Bakshee spoke into the phone. "Yes, Doctor Whitehall. It is done. Yes, we will wait here for you- You want her in the experiment room? Of course. Coming right away."

He motioned for the girl to follow him.

Down a flight of stairs she found people in white doctors uniform running around. A old man with round glasses walked forward to address them. "What is your name girl?" He demanded of her. "Teressa Agnes." She replied shakily. "Well- Teressa. You will comply with my orders right?" The man then asked, "Because we need to use you as a experiment."

"Yes. Happy to comply."

As the doctors rolled away the heavily drugged girl, Bakshee turned to Whitehall. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do?"

"I believe that discovery requires experimentation. Remember that." He replied, and walked towards the girl.


She waked up in a empty white room strapped to a bed. There was nothing in the room except her and this bed, but she was sure that there was a door somewhere, however it was just out of sight. The sheets were soft, tickling her skin. But her body seemed strange, alien.

"Well, I see you are awake." Bakshee walked into the room from a paneled door concealed in the wall carrying a tray with drinks and food and placing it on the girl's knees. "It is my pleasure to inform you that the experimentation has worked very successfully. You are a enhanced now."

The brunette, who was sipping tea chocked and spluttered, "Enhanced?!"

"Yes, you see. I will explain your powers if you would like to listen."

She simply stared at him. So Bakshee took it for him to talk.

"Dr. Whitehall has been experimenting on the enhanced for quite some time before he was totally sure that he was able to create one. And he needed to find a suitable candidate. You, being already through S.H.E.I.L.D's training, with a natural strong mind, you were perfect. But mainly because you are not suitable for enhanced brute force, we've developed something that is just as dangerous. Mind-control. Ability to dive into someones deepest thoughts and tug out there worst fears. But best of all, magic." Bakshee explained while she nibbled on the bread, watching him.

"Magic?" She repeated.

"Magic." He confirmed.

"Witchcraft?" She asked.

"Of the source." He said then he stood up to leave, "You should rest, Agent 37. Your training will begin tomorrow."



She jumped up from her seat. She did not hear intruders but there was defiantly something wrong. Racing out of the library, she ran towards the great hall to see Whitehall stagger and fall on his back, a bullet in his heart.

It was as if someone had crashed a strong bullet-proof glass, revealing the beautiful but equally horrid world. But that was the world that she loved, that she was used to. She felt something new: freedom. From Hydra, from Whitehall, but not from her powers. But maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. She flicked her wrist and appeared on the busy streets of New York. Determined to find the last portion of S.H.E.I.L.D: The Avengers.

Seven hours later, with much teleporting and mind-control, she managed to locate the Avengers hideout. As if you could call it a hideout.

Obviously Stark had payed a few gold nuggets for the hundredth floor mansion. She was stepping forward when she heard a grinding and saw two cannons locked on me.

"Please state you name and business." A male voice spoke.

"I am Teressa Agnes, agent of S.H.E.I.L.D, more commonly known as agent 37. I am here to see the Avengers." She spoke, she was so surprised that her voice was shaky.

The doors slid open. "Welcome, agent Agnes." She stepped forward into the building. Immediately, she heard footsteps and saw a familiar person standing in the shadows. "Agent Hill?" She asked.


"Yes, it's me!"