Wow… After I said I'd update For the Mission, I get tied up with finals. Then I get inspiration brick'd with another story and I just have to write it.

This story's concept was not conceived by me. The original concept came from a Fanfiction author, Zodiac Kid, under a different title, "Kid Icarus Winter". I have checked and there has been no one who attempted to pick up the story and the original author is gone from the website, so I'm going to take this out of the proverbial lost-and-found, dust it off and adopt the story as my own. Zodiac, if you're reading this, I hope you're okay with it. Now, in Kid Icarus fashion, let's move out!

Prologue: The Injured Angel

In the world where gods, goddesses, monsters and other such creatures of myth exist, there was a town that had been met with terrible destruction. In fact, it could barely be called a town anymore. Buildings were smashed, fires were burning the last remnants, and the people were not spared. Aside from the few who had managed to flee the town when the monster appeared, charred corpses were littered about the streets and buildings.

With the monster gone now, its destruction complete, the town was quiet with all signs of life gone. It was as if the wind itself had stopped in a moment of silence to mourn the lives lost. Then as there were footsteps sounding among the rubble, it picked up again in a low whistle.

Stepping through the streets and kicking a rock out of her way was a preteen girl with long platinum blonde hair tied into a ponytail. Also, despite her appearance, she carried an intricate wooden staff, using it like a walking stick. Her dress didn't have a single scorch or speck of dirt marring it, since she had arrived after the destruction. Shifting her foot to avoid it brushing against a charred human hand as she walked, she surveyed the damage with the eyes of an adult.

"Hm, seems like a certain somebody's been slacking on the job if this town was allowed to be destroyed. The burn victims, the smashed buildings, and…" With the bottom of her staff, the girl prodded a giant pawprint pressed into the cobblestone pavement where a bloody smear that used to be a human was. "Probably the work of Twinbellows. Oh well, if this town is destroyed, time to let nature reclaim the area. I'll drop a Reset Bomb here and have Cragalanche chase down Twinbellows. Can't have it burning down a forest."

Right as the girl raised her staff, a sound made her stop.


The girl lowered her staff and turned to a small pile of rubble inside a ruined wall of a house. Had there been a voice coming from there? She moved closer and heard the strained voice again.

"…Lady Palutena… Please…"

With a wave of her staff, some vines grew out of the ground and a body was uncovered. It appeared to be a brown-haired 14-year-old sustaining several injuries as he lay on his back. He had burns all over himself, his clothes, particularly his toga, were burned away or scorched black in several places, and he had several cuts, one which was across his forehead bleeding over his eyes as he murmured in a semi-unconscious state.

"Lady Palutena… Please… Help…"

The girl shook her head, "Poor kid. Probably thought he could take on a monster all by himself, hoping the Goddess of Light would personally back him up. Oh well, just another human soon to be dead." She was about to turn away to leave when something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. "Wait…"

Clearing away some looser rubble and dirt revealed something that she hadn't seen before. Wings. Horribly mangled and broken, but definitely angel wings. Taking a clearer look around, knowing what she was looking for, she spotted a divine weapon, the First Blade. Picking it up with her free hand, she took another look at the angel. She felt her curiosity rise.

'Why would an angel be left here? I thought angels were meant to live peaceful lives in Skyworld, not be warriors…' The girl kept from speaking aloud. She could never be sure that she was alone where gods and goddesses were involved. Shifting the First Blade to her other hand to hold it with her staff, she walked over and grabbed the angel's arm. Even with a Drink of the Gods, it might not be enough. He needed to get to a safe environment. Raising her staff, the two of them were warped away in a flash of green light, leaving a few autumn leaves behind.

Within a matter of minutes, a massive pink orb could be seen descending from the sky before it crashed into the ruined town leaving a pink bubble that caused plants to overrun the stone work in frenzy and use the corpses as nutrients. And over the fields, a stone meteor could be seen falling towards the end of a path of burnt grass.