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Magic Found - Chapter 5


By the time Ron got back, Nix and Clint had dropped their children off with his parents, the Avengers had got ready and the Quinjet was ready to fly. Once everyone was on board, Tony said that there had been a sighting of Ultron it seemed that he had managed to get into the secure building that Helen was in and had started to get himself a body.

Therefore it was all systems go to make sure they stopped Ultron from evolving again.

When Phoenix, Ron, Hermione and a blond woman that the Avengers didn't know the name of joined them on the quinjet, Clint and Natasha got the jet in the air.

"Hey who is blondie?" Tony questioned to break the tension.

Luna looked from where she had been talking with Hermione, and saw that all eyes were now on her. "I am Luna, I'm a healer. Nix asked me to come, apparently part of the agreement for them to work with you includes bringing a healer." Luna said.

"Oh, so you can heal people with magic?" Steve asked.

"Yes, it is far more advanced than the healing that muggles do, because we can heal a cut with a simple wave of our wand potions and other spells can be used to fix broken bones and more serious wounds." Luna told them.

The others took this in, it would definitely be helpful to have Luna around if one of them got injured.

Thor, thought that magic healing was a lot like what was done on Asgard but there was something else that was bothering him, Nix had been able to… speak he supposed was the best word to the snake in the duel that she and Ron had. Ron had called it parseltongue and Thor wanted to know what it was.

"What is parseltongue?" Thor asked seemingly out of nowhere. He was met with confused looks, "Was that no what Ron called it when you did whatever you did with the snake?" Thor continued.

Nix blinked a few times before answering, "parseltongue is a language, it basically translates to serpent tongue, the ability to speak and control snakes. It passes down through bloodlines, many people think the gift evil and dangerous because parseltongue originates from the Slytherin line which is considered to be full of dark wizards.

I got the gift because my mother was related to the Slytherin line, my ability to speak it caused quite a few problems for me in my second year." Nix explained.

The Avengers other than Clint and Natasha seemed a bit taken aback by her explanation, obviously they didn't expect her to do something like that.

"I think that we are getting a bit off topic, do we have a plan for how we are doing to deal with Ultron and the Maximoff twins?" Hermione asked, ever the voice of reason.

"I would suggest splitting up," Nix said thoughtfully.

"Splitting up…" Clint echoed not looking at all pleased with that idea.

"Well, we don't know for definate that the twins and Ultron will be in the exact same place. Personally, I would suggest that Hermione, Nat and I go and find the twins. Leaving the rest of you to deal with Ultron." Nix said.

She could already see the disagreement on Clint's face even as she said it, but if it worked they would be able to hit two birds at the same time and if Ultron got away then they would almost definitely have the twins on their side for the final battle.

"No," Clint said.

At the same time all the others agreed that this was a good idea and that it would be a good idea to get the Maximoff twins away from Ultron as soon as possible.

"Clint, you are out voted love, besides I don't think that the Maximoff twins are bad just misguided, think of how I described Malfoy before the end of the war he was just doing what his father told him to do. In any case Natasha wouldn't let anything happen to me, you need to remember that I do this sort of thing all the time in the wizarding world just because I am working in your world now doesn't mean that I cannot defend myself." Nix informed her husband.

Clint grumbled for a bit, but consented after both Natasha and Hermione said that they would look out for Nix.

Nix, Natasha and Hermione were dropped off after saying that they could track the twins while the others went after Ultron.

"Right, I think the first thing to do is track this," Nix said.

When Natasha had last come into contact with the twins she had managed to get a bracelet that belonged to Wanda, thinking that Nix would agree to help them.

Hermione quickly cast a tracking charm on it and held on to it be let it lead her with Nix and Nat following her to were the twins were. The bracelet led them to a motel, and a room within once Nix cast a notice me not charm on the to get past the front desk.

Natasha knocked on the door, she had buried her emotions behind her mask, but she could help feeling a little nervous, she was definitely glad that she had two powerful witches with her so that the little witch couldn't mess with her mind again.

It was Pietro that opened the door, and Nix could tell that he was obviously about to slam it so Nix put a hand on the door to stop him and quickly said "It's okay, we are only here to talk we don't want to hurt you. Can we come in?" Nix asked.

"Who are you?" Pietro asked as Wanda joined him at the door. Her red magic flickering in her hands.

"Well, I am Phoenix and this is Hermione, and I think you are already know Natasha." Nix said pointing her two companions as she said their names.

"What do you want?" Wanda asked.

"I want to help you Wanda, Hermione and I we both have magic a lot like you we could help you control it better, probably make you more powerful." Nix explained.

Wanda looked to her brother who shrugged, she did wonder were the rest of the Avengers were and why only one of them was here. As well were did they get two witches from at such short notice? She wasn't sure whether to trust them or not.

"Prove that you can do magic and then explain what is going on, then we will believe you." Wanda said.

"I would be happy to do that, but please invite us in, I would rather not give the whole world a show." Nix said.

"Fine," Wanda said, opening the door more to allow the three women in.

"Right then, Wanda our magic doesn't work like yours does. We have to channel our magic through magical instruments like wands or staffs." Hermione explained as she took out her wand.

Hermione then conjured a feather and made it float with a couple to quick flicks of her wand. She could she that both Wanda and Pietro didn't look to impressed. She glanced over at Nix, she always had a way of getting through to people and making the simplest, least dangerous things look good.

Nix rolled her eyes and whispered "serpensortia," conjuring a snake from her wand which landed on the floor, "go over to Hermione, but don't hurt her." Nix hissed at the snake.

The snake slithered over to Hermione hissing, both turning back to Nix at a hissed command from her the snake curled around her arm and settled.

Both Wanda and Pietro looked quite impressed and a little nervous, Nix rolled her eyes, she wouldn't let the snake hurt them.

"I wouldn't let it hurt you, I take that you believe us now?" Nix asked.

"Yes, we believe you." Pietro said.

"Good, now I want to help you, but in order for me to do that you two are going to have to help yourselves a little bit, you need to open up to someone whether it be Hermione, Natasha or myself but I think the first thing you should do is apologise to Natasha for messing with her head. In the wizarding world it is against the law and considered very disrespectful to enter someone's mind without their permission." Nix explained to the twins, but directed the last bit to Wanda.

Neither of them looked thrilled at to choice given to them, but Wanda had decided that this Phoenix person seemed to be fair and honest so she didn't a problem with them explaining themselves to her. Wanda wasn't sure how she felt about be told to apologise to Natasha like a child but when Nix explained it she could see how it wasn't right to mess with someone's mind without their permission, Wanda knew that she wouldn't like it.

"I am sorry for playing with your mind Natasha." Wanda said slowly as she turned to look at the other redhead.

"I forgive you, it's not okay but as long as you don't go it again I am happy to forgive you." Natasha said.

"Great, now who are you going to talk to?" Nix asked.

"We will talk to you," Pietro said.

Nix had expected that and looked back to her friends they nodded knowing that she was going to talk to them alone, and that with the twins pression she would explain it to them later or the really vital parts at any rate.

"Okay, I am going to put up a privacy charm so that Natasha and Hermione can't hear us." Nix said, she flicked her wand a couple of times muttering under her breath to put the charms in place.

"Right they can't hear us now so who would like to start." Nix ask the twins.

"Well, we joined Ultron because we wanted revenge on Tony Stark for the death of our parents. That was also why we let them experiment on us to give us powers, one of his bombs blew up our apartment building it killed our parents and were waiting to be rescued for hours with an unexploded bomb close enough to us that we could see the Stark logo on it, we knew that it could go off at any moment and that we could die if we made one wrong move." Pietro started.

"When we did get out we were sent to an orphanage because we had no other relatives that could take us in. When we volunteered for the program that gave us our powers we didn't realise we were giving them our lives as well, we thought they would do their experiments and then let us go but they didn't." Wanda carried on.

Nix nodded in understanding that must have been hard for them but she decided that it might be time to give them a dose of reality.

"How old were you when you lost your parents?" Nix asked.

"We were ten," Pietro told her.

"I was eighteen months old we my parents were murdered but a dark wizard that was intent on ruling the world. The only memories I have of my parents are their deaths. You two have ten years of memories of your parents, and you think it was bad going to an orphanage. I was sent to my Aunt and Uncle who kept me in the cupboard under the stairs and hated me for something that I didn't understand until I was eleven years old when I found out that I was a witch. Emagine know that your family should love you and not knowing why they hate you for a good ten years." Nix told them.

Nix could see that Wanda looked visibly upset and Pietro just looked horrified that family could treat each other like that.

"Right enough about my life, now that I have shown you that you two are not the only ones that have have hard lives, how about you start doing the right thing? Surely you can see that what Ultron is doing is not right." Nix said.

"We know, we have been thinking about leaving him for a while now, his ideas have changed from what they were or maybe him just didn't tell us what his end game was to start off with." Wanda said.

"Okay that is good, just out of curiosity how old are you two?" Nix asked.

"We were nineteen, three months ago." Pietro told her.

"Okay, well you are older than I was in my first battle." Nix said with a smile.

"Phoenix, how are you related to the Avengers? you have never been seen with them before." Wanda questioned.

Nix laughed, "To start off with you can called me Nix, Phoenix is quite a mouthful and I am Clint Barton's wife, he's the one with the bow and arrows." Nix told them.

"He knew about what I was going to do to his mind, was that because of you?" Wanda asked.

"Partially, I had told him about mind control but a couple of years ago Loki to control of his mind and made him do something that he didn't want to do, so he is especially wary of it. Now I think we should go and join up with the others before they start wondering about what is taking so long." Nix said.

The twins agreed with her and Nix took the privacy charms down so that they could join up with Natasha and Hermione again and see if they had heard anything from the others about Ultron.

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