Hello! If anyone still reads this, I have given up on 90% of my stories. I grew out of most of these fandoms that I used to love back then when I used that account. I was only 16-17 haha, I'm gonna turn 20 next month.

The only story that I'm still working on in the future is "My Hangover - A drunken love story". I will soon add the last Chapter and then discontinue to use this account. I feel like I got no exposure at all here, barely any reviews nor much ratings...Also my writing style changed completly including the grammar. I moved over to Wattpad since that community is more made for me. Seriously is so dead LOL My username on Wattpad is "Kennysgurl69" and I'm mostly making South Park and Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fanfictions.

If you chose to not follow my fanfiction-path anymore, then bye see you in another life :)