Perpetual Suffering

Born in shadow, beneath the light,

All I desire is my love, to hold her,

The encroaching curse that I shall fight,

I damn that treacherous cur!

On the streets again, pain fills my soul,

Five years apart, now she's in love,

In love, she has destroyed my goal,

The white wings singe, now I am the dark dove.

Spirit is crushed by this new hell,

The laughing demon calls me back,

Amongst the darkness, where evil doth dwell,

"Go forth my spawn, the heavens you shall attack!"

Upon the earth, I howl in rage,

Is this what I died and lived for?

To be bound here, in this eternal living cage?

To kill the divine light by my dark claw?

I am not evil, I am no pawn,

I plea father, end my suffering,

This was not my destiny, to be hell spawn,

I whimper, and hear the angel singing...

Angels' Chorus

I see you on the floor,

Bent on one knee,

You are damaged by one scar,

Denier of destiny.

You sold your soul unto the fallen one,

In fire you carved a new path,

You are unworthy, hells pawn,

Darkened one, face the wrath

Of the heaven, that you shunned,

How can you plea for mercy?

When you should have burned,

In the damnation that I cast unto thee!

Barred from heaven, you are,

Your dark messiah shall hunt you down,

Drag you back unto his lair,

Face heavy with darkened frown.

Forever on earth be you wandering,

The sole deserter, for you, perpetual suffering!

The voice fades and the clouds part,

Once again my life my own,

I am burdened by this darkened heart,

Forever I'll be alone.

Trapped on this earth with my heart of stone...