Chapter 1: The New Revolutionary

Rose's POV

I hadn't told my father where I was going, He didn't really approve of my friends. I was going to see Toulouse and his friends. I put on my hat to protect my pale face from the sun. I walked towards the apartments near the Moulin Rouge and towards Toulouse's Apartment. That was when I heard the most beautiful voice.

"The hills are alive with the sound of music!" He sang and the door opened. Audrey was quitting.

"Rose!" I heard Toulouse say and he practically dragged me inside.

"Who's amazing voice was that Toulouse? The poetry was simply intriguing." I asked "I simply must know."

"That was Christian, our new revolutionary and writer, Christian this is Rosalie Zidler. Daughter of the owner of the Moulin Rouge ad a fellow bohemian revolutionary."

"It's very nice to meet you Christian." I said a blush gracing my face as his hand held mine.

"It's very nice to meet you too, your father owns the Moulin Rouge?" Christian asked.

"Yes! That's brilliant, Rosie, you can talk to your father and ask him for Christian to write Spectacular Spectacular! It's wonderful." Youlouse exclaimed a big smile on his face. The small made could make me smile on the saddest days.

"That's a lovely idea, come to the Rouge tonight, I'll take you onto the dance floor with me. He'll ensure you're brought to me when my number's over He'll have to borrow the Argentinian's suit. Can he borrow your suit?" I looked to the Argentiaanina who was now conscious once again. I knew of his narcolepsy and had been trying to help him with it but it was to no avail.

"Anything for you little rose." he said and I smiled.

"Thank you I have to go back goodbye for now! I will see you all tonight!" I said and ran back to the elephant. "Oh Rose what have you gotten yourself into?" I asked myself laying on my chaise. If father knew I was interested in a penniless writer her's go mad. But I didn't care. I felt something for Christian. Tonight I would perform for some investors with Satine. We were the Sparkling Diamonds and tonight Christian would see me shine. I smiled and slipped into my costume. I anxiously waited and tonight the show would go on. Father came in as the final string was tied on my corset.

"Are you ready darling?" He asked.

"Of course is Satine ready to woo the duke?" I asked.

"Definitely. Listen Rose, I want you to sing your heart out. Like you mother used to."

"I know father, I'm sure it doesn't help that I look just like her."

"You are just like her too, come on let's get you ready." He said and I walked towards the place where the show would go on.