Chapter 10: Epilogue

We left Paris after Satine's death. She was buried in a church with a simple headstone and a bouquet of blood red roses gracing the front of it. Christian wanted to bring me to England and show everyone who we really were that I could be a real star. That was until the boat ride. I was sick almost every day of the voyage. And when we got to a physician in London I got the best news I could ever hope for.

"It's nothing that wont be gone soon. It usually lasts about nine months." He said and I looked at him with wide eyes as did Christian.

"Nine months Doctor?" I asked.

"Yes congratulations you two." He said and we looked at one another. I placed a gloved hand to my abdomen I was with child. Christian's child. I smiled as we walked from the office and to our humble home. My father had given me as much money as he could when we left trying to compensate everyone as the Duke would probably tear down our precious home. We were married on the ship and everything so perfect.

"Can you believe it Christian a child!" I exclaimed as we got home. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Darling. I also have good news. I started wriiting our story on the boat and as soon as I'm done I'm taking it to a publishing friend I know."He replied.

"I'm glad this is perfect everything is so perfect."I smiled things couldn't possibly be any better.

*Seven months later*

I was tired but so happy after I had our child. A beautiful baby girl. I sat with Christian in our home.

"What should we name her darling?"He asked me and I knew the perfect name for her.

"Satine." I replied and he nodded. I sat there holding her as she began to fuss. "Shhh." I tried rocking her and nothing was of use until I began to sing softly to her.

Come What May

Come What May

I Will Love You

Until My Dying Day

She lulled right back into her sleep and I just looked at Christian smiling. He took her from me and laid her in her bassinet. We had all we needed here. We were happy and we were in love. And that was all that mattered.

*Two Years Later*

The book was finally finished. I was so happy. Christian had put his heart into his book about our life and our love at the Moulin Rouge. It was a hit and everyone that had read it loved it. As for Satine she was a beautiful child inheriting her father's dark locks and my green eyes as well as a passion for song.

"Momma! Papa!"She ran to us she was such a smart little girl. "Can we sing?" She asked.

"Well of course we can darling." Christian said and I smiled placing a hand on my stomach feeling a kick from my second child.

"Seems that your little brother wants to sing as well." I told her and she placed a hand on my stomach. I laughed at the life we had we were happy and we would never forget what had happened in France, what had happened with Satine because it would always been in our hearts. And it would always stay there because we still believed in...




And above all...