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Erza Dragneel: The Flame Devil Slayer

Episode 0: The Birth of the First Devil Slayer

Tuesday, August 8th, Year X775, 11:34 P.M, Earthland, Fiore Kingdom, Rosemary Village

'This is nightmare'

Thought a lone ten years old girl with scarlet hair while standing in the middle of chaos. Her village was attacked by a group that called themselves Zeref's worshipers, she could heard the cried of horror from the villagers around the burning village. They've killed all the adults but kidnapped the children for slavery. She had heard from one of the worshiper while she was hiding from them that all of her friends were being transported to an unknown island by ship.

She was alone, because her parents were killed, protecting her from the attacker.

She was scared, because she's still a ten years old girl.

More importantly….she was weak, she couldn't even protect herself.

"Hey looks…there is a kid down there." The girl whipped her head towards the source, only to find the attacker called for his comrades.

For the ninth times in an hour, the girl ran from her pursuers. Her legs screamed at her to stop but she ignored it. She must escape from the pursuers first and she couldn't afford to stop running until she lost from them. One of her pursuers shot a volley of magic towards her, she's lucky, the shot was missed from its target.

She continued running until her legs given up and that was her greatest mistake. A blast of magic landed near her but she was caught in the blast, sending her flying. She landed on the hard ground and did her best to stand up before she'd forced her legs to move again. She walked limply, her legs were damaged from the blast earlier and she wasn't watching where she walked until she bumped into someone that unbeknown to her will change her life forever.

"Oi kid…watch it!"

Tuesday, August 8th, Year X775, 11:29 A.M, Earthland, Unknown Place [Five Minutes Earlier]


A lone man yawned for the fifth time in this day as he sat on his throne, inside of dark room while crossing his leg and leaning on his right hand with bored face before he decided to take a nap for a moment.

He was a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, pair of slanted crimson eyes, black flame marking over his right face and spiky pink-colored hair. He was wearing a right-sleeveless black waistcoat with golden trimming, white trousers and brown belt that wrapped around his waist also bandage and black-golden wristband around his right hand.

This man was Etherious Natsu Dragneel also known as E.N.D, the Guild Master of Tartaros, a guild that filled with a race called Eteriasu [Etherious], the strongest dark guild and possibly the strongest guild ever exist. He was the strongest Eteriasu from the Book of Zeref, well, not actually from that book, he was once a human and also the younger brother of the strongest and the most evil mage ever known, the brother of Kuro Madoshi [The Black Wizard], Zeref Dragneel.

E.N.D existed with only one sole purpose…to kill his brother. He would have done it four hundred years ago, if that dragon, the current Ryu no O [The Dragon King] Acnologia didn't interfere. E.N.D fought the dragon but the dragon was able to match him in term of strength, not even the Enryuo [The King of Flame Dragon] Igneel could do it. The battle ended up with draw, Acnologia was gravely injured, as well as E.N.D. He made a mental note to settle his score with Acnologia before he went after his brother next.


Someone walked in to his room, E.N.D opened his eyes and grumbled. Whoever it is, he or she should have a good reason for disturbing his nap time. The figure soon walked towards the only light that illuminated the room.

The figure revealed itself to be a tall, lean and has the appearance of a young man. He seen wearing a smirk, His hair was black, long and wavy, reaching his shoulders even whilst the majority was tied up in a very large ponytail. Additionally, his messy bangs all but obscure his dark, slanted eyes. He was a long, black jacket trimmed with a light-colored flame pattern; the lapels were a matching lighter color as well. The cuffs of his jacket are rolled up, revealing a light-colored inside, which contrasts the black inside of his jacket, and have a black line cutting through the edge of the fabric. The jacket itself was tattered and splits into four torn fabric segments at the tail. Beneath the jacket, he wore a frilly black v-necked shirt, lined in a lighter color, that closes down the middle and was adorned with a buckle just below his clavicle; just below this was a piece of fabric that he kept over this shirt but under his jacket, that circles the majority of the lower half of his torso. The rest of his attire was simple, consisting of light-colored pants that lay lazily over the top of rather plain black boots and have, on each leg, a seam running down the middle, as well as two pairs of buckles that form an X on the thigh and lower calf.

E.N.D glared at the man, who none other than his second in command who kneeled down before him while holding a book that he was carrying all time. "This better be good, Mard Geer Tartaros!" He told the man known as Mard Geer harshly, causing Mard Geer flinched a bit at the tone his master using, indicating that he was upset but Mard Geer did his best to hide it.

"Apologize Master, Mard Geer just want to report that Sayla and Grayfia had finished their mission you assigned." Mard Geer reported while did his best not to stutter. E.N.D nodded and was pleased at that, well at least a bit since he was still upset of his second in command interrupting his sleep.

But of course, E.N.D was a rational person. He wouldn't punish his subordinates because they were interrupted his sleep unless it wasn't important matter. Still there is something that bugged him but he couldn't put a finger on it.

"Tell me Mard…"E.N.D began, Mard looked at him curiously. While his master would normally looks so calm, this time however he only glanced at the ceiling of his room with troubled eyes.

"Is something bothering you, Master?" Tartarus second in command asked as he stared to his rose-haired Master. The pinkette sighed before he yawned a bit while still staring at the ceiling.

"What do you think about humans?" E.N.D asked a question which in Mard's opinion was unusual, even for his Master. He saw his Master staring down at him, waiting for him to answer his question.

"Mard honestly thinks them as nothing more than insects. True, Mard have never interacted with one of them but Mard thinks Mard doesn't need it because Mard is a higher being than them." Mard Geer answered truthfully without hesitation. E.N.D could only sigh at this, of course he should have know that his second in command would answer that. But Mard even knew that there are humans that much stronger than he is. Including E.N.D himself.

"But what about my older brother? He IS much stronger than you are. what about the girl he always used to keep around? She was at least close to my brother's level. Those two are humans….do you think them as nothing more than insects?" E.N.D asked again but this time with a hint of anger as his eyes were narrowed at his second in command. No matter how much he hate his older brother, he couldn't stand is someone talking ill of his older brother.

E.N.D and Zeref were and still a sibling and blood is thicker than anything in this world.

Mard startled again, knowing he had offended his Master somehow. "Of course not….my humblest apologize if Mard offend you Master. Perhaps those two are the only humans that Mard Geer could respect." Mard Geer quickly answered, looking to the ground.

E.N.D sighed, why would he mad at him. He was the one who asked anyway and Mard only answered it truthfully. "Forget it….I'm the one who asked anyway." He saw Mard relaxed even if it's just a bit. E.N.D rose from his throne. "Have you ever heard about the Children Hunt?" Natsu asked after moments of silence. Mard raised her eyebrow at the question but remained silent.

Finally, after minutes of anticipation from his Master's side and consideration from him, the raven-haired man answered. "Yes Mard have heard about it. Well, not directly, Sayla inform Mard when she and Grayfia were just back from mission. She reported that they've encounter with slave drivers who called themselves as Zeref's worshipers." E.N.D snorted at the last statement while Mard Geer continued. "They are currently raided a small place called Rosemary Village. Apparently, those slave drivers destroyed the entire village, butchering its inhabitants in the process while they only spared the children." Mard finished his explanation before asked his Master a question that bugged him since the start.

"If Mard may ask, why Master asked this?"

E.N.D began to walk. "Because I have this sudden urge that I might find something…interesting there!" E.N.D said, stopped right behind Mard who still kneeling. A Black Mahoujin [Magic Circle] appeared beneath E.N.D and he said one last thing before disappeared from the room. "Don't do anything funny while I'm away." And with that, the strongest demon of the Book of Zeref disappeared, leaving his second in command in the dark room alone while thinking what his Master had said.

Tuesday, August 8th, Year X775, 11:34 P.M, Earthland, Fiore Kingdom, Rosemary Village

E.N.D appeared in the middle of burning village and couldn't help but whistled at the chaos these 'Zeref's worshiper' caused. The slave drivers really did a number on this village, he could see dead bodies everywhere, most of them were adults and butchered into pieces, not caring whether they were male or female. He walked around a bit to find what he was looking for. Honestly, he didn't even know what he was looking for but he's sure that it's here.

'What's so interesting of this burning village anyway?' He thought. But he wasn't aware where he walking until he bumped into something, or rather someone cause it gave him a shriek voice. He looked down to see a ten years old girl with red hair, rubbing her head in pain. E.N.D looked at her current condition, her legs were gravely injured, bruises covered her entire body and her clothes were tattered.

The girl looked up only to see a man with pink hair and black marking all over his right face, staring down at him. She was frightened, this man looks scary, was this man one of those slave drivers that chase after her or was he their leader. Either way, she knew she was in trouble.

But soon that thought vanished as fast as it came. "Oi kid…watch it!" E.N.D said irritatingly, startling her a little but sighed in relief. This man didn't come after her, then that's mean he's an outsider. Normally, she wouldn't trust an outsider but the situation forced her to do so.

"There she is…and there is an adult with her." The two heard commotion, not far from where they standing in. E.N.D saw at least 50 slave driver marched up here, probably looking for the girl who hid behind him.

E.N.D looked down to the girl who looks scared the entire time. "Looking for you?" He asked the unasked question to the girl and the girl nodded. Of course, E.N.D had heard this slave drivers hunting all children and killing all adults…wait a minute, he is an adult. Then that's mean those people would try to kill him as well. Well…they could try if they have the guts. E.N.D turned his attention to the slave drivers who readied their weapons aiming at him. He merely smirked at this. "Oh hello gentlemen…looking for this girl?" He greeted them with cheery voice while pointing his hand to the girl below him who stared at him with wide eyes.

The slave drivers, of course wasn't amused and thought this man was mocking them which is true. "Give us the girl…or else!" One of the slave drivers demanded, pointing the sword he was carrying at E.N.D.

"Ooooo….I'm shaking in my boots!" E.N.D mocked them while faked his scared face, causing them enraged even more. "Even if I give her, you would kill me like the other adult in this village."

A fat slave drivers snorted at that. "Of course we would kill you…we're ordered by our boss to kill all adults and leave the children to become our slave."

"Oh no, they are going to kill me…somebody please help me!" E.N.D continued mocked them and the slave drivers couldn't take it any longer.

"THAT'S IT, YOU'RE DEATH!" One of the slave drivers charged at E.N.D, readied his sword and slashed down, aiming for the pink haired man's head. The red haired girl closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to see the scene happen.


The girl heard gasping sounds and she encouraged herself to open her eyes and widened her eyes in shock and awe. The stranger she met during this chaos, was unharmed after a sword rammed his head with great forced. His attacked just froze in place and that was the last this he knew until E.N.D grabbed him by his neck with his left hand and glared at him with fury in his eyes.

"You dare attack me, you lowly being…" E.N.D ignited his left hand in black flame, roasting the slave driver who screamed in agony. The girl had to cover her ears with her hands when the rest of slave drivers screamed in horror when they watching one of their comrades being burned alive in black flame by the stranger. The burning slave driver finally stopped screaming when his entire body turned into nothing but dust on the ground, causing his comrade screamed even more when E.N.D turned his attention towards them. "You all are pissing me off too…so bye, bye!" E.N.D waved at them before flicked his finger and a massive black flames burned alive the other forty-nine slave drivers in instant, leaving only dust remains. "I'm just wasting my time here…"

E.N.D sighed tiredly before began to walk away from the burning village. He walked out for at least five minutes, his eyes were twitching in annoyance as he knew somebody following him since the start. "Any particular reason why are you following me, brat?" He said and turned around to see the girl from before walked limply just a few feet away from him.

"I-I-I-I…" The girl stuttered, not knowing what to say.

"Speak clearly…I don't have much time listening you're stuttering…" E.N.D told her sternly, scaring her to death.

Of course she is scared, this man was killed at least fifty peoples without even break a sweat. This man must be strong, so strong to even done that feat easily. The girl wanted to be strong as him, perhaps not as strong as him but strong enough to protect herself.

"I-I just w-want to t-thank you for s-saving me back then…" She thanked to him while bowing her head.

"I didn't do it for you. I did it for myself because one of those lowly being attacked me, not that they could hurt me, but I was and still not in the mood!" E.N.D replied. Not really caring of her current condition. "But still, you haven't answer my question why did you follow me?"

"I-I don't have anyone else…I'm alone after those people killed my parents because I'm weak." The girl said.

E.N.D merely raised an eyebrow at that. "Do I look like I'm care about it?" He replied harshly. The girl flinched at this but didn't say anything. She knew he was right, her parents have nothing to do with him. She didn't even know why she followed him.

"I-I want to be your student!" The girl declared and E.N.D raised his eyebrow even more but this time with a hint of interest in it. 'Wait...interest?' He thought as the girl continued. "Since I don't have anyone else, I need to become stronger so I can protect myself from any harm that might threaten me in the future." The girl looked at E.N.D.

E.N.D looked back at her in the eyes. The browns eyes which filled with pure determination and strength. He was curious, what this girl would be if he really making her as his apprentice. Also, he has a question that bugged him since his meeting with a certain blond girl ninety-four years ago.

'Is love is really stronger than hate?'

E.N.D nodded to himself, he has a plan to seek the answer of that question. So, he smirked at the girl. "Fine…I, Etherious Natsu Dragneel, hereby accept your request to be my apprentice." E.N.D declared and the girl smiled in happiness and bowed down to him.

"Thank you…thank you so much!" The girl said as tears leaked from her eyes while still bowing before him.

E.N.D decided had enough. "Raise your head, little one…" She did as she told. "…Now, tell me the name of my new and first apprentice?"

"Erza…My name is Erza." The girl, now known as Erza answered her new teacher.

E.N.D chocked an eyebrow. "No family name?" He questioned his new apprentice who shook her head in response. E.N.D sighed before deciding a new name for her.

"Fine then, from this very second…your name shall become Erza Dragneel!"

To Be Continued