Dragon King Acnologia, RISE FROM THE DEATH!

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Episode 20: Great Prophecy Arc: Mission Success...Or Not?

Tuesday, July 21th, Year X791, 07:35 P.M, Canon Universe, Milky Way, Earthland, Ishgar, Fiore Kingdom, Above the Spaceship (Eight Minutes Earlier)



The leader of the 'Dark Matter Thieves', the 'Dominator of Universe', Boros, grunted in pain as he was shot yet again by his opponent in this fight.

The said opponent, who none other than the 'Knight of Seven' herself, Erza Dragneel, pointed her left pink colored Desert Eagle at Boros and fired a powerful pink laser at the alien who barely able to jump away to his left. However, Erza predicted this as she dashed at Boros at 80 percent speed of light and appeared in front of the alien in an instant.

Boros widened his eye and tried to blast the red head away with a powerful kick. Unfortunately, Boros's attempt has been proven useless yet again as his merely passed through Erza's head without harming her.

As soon as Boros's leg passed through her completely, Erza aimed her right Desert Eagle at Boros and blow half of his head, forcing him to retreat in order to gain some distance as bloods sprayed everywhere.

Boros's head then regenerated back to its former state, causing the alien to fell to his knees while panting heavily. He tried to regain his breath while he's thinking about his current situation.

Boros and Erza had been fighting for at least twelve minutes and ever since Erza unleashed her Magan [Demon Eye], the 'Dominator of Universe' cannot even land a single hit on Erza while the red head can so easily land a blow on him. The reason was because Erza's the 'X-Axis' ability being the major headache to the alien. Every single of his attempt to hitting his opponent were rendered useless because the red head made herself intangible like a ghost. And those guns of hers were extremely dangerous that it can harm him so easily despite having galaxy level durability. The only thing that saves him from death was his regeneration ability which obviously annoyed Erza to no end.

However, despite seemingly to be a flawless ability, Boros noticed something off about Erza's cheat-like power. 'It's strange, why didn't she shoot me with that laser back then, and why does she need to wait until my leg passed through her completely before shooting?' Boros wondered with his eye narrowed at the red head.

'There is only one way to found out!'

Boros then took a slab of metal from his ruined spaceship and dashed at Erza who happily accepted his challenge. When Erza was only few feets away from him, Boros immediately hurled the metal at Erza, who activated her intangibility, letting the metal passed right through her. Boros readied himself and prepared to attack. However, it seems Boros's attempt was fail again, because as soon as the last inch of metal passed through Erza's body, she quickly aimed her left Desert Eagle at the alien.

'Just as I thought.'


Erza fired another deadly pink laser which seemingly engulfed the alien completely.

Erza then looked down to see both of the alien's feet remained standing despite the lost of its upper body which head included. She narrowed her eyes at the lowest part on the limb. 'It's over, isn't it? There is no way he can regenerate without having his brain to function his ability' The red-haired beauty wondered before she jumped away and frowned when the remains feet started to jerk around before it morped into Boros back to his former glory.

"Maybe I should have obliterated him completely rather than try to wear him off." Erza muttered to herself with a hint of annoyance in her voice, clearly got tired of her opponent's regeneration capability.

Boros frantically gasped as she glared at Erza critically. "I see..." Boros began, earning a confused look from the red head. "...It seems you cannot shoot me while being intangible." Erza widened her eyes a little before she quickly hid it. However, this didn't go unnoticed by Boros. "Judging from your reaction, I guess I'm right." Boros grinned ear-to-ear at this.

Erza scowled at this. "So what? As far as I can see, it's obvious that using your regeneration ability continuously is draining you. Your stamina will not last much longer if you continue like this. You will eventually get obliterated completely and cannot regenerated for sure." Erza countered, causing the alien wide eyed in realization.

"So instead keep stalling your inevitable defeat, why don't we settle this once for all? I'm behind the schedule you know!" Erza lost her patience as she aimed her guns again at the alien.

Boros, for lack of better words, merely standing there with his mouth opened like a statue.

Boros then tightened his fist before he flared his immense energy, which shook the city-sized spaceship greatly. "YEAH, LET'S END THIS ERZA DRAGNEEL!" Boros yelled excitedly as he keep flaring his energy.

Soon, his body turned into light pink in color and his hair grew longer with sparks of pink lightning around his body. He then crouched down as he placed his right arm on the ground.

"Meteorikku Basuto! [Meteoric Burst]!"

Erza's eyes alarmed dangerously as she can felt Boros's power just skyrocketed through the roof. She wasted no time and shot another deadly pink laser at the newly transformed alien.

However, Boros suddenly vanished from her sight, surprising her greatly and before she knew it, the alien deliver a powerful blow right on her face, sending her flying which soon followed by a large pink beam that melted the spaceship below her.


Erza gritted her teeth in pain as she soared across the city-sized spaceship. She clearly didn't expected the massive speed and power increased in Boros's new form, to the point where she cannot reacted to it.

Boros exploited Erza's moment of surprise by changed her at 50 times speed of light and rammed his right knee on her belly, delivering the surge of agony towards Erza in process which made her screamed.

But Boros didn't stop there, he poured a quite amount of energy and concentrated it on his left leg before kicked Erza again on her belly and sent her flying toward the sky, leaving a train of pink light on its wake.

Tuesday, July 21th, Year X791, 07:40 P.M, Canon Universe, Milky Way, Moon

Unbeknown to Boros, the force of his kick was able to send the red haired beauty all the way to the space before she crashed onto a certain satelite...really hard which created a rather huge crater beneath her.

"Oowww! I felt like I have been kicked all the way to moon." Erza moaned in pain as she just lay there while grimaced in pain. Erza then opened her eyes and immediately widened them in shock after found out her current circumstance.

"YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! THAT PUNK REALLY JUST KICKED ME ALL THE TO MOON!" Erza screamed in shock and rage as she stared up at a blue planet which she guessed was Earth.

The redhead calmed down a bit as she stared at her surrounding. She could tell there weren't any single living being in this planetoid, not even a single plant. She then tried to stand and noticed her body felt lighter than when she was in earth.

'So it's true, moon's gravity is weaker than earth's.' Erza thought as she crouched and scope the moon's soil and felt the texture. 'And the soils are softer too.' The redhead was amazed as she learned the new things about about moon.

This is the first time she had been in moon. Scratch that, this is the first time she even leaved earth's atmosphere (While technically she already leaved earth's atmosphere when she arrive in this universe by flying through space-time, but that's not the point). She's just glad she was able to learn something about the earth's satellite that the book can't do.

As much as she would like to explore the entire planetoid, Erza knew she has far more urgent matter than fulfill her curiousty. She stood back to her feet and stared up at earth. 'The 'X-Axis', while can easily bypass his absurd durability, was still not enough to put him down for good. I need to think a way that can put him down permanently.' Erza closed her eyes as she put her finger on her chin thoughtfully.

Erza opened her eyes as an idea just popped out in her mind. She smirked to herself before she crouched down again, gain some momentum (not forgetting to pour few amount of Maryoku [Magic Power] before she jumped up against the moon gravity and soared towards earth.

Unbeknown to her, the force of her jump had created a fairly huge crater that clearly visible for everyone on earth.

Tuesday, July 21th, Year X791, 07:49 P.M, Canon Universe, Milky Way, Earthland, Ishgar, Fiore Kingdom, Magnolia Town, Magnolia Town, Western Side of Town


Jellal Fernandes, former member of magic council, and currently a soldier under Knight of Seven's command, grunted in pain as the alien leader kneeled him on his stomach.

The azure haired man skidded for a few feet before he activated his Mitia [Meteor] spell and charged at Boros again. However, on his current condition, Jellal Fernandes was greatly weakened after his battle against G4 which required the help from people of this universe. So, his speed have been drastically slowed down.

Of course, a weakened Jellal Fernandes was no match for the alien leader.

It was proven when Boros effortlessly keep up with Jellal Fernandes speed. The azure haired man threw flurry of punches and kicks but none of them were connected to its targets. Jellal Fernandes then changed his tactic by firing a hail of white arrows at the alien as distraction. When he thought Boros was wide open, that was when he put his plan into motion.

"Tentai Maho: Arutairis! [Heavenly Body Magic: Altairis]!"

Jellal Fernandes then fired a massive sphere of darkness towards the alien whose back was facing the attack.

"Weak!" Boros muttered as he knew what his current opponent was doing all along, thanks to several decades of battle experience.

Boros then did what shocked Jellal Fernandes to his core. He stopped then spell of its track with his bare hands before he absorbed the spell through his eye-chest.

The azure haired universal traveler widened his eyes in pure shock at this. 'He converted my Maryoku (Magic Power) into raw energy and absorbed it!' Jellal Fernandes thought as he watched Boros charged his own attack before fired a deadly pink laser towards Jellal at lightspeed. 'SHIT!' Jellal quickly crossed his arm in front of his, intent to defend himself since dodging the attack was impossible.


Jellal Fernandes was hit by the attack that has enough attack potency to destroy an entire continent. He flew through the ruined Magnolia before he landed in front of Fairy Tail building which by some miracle still in one piece.

Jella Fernandes was barely alive and by some miracles, he was still conscious. He tried to move his body but he was too weak and injured to even lift a finger. He just lay there when Boros appeared in front of him, looking down at his with his one eye.

"Your efforts were admirable really, and you've even managed to defeat my strongest warrior which is not a small feat for a life form such as yourself..." Boros spoke to the azure haired young man before raised his right arm high, intended to finish him off. "...But it seem your journey has come to an end. Before I grant you an honorable death for your effort, tell me your name, the name of warrior who has bested G4 in combat!"

Jellal Fernandes coughed so much bloods but he managed to send a rather frieghtening glare to the alien despite his condition. "My name is Jellal Fernandes...and I'm not gonna die here!" Jellal Fernandes replied before he gave the alien a rather insolent smirk.

However, Boros merely grinned in delight in respond. "Still defiant as ever even in near death, I like that! But that won't save you from your fate!" Boros yelled as he brought down his right claw, ready to finish the bluenette off.

As Boros's claw descend in slow motion, Jellal Fernandes couldn't hide his smirk even more. "Think again, freak!" He spoke cryptically.

Suddenly, a black huge spiked mace smashed onto the alien head on, sending him flying for several feets before he regained his balance. The one-eyed creature looked up to see Erza Scarlet, clad in her Rengoku no Yoroi [Purgatory Armor], landed beside the universal traveler and helped him to stand.

"Thanks!" Jellal Fernandes said to the red-haired mage in armor who didn't bat her eyes from the alien.

"Don't thank me yet. That's only gonna angered him even more." Erza Scarlet replied. And it's true, Boros was totally pissed at her constant, yet annoying intervention. Boros then dashed at Erza Scarlet but this time, she was prepared from his respond.


At that command, Boros felt an invinsible force washed over him. He saw a certain swordswoman named Kagura Mikazuchi used her Juuryoku Henka [Gravity Change] to hinder his movement. While it's not even close enough to forced him kissed the ground, the forced was strong enough to slow him down for a bit. But that was enough for the mages from this universe to deliver a surprise attack.

"Tetsuryukon! [Iron Dragon's Club]!" A voice belongs to Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon Slayer, was heard. Out of nowhere, a dozen huge iron clubs slammed and surrounded Boros, halted his movement.

"Karyu no Kouen! [Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame]!" A certain Fire Dragon Slayer that is Natsu Dragneel exclaimed as he threw a gigantic sized of fireball towards the alien, burned him on the spot.

The flame, despite being the flame from Metsuryu Maho [Dragon Slayer Magic], could only give Boros warm sensation. But that's not the purpose of that attack. The purpose is to melt the iron until the molten substance covered his entire body.

"Aisu Meiku: Gaiza! [Ice Make: Geyzer]!" A pair of voices belongs to two certain ice mages, Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia, were heard and followed by a giant wave of ice washed over Boros, quickly cooling the molten iron and hardened it.

Trapping Boros in the prison of metals.

Boros struggled and was about to break free with his brute strenght if not for a pair of giant hands made of rocks from Jura emerged from his sides and hold him in iron grip, redering him immobile. This was added by a powerful rope of light from Makarov wrapped tightly around the makeshift 'Anti-Alien' bind.

"NOW CANA!" A certain child-like female voice, which can only be heard by Fairy Tail's members, ordered a certain heavy drinker of the guild.

"Roger, Shodai!" Cana Alberona replied as she tossed her shirt away which revealing a certain marking on his right forearm. She then raised her right fist above her head. "EVERYONE, PLEASE LEND ME YOUR STRENGHT!"

Every other mages, from Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Crime Sorciere and even the Jellal from other universe, raised their palms and poured the last remains of theirs Maryoku in them into the young woman.

As soon as she felt she got the amount of Maryoku she require, Cana then began chanted the incantation of a spell that considered as a Legendary spell.

"Gather! The river of light that guides all fairies!" Cana chanted as blindingly golden light appeared and surrounded her protectively.

Boros widened his eye as he felt the tredmous amount of power from the spell and started his attempt to break free from his binding.

However, the 'Dark Matter Thieves' leader was a little too late for that.

"Shine! To destroy the fangs of evil!" Cana then pointed her right fist at the 'Dominator of Universe' and golder circle surrounder him and began to shrink down.

"Feari Guritta! [Fairy Glitter]!"


As soon as Cana unleashed the spell, a titanic explosion occured which was strond enough to send her and everyone around flying for fifty meters.

Soon, the explosion settle down, revealing a huge crater in the middle of town. There is no sight of the alien.

Mavis Vermillion, in her astral form, walked ahead the group of mages which gained attentions from all Fairy Tail's members, being the only ones who can see and hear her. She wore an ureadable expression on her face as she analyzed the situation.

This invasion, was the toughest battle she had ever handle. Even the battle against the seven Dragons from past that Future Rogue brought with Eclipse Gate, cannot be compared to this alien invasion. Not only bacause their superior numbers, weapon and technology, but also because of the three certain powerful aliens possessed power that beyond her imagination.

There was a humanoid-lion who can owned four powerful Dragon Slayers and two S-class level mage without much effort. Thought he brutally got killed by a certain red-haired beauty from another universe.

Then there was this powerful machine that can make three Wizard Saints level mages and an S-Class level mage looks like a bunch of weakling. Hell, the machine was capable to blow up this entire PLANET into dust. That kind of power trumps all strategies and calculations she device to defeat the maching. Hell, the strongest thing she could ever think of was Etherion, which was said to be powerful enough to wipe out a country.

The last, and the most dangerous of the three is none other than a one-eyed alien who called himself Boros. Being the leader of these army, no, Mavis knew leader wasn't the right word for someone like Boros. Being the RULER of these army, Mavis didn't even need to be genius to tell Boros was indeed the strongest. And if that machine could destroy an entire planet at full power, who know how powerful Boros could be if he's go all out. Maybe it was a star, or a solar system, or a galaxy, or even maybe a universe he could destroyed.

Just thinking about it made Mavis shivered in fear.

"Shodai..." Mavis heard the current Master of her guild, Makarov Dreyar, approached her with a grim look on his face. The ghost never leaved her gaze from the crater. "...did we get him?" Makarov asked worriedly.

Mavis closed her eyes before telling the old man the sad truth. "The percentage of our plan to success is 0.5 percent." The girl answered, causing the old master widened his eyes in shock.

"That low?"

Mavis then looked at him over her shoulder. "Don't you see it Sandaime? This creature is stronger than anything we've ever faced. If my calculations were right, we're gonna need all help we can get. Even from our enemy like Zeref and Acnologia, if we wish to defeat this creature without the help from those three people...and the percentage of us winning is still low." Mavis spill out her thought while maintaining her cool demanor which was impressed the old master.

"Impressive...I can actually felt that." The two masters, and pretty much everyone else, heard their enemy spoke from the centre of the crater.

As the dust clear, it revealed Boros, who was on his knee while half of his torso including his right arm were gone, panting heavily for air. The mages, including Jellal Fernandes, widened their eyes in horror when they found out their recent and probably best effort was failed. They reached their breaking point when Boros regenerated his body almost instantly. Some of them fell to their knee with despair look on their face. Some of them were frozen on their spots while their bodies trembled in fear.

The only one who can kept her cool was Mavis herself as she predicted Boros would survived even one of 'Three Great Fairy Magic'. Though you can see her shook her fist in anger...and somewhat resignation. 'Is this how it would end? Is this how we're gonna die?' Mavis thought as she tightened her fist, might as well bleed her hands in process if she wasn't a ghost.

Meanwhile, the 'Dark Matter Thieves' ruler were in his own thought. 'This form is always draining me similiar to anerobic exercise, as result it drastically shortened my life span...' Boros then stood back to his feet and glared at the group of mages who wisely backed away from him. '...Therefore, this form is supposed to be used to finish off my opponent quickly but...'


But Boros was interrupted when something crashed down onto the ground like a meteor. The force was enough to snap the entire city size spaceship into two and shoot it down.

Everyone attention were focused at the spot where the 'meteor' were crashed. They soon heard the sounds of footsteps, and soon a figure walked out from the could of dust.

"Oh..." The figure was a beautiful young woman with elegant scarlet hair and wore white tattered uniform complete with highly ornaned cape which was also in ruin. "...Aha, I made it!" Erza Dragneel laughed a little as she just pulled out a feat that was seemingly impossible for ordinary people.

At the sight of her, everyone who already witnessed her strenght, sighed in relief as their felt hope hadn't fully completely gone. For those who hadn't, let just say they were freaked out to death at the sight of another Erza.

Boros on other hand, were stunned to the point where he forgot the strain of using his current form. He then narrowed his eye at the red-head. '...But this woman...' He continued his previous thought as he began paced towards Erza Dragneel.

'...Makes me wanna go all out.'

With battle cry, he charged at Erza Dragneel at lightspeed and delivered flurry of punches while moving aroung left and right.

Erza Dragneel raised her arms just in time to block all Boros relentless attacks and decided she had enough and decked Boros on his chest with her left fist, causing him couched up a large amount of bloods before sending him flying for sixty meters.

This caused our favorite red-head widened her eyes slightly before she form a little grin on her face.

Boros back flipped ans skidded back while leaving a trail on the ground before he hold his chest in pain. He coughed up for a moment before he faced Erza Dragneel while grinned at her, showing his jagged teeth and red eye. "THAT'S RIGHT ERZA DRAGNEEL! YOU'RE INDEED AN OPPONENT WORTH DEFEATING!" He declared as if he had lost his mind. But he didn't care one bit since he finally find an opponent that can forced him go all out.

However, his happiness were cut short when the red-head suddenly appeared ib front of him without his knowing and readied her fists.


Erza Dragneel deliever extremely fast yet deadly flurry of punches at Boros's entire body, causing it to explode in explosion of bloods, the only thing that survived was his eye.

This caused the mages from this universe widened their eyes as their jaw dropped in shock. And you cannot blame them for their reaction, they need to trap and and require one of the three legendary spells to gravely injuried the alien, but this Erza Dragneel has done much better with a mere punch without some magic and made it like a child play

"Just as I thought. This form may increased your power and speed to absurd level, but it seems it cost your annoying durability and regeneration." Erza spoke while grinning in triumpantly.

It's over...or so she thought.

Boros eye suddenly glowed and almost instantly, his body reformed back to its former glory again.

This caused Erza Dragneel lost it. "Oh come on, that's not fair!" The red head complained as she jumped away from the newly regenerated alien who hung his head down.

Boros sclera suddenly turned black before it glowed again. "I'll end this right now, Erza Dragneel!" Boros then launched himself inthe air and prepared himself for the final attack, his trump card. Everyone felt the sense of deja vu at this, knowing that whatever Boros trying to do, it won't end well for everyone. "All of my energy will be released, it will wipes you and this universe out of existence!" The alied declared as he drawed out every bit of his energy and began to charge his ultimate attack. Lightnings struck the ground and the earth began to shook once again as Boros charged his final move.

This cause everyone, including Erza Dragneel, freaked out in panic at the declaration.

Finally Boros eye widened and his skin turned completely black, while the markings on his body began to glow in a yellow to golden tone.

"Uchu Hoko Ho! [Collapsing Universe Roaring Cannon]!"

With a mighty yell Boros, the Dominator of Universe, unleashed a massive beam which was as powerful as Big Bang explosion from the eye on his chest at Erza Dragneel.

Time seemingly slowed down for our favorite red-head as she watched the deadly beam approached her. Her body somehow frozen in her place. 'Shit! Move, MOVE! Do something dammit! Don't let that beam reached the ground!' She told herself while attempting to mover her body...with no success. 'This is it? I'm failed on my first mission as commander. I'm useless...' Erza Dragneel closed her eyes as tears ran down from her eyes.

'Forgive me, sensei!'

'So you're just gonna give up? As I thought you're still a naïve child Erza. It looks like I have to step in this squables myself.'

Erza Dragneel widened her eyes as she heard a familiar dark raspy voice before her mind gone black.

Back to reality, everyone watched their last hope just standing there without moving an inch as the deadly beam approached her. "ERZA!" Jellal Fernander called out her name bus she gives no indication she heard him at all.

'Erza Dragneel' grinned manicaly as she began to laugh a little. "Khe, to think your flesh and bone were breaking apart from just using Magan [Demon Eye] for several minutes. You're really a weakling Erza, no wonder you were and still no match to Ultear." 'Erza Dragneel' speak to no one in particular before she looked up to see the deadly beam approached her.

"This is not the setting I wanted for my grand debut but hey, Beggar can't be chooser after all." 'Erza Dragneel' continued talking before her left hand pulled out Kuroisakura [Black Sakura] from its sheath and brandished it. "If you think you parlor tricks were impressive, let us compare it to my own Juho [Curse]. I'll give you the 'Prologue' of the greatest tale had ever been told."

'Erza Dragneel' then coated a quite amount of Juryoku [Curse Power] around the pure black sword, creating a pure black wave of Juryoku around it. "The scenario is simple...(The hero Erza Dragneel easily overpowered her opponent's attack with her own and erased him from existence)!" 'Erza Dragneel' spoke as she brought her blade back before swung it forward with an even mightier yell.

"Getsuga Tenshou! [Moon Fang Heaver-Piercer]!"

With that command, 'Erza Dragneel' fired highly condensed tidal wave of Juryoku at the tip of the blade, which magnifying the slash attack, making it flies towards Boros's incoming attack.

The attack, just as 'Erza Dragneel' had said, easily overpowered Boros's before it reached the alien. Boros didn't have time nor had the chance to scream when the attack engulfed him completely and wiped him and his city sized spaceship out of existence without leaving any trace at all.

After what seemed like an eternity, the pitch black darkness which had blocked all the visions everyone present, finally disappeared, revealing the battlefield visible once again.

The magnolia town, in lack of words, was in mess. No building was spared. Apparently, the collosion between two powerful attack had created a very powerful shockwave that blew up everything in its vicinity. That including the rubbles and every other mages.

The night sky was completely free of clouds, with not a sole of those fluffy cotton balls-like stuff remaining. It seemed as if the entire earth had just suddenly stopped working, as no animals could be heard, or humans for that matter. Only the sound of gushing wind was audible as the battle finally came to an end.

Everyone painfully stood back to their feet as they felt it's save now to even move and began made their ways towards the centre of the town. Everyone looked down at the rather deep crater to see, Erza Dragneel, just standing there with a very beautiful black sword in her left hand.

There is no sight of the alien and more importantly...they're still alive.

That could means only one thing...

That woman...Erza Dragneel...had won.


The cheers of happiness erupted from everyone which seemingly literallt shook the entire Magnolia town itself. Fairy Tail's mages began to climb down the crater to see if their savior was alright.

Erza Dragneel blinked in confussion as she regain her awarness. She noticed there is no sight of Boros and even his humongous spaceship. She then felt her left hand gripped on something and looked down to see her Kuroisakura grasped by her left hand.

'What happen? I can't remember anything. All I remember was his attack was about to meet its target and I heard...' Erza Dragneel widened her eyes as realization struck her like a speeding truck. '...could it be?'


The red head heard someone called her name and looked over her shoulder to see her underling, Jellal Fernandes, walked towards her with the help from this world Jellal and Erza.

They stared at each other for a while in an awkward silence. "You all looks like shit. Have you eaten something?" The red-head Knight of Round broke the silence, gaining various reaction from them.

Jellal Fernandes merely smiled as he was expecting that kind of answer from her. His counterpart could only blinked few times while Erza Scarlet merely twitched an eyebrow in annoyance, clearly wasn't expecting this kind of personality from her counterpart.

This Erza Dragneel, really reminds her to her other counterpart in Edolas, Erza Knightwalker. Not just by looks but by their similar personality as well.

Jellal Fernandes merely sighed in relief. "I'm glad." He replied only to have 'pft' respond from his superior who sheathed bace her sword which also interest her counterpart.

"Well, we're done here. Let's call Laxus and head back to our universe." Erza Dragneel said as she urged her subordinates to leave.

"Wait?" Erza Scarlet called out for her counterpart, causing the red-head in white to look at her. Erza Scarlet noticed her counterpart's strange left eye, which was purple with ripple pattern and six comas, bleeding slightly. "Please stay for a night and let Wendy treated your injuries." She offered the Knight of Round who merely stared at her with an unreadable expression.

"Thanks, but as much I'd like to stay and talk, I'm on tight schedule. So, sorry but we're leaving now." Erza Dragneel then reached for her smartphone, which was still in one piece for some unknown reason, and made a video call to a certain blond Dragon Slayer.

"Laxus, come in. This is Erza, over." Erza Dragneel stared at the buzzing screen before it revealed Laxus in the middle of snowy ground.

"Erza, GET ME OFF FROM THIS DAMN PLACE ALREADY. IT'S FREEZING OVER HERE!" Laxus literally yelled from the screen in fron of her. You can see him shivered from cold as his blond hair were mostly covered with snow. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have his coat right now.

The red haired Knight of Round twitched an eyebrow in annoyance when she was greeted by Laxus childish whine. "What do you mean get you off from there? You have Lancelot with you, didn't you?" Erza Dragneel replied calmly, while barely maintaning her cool.

"That's the problem, Lancelot was destroyed"




"WHAT?!" Erza Dragneel literally screamed to the screen, shocking not only Laxus but the three people around her as well. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN DESTROYED? I TOLD YOU TO SHOOT DOWN THAT DAMN WARHEAD ONLY?"

"I don't have choice. The warhead was about to hit its target and you know what would happen if I let it hit." Laxus defended.

Erza Dragneel groaned as she palm-down her face to calm down herself...

...With no success at all.

"Sensei is going to kill me for this."

Unbeknownly to her, E.N.D wasn't the person she should worry about.

(Scene Change)

Meanwhile, above the earth's orbit, a cute yet deadly girl with dark blue hair that was tied into twin pigtails and dressed in white Knight of Round uniform complete with black-golden Knight of Round cape, was looking down at the blue planet below her.

This girl, was none other than the strongest Knight of Round (barring Homura), Wendy Marvell. She had been ordered by her the Emperor to merely observe at how his student will handle his another 'test'. And so far, she wasn't amused.

Wendy reached to her breast pocket and pulled out a phone before calling for her brother. After waiting for a few moment, the Emperor answered her call

"Ah Wendy, how is Erza doing? Did she passed the test I gave her?" Wendy frowned when she could detect an expectation within his voice.

Wendy hated it to ruin his good mood, but she had to brealk this news to him.

"Erza and her underlings had just finished their mission. The entire Dark Matter Thieves is no longer amongs the livings." The Knight of One reported briefly.

"As expected from my student. I know I can count on her. But you haven't answer my previous question Wendy, did she passed?" The Emperor asked again from the other line.

"...Erza failed the test...misserably." The girl answered truthfully.





"Explain!" E.N.D commanded with authoritive tone as his good mood was ruined like the Magnolia Town below her.

Wendy inwardly cursed before reported her observation to her superior.

To Be Continued


The one who possessed Erza: You guys know her, she is our friend from Episode 10. She will appears again in future chapter (which is still gonna be soon)

A Juho that possessed Erza talked about: It's an ability that will become her new power in the future. I'm not gonna revealed what it can do yet, but I already give a hint in this chapter. If you can figure it out, then you're as smart as Aizen, or Lelouch, or L, or whatever your favorite anime characters is.

Characters tier update: Boros, with his final attack, is at Tier: 3-A (Universe Level) and Erza while being possessed, is Tier: At Least 3-A (At least Universe Level), likely Higher. What does "At least" and "Likely" means. At Least means a term should be used to denote the lower cap of a character, if the exact value is indeterminate. And likely means a term should be used to list a hypothetical statistic for a character, but inconclusive due to lack of feats or viable power-scaling. Probability of said hypothetical statistic should be favourable.

What Next: The aftermath of the entire event, as well as the interaction between characters from different universes.