Wow! This chapter is a long one! And that Showdown did NOT want to get written! Plus the story is a little jumbled. Oh well, try to enjoy it anyway.

The first four Xiaolin monks did their best to remain stealthy, and move with caution, keeping their eyes peeled for any sign of the threat that was bound to surprise them at any moment.

After a moment, it did, from the ground beneath their feet. Massive tree roots sprouted from all over.

They quickly wrapped themselves around Clay, and the cowboy did his best to wrestle them off of him. More darted at Raimundo, but he just jumped and flipped through them.

All of a sudden, large spiky thorns grew from each one and fired at the monks like arrows. Raimundo did his best to use his wind to blow the thorns off course. Omi tried to hold a floating shield of water to block the thorns, with a bit of success.

Kimiko looked at the roots that were aiming toward her and grinned. She called upon massive bursts of flame to disintegrate the thorns in mid-air and char the tips of the roots. Kimiko proudly stood there with her hands on her hips until Omi leapt in front of her and called upon his water to push the burnt roots back. Unfortunately, as soon as Omi jumped away, the roots repaired and grew twice as big. Kimiko barely took a step back before she was pinned under them.

Omi continued to go around making spectacular bursts of water to shower the attacking plants, completely oblivious to the fact he was just making them bigger and stronger. Raimundo quickly ran out of room to dodge and was pinned as well, and Clay was almost completely invisible in the roots that wrapped around him. Omi landed with a smug grin and turned around to look at his handiwork. The grin quickly dissipated when he saw the massive roots. One of them loomed over him and shot massive thorns, making a tight cage around him. A loud whistle pierced the air.

"And that's the game!" called Dojo, wearing a referee's uniform and sporting a comically oversized whistle.

"Omi, what the heck?!" Raimundo called as Barkey LeBois retracted his roots and branches.

"I was just giving the enemy a sniff of my power." Omi defended as the cage of thorns wilted around him.

"That's 'taste', and water just makes plants stronger! Didn't you learn that last time?" Kimiko demanded.

"Not exactly the most careful plannin' there, partner." Clay concurred.

"At least it was effective." Omi stubbornly insisted.

"They call that cooperation?" Barkey asked from afar with Dojo and Ping Pong standing next to him. "I have seen better teamwork between a duck and the butcher!"

"Usually they're better than this." Dojo shrugged as they watched Omi bicker with the others. "They work great together, but sometimes they still get in each other's way. They're still kids, you know."

"That is no excuse." Barkey insisted. "If one sapling is overshadowed by another, it will die. A grove must grow as one from the beginning."

"You may be wise, Barkey, but your bark was always too thick." Dojo flatly stated. He subsequently yelped as Barkey lifted him up with one of his branches. "Care to repeat that?!"

"Monsieur LeBois," Ping Pong timidly interrupted. "May I go next now? I want to test out my Wood control some more."

"That's gonna have to wait, kid." Dojo said as Barkey set him down. "We got a big day ahead!" He quickly slithered over to the others, who were dusty and lightly scratched from their fight. "And you four better get yourselves together! You can't show yourselves at the Dragon Temple looking like that!" he scolded. The dragon then widened his eyes and ran a hand over his head. "Speaking of which, are my fins straight? I need a mirror!" Dojo scurried back into the temple entrance Barkey was positioned next to.

"Geez, who lit a fire under his tail?" Kimiko groaned.

Omi's eyes widened. "Dojo is on-?!" Omi's misunderstanding was muffled by Raimundo's hand. "Expression." He tiredly said.

"It is not too surprising." Ping Pong spoke up. "Dojo is going to his one-thousand-year Dragon reunion, so he wants us all to look fantastique!" He said as he provided the exposition.

Kimiko decided to join in. "Plus, apparently it was his turn to pick the key note speaker. Who else…"

"Master Fung." Everyone said simultaneously.

"Speaking of which, perhaps we should make sure Master Fung is attending, or Dojo's heart will be split up in every direction!" Omi suggested.

After making sure Dojo was still inside the temple, Kimiko pulled out the smart phone she had ordered for him and called Master Fung. After a second, he answered.


"Hello, Master Fung!" Omi cheerfully said. "We are just calling to give a little reminder for you!"

"Thank you, Omi. I assure you I will be attending Dojo's reunion. I am honored that Dojo chose me to speak…he's not there, is he?"

"Oh, don't worry." Kimiko said. "We made sure he was out of here before-"

"MASTER FUNG?!" Dojo exclaimed as he zipped by and snatched the phone. "Why didn't you tell me you were calling him?!"

"Take a wild guess." The Dragon of Fire in training deadpanned.

"Oh, I can't wait to see you again! It's been so long!"

"Not that long, Dojo…" Master Fung grumbled.

"I have so much to tell you!" Dojo exclaimed.

"I'm sure you do, but this really isn't the best…"

"Hey hey!" A new voice interrupted from Fung's side of the phone. Dojo raised an eyebrow. "Wait, what was that?"

"Time…" Fung finished.

"Well look who it is!" The voice said again as the owner hopped on Master Fung's shoulder. He was a dragon about the same height as Dojo, but clearly more muscular. His scales were a darker shade of green than Dojo's. Also different from the familiar dragon was the fact his white claws had been filed down to resemble fingernails. Large brown scales covered his back from the tip of his tail to the top of his head, where there were several of them on his fins so they resembled hair; however it was hidden by a red trucker hat plastered with black and white shapes that made a snake head.

"No time no see!" The new dragon continued in an American accent. "Ya miss me, bright eyes?"

Dojo shrieked. "ROCCO?! Is that you?"

"I told you to wait until the reunion." Fung mumbled under his breath.

"Master Fung, no! You can't trust that guy! He's the worst!"

The Xiaolin Warriors exchanged glances and shrugged.

"Dojo, I'm sure you're overreacting. Rocco here has been very nice, even giving me directions."

"He'll be giving you directions right to a jail cell!" Dojo turned his gaze to Rocco. "You stay away from him, you snake!"

"Dojo, calm down…" Master Fung started to say. The cap wearing dragon, Rocco, unperturbed by Dojo's slanders, whispered into Fung's ear.

"No no, I prefer skim milk, not two percent. It keeps the flavor from being too strong." The human softly said back.

Dojo's eyes widened. "Oh, he had BETTER not be thinking of making your pre-speech cup of hot cocoa! I'm the only one who has that privilege! Unless you're-" Dojo gasped and got teary eyed. "-replacing me?!"

"Dojo, I assure you, you are the dragon I wish to see the most at the reunion. At the same time, you and Rocco can get reacquainted. He tells me you have a lot of catching up to do."

"Oh, you can say that again! My fists have a lot of catching up to do with his face!"

Master Fung sighed. "I'll see you there, Dojo." He said before hanging up.

"No, wait! You can't be with Rocco now! Not him! I'll twist him into a square knot!" Dojo was practically red. He started to call Master Fung back, almost bashing the phone in the process, but Kimiko took it out of his hands.


"Breathe, Dojo." The female monk said sternly.

Though reluctant, Dojo took some deep breaths and soon returned to his normal color. "Thanks, Kimiko. When I saw that double-crossing sorry sack of scales, I just-"

"Okay, if no one's gonna ask, I am." Raimundo finally said as he walked forward. "Who was that you almost exploded over?"

Dojo sighed. "Rocco Cho. Back in our school days, he, Chucky and I were inseparable. When Chuck…you know, did the…the thing, Rocco kept me from pummeling him on temple grounds!" Dojo, beginning to look nostalgic, adopted a stern glare. "But then it aaaalll went downhill!"

He gestured with his hands. "He said we would just be having a little fun! 'Come on, Dojo, let's sneak in to the school and set up a hydra statue to give the other students a scare! It won't hurt anything!' I told him it was a bad idea, but did he listen to me? Nooo! So as soon as we got the dumb thing into the foyer, guess what happens! Just guess!"

Ping Pong hazarded a guess. "Something went wr-"

"Something went wrong! As soon as we set the thing up, it tips over and smashes right through the wall! Half of the school comes down on us! Next thing I know, I'm being dragged to the headmaster's office! Do you have any idea what breaking a temple gets for a dragon?! At least five hundred years in solitary!"

Upon hearing Dojo's story of apparent incarceration, Clay remembered something. "Wait, but you don't have a criminal record…?"

"Thank Dashi, no." Dojo grumbled. "Just as the headmaster's about to throw the book at me, another guard comes in with Rocco. I was let off the hook, no thanks to him! That traitor tried to leave me to face the heat! And now he has the feelers to show his face again? When I get over there, I'm gonna-" the dragon notices that his young audience had lost interest. "What?"

"Don't take this the wrong way, Dojo," Kimiko started, "but this is starting to sound a lot like your story about Chucky."


"So, you're friends with him again…" Clay shrugged.

Dojo saw where this was going. "Ooooohhh, no! This isn't like that! I am NEVER forgiving him for this! Do you hear me? Never!"

"Suuuure." Raimundo said slyly. "Either way, shouldn't we be getting over there?"

"Oh yeah. Ergh, but now I'm too frustrated to fly! Omi, think you could…"

The second-smallest monk nodded. "Blue Feather Eagle!" After making sure everyone was ready, the monks headed off on the back of their go-to flying Wu.

"You remember where this place is, right boy?" Dojo asked Buddy Blue as they flew. The bird nodded.

"Well then, think you could go a little faster? I wanna get there before he does! A nice surprise could be just what he needs!"

The other monks traded glances. After Dojo had gone out to explain just how hard being without Master Fung for so long was for him, they had tried to be more understanding. However, they could all see that this latest development was really pushing their little green friend.

"Dojo," Omi said, trying to calm him down. "We all know that you miss Master Fung, like a wildflower misses cow pies."

While Ping Pong tilted his head, the older three traded much more nervous glances. After a second, Raimundo started to raise a finger, then just said "forget it!"

"We're here!" Ping Pong suddenly shouted, providing a welcome relief from that particular expression. Sure enough, the Eagle was circling around a large, older-than-dirt temple with a striking sign in front. It showed a traditional golden dragon under the word 'Dragontopia.'

"Here we are!" Dojo exclaimed, brightening up instantly (another relief). In fact, he practically jumped off the Eagle and slithered inside the temple before they could even land and make it dormant again. Once they had finally roped Dojo in, he led them through extravagant areas that put even their own temples to shame, including one featuring giant windows and six wide pillars with larger-than-life dragon sculptures wrapped around each one.

"Oh, just seeing these things again brings back memories." Dojo gushed. "So many awkward conversations happened right here. So many crowds and getting tangles in each other's' tails! So many near burning other students to a crisp!"

"Sounds even worse than human high school." Raimundo whispered.

"And that's saying a lot." Kimiko answered.

"I am not too experienced on reunions," Omi said, "but shouldn't there be more dragons here?" The dragon-themed rooms were wondrous, but they were also completely empty.

"Oh, we're probably just early." Dojo waved off. "Now where is our esteemed speaker?" he continued, raising a hand to his eyes to see better as they continued walking into some sort of medieval auditorium. "He should be here by n-!"

The warriors quickly saw why Dojo had abruptly stopped. Fung and Rocco were here…and they were playing Twistee.

"Nice one, Master Fung!" Rocco complimented as he shifted his tail to stay on the spot.

"This was a great idea, Rocco. I feel one hundred years young again." Fung pleasantly responded.

"They're…playing Twistee? What the heeeck?" Kimiko whispered again.

"Is the old dude TRYING to drive Dojo up the wall?!" Raimundo returned.

"Maybe there is something to this whole 'replacement' thing." Kimiko said with a shrug.

"Master Fung is over one hundred years old? Is that normal for masters?" Omi chipped in, not really helping.

"I can tell ya this ain't gonna go well, like when Uncle Gomer inhaled an earwig and could hear from his nose." Clay said completely seriously, causing his teammates to stop their previous trains of thoughts and stare at him.

"Um, friends?" Ping Pong quietly interrupted. "I don't think Dojo is taking this well." He said, pointing to the dragon that looked more like a Dojo-shaped stick of dynamite.

"ROCCOOOOO!" He finally exploded, causing cracks to appear in some of the already aged walls.

"Oh, Dojo." Master Fung said, apparently not noticing the dragon's outburst. "We were just talking about you."

Dojo ground his teeth.

"Hey, Dojo! C'mere, buddy!" Rocco said, slithering toward him with his arms outstretched. Seeing what was about to come next, the Xiaolin Warriors quickly grabbed Dojo and held him back.

"Lemme go! This one deserves it!" Dojo yelled.

"What'd I tell ya? It's like a loop." Kimiko mumbled to Rai.

"When you're right, you're right." Rai said back.

Deciding to step in, Master Fung picked up a forlorn looking Rocco and placed him back on his shoulder. "Maybe you two should be apart for a little while. Perhaps you should mingle with some of your other former classmates."

"What former classmates?" Rocco asked back. "We're the only ones here! What's with that?"

"Rocco has a point." Kimiko agreed, which did not help Dojo calm down any.

"Thought the other dragons would have shown up by now, but the place is still as deserted as a Vegan restaurant in Austin!" Clay said, looking around.

"Maybe it's that stink in the air." Rocco said, sniffing. "Smells kinda like dragon sweat and…wheatgrass."

"I do not smell anything?" Omi said, giving a long whiff for good measure.

"Dragons can often smell and detect things that humans cannot." Fung explained.

"Wait…Rocco, what did you say it smelled like?" Kimiko said, suddenly very worried. Everyone quickly turned their heads at the sound of growling; they turned just in time to see numerous jungle cats surround them.

"Oh great." Raimundo said.

"Hello." Chase Young said, stepping into view with Shadow in tow. "I see you decided to make a little visit as well."

"That explains why no other dragons are left." Dojo gulped.

"Oh calm yourself, Dojo. The dragons that were already here were able to vacate…at least, most of them." Chase said with a small smile.

"And you're next!" Shadow spoke up. "Attack!" She pointed at the group. The cats needed no further orders as they leapt at the good guys. Master Fung quickly put Rocco down to stand next to his students.

"Cloth o' the Jungle!" Wrapping the garment around his pants, Clay instinctively jumped over the attacking felines and grabbed several by their tails, spinning them around and throwing them into each other.

Still more cats surrounded Omi, Raimundo, and Ping Pong. The former two looked to each other and nodded. Sheltering Ping Pong behind them, Omi produced water from his Shoku weapon and made it swirl in an ice cream cone shape around the three. Raimundo then activated his wind powers at the same time Omi did his Ice powers, making many large and sharp chunks of ice shatter against the cats and making them all retreat.

Master Fung needed no help as he struck the animals faster than even they could see. A safe distance away, Dojo and Rocco stood together.

"You got 'em, Blue Eyes!" Dojo called.

"Give 'em the ol' Shablammo!" Rocco called. Dojo then shoved him and held his mouth shut while he continued cheering. When Fung finally looked to see if he had gotten all the cats, an orange light appeared next to him before Chase Young struck him in the chest, knocking him back. Master Fung tried to get back on his feet, but Chase was quicker and struck him again into a wall. When the significantly younger man pulled himself off the stone, he barely had time to see a small flash of white in Chase's hand before he felt something wrap around him. His next thought was barely halfway completed before he disappeared, leaving a small blue circle on the floor.

"NOT AGAIN!" Dojo shrieked.

"Sphere of Yun."

The two dragons didn't even sense Chase behind them until they found themselves imprisoned in the stolen Shen Gong Wu. Chase raised the glass and metal cage by its lantern-like handle so he could look the frightened dragons in the eyes.

"Not much of a reunion…but how would you two like to come to a little after party?"

"Heh, you know I'd love to," Rocco started, "but I got places to be and stuff to-"

"Be quiet."

"Yes sir."

"Master Fung?" Omi asked as he and Ping Pong turned their heads after finding a break in the cats. Chase looked at them with a small smirk before moving again. He roughly kicked Omi away and stared down at Ping Pong, who was too frightened to move.

"Ying Yo-Yo!" Still looking at the monk, Chase spun the white object behind him, making a portal of swirling white light. He picked up Ping Pong by the collar and looked to where Omi had landed on his stomach. The Water warrior looked back just in time to see his lookalike tossed into the portal.

"NO!" He yelled as the portal dissipated.

"And with that…" Chase said as he threw the Ying Yo-Yo into Omi's hands. "I bid you all farewell. Shadow."

"Aw, just when it was starting to get really fun…" Shadow pouted, getting away from Kimko just as the other monks were seeing what had just happened. Before any of them could make a move, Chase, Shadow, and the cats were gone in a blink.

The significantly smaller party looked frazzled at the fact that in such a short time their numbers had been chopped exactly in half. Omi looked at the Shen Gong Wu in his hands. Piecing things together, he mentally cursed his enemy's name.

Hold on to those Shen Gong Wu! We'll be right back to Xiaolin Chronicles on Disney XD.

Wu this, Wu that! Now back to Xiaolin Chronicles on Disney XD.

With a shriek, Ping Pong fell out of the portal into a floor of white fog. After the small boy got his bearings, he immediately noticed that he was completely bathed in a red light that came from nowhere. Even quicker was he overwhelmed by the scenery he found himself in: a black sky filled with Chinese characters floating about.

"What a wondrous place…" he said to himself before realizing the place was all he could see. "Brother Omi? Leader Raimundo? Anybody?" He spoke to no one. Hearing a small groan, he turned around to see a very familiar form.

"This again? I expected Spicer to repeat schemes, but Chase Young?"

"Master Fung!" Ping Pong cried as he ran forward. "Boris?" Fung turned around surprised. "You're here too?" Ping Pong hugged his legs happily. "I am most glad to see you here!" Fung sighed. "I wish I could say the same. He is more ruthless than I thought…" he mumbled. "Where are we?" Ping Pong asked, letting go.

Fung knelt down. "This is the Ying-Yang World. A dimension parallel to our own. Most everything works differently here."

"I can see that." Ping Pong said, immediately looking back at the letters in the sky.

"The only ways into this dimension are with the Ying Yo-Yo or Yang Yo-Yo Shen Gong Wu, and likewise they are the only way out. Additionally, if they are not combined into the Ying-Yang Yo-Yo upon exiting, our good chi will be separated from us and remain here." Ping Pong looked back at him with wide eyes. "You mean…we will turn evil?"

The old man nodded solemnly. "Of course, we will not have to worry about that, as we do not have either Yo-Yo anyway. Without them, we are trapped here. And it is too risky to use this…" The old monk rubbed the pendant around his neck; the younger monk noticed that is looked different from the previous ones. Instead of yellow, it was black with sparkles all over it. A smooth red spiral was featured prominently in the center, making it look like a flashier version of Raimundo's pendant.

"What is that?" Ping Pong asked. "The Treasure of the Blind Swordsman. I changed its form to better suit me. As I said, attempting to call upon its power here would be too dangerous; there is no telling what would happen. We truly are on our own…"

Ping Pong looked disheartened before perking up. "The others will rescue us. They must!"

"I have no doubt." Master Fung said with a small smile that just as easily disappeared. "Until then, we must keep moving. This place is very perilous." Fung took the monk of Wood's hand and led him away, only looking back long enough to see a shimmering patch of nothing dart through the area they had just been in.

Meanwhile, the Shoku Warriors stood in the same room as before. Raimundo was pacing back and forth.

"So instead of just trapping Master Fung in the Ying-Yang World, he threw Ping Pong in for the ride." Raimundo said.

"And lassoed Dojo and his not-friend back to his lair. Probably gettin' ready to make soup as we speak." Clay added.

Omi walked up to Raimundo still clutching the yo-yo as if it was a lifeline. Well, someone's, anyway. "We have to rescue Master Fung and Ping Pong."

"Except we only have the one Yo-Yo." Kimiko reminded him. "If we don't have both, we'll turn evil, remember?"

"Yes, I am quite aware of that!" Omi snapped. "But we have to do something! My little gecko cannot last in the Ying-Yang World! I did not get around to training him in that meadow yet! He needs me…" he trailed off as he looked down.

Raimundo knelt down and rubbed Omi's back sympathetically. "He knows that we know what'll happen if we go." He said, everybody knowing whom he was referring to. "And what'll happen if we don't. He's trapped us."

"And this corn maze seems to have no way out." Clay summed up.

"Yeah, Rai, what do we do?" Kimiko asked as everyone looked to Raimundo, something he was not used to despite how long he had been leader. He thought for a few moments trying to ponder the whole conundrum until he seemed to make up his mind.

"We'll do it all." He said, puzzling everyone. He took the Ying Yo-Yo from Omi's hand and stood up. "We'll split up." He explained. "Omi and I will take the Ying Yo-Yo, go into the Ying-Yang World, and help Ping Pong and the Fung-meister." He turned to Kimiko and Clay. "Meanwhile you two go to Chase's lair, rescue Dojo and Rocco, get the Yang Yo-Yo, and meet us in the Ying-Yang World so we can all get out."

While Omi looked grateful (and reluctantly impressed) at Rai's plan, the other two didn't seem so sure.

"Uh, who exactly has the harder job here?" Clay asked. Raimundo answered with a shrug. "Beats me! But we have to try."

Kimiko looked at him with a smirk. "Chase won't know what hit 'im."

"Count me in!" Clay said with a thumbs up. "You ready, Cheeseball?" Rai asked Omi. "Let us do this!" the smaller monk answered. Rai nodded. "Ying Yo-Yo!" No sooner had the portal swirled into existence than Omi leapt through, crying "Do not worry, Master Fung and Ping Pong! Help is on the way!"

Rai shook his head and started to step through himself.


He turned back to see that Kimiko was the one who had spoken.

"…Be careful." Rai smiled before tossing her the Blue Feather Eagle. "You too." Once the Warriors of Water and Wind were through, the ones of Fire and Earth reactivated the Eagle. Though reluctant, the metallic avian nonetheless complied and took off for Chase's lair.

Master Fung led Ping Pong through the foggy terrain of the Ying-Yang World. Occasionally, they would dart up a flight of stairs (or down, neither was quite sure) or take a sharp turn for no reason. Ping Pong couldn't help but wonder if Master Fung was trying to get them lost; indeed, the old man kept looking over his shoulder, but Ping Pong didn't see anything that could be an immediate threat, or at least he didn't think he did.

"I think we will be safe for a while." Fung finally said; no sooner had he then multiple shelves lined with purple bottles rose up from the ground around them.

"…or not." Fung said flatly. He rubbed his forehead. "This is not good…"

"What is all this?" Ping Pong wondered.

"The chi that gets left behind." Master Fung paraphrased. He knelt down again and turned Ping Pong so the boy was facing him. "Boris, listen to me very carefully. We are not safe here. If the worst happens, we must preserve ourselves the best we can."

"How do we do that?"

Fung sat down and assumed a meditative pose. "We must lock our minds. Do as I do." His student hesitantly sat down and copied him.

"Now focus, Boris." Fung instructed. "Suppress all conscious thought and completely retreat into a meditative state." Ping Pong looked nervous. Even back in the Lotus Locust Clan, meditation was never really his strong suit. His brain was constantly working overtime, exploring various unexplained phenomena he had learned from his books, such as how exactly bumblebees could fly and what was in baboon genetics that made their bottoms so colorful. Of course, being in a whole new dimension certainly wasn't helping.

To Master Fung's credit, though he didn't know Ping Pong's past troubles, he realized he was asking a lot from such a young monk. Right now, though, he didn't have a choice. He knew this was the best way to protect the lad from himself. Sure, keeping the chi imprisoned in an unconscious state of mind wouldn't stop the good side from being bottled when exiting the Ying-Yang World improperly, but at least he would drop off the radar of the dimension's signature inhabitant.

Speaking of which, Master Fung saw the shimmering shape again. Though he showed no outward signs, he spoke to the Dragon-in-training again. "Boris, you must focus. Have discipline."

"I am trying, Master Fung." Though Ping Pong had his eyes clenched shut as he tried to turn off his motor functions, he couldn't help thinking of possible explanations for Chinese lettering decorating the sky. What sort of practical use were they? Were they physical? Could he touch one? Did they represent something? Perhaps they described the workings of the Ying-Yang World. He knew he could remember what each letter meant if he just dug around in his numerous vocabularies… No! No digging! He needed to stop thinking. But it was so hard…

Master Fung's eyes slowly widened as the patch walked up to them until it was standing behind Ping Pong. The apparent nothing took visible shape, becoming a pitch black humanoid creature with glowing yellow eyes and a gold circlet around its forehead centered with a purple gem.

"Boris…" Fung slowly said.

"I-I cannot!" Ping Pong said exasperatedly as the Chi Creature behind him grinned with a mouth full of sharp white teeth. It raised its hand.

"Look out!" Fung exclaimed as he darted behind Ping Pong quick as a flash, just in time to take the hit and get knocked over to the side. Ping Pong turned around and squealed in alarm, both from his master being attacked and the monster that now stood over him.

The Chi Creature let out a screech and showed its slimy blue suction tube of a tongue. Ping Pong was too scared to move until Fung leapt onto the Creature's back.

"Run, Boris!"

"Master Fung…!"

"Wait for the others, and protect this!" The old man managed to get one hand free long enough to yank the medallion from around his neck and toss it to the boy. "Now go!" Unfortunately, those were his last words before the Creature stuck its tongue in Fung's ear and began sucking out his chi. As much as he wanted to help, Ping Pong took advantage of the monster's distraction and bolted as fast as he could, clutching the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman to his chest.

Back in Chase Young's lair, the immortal warrior quickly dismissed Shadow and the cats to deal with the two dragons. While Dojo trembled at being back in Chase's lair, Rocco looked around the elegant citadel.

"Oh, I dig this place. Got character."

"Thank you. I do my best to take care of it." Chase genuinely said before walking off again. "Don't compliment him! In case you don't know, Rocco, we're going to be this psycho's appetizer!" Dojo snapped.

Chase stopped and raised the Sphere of Yun to his face. "Care to repeat that, Dojo?" He calmly asked.

"No." Dojo whimpered.

"I thought so." The rest of the walk was silent as Chase made his way down to the deepest levels of the mountain. All traces of the elegant structure above vanished as nothing was visible but rock walls and magma at the volcano's core. The two dragons could feel the heat even through the Sphere. Finally, Chase seemed to reach his destination: a rectangular steel door. He pushed it open and the warmth instantly vanished, replaced with chilling cold. Somehow, Chase had set up his own walk-in freezer via large blocks of ice that for some reason didn't melt. The 'butcher shop' look was completed by several dangling metal hooks on chains. Dojo gulped as he realized what creature's carcass would usually be hanging from those. He and Rocco were suddenly distracted by their prison shaking ever so slightly. Did Chase just shiver?

"I don't come in here much." He addressed the two dragons, confirming their suspicions. "Usually I prefer my soup ingredients fresh. However, as I'm expecting some…additional company, I will have to ask you two to wait here." Chase deactivated the Sphere of Yun and dropped Dojo and Rocco on top of an ice block; the ice instantly stuck to their scales, preventing them from moving.

"I will be back…sooner or later." Chase said before leaving the room.

Rocco instantly started moving with no luck. "We gotta get outta here!"

"No duh." Dojo snapped. Rocco paused long enough to glare at him. "Hey, I got an idea! You're the one with all the fancy shmancy Xiaolin powers, aintcha? Can't you just breathe some fire to melt this or grow huge or somethin'?"

"Well excuse me, I don't do so well under pressure! Especially when that pressure involves getting eaten!"

Rocco sighed. "We'll find a way outta this, buddy."

"Don't call me that!" Dojo snapped again.

"Okay, seriously, what's with all the negativity? If this is about the temple thing, I can ex-"

"Oh, reaaaally?" Dojo interrupted. "The 'temple thing!' That's a great name for it! Really sums up how you tricked me into going along with your stupid prank!" Dojo suddenly slapped Rocco across the face. "And wrecked the whole temple!" He slapped Rocco again. "And left me to get blamed!" Another slap. "And if that wasn't enough, now you're trying to steal my Master from me!" He slapped Rocco a little harder for that one.

"STOP SLAPPING ME!" Rocco yelled as he returned with one of his own. "It's been centuries, Dojo! Will ya just let me-"

"The only thing I'll let you do is go first into Chase Young's soup, you slippery no good Tyrannosaur!"

Rocco's eyed widened, and then narrowed. "Oh, you did not!"

"I so did, Cho!"

"You're a Cho too!" Rocco exclaimed as the two dragons dissolved into a sissy hitting fight.

Raimundo and Omi stepped out of their portal into the Ying-Yang World. Rai turned and watched the portal close behind them before looking grimly at their one Yo-Yo. "This had better work…" he said to himself.

"Ping Pong? Master Fung?" Omi called out. "Piiiiing Pong!"

"Omi, quiet!" Raimundo said as he frantically waved his arms. "Remember the Chi Creature is here too!"

"And that is why we have to find them!" Omi responded. He started marching forward. Rai sighed before running after him. Naturally, it wasn't long before the two got lost, though whether that was even possible in the Ying-Yang World was debatable. Rai led Omi up a flight of white separated stairs onto a Yin-Yang platform. The platform suddenly swirled around, making the two Shoku Warriors brace themselves. Once it stopped, they started going for the continuing flight of stairs on the other side, only for the steps to switch places, with the ones going up being on the side they just came from.

A little later, the two boys were hopping across multiple Yin-Yang platforms. Raimundo leapt to one and turned to see Omi catch up. Omi backed up a little, and then jumped towards the platform. He tried to show off by making water swirl around him in mid-jump, but this messed him up and he barely grabbed onto the edge with one hand. Raimundo grabbed him as Omi tried to avoid looking down at the deep black abyss, but gravity seemed to make Omi too heavy for Rai to pull up. They were both pulled off the platform, only for them to tumble into a heap on the platform's underside. Rai got up, looked around, put a hand to his face, and glared at Omi, who looked sheepish at his showoff move.

Sooner or later (it was hard to tell), the two trekked across more of the foggy ground. "We've been lookin' all over!" Rai said. "Where are they?"

"Perhaps there are some pebbles we have not yet turned over?" Omi offered.

"This whole place is one big pile of 'pebbles'!" Rai argued. "They could be right behind us for all we know!" After a moment, Omi looked back. "No such luck, I'm afraid." Raimundo groaned. "This is hopeless!"

"A true Xiaolin Warrior never gives up!" Omi lectured. "Even in the universe's darkest corner, there is always a tiny speck of light that can be illuminated into victory! Even if it will take the rest of our natural lives, we will not rest until we find-Master Fung?!" Omi exclaimed as he saw a familiar figure in the distance.

"Master Fung! Raimundo, it is-Raimundo?" He saw that the teenager was plugging his ears and avoiding looking in his direction. Omi's face set into a stony unibrowed glare before tugging sharply at his leader's pants, causing him to look down in surprise. Omi wordlessly pointed and Raimundo brightened up when he saw what Omi had seen. Forgetting Raimundo's rudeness (at least for the moment), Omi followed him toward Master Fung. "Oh, Master Fung! It is so most very great to see you are alright! And you are on your feet this time, which is even more great! I am sure you did an excellent job protecting Ping Pong from-" Raimundo pulled his robe to stop him when they had just about reached the man.

"What is the problem now?!" Omi demanded. It was Raimundo's turn to wordlessly point, causing Omi to gape in horror. Master Fung wasn't just standing; he was walking in circles and talking to himself.

"Integrity is the essence of everything successful…tomorrow will be too late to enjoy what you can today…the best prophet of the future is the past…"

"The Chi Creature got 'im…" Rai said resignedly.

"…Ping Pong? Little Gecko?" Omi frantically raced around the zombified Fung calling the name. "PING PONG?!" When he didn't receive an answer, Omi looked down dejectedly. Raimundo put his hand on his shoulder. "He's here somewhere. We'll find him." He told his younger teammate with a smile. Omi returned it before looking back at Master Fung. "What about him?"

While Omi and Raimundo were on their mission, Kimiko and Clay had just started theirs. The Blue Feather Eagle touched down in front of Chase's mountaintop citadel. Kimiko quickly shrank down the bird to its inert state and she and Clay stuck to the wall.

"I'm all for teachin' Chase Young a lesson," Clay whispered, "but I don't think we should just bust in there like a half dizzy bronco."

"Right." Kimiko whispered in agreement. "We're here for the dragons and the Yo-Yo. We don't even need to let anyone know we're here."

"I like that plan, but where did Chase corral 'em? You don't think he's slurpin 'em down right now, do ya?"

"Hm…" Kimiko thought. "Let me try something." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the Eye of Onyx Shen Gong Wu. She paused to extract the lavender-jeweled Ring of Amethyst and placed the band-like Wu over her forehead.

"Eye of Onyx!" She said as she closed her eyes in concentration. Even though she hardly knew the place front to back, she and her team had been on enough missions for her to remember some of the main rooms. She thought of the entry room and instantly the real thing appeared in her mind. Apart from a couple sleeping cats, though, it was empty. Kimiko tried again and focused on the banquet room. As she pieced the dark area together, the live version came into focus.

"Ya see anythin'?" Clay hesitantly asked, unsure if him speaking would mess up the power.

"He hasn't eaten them." Kimiko answered to the cowboy's relief. "The only one in there is Shadow, and she's eating…is that baby octopus? On a stick?!" Kimiko quickly shook her head, causing the Eye of Onyx to dispel the image.

"Hm. How 'bout the Yang Yo-Yo? Try lookin' in the last place he stashed one."

Kimiko nodded and applied the Eye of Onyx again. She tried to remember the magma-filled cavern where they had found the Ying Yo-Yo before their first trip into the Ying-Yang World, but the details were too fuzzy and as hard as Kimiko tried, she couldn't keep the image in her head.

"I didn't get a good enough look last time!" She finally huffed. "Looks like we'll have to do this the old fashioned way, then." Clay said.

"Yeah. Here, you take the Monster Camo Cloak, you're bigger." Kimiko said as she pulled the Wu out of her hammerspace and tossed it to him. "'Kay, but what are you gonna use?"

"A Wu we haven't used for a while." Kimiko smirked.

Inside the entryway, the few cats resting on the floor blinked awake. Their noses told them something was amiss, but they didn't see anything. Since they didn't want to walk around the whole room sniffing for something that might not even be there, they closed their eyes again. A few seconds later, something darted by them. This time, they got to their feet, but again didn't see anything, so they returned to their slumber.

Over by one door that led down, the tiger and panther that had been standing guard felt some sort of breeze go past them. A second later, something large leapt over them into the descending darkness; they briefly saw a large boy before he flickered into invisibility. The two brainwashed warriors looked at each other in confusion.

Down in the magma-filled cavern, Clay, who had begun flickering more, deactivated the Cloak. A moment later, Kimiko zipped next to him, taking off the Fancy Feet. "Made it." She said to her teammate.

"Yeah, but what about Chase Young? If he's down here. Should we keep usin' the Wu?"

"If Chase is down here, I don't think it'll matter." Kimiko said grimly.

"Good point." On that happy note, the two set off. The magma surrounding them was the only danger as there didn't seem to be any jungle cats down there.

"Can't imagine they come down this low too often." Clay mused as they walked. "All this heat plus the fur can't be a good combo."

"Yeah, well what about Chase? I'm roasting here, and I'm the Dragon of Fire!" Kimiko said as she wiped her forehead. "How does he stand it?"

"Well he is part reptile. Cold blooded." Clay answered with a shrug. "Come to think of it, has the varmint been anywhere cold? Maybe he don't like bein' a snake in snowshoes."

"Snakes can't even-ugh, never mind. You may have a point, though. Maybe we really do have to 'ice' that jerk."

"Resorting to simplistic wordplay now? How droll."

Kimiko and Clay immediately jerked their heads around looking for the voice until they spotted a scaly green shape sticking to one of the cave walls. Sensing that he'd been spotted, Reptilian Chase leapt down in front of them and bared his claws.

Clay frowned and tipped his hat. "Thought I smelled a dirty, low-down skunk at work."

"Where are the dragons?!" Kimiko yelled.

"They're around. But that's not all you came for, is it?" Chase held up a black yo-yo in his claws.

"Are we gonna have to fight you for that?" Kimiko asked.

"Hmm…no." Chase answered, baffling the two Xiaolin Warriors. "If you want this so bad…then go and get it." Chase said with a toothy grin before he threw the Wu off the ledge.

"No!" Kimiko yelled as the Yang Yo-Yo splashed into the burning orange liquid below and vanished underneath. Chase stood there with his arms folded as Kimiko and Clay hurried to the edge where it disappeared.

"Dagnab it…" Clay mumbled.

"It's still down there. Remember the Hoduku Mouse? Yeah, that was metal and this is wood, but you can't destroy a Shen Gong Wu that easily. Not even with lava." Kimiko said, explaining more to herself than to Clay.

"Technically this is magma." Clay softly said.

"We gotta get it outta there!" Kimiko insisted.

"Yeah, but how? None o' the Wu we have can protect us from that! Of all the days to leave the Black Beetle!"

"Can't you…move it or something, Clay? Lava is Earth, just, you know, liquid." Kimiko said, not picking up on the cowboy's correction.

"I only work with solids! I can't move liquid! What about you, this is superheated like fire, too!"

"You gotta be kidding, I've never worked with something like this!"

"Well that makes two o' us, don't it?!"

Chase just stood in the back, watching them with amused interest. The two seemed to forget he was there.

"Okay Kim, let's just…let's just calm down." Clay finally said. "I don't think either o' us can get the Yo-Yo outta there alone. Maybe we could try working together."

"You think that'll work?"

"Rai and Omi are countin' on us."

"…Okay, you're right. Let's do this."

Chase watched as Clay and Kimiko stood together and faced the magma. First, Clay held out his hand. "Shoku Jupiter, Earth." The gush slightly lumped up, but that was it.

"Shoku Mars, Fire." Kimiko said, raising her hand as well. The magma started bubbling. Chase raised an eye ridge as a spot slowly started to rise. The two monks focused, but it didn't seem to be enough. Clay suddenly used his free hand to grab Kimiko's. The girl briefly looked at it, surprised, but quickly dismissed it and went back to focusing. The magma rose a little more as red and brown auras began swirling around their conjoined hands.

Chase blinked as the auras built and the two bodies started flickering to black. With one last massive burst of effort, Kimiko and Clay turned to their silhouette forms and thrust their arms up, causing the magma to fly out in a snake-like shape. Chase unfolded his arms as he watched his two enemies make the superheated rock fly around the area until he spotted a small black circle. With a flick of Kimiko's finger, the Yang Yo-Yo separated from the lava and fell into her hand.

"Well done." The semi-dragon whispered. Kimiko turned her head in his direction, not because of what he said, but due to her heightened heat senses, she detected an area that had almost no heat. Looking at the spot, she could now see a steel door built into the rock behind Chase. Sharing only a brief nod at Clay, the two made the magma in the air swirl around, making Chase watch. This was only for a moment before they made the molten rock fly directly at Chase, slamming into him and carrying him straight to the door.

Unfortunately, things weren't going as well for Raimundo and Omi in the Ying-Yang World. Omi was still calling out Ping Pong's name while Raimundo was seeing that they kept track of the chi-drained Master Fung.

"Can't believe I'm doing this…" the leader mumbled to himself as he led Fung by the hand.

"Laughter is the best medicine for a stressful day…one cannot be first in everything…wisdom is the greatest strength…"

"Can it already…" Raimundo groaned.

"Wait!" Omi suddenly said, holding his hand out to stop Raimundo. "My tiger instinct tells me we are not alone." Omi and Rai looked around for a moment before something darted through the foggy ground. Omi leapt it and tackled it to the ground. "Chi Monster! You can run, but you cannot-!" Omi abruptly stopped upon seeing his capture.

"Nice tackling, Brother Omi. But could you let me up now, sil vous plait?"

"PING PONG!" Omi cried as he scooped up his lookalike in a killer hug. "Do not ever be scaring me like that again, never ever!" Ping Pong coughed when he broke free. "Believe me, it was not my choice." The monk of Wood looked forlornly at Master Fung. "This happened protecting me…"

Raimundo waved him off. "Hey, don't sweat it. We can fix him as soon as we get his chi."

"He entrusted me with this…" Ping Pong held aloft the medallion he had been keeping close. "What is that?" Omi asked.

"The Treasure of the Blind Swordsman. Master Fung said it is too dangerous to be used here…"

"And he's right. Nothing works right in this upside-down place." Rai agreed. "Not a big fan, not gonna lie."

"Well, then it is time to leave, right Brother Omi?" Ping Pong asked with a bright smile.

"Um…not exactly." Omi answered awkwardly. "We do have the Ying Yo-Yo that delivered you here, yes…"

Ping Pong's smile dropped. "…but not the Yang Yo-Yo?"

"Kimiko and Clay are bringing it…" Rai explained. "…once they get it away from Chase. Until then…"

"…Mama Mia."

"Worry not, Little Gecko. I have absolute faith in our friends." Omi said confidently. "Until then, we must keep glued together. And we must look out for the Chi Creature, like a hen watching a fox." Unfortunately for Omi, he was so focused on what he was saying that he didn't see the invisible patch coming. "The monster is most sneaky, but nothing gets past-" The Creature revealed itself and knocked Omi to the side.

"Omi!" Rai called as he left Fung to jump to his friend's aide. The Chi Creature snarled at Omi's dazed self and lashed its tongue at him. Raimundo leapt in front of him and the tongue wrapped around his own waist and started pulling the Shoku Warrior in. Ping Pong, frozen with fear, could only watch.

"Ngh…Wind…!" Rai grunted. The winds he conjured, however, did little to deter the ancient entity. As it pulled Rai closer, the blue suction tube wrapped further up his body. Omi got to his feet just in time to see the creature hold Rai's shoulder with one hand and the tongue jab into his ear.

"No!" Omi called, but knew he could do nothing as his leader was quickly drained of chi. He dashed to Ping Pong and grabbed his hand. "We must find the chi bottles. Now!" Ping Pong only nodded as he fled from the creature a second time, though he was grateful to not be alone this time.

Meanwhile, in Chase Young's hidden walk-in freezer, the two captive dragons were still trying to rough the other up, which was kind of hard to do when you're stuck to one place.

"You're callin' me a dinosaur?" Rocco scoffed. "At least I've aged gracefully. Look at you, what have you done all this time, sit and watch scrolls gather dust?"

"It's very honorable work!" Dojo spat back as the two got tangled up in their stationary fighting. "Something I bet you can't say!"

Rocco bared his teeth. "Well, you're so crusty, you got weird stuff growin' outta your ear!" The other dragon had noticed a rounded bronze edge inside Dojo's earhole. "What is that, a pimple or a wart?" Rocco reached in to grab it as Dojo tried to push him back. Finally, the two got back to their normal positions with Rocco holding a sword. "Whoa."

"So that's where the Sword of Phantom went: put in for storage and never brought out." Dojo commented as he used a claw to dig through his earhole. "That's why I've been feeling a lot of cutting pain in there lately. This was easier when we had the Changing Chopsticks." He sighed.

"Sword of Phantom, eh?" Rocco said as he tossed the thing up and down. "This is that Shen Gong Wu that lets ya take a stroll down memory lane?"

"Yeah, how did you know that?" Dojo asked, then shook his head. "Ah, doesn't matter, just give it back! My Dewey Dojo System's messed up enough as it is!" he said as he swiped at the sword.

"Ah ah, not so fast there, bud." Rocco said slyly as he held the item out of Dojo's reach. "How about we take a little trip? Sword of Phantom!"

"Don't-" Dojo said too late as Rocco swiped the Shen Gong Wu and filled the room with yellow smoke which quickly took transparent shapes all around them. The icy atmosphere of the freezer was completed by the ghostly image of snow appearing everywhere. Soon, small dragons started forming too.

"Our first winter festival. Remember this, Dojo?" Rocco asked.

"Yeah…" Dojo agreed as he watched the young magic reptiles play various winter games.

"Hey, look, there's us!" Rocco pointed out two green dragons throwing snowballs at each other. "We were so young then. Hey, I kicked your butt!"

"Oh, you wish!" Dojo countered. "I so kicked your-" The image of Dojo's younger self was splatted with a huge snowball.

"You were, uh, sayin'?" Rocco snickered. Using the Sword again, Rocco made the transparent dragon school show up. "Things weren't always so bad." He insisted. "The three of us were inseparable!" Rocco gestured to three green dragons; one was Dojo with his fins slicked back, one was Rocco with his snout and spikes smaller, and the third was Chucky Choo, though he looked quite different with a normal sized gut, no shirt, and no toupee to hide his fins. "The three green ones, they'd call us!" Rocco continued.

"Yeah, I remember…" Dojo muttered, starting to smile.

"And look at all we did!" Rocco conjured an image of himself being fawned over several female dragons.

"You mean all you did. You were the popular one. I was so jealous of your bony body."

Rocco shrugged. "What can I say? I was a good catch. All the ladies wanted to be my girlfriend. How was I supposed to pick just three?"

Another scene change showed the dragons on mats while looking at still images on scrolls on the walls. "I may have been the popular one, Dojo, but you were the brains of the outfit. Look at you, you knew all the Shen Gong Wu and what each one does." The ghostly Dojo was eagerly pointing at images of the Two-Ton Tunic, Wings of Tinabi and Sands of Time and relaying the information. The real Dojo puffed his chest with pride. "Hey, when you're the official Xiaolin Temple Guardian, you gotta know a couple things!"

The next scene showed Dojo watching as Rocco rapidly assembled various bits of scrap metal into a small version of Dojo's boat form.

"Oh, that's right! I may have been scroll smart, but you were a mechanical genius!"

"Eh, I just did a little tinkering." Rocco humbly said. "What really blew everyone's minds was how fast you were!" Rocco showed the young Dojo soaring through hoops suspended in the air. "Look at that speed!"

"And I still got it!" Dojo said proudly. "Halfway across the world in minutes! Just another part of the job."

Rocco looked happy that Dojo had cheered up, but he looked forlorn as he waved the Sword again. Since the full size version was too big for their prison, Rocco adjusted it. Dojo and Rocco watched as small versions of themselves pushed a (relatively) larger statue of a creature that looked like a dragon, but had feet and seven heads.

"The hydra prank was just supposed to be a little fun. Give the freshmen a scare when they walked in the door. I didn't expect the whole thing to tip over." The past Rocco, now showing signs of muscle, seemed to push a little too hard and the statue fell over. Dojo winced; even though the crash in the reenactment was muffled, he could hear the real thing clear as day. Parts of the temple ceilings and walls appeared just to crumble. When the imaginary dust cleared, Dojo looked down on his tiny self lying unconscious. Two burly dragons raced in and gaped at the damage. The quickly located the unconscious Dojo and started dragging him away.

"You left me…" the real Dojo whispered. "You tried to get me blamed for it." Rocco shook his head. "After the Chucky yo-yo thing, I wasn't sure, but now I gotta say you have a problem with jumpin' to conclusions." Dojo turned to face Rocco. "What do you mean?"

Rocco pointed at the miniature recreation of the site. A small pile of rubble stirred and Rocco poked his head out.

"I didn't leave anything, Dojo. I was knocked unconscious. It took me a while to figure out what had happened."

The scene cut to Rocco racing down the hallways toward a door. A security guard was in front of it. The two dragons could see the other side. A newly conscious Dojo was trembling as a human-sized dragon was angrily pointing at him and yelling. Meanwhile, Rocco was talking and pleading to the security guard. Finally, the guard grabbed Rocco by the arm and dragged him into the room. Dojo didn't need to hear it again to remember what had been said.

"What is the meaning of this?!" The head dragon exclaimed. "Can't you see I'm in the middle of-"

"This is Rocco Cho, sir. Apparently this was his doing." Rocco waved at Dojo, only to be met with an angry glare in response. After Dojo was officially dismissed, Dojo wouldn't even meet Rocco's gaze as he slithered out of the room.


"I wasn't caught, Dojo. I confessed. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you took the fall for my stupid idea. Now I don't know if this makes things totally okay, but-" Rocco was cut off as Dojo leaned over and wrapped his arms around him in a hug.

"…Okay, that was easy." Rocco said as Dojo pulled away.

"Never doubted ya for a minute, pal!"

"…Yeah, sure. Anyway, it wasn't so bad. Just a few centuries of community service helpin' build temples all over China. That's how I stayed in shape all this time." Rocco said, flexing. "Still, good to be friends again, bud."

"Right back atcha, Rocco. Huh, guess the kids were right. Anyway, now that that's over, we gotta find a way outta here."

"Just gimme a minute. Maybe I can-" The two suddenly heard the door slam. A second later, it burst down and a stream of magma flooded into the room with Chase Young among it. The lava didn't touch the dragons, but the massive heat wave instantly unstuck them and freed them from their rapidly melting prison. No sooner had it then Dojo grew and flew, holding Rocco in his right hand. "Hang on!"

The more humanoid lizard below them made a primitive swipe at Dojo's flying form, but he quickly went to the rectangular opening in the cliff face and bashed a big enough exit.

Dojo quickly touched down on the ledge to see two of his wards. "Kids!"

"Dojo!" Kimiko and Clay said, happy to see him alive and still in their silhouette forms.

"And Rocco too!" The other dragon said from his place in Dojo's hand. The four heard a roar behind them and saw Chase Young shaking the magma off of him. Kimiko and Clay smirked. Clutching hands again, the two made a grabbing motion. Without warning, the magma rose into a hand shape, grabbed Chase and dragged him under. With that, the two turned back to normal.

"Wow! New move, you two?" Dojo asked, surprised.

"Somethin' like that…" Clay admitted.

"We got the Yang Yo-Yo!" Kimiko said, holding it up. "Rai and Omi are in the Ying-Yang World!"

"Then what are we waiting for?!" Dojo exclaimed as the two kids got on him.

"All aboard, this is your captain speaking, LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!" Dojo shouted as he flew back the way Kimiko and Clay came, catching the guards by surprise as he zipped out into the sky. Behind them, Chase's reptilian claws dug into the rock as he pulled himself out of his hot bath. He looked in the direction they had gone and growled.

"Alright. To the Ying-Yang World!" Dojo said when they were a safe distance away. "Uh…did you kids bring the Eagle with you…?"

"Got it, partner." Clay confirmed as Kimiko activated it and had it fly below Dojo. Dojo then shrank and dropped everyone onto the Eagle's back.

"What's wrong, Dojo? What's with the flight change?" Rocco asked.

"Eh…" Dojo tapped his claws together. "Don't go spreading this around, but…I can't fly in the Ying-Yang World."

Kimiko and Clay looked to each other and shrugged, still not understanding why this was such a big deal. Must be a dragon thing. "Care to do the honors, Kimiko?" Clay asked.

"Together." Kimiko decided. She reared back the hand holding their prize and let it fly in front of them. "Yang Yo-Yo!" The two monks shouted in unison, conjuring another swirling portal large enough for the Eagle to fly through.

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The Eagle landed in the Ying-Yang World. No sooner had its passengers gotten their bearings than they saw the forms of Raimundo and Master Fung walking aimlessly and mumbling to themselves. Though impossible to tell in the dimension's unnatural red lighting, Kimiko paled. "Oh no…" She leapt off and ran to them. "Rai!"

"Puppy Eyes!" Dojo wailed, right behind her. Unfortunately, getting up close didn't help any. Kimiko took her eyes off Rai to look around, but didn't see anything.

"Think those two cheese puffs are alright?" Rocco asked from back on the Eagle, voicing Kimiko's concerns.

"If I know Omi, he ain't given up yet." Clay assured him. "We just gotta track 'em down like a couple o' wandered off calves."

"Yeah, but how?" Kimiko asked from where she was. Suddenly, a roar shook the air around them.

"Reckon that's a good place to start."

"Alright, let's go." Kimiko said, forcing herself to turn away and come back toward the Eagle. However, the Eagle shuddered in place. It started doing avian versions of grunts before all the shiny metallic feathers exploded off its body, leaving Clay, Dojo and Rocco sitting on a giant light blue naked chicken-like form with legs. The head was even missing before it popped out as a more cartoonish bald face. It looked itself over before letting out a very eagle-esque sound.


"Oh, for crying out loud!" Kimiko yelled before flipping back onto its back. "You can still walk, right?"

Buddy Blue squawked again.

"Then let's get moving! Follow that monster!"

"What about them?" Dojo asked, pointing to Rai and Fung.

"I got 'em. Lasso Boa Boa!" Clay roped the two. "Okey dokey. Giddyap, Blue!" The Wu looked hesitant in its new form, but nonetheless complied and started trotting toward the sound of the growing chaos, the two chi-zapped leaders being dragged behind.

Over yonder, Omi and Ping Pong had made their way to the shelves lined with chi bottles. They were now creeping and keeping watch.

"We must track down the others' chi without allowing the monster to add our own!" Omi instructed. "The bottles are here somewhere."

"They are not the only thing…" Ping Pong whispered. He looked to one shelf and gasped. "Master Fung in a bottle!" He pointed. Sure enough, one of the purple bottles had an inky outline of Master Fung's face printed on it. He sprinted towards it.

"Ping Pong, be careful!" Omi hissed.

"I believe I have this, Brother Omi." Ping Pong assured him. The shelf the bottle was too high for either of them to reach normally, so the smallest and lightest monk started climbing the shelves, careful not to disturb any more bottles.

"Come to Boris…" he whispered as he finally got to it. However, a large black hand grabbed his arm as he reached for it. With a gulp, Ping Pong found himself face to face with the Chi Creature, giving him a sadistic grin and waving its finger in a no-no gesture.

"No! Ping Pong!" Omi yelled as he ran toward it. Unfortunately, he was too late as the Creature inched its tongue toward the young one.

Only to suddenly drop him as it was rammed by a large beak. All three of them looked in bewilderment at a giant naked blue bird as it cock-a-doodle-doo'd in victory. The Chi Creature bared its teeth and turned invisible. Buddy Blue barely had time to look around when it was suddenly lifted up. The now visible monster hurled it over a few aisles of bottles with a screech.

Miraculously, the shelf it crashed into wasn't even disturbed. The Eagle's eyes comically rolled around in its sockets as the two human and two dragon inhabitants lay dazed. Clay was the first to get to his feet and see the Chi Creature leap over the aisle and growl. Clay grit his teeth, got up and ran in for a punch. The Creature caught Clay's fist in his hand and easily held it there. It smirked at Clay before hoisting him up over its head like with the Eagle.

"H-Hey! What do you think you're doin'?! I ain't some trophy to show off!" Clay yelled. The yelling soon ceased though as the Creature stuck its tongue in Clay's ear as it held him. Kimiko got to her feet just in time to see Clay's braindead body be dropped like a sack of potatoes.

"Clay!" Kimiko yelled as she backed away from the approaching monster. She turned to look at the two cowering dragons. "You two! Find the chi! I'll keep it busy!"

"WHAT?!" Dojo yelled. "Don't you know saying 'I'll keep it busy' is the same as saying 'I'll let it get me'?!

It was Kimiko's turn to smirk. "It'll have to catch me first." She ran around the shelves with the black nightmare hot on her heels.

"Not much better…" Dojo grumbled. He felt a strong arm on his shoulder. "Let's go, Dojo. We got a job to do."

"Right…" Dojo grimaced as he followed his friend away from the monster.

Kimiko darted around the corner and almost tripped over two yellow toadstools.

"Omi! Ping Pong!"

"Kimiko!" The two exclaimed, equally startled. The Chi Creature then turned behind Kimiko and roared.

"Catch up later!" The Fire Warrior said as she ran off. "Agreed!" Omi and Ping Pong said right behind her.

Dojo and Rocco slithered down an aisle, wincing at the fight going on a little bit over. "You see any of 'em?"

"How am I supposed to know, all these bottles look the same!"

"It'll have their faces on them…oh, like that!" Dojo pointed to a bottle with Raimundo's face drawn on it on a high shelf. The guardian procured the Cosmic Burlap. "We can carry them in this, but how are supposed to get it way up-" Without warning, a green hand covered in warts and crusty fingernails stretched out of the bag, extended to the bottle, and pulled it inside.

"…Oh, right. Ying-Yang World." Dojo slowly said.

"Hey, I think I see the cowboy's!" Rocco said, pointing. Dojo dropped the sack in shock as the hand reached out again and claimed Clay's chi.

"Glad that's not a permanent thing…"

Meanwhile, the Shoku Warriors and Apprentice had been zigzagging through the shelves dodging the Chi Creature, but finally they ran out of shelves to do it with. They now stood on the outside facing the last horizontal shelf with all the others behind it. Sensing the chase was over, the Chi Creature leapt over the final aisle and stood between it and them, its slimy tongue menacingly waving around.

While Omi and Ping Pong stood behind Kimiko, the latter grit her teeth and stared down the monster. "Do you have any idea what kind of day I've had?" She suddenly spoke aloud. "I've been beaten by branches, dragged halfway across the country to a reunion that didn't even happen, been caught in the middle of a feud between dragons, ambushed by furballs, had to sneak into the heart of a volcano, had to move molted magma just to get a Yo-Yo, ridden a giant plucked chicken through this gosh-forsaken world, and now you're the icing on the cake!" Fireballs appeared in Kimiko's hands as Omi, inspired by her courage, walked next to her with a steely expression.

"You know what, I've had just about enough of you! We are leaving right now! You don't like it?! Well I have one thing to say to that!"

"As do I!" Omi chipped in.

"Fire!" Kimiko yelled, only instead of aiming at the creature, she put two jets of flames at the foggy ground between them.

"Water!" Omi said, joining Kimiko in pouring his powers into the floor. Neither Ping Pong nor the Creature had any idea what to expect from this, so both were equally surprised when a lump of the gas terrain lifted up, mixed together with steam conjured by Omi and Kimiko. They both gave a mighty push and sent the new projectile right at their enemy. On contact, it exploded from the built up steam; the Creature was instantly sent flying backwards, smashing through every single shelf on the way.

A ways back, Dojo and Rocco were looking for the last bottle. "Oh man, what are we going to do? No sign of it!"

"Keep looking! Puppy Eyes needs us! Or at least, he needs you…" Dojo trailed off, looking down. Rocco put his hand on his shoulder. "You're right." He said, making Dojo look at him with surprise. "He needs you. I'm just sloppy seconds." Rocco said with a smile.

As you might have predicted, this tender moment was interrupted when the Creature was sent flying through the shelves in front of and behind them, making the two dragons dive for cover and sending bottles flying everywhere. At last, the Creature stopped, completely buried in the maelstrom of wood and glass. The two dragons looked back at where it had landed. Rocco then noticed a chi bottle that had come to rest next to him. He picked it up and noticed Master Fung's face on it.

"Is, uh, this it?" He asked Dojo, turning the bottle to let him see.

"Yeeup." Dojo confirmed just before the Cosmic Burlap reached out its new hand and took the bottle in with the rest.

Back at the front of the mess, Kimiko and Omi stood panting as Ping Pong watched them with sparkling eyes. "…That…was…incredible!" He shouted after a few seconds.

"Yeah…guess it was…" Kimiko admitted, both proud and slightly embarrassed of her show of temper. Just slightly.

"Now might be a good time to take our leave." Omi spoke up. No sooner had he then Clay came lumbering around the mess. "'Ey, everyone…anyone else up fer a Salisbury steak…? I'm buyin'…" A squawk diverted their attention to the naked Blue Feather Eagle, who had come to its senses and was dragging the still bound Raimundo and Master Fung with the Lasso in its beak. The three looked to each other and shrugged.

When Dojo and Rocco finally found their way back, the others had finished using the Lasso Boa Boa to secure all three zombies to the avian's stomach. Ping Pong noticed the dragons first. "We got the bodies." He announced, then subsequently winced at having to say that sentence.

"We got the chi!" Dojo announced back.

"Then let's get gone! Good-bye Ying-Yang World!" Kimiko spoke for all of them. Omi threw her the Ying Yo-Yo. She brought out the Yang Yo-Yo and put them together, forming one singular toy.

"Ying-Yang Yo-Yo!" Kimiko called out, finally creating a safe exit. Everybody held on as the Eagle jumped through.

The portal exited at the outskirts of Dragontopia. Buddy Blue soared out of the portal, feathers intact, and cawed in pleasure.

"Going somewhere?"

Unfortunately, the good guys' victory was short lived as an armored fist made direct contact with the metal beak, making the flying Shen Gong Wu become inanimate again and dropping everybody to the ground.

"Him again?" Rocco dazedly asked next to Dojo. "That guy just doesn't give up, does he?"

"Welcome to my world…" Dojo murmured as they looked up at Chase Young's human form standing above them with Shadow materializing next to him. A metallic clinking diverted everyone's attention to the Ying-Yang Yo-Yo spinning to a stop next to them.

"Get that yo-yo!" Dojo exclaimed. He and Rocco dived for it and grabbed it just as Chase and Shadow did the same, causing the telltale glow.

"Ooooohhh boy." Dojo gulped. Two Showdowns back to back was a little much for him; not to mention that before he was competing against Good Jack and this time against Chase Young.

"We challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!" Rocco said for him, gung-ho style. "That's how you start this thing, right?"

"Indeed." Chase said simply.

Dojo looked back at the conscious monks who had gotten to their feet and were now watching. The three just gave helpless shrugs. Avoiding Chase's gaze, Dojo used his free hand to hold the Showdown rulebook and flip through it.

"A-a-and since the Ying-Yang Yo-Yo's two Wu in one, i-it's an automatic Shen Yi Bu Dare." He said, trying to keep his cool.

Chase smirked. "Then let's keep it simple. Whoever wins gets custody of the misplaced chi. Agreed?" He motioned to where the Comic Burlap lay on its side with the three tips of the bottles sticking out.

If it had been anyone else, Dojo would have argued that the chi bottles already belonged to them, and thus Chase would have needed to wager something as well, but as it was Chase instead of anyone else, Dojo just nodded. "Now for the Wu…Um, I know I don't need one, but…"

"Here, Dojo! Use the Orb of Tornami!" Omi said as he threw it to him.


"Hey, uh, I actually do need a Wu. Criminal record, you know…" Rocco sheepishly said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Try the Tangle Web Comb!" It was Kimiko's turn to toss over a Wu. "Just keep focused."

"As for us," Chase interrupted, "We wager the Third-Arm Sash…" Shadow subsequently held it up and stretched it like a pair of nun-chucks. "…and the Tiger Staff." From his hammerspace, Chase procured a tan wooden staff with brown stripes. Crowning it was a wood figure of a tiger head with its mouth wide open and piercing green eyes.

"What kind of Shen Gong Wu is that?" Ping Pong asked.

"Um, no idea. Never seen that one." Kimiko answered before folding her arms grumpily. "Guess that's another 'false alarm' that Chase grabbed behind our backs."

"Ha ha!" Shadow sneered. "Do you puny reptiles really think you stand a chance against us? Name your game, we'll kick your butts!"

"She's right, Rocco." Dojo worriedly said. "We can't fight those two by ourselves!" Rocco looked at the bottles of chi that were being put on the line, then at their owners, who were standing there in a zombified daze. "Who said we have to?" he suddenly said.

"The game is knockin' each other off a ledge." The cap wearing dragon continued. "We'll have this big cage match…made outta thorns! Yeah, we'll call it a 'Thornderdome'! But that's not all!" he continued. "'Cause Dojo and I won't actually be fightin'…"

"We won't?"

"No, they will fight for us!" Rocco said, gesturing to the chi-drained monks. "We'll choose our player and go for the gold! Or go for the yo-yo, whatever."

"Using people as puppets to fight your battle…I like it." Chase simply said. "Shame I'll probably end up eating you."

"We'll see about that!" Rocco said, narrowing his eyes. "Pick your guy, Dojo!"

"Um…I'll go with Raimundo, I guess." Dojo said, still clearly bewildered about this whole thing.

"Great! I'll take the big cowboy!"

"This will be most interesting…" Omi murmured from the sidelines.

"Tell me about it…" Kimiko concurred.

"Best of luck!" Ping Pong halfheartedly threw in.

"Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

Right on cue, gigantic thorny branches erupted out of the ground, forming a dome just like the one in the Showdown for Barkey's freedom. Parts of the stone ground levitated around it, on one of which stood Omi, Ping Pong, Kimiko, and the zombie Fung. A large metal platform appeared suspended in the middle of it. The contestants were subsequently placed on this platform. Raimundo and Clay were dressed in their Showdown outfits, but of course still had the dazed look from not being in control of themselves.

Dojo and Rocco, however, were a different story. They were each placed in a clear plastic sphere that floated above their respective monks. In addition, Dojo was now holding some sort of an analog controller. It had two joysticks and a set of four buttons on each side. Rocco, on the other hand, held a rectangular controller that flipped open to show a screen on both parts. The bottom part had all the buttons: one shaped like a plus on the left side of the screen and four circular buttons arranged in a plus shape on the right side; labeled with an A, B, X, and Y.

Dojo looked his controller over. "Guess this is how we make them fight." Rocco amusedly concurred.

Even though none of the competitors said anything, they heard their voices all shout "Gong Yi Tan Pai!" as the words appeared in yellow caps above them and vanishing.

"Guess we can go now…" mused Shadow as she and Chase faced their mindless opponents.

"I suppose so…" Chase said as they moved in.

"Alright…" Dojo started. "Just let me…" He absentmindedly pushed a button labeled with a blue X. Raimundo leapt into the air and came straight back down. "Okay, that's jump…let's see…" He pressed another button with a pink square and Raimundo punched the air. "And what does this do…?" He pressed a green triangle and Raimundo hunched over for a second. "…That doesn't do anything! What the heck?!" Chase casually walked up, grabbed Raimundo's leg, and threw him a few feet behind him. "Hey, gimme a break here!" Dojo called from his bubble.

Meanwhile, Rocco was doing only a little better. Shadow slipped into darkness and swirled around Clay. When she leapt up to attack, Rocco pressed the bottom round button labeled B on his controller and Clay clumsily leapt into the air. "Gyah!" Rocco grunted as he used the plus-shaped pad to steer Clay's descent. Clay came down right near Shadow, who looked at him in surprise only for him to bound away again. Shadow kept lashing out, but he flew a little out of reach each time.

"Hey!" She hissed, whirling round to face Rocco. "Stop acting like a frog and face me!"

"Sorry!" Rocco hastily said. "From this angle, it's hard to judge jumps."

"Yeah?" Shadow sneered. "Well, not from this angle!" With that, Shadow leapt at Rocco, who shrieked and held his hands in defense. However, Shadow's attack passed harmlessly through both the bubble and its inhabitant.

"…Oh." Rocco said after a second. "Guess we're safe, then." He picked up his controller. "Back to it, huh?" Shadow growled and turned back around to face Clay. "Third-Arm Sash!" She yelled. The Wu around her waist swung and hit Clay, knocking him down with a TWACK!

"How do I use my Wu!" Rocco shouted as Clay automatically got back up. He started mashing buttons. "Come on, which is it?!"

"Orb of Tornami!" Clay proclaimed, sending a large burst of water flying right into Shadow.

"Okay, how'd I do that?" Rocco looked at his fingers. He noticed a button in each top corner of the lower part of the controller. His finger was on the left one. "Oh, so it's this one then the Y button. I get it!" He pressed them again. Nothing happened.

"What, do I have to wait a bit before I can use 'em again? Not very true to life." He grumbled.

On the other side of the platform, Dojo was utilizing Raimundo's jumping feature to get away from Chase Young, who only halfheartedly kept up with the zombie monk.

"Will you just do something already?" Chase finally snapped as he leapt up to meet Rai in midair. Dojo squealed and pressed the square attack button, making Rai do an air kick which Chase just caught and used to throw him away again, almost enough to make him fall over the edge. Dojo quickly made Rai run back towards the center.

Rocco was doing a half-decent job keeping Shadow at bay. He figured out the Y and A buttons on his controller made Clay attack with punches and kicks, respectively, making room for several differing combos that he assaulted Shadow with. Shadow, of course, was only getting more frustrated with each blow.

"Will you just let me-Agh!" Shadow finally stepped back. "Third-Arm Sash!" She sent it out toward Clay, but Rocco just made him jump over it. "Ha!" the dragon gloated. Shadow bared her teeth at him. "Oh boy." Rocco gulped as he retreated with Shadow chasing after him in her ethereal form.

Dojo and Rocco both raced toward the center of the platform with their opponents hot on their tails. Forgetting that he was facing away from the crazy ghost lady, Rocco mashed his Shen Gong Wu button as Dojo panicked and pressed a red circle button. They both fired their Wu at each other, and while they both moved their monks out of the way, the Heylin weren't so lucky. Shadow became physical again just to be snared by the Tangle Web Comb, which to her confusion and frustration, she couldn't turn to shadow again to slip out of. Whereas Chase got hit in the face with a burst of water, which only served to annoy him.

"Alright, how do I make this guy shake things up?" Rocco asked as his bubble floated closer to Dojo's. "How about this one?" He held down the topmost X button and Clay lifted up his leg. "Seismic Kick, Earth!" The human marionette shouted as he stomped the ground, making Shadow fall over.

"Oh yeah! I'm getting the hang of this!" 'Clay' went over to Shadow's still bound and struggling form and pressed another two buttons that made him pick her up, her helpless to do otherwise.

'Alright…this has gone far enough.' Chase grumbled in his thoughts. He made sure to step close to the edge of the platform and watched as Rocco threw his apprentice at him. Chase made no move to stop it as Shadow slammed into him and made them both fall of the platform. With that, the Showdown was over.

Dojo and Rocco landed on the ground in front of the temple, the former holding the Ying Yo-Yo, Tangle Web Comb and Tiger Staff and the latter holding the Yang Yo-Yo, Orb of Tornami, and Third-Arm Sash. The Chi bottles clattered to the ground beside them.

"Wow. We actually did it." Dojo said, astounded.

"Never doubted it, buddy!" Rocco said behind an anxious chuckle.

"Great job, you two!" Kimiko said running up with the cheeseballs behind her.

"Oui Oui! Excellent control!"

"I could have probably gotten the hanging of it sooner." Omi mumbled before congratulating them as well.

Chase and Shadow watched from a distance as the group began giving their teammates and master their chi back. Shadow sent her creator a sharp glare. "What was that?! We could have won!" She hissed.

"Probably." Chase whispered back. "But I think we have done enough here for today." Shadow looked like she wanted to protest, but reluctantly agreed. "Beaten by puppets controlled by shrimpy dragons…" She grumbled in embarrassment as Chase teleported them away.

Kimiko dipped Raimundo down as she poured his chi bottle down his throat. Slowly he came to and noticed the position he was in, blushing. "Wha-?"

Kimiko smirked and dropped him to the ground. "Try to be a little more careful next time."

With that, Clay, who had already recovered, brought the other four monks in for a reunion group hug after a mission well accomplished.

"You weren't kiddin' Dojo." Observed Rocco. "Those kids really are somethin'."

"I couldn't have said it better myself." Master Fung said from behind them. Dojo had immediately dropped the Wu to grab his bottle and pour it down his throat. He was now on the old man's shoulder as they watched the monks congrat each other.

"It's so good to be in your arms again, Puppy Eyes." Dojo gushed.

Fung smiled. "I've missed having you in them, Poopsie Bear." He ignored Rocco snickering. Dojo then jabbed his finger in his nose. "Now don't you go getting cuddly with any more dragons now, you hear?" His voice came off as demanding, but Fung could see that he was just afraid of being ignored. He sighed and decided to give Dojo a break.

"I promise." He said, causing Dojo to hug his head. "But I am glad you and Rocco have reconnected as I hoped." He took Dojo and set him down. "It is unfortunate the reunion was cancelled, but now I must journey on again. Do you think you can handle the young ones on your own?"

Dojo looked back at his charges and turned back to Fung with a smile. "You know, I think I can." He confidently said as he gave back the Blind Swordsman pendant that Ping Pong had dropped on the ground in the excitement.

Master Fung returned the smile. "Excellent. Farewell." He reaffixed the pendant around his neck and vanished with another glow.

"You always were a sucker for a magic trick…" Dojo mumbled good naturedly.

Soon, everyone was safely back at the temple, Rocco even visiting on Dojo's insistence. While the two of them admired the view from Barkey's branches, inside Omi and Kimiko fussed over the others making sure the Ying-Yang World hadn't left any permanent damage.

"Will you guys lay off already?! I told you I'm fine." Raimundo said with exasperation.

"Same here." Clay agreed. "Though that ain't exactly somethin' I wanna do again any time soon."

"Did those two really control us like video games?" Raimundo asked, baffled.

"Yeup. It was actually kinda cool aside from the whole 'zombie' thing." Kimiko looked thoughtful. "Who knows, maybe sometime…"

"No!" Both boys said at the same time.

Omi, meanwhile, looked Ping Pong over. "Are you certain you are alright, Little Gecko? I understand that the Ying-Yang World can be a little much to deal with the first time."

"Thank you for the concern, Brother Omi, but I am alright. It was pretty scary, but I am fortunate to have such good friends to help me out of it!" The two yellow heads turned at the outside sound of Dojo's large form flying by with Rocco on his back as the two laughed about something. Ping Pong's eyebrows furrowed. "Though I am well aware of its dangers. I would like to visit again, but not at the risk of falling prey to whatever else lurks there."

Omi put his arm around his apprentice's shoulder. "Do not worry, Little Gecko. The Ying-Yang World holds a bigger number of wonders than dangers. Not counting previous inhabitants, the Chi Creature is the biggest thing to worry about there."

Meanwhile, back in said alternate dimension, the Chi Creature's hand burst out of the pile of empty chi bottles it was buried under. After climbing out, it roared with anger at the damage the Xiaolin brats had caused in its territory. It vowed to itself that next time they wouldn't be so lucky.

All of a sudden, a larger growl thundered through the area. The Chi Creature's eyes widened as it slowly turned around. It then did something no one, not even Chase Young had ever seen it do.

It adopted a look of fear. Two gigantic hands blacker than oil wrapped around the Chi Creature's torso and pulled it out of sight. The Chi Creature roared in protest before there was a bright flash of red light and its cries were cut off.

Yes, I am aware that Chase was just as eager to get away from the lava in "Dangerous Minds" as the rest of them, but I think his tough-as-nails reptilian form would be able to handle a little dip in his own home.