Jackie's Mission


The Doctor swears on his TARDIS that it was Jackie Tyler's life mission to drive him insane! And now that she had found her way onto his TARDIS, she won't leave him alone, always on him about something or another. And there was a lot more yelling and we can't forget all the slapping! And his Rose was not helping one bit.

Chapter one- Aliens of London Pt. 1

The sound of the TARDIS engine fading into the small ally bounced off the walls scaring a cat and a few birds. Once the TARDIS had fully materialized the door opened and Rose walked out laughing, the Doctor followed her out in a calmer nature, having been used to time traveling for a while now. But it was still nice seeing his new companion smiling and laughing, and the fact that he had made her smile made it all the better. He leaned back to rest against the TARDIS, he smirked as he watched her try to wrap her mind around the fact that she was back on Earth.

"How long have I been gone?" Rose asked with laughter in her voice.

"About 12 hours." The Doctor said trying to show off. Rose laughed some more before turning around to take it all in, before a thought hit her.

"Oh, right." She turned to look at him, "I won't be long. I just want to see my mum." She added and the Doctor barely bit back the urge to roll his eyes.

"What are you gonna tell her?" The Doctor asked, it wasn't like she could tell her that she would be traveling around time and space in a little blue box that was bigger on the inside called the TARDIS with a Time Lord called the Doctor, her mother would surely put her in a mental ward.

"I don't know. That I've been to the year 5 billion, and only been gone 12 hours." Rose said with humor in her eyes, "Na, I'll just tell her I've spent the night at Shareen's. See ya later." She added then started to walk off, a minute later she stopped and looked at him, "Oh, didn't you disappear." The Doctor smiled at her and she smiled back before continuing to her apartment.

The Doctor sighed and looked around, something didn't feel right. It wasn't dangerous, or her wouldn't have let her go alone. He noticed a piece of paper on a light pole. He couldn't see what it was for the wind has caused it to fold over. The Doctor had a feeling that whatever was wrong had to do with that piece of paper that hadn't been there before they left. He quickly walked over to the pole and unfolded the piece of paper to see Rose's smiling face looking at him and the words 'Have you seen me?' glaring at him. He had been wrong.

He took off running after Rose, he had to stop her from getting home before it was too late.


Rose smiled as she opened the door to her apartment. Being home felt wonderful, but if she was honest with herself, being on the TARDIS felt better. "I'm back!" She called shutting the door. "I was with Shareen. She was upset again. You in?" She asked setting her keys down and walking to the kitchen to see her mother looking shocked. "So, what's been going on? How have you been? What? What's that face for? It's not the first time I've stayed out all night." Why was her mother looking at her like she had been gone a while year? Her mother dropped her cup of freshly made tea and Rose became really concerned.
"It's you." Jackie said and Rose was not only concerned, but now very confused.

"Of course it's me." Rose said, something wasn't right.

"Oh. My. God. It's you." Jackie repeated pulling Rose into a hug. "Oh my god." She whispered and Rose was able to see piles and piles of missing person posters and they were of her. What was going on, why was her mum acting as if she had been gone for a year, she had only been gone only 12 hours. Right? Just then the door opened and the Doctor ran in out of breath.

"Um, it's not 12 hours. It's, uh, 12 months." The Doctor announced as Rose pulled away from her mother to look at in him shock, "You've been gone a whole year. Sorry." The Doctor added sheepishly and Rose felt faint. She had been gone a whole year!

The Doctor really was sorry, he hadn't meant to mess up this bad. He had truly meant to drop her back off exactly 12 hours from when he had picked her up. He had no idea why the TARDIS had brought them back a year later.

"Doctor?" Rose asked quietly, unsure of what to say and do as her mother ran to the phone and started to calling someone. The Doctor reached over and grabbed her hand and squeezed it apologetically, he needed her to know that he truly was sorry.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered just as Jackie walked back into the room, she saw their connected hands. She growled before stomped over and ripped Rose away from him and forced her into a chair.

"Who the hell are you?" Jackie asked glaring at the Doctor.

"I'm the Doctor." The Doctor said.

"Doctor what?" Jackie asked.

"Just the Doctor." The Doctor said getting a strange sense of Deja vu.

"The Doctor?" Jackie asked.

"Hello." The Doctor said with a small wave, Rose tried to hold back a laugh, but it came out as a snort, Jackie glared at the Doctor.

"Where were you?" Jackie asked Rose who looked nervously at her mother.

"I was traveling." Rose said. The Doctor had to fight the urge to smile at his Rose, she had answered truthfully, they had been traveling, but had hidden the fact that they traveled through time and space.

"But where did you travel to sweetheart?" Jackie asked desperate to know where her daughter had been.

"No where special, just traveling." Rose said, the Doctor turned his face away from the women to hide the fact that his ego hurt when Rose said 'no where special', was the end of the world not special? Sure she had almost gotten fried and seen someone exploded, but was the thought not special? Or what about when he took her to meet Charles Dickens, okay so it wasn't planed and she nearly died so the Gelfs could have bodies.

"If it was not special, then you can tell me where you've been." Jackie said pushing Rose to tell her and the Doctor turned back to look at his Rose.

"I told you mum, I was traveling." Rose said and Jackie opened her mouth to say something else when someone knocked on the door. Jackie walked over to the door and the Doctor took that moment to walk over to the chair that Rose was forced to sit on. A minute later Jackie and a policeman walked into the Living room.

"Hello, I'm Bob. I heard you just returned. I'm just going to ask you a few questions. First question: Where were you?" Bob asked.

"I was. . . Traveling." Rose said taking a glance at the Doctor who smiled at her, the policeman and Jackie took note of that.

"Alright, so you were traveling. Where did you go? And who was with you?" The policeman asked.

"We went to, you know where everyone goes while traveling." Rose said really tying to avoid the question yet trying to answer it at the same time.

"I see." Bob said writing something down, "And how long have you been traveling? Why did you start traveling? And was traveling your idea."

"Of course the traveling was my idea!" Rose said and Jackie couldn't keep her mouth shut any longer.

"The hours I've sat here!" Jackie yelled glaring at Rose who was trying to fight away some tears, causing the Doctor to fight the urge to yell at Jackie. "Days and weeks and months, all on my own. I thought you were dead,and where were you? 'Traveling', what the hell does that mean? 'Traveling'? That's no sort of answer." Jackie turned to look at the shocked policeman. "You ask her she won't tell me. That's all she says. 'Traveling'."

"That's what I was doing." Rose said, sounding like she was just about to cry which caused a painful grip on the Doctor's hearts. If only he could pull her out of this room and then take her off on another adventure, and hopefully let her forget and never have to come back.

"With your passport still in the drawer? It's just one lie after another!" Jackie yelled right in Rose's face and the Doctor clenched his fists to keep him from doing something totally stupid which would more then not cause Rose to hate him and have him thrown in jail.

"I meant to phone, I really did, I just- I forgot." Rose whispered looking down at her hands, she couldn't face her mother.

"What, for a year? You forgot for a year? And I am left sitting here? I just don't believe you." Jackie cried and the Doctor watched out of the corner of his eye as a single tear fell from Rose's eye. "Why won't you tell me where you've been?" Jackie asked, all the anger gone from her voice. The Doctor could tell that Rose couldn't say anything and knew it was time to intervene.

"Actually, it's my fault. I sort of, uh, employed Rose as my companion." The Doctor said hoping to save Rose by taking all of Jackie's anger on to himself.

"When you say 'companion' is this a sexual relationship?" Bob asked and the Doctor tried not to gap at him, why would this human automatically think that? Couldn't a guy and his best friend, who happens to be a beautiful woman and wouldn't leave said guy's thoughts, travel through time and space in a blue box that was bigger on the inside without having to be in a sexual relationship, no matter how much the guy wanted it? Plus, Rose already had a boyfriend.

"No." Rose and the Doctor said at the same time, the Doctor trying not to sound disappointed and Rose trying to keep from blushing at the question.

"Then what is it? Because you," Jackie started glaring at the Doctor, "You waltz in here. All charm and smiles, and the next thing I know, she vanishes off the face of the earth." She marched up to the Doctor and the Doctor had to fight the urge to lean away or, better yet run away from her. "How old are you then, 40, 45?" Before the Doctor could answer she continued on with her rant. "What did you find her on the internet? Did you go online and pretend you're a doctor?"

"I am a doctor!" The Doctor cried offended.

"Prove it. Stitch this, mate." Jackie yelled right before she slapped him so hard that the top half of his body was force to turn with his head.

"Ugh, oh, oh." The Doctor cried out in pain and Rose had to bit her tongue and force her body to stay in the chair so that she didn't do something stupid.


A few hours, a nice hot relaxing shower, and a change of close later Rose walked out of her room after blow drying it to find the Doctor opening the door. "And where do you think you're going, you're not leaving me here alone to face this. This is your doing so you will stay here and help me face this." Rose harshly whispered to him. The Doctor looked towards the kitchen and Rose was able to see fear in his eyes, but fear of what? Staying here until everything cooled down? Or of her mother's slaps? The Doctor looked away from the kitchen and smiled at her, the fear still somewhat evident in his blue eyes, he reached over and gripped her hand.

"I'm just going to go to the roof, I'm not leaving. I thought you and your mother could, you know, talk and, I don't know..." The Doctor stumbled trying to find the right words while trying to get out of there without anymore slaps.

"Doctor, just promise me you won't leave." Rose whispered so softly that if it wasn't for his super hearing he wouldn't have heard her.

"I promise, now go in there and spend time with your mum." The Doctor said before leaving. Rose stood in the hallway trying to collect the nerve to face her mother again. Once she had gathered up her nerves, she slowly walked into the kitchen and saw her mother sitting at the table with a mug of freshly made tea.

"Mum?" Rose said catching her mother's attention.

"Where were you for a year Rose?" Her mother asked with out turning around.

"I told you mum, I was traveling." Rose said softly. She jumped back when her mother suddenly spun around and glared at her.

"But where were you traveling and why did you have to go with out telling anyone? Why didn't you call me?" Jackie asked standing up.

"The Doctor took me on some adventures, I didn't expect to be gone a whole year. I swear, it doesn't feel like I've been gone a year. I meant to call, I really did, but every time I went to, something came up." Rose said.

"For a whole year! Something just came up that kept you from calling for a whole year?! Is that something the Doctor!?" Jackie asked and Rose glared at her.

"No! It was never the Doctor's fault that I always got side-tracked from calling you! It was always my fault! Don't you dare try to blame the Doctor! He has been nothing but a good friend!" Rose shouted and stomped over to her mother. She didn't care what her mother said as long as she did not say anything bad about the Doctor.

"It is his fault! He's the one that kidnapped you and took you away from me! He's the reason you won't tell me where you've been!" Jackie yelled.

"He did not kidnap me! I willingly went with him!" Rose yelled. "And he isn't keeping me from telling you where I've been, I have been telling you that I have been traveling with him!"

"But where?" Jackie demanded.

"I already told you, no where special!" Rose said throwing her arms in the air and stomped to the other side of the kitchen. Why couldn't her mother just drop it, she was back now, safe. She had always been safe, even when she was in danger she always knew that the Doctor would not let anything happen to her. The two women glared at each other for a few minutes before Jackie started to cry.

"I was so worried and scared. You're all that I have Rose." Jackie whispered and Rose started to fell guilty again, she started tear up.

"I'm sorry mum." Rose said and pulled her mother into a hug and began to cry too.

"Did you think of me at all?" Jackie asked causing a pain in Rose's chest at how bad she made her mother worry and scared.

"I did, all the time, but..." Rose started.

"One phone call- Just to know that you're alive." Jackie said and Rose held onto her mother tighter.

"I'm sorry. I really am." Rose whispered, hoping her mother could hear the truth in her voice and know that she was truly sorry.

"Do you know what terrifies me is that you still can't say. What happened to you, Rose? What can be so bad that you can't tell me sweetheart? Where were you?!" Jackie asked and Rose opened her mouth before closing it. She wanted so desperately to tell her mother, but knew that she couldn't tell her the truth.

"He took me to see the world and showed me Cardiff's History." Rose said before she pulled away and whipped her eyes, "I better go see if he is okay." Rose muttered then ran out of the room and house. She ran all the way up to the roof and but didn't see him, she began to panic while looking around.

"Rose?" The Doctor asked from behind her and she turned to see him leaning against the stair way that lead to the roof. A wave of relief flooded through her as she looked at him, he hadn't left her, he had kept his promise.

"There you are." Rose said walking over to him.

"I promised you I wouldn't leave." The Doctor said smiling. His smile vanished when he noticed the tear stains on her cheeks, she had been crying. His hands became fists as he fought the urge to go downstairs and show Jackie Tyler why one did not make his Rose cry.

"What's wrong?" Rose asked when she saw the anger in his eyes.

"You've been crying." The Doctor stated and Rose lifted her hand to her cheeks.

"Yea, well, that's what happens when human females get emotional." Rose said trying to play it off.

"What did your mother say to make you cry?" The Doctor asked, starting to really dislike Jackie.

"She didn't say anything to make me cry." Rose said trying to jump up on the the roof of the little building that housed the stairs.

"Then why did you start crying?" The Doctor asked helping her up there before turning to lean against the building.

"Because she started to cry." Rose said whispered and the Doctor tilted his head to look at her but didn't say anything. "I can't tell her, I can't even begin. She's never going to believe me." Rose said after a minute of silence. "And I missed a year? Was it good?"

"Middling." The Doctor said, honestly not caring if it was true or not, he just wanted to take Rose's hand and lead her into an adventure that would hopefully get her to forget all the hurt and sadness her mother caused her.

"You're so useless." Rose muttered angrily, and the Doctor knew it wasn't just about him not telling her about the year she missed and got angry, not at her but with himself.

"Well, if it's this much trouble, are you going to stay here now?" The Doctor snapped at her, hopping with all hope that she wouldn't want to stay.

"I don't know. I can't do that to her again though." Rose said and the Doctor felt his heart clench, there had to be away to convince her to continue traveling with him. Well, he knew one way that she would come with him, but he would not allow it.

"Well she's not coming with us." The Doctor stated out of no where, Rose looked confused before she realized what he was talking about.

"Why not?" Rose asked, why couldn't her mother come with them.

"Because I said so, I will not have your mother in my TARDIS." The Doctor said. "Who knows what trouble she will cause."

"My mum would not do anything to your precious ship." Rose said offended that he would think her mother would do something to the beautiful ship.

"There isn't enough room." The Doctor said.

"Oh, don't you try that one, the TARDIS has plenty of space in it." Rose said then looked at him with a pleading look. "Please."

"No chance. I don't do family!" The Doctor said and looked into Rose's questioning eyes, "She slapped me. 900 years of time and space, and I've never been slapped by someone's mother." The Doctor said and Rose laughed remembering how he looked after being slapped.

"Your face." Rose said laughing.

"It hurt!" The Doctor said trying to sound hurt but failing because of his smile at the sound of her laughing.

"You're so gay." Rose said still laughing before what he said finally registered in her brain. "When you say 900 years..."

"That's my age." The Doctor said causally, trying to hide the fear that she would run away from him.

"You're 900 years old?" Rose asked trying to wrap her mind around that fact that he was 900 years old.

"Yeah." The Doctor said just waiting for her to tell him to leave and never come back.

"My mum was right- that is one hell of an age gap." Rose said then slid down from her seat on the building hiding the stairway, the Doctor held his breath just knowing that she was going to tell him to leave. "Every conversation with you just goes mental. There's no one else I can talk to. I've seen all that stuff up there , the size of it, and I can't say a word. Aliens and spaceships and things and.. I'm the only one on planet Earth who knows they exist." Rose said then turned to look him and smiled at him, he let out the breath he was holding and smiled back. Just then a spaceship came flying over them with black smoke flowing behind it. It nearly collided with the bridge before it pulled up and flew around a pit before hitting Big Ben and landing in the Thames. "Oh that's just not fair." Rose yelled before turning to look at the Doctor who smiled excitedly at her and took her hand before running towards the stairs.


They ran until they were meet up with a military road block, Rose looked around then and saw a lot of angry people who either wanted closer look at the spaceship like them, or were trying to get to some loved once that were on the other side of the blockade. She glanced over to the Doctor to see that he was still excited. "It's blocked off." The Doctor said excitedly

"We're miles from the center." Rose said and once again looked around them, in the back of her mind she noticed the words 'Bad Wolf' written on one of the cars in window chalk. "The scene must be gridlocked. The whole of London must be closing down."

"I know I can't believe I'm here to see this. This is fantastic!" The Doctor said reminding Rose of a little boy opening a Christmas and getting the toy he had been begging his parents for all year.

"Did you know this was going to happen?" Rose asked suspiciously, was this why he brought them back a year later?

"Nope." The Doctor said.

"Do you know where it crashed?" She asked.

"Nope." The Doctor said.

"Oh, I'm so glad I got you." Rose muttered annoyed.

"I bet you are. This is what I travel for, Rose, to see history happening right in front of us." The Doctor said finally turning to glance at Rose, the excitement in his eyes made her suddenly excited. This was just another adventure for them.

"Well, let's go and see it. Never mind the traffic, we've got the TARDIS." Rose said grabbing his hand.

"Mm, better not- they've already got one spaceship in the middle of London. I don't want to shove another one on top." The Doctor said turning back to look at the blockade.

"Yeah, but yours looks like a big blue box. No one's going to notice." Rose said trying to convince him.

"You'd be surprised. Emergency like this- there'll be all kinds of people watching. Trust me, the TARDIS stays where it is." The Doctor said, and Rose's excitement left her, annoyance quickly taking it's place.

"So, history's happening and we're stuck here." Rose said.

"Yes, we are." The Doctor said, his smile slowly leaving his face when he finally realized what was going on.

"We could always do what everybody else does." Rose said and the Doctor looked at her, eyes questioning. "We could watch it on TV." She added taking his hand and began leading him back to her house.


As soon as they got back to her house the Doctor turned on the TV and flipped it to a news station before finding another news station then flipped it back to the first news station. "What's going on here?" Jackie asked glaring at the Doctor as he focused on the TV and sitting in the chair right in front of it.

"A spaceship just crashed to Earth, right here in London." Rose said sliding onto the couch, feet under her as she got comfy, she figured he was going to be there all night.

"So, why don't 'e go to his place and watch it on the news." Jackie asked.

"Because mum, he doesn't have a home." Rose said sadly "And if you kick him out, I'll be going with 'im." Even though the Doctor was focused on the TV, he still heard what Rose said and couldn't help but flash her a smile before going back to the TV. Someone knocked on the door and Jackie went to answer it as the Doctor focused all his attention on the news. Something was telling him that something was wrong with that crash, it was just too perfect.

"Big Ben destroyed as a UFO crash lands in central London. Police reinforcements are drafted in from across the country to control widespread panic, looting, and civil disturbance. A state of national emergency has been declared. Tom Hitchinson is at the scene. " A news reporter said before the screen changed to a man with a microphone standing outside next to the Thames River.

"The police urge the public not to panic. There's a helpline number on the screen right now if you're worried about friends or family." The news reporter, Tom, said and a number appeared on the screen. The Doctor sighed, he didn't care about that, he needed to know about the ship so he flipped it to the other news station.

"The military are on the lookout for more spaceships, until then, all flights in Northern American air space have been grounded." A female news reporter said.

'Who cares, what about the ship that was now here on Earth.' The Doctor thought flipping back over to the other station.

"The army are sending divers into the wreck of the spaceship. No one knows what they're going to find." Tom reported.

'Well, that's not going to help me.' The Doctor thought before flipping back to the other news station.

"The president will address the nation live from the white house, but the secretary general has asked that people watch the skies." The female reporter reported and he flipped back to the other station.

"I've got no choice." Jackie's voice cut in and he glared at her from the corner of his eyes, willing her to shut up so he could find out what was going on so that he could figure out why he was getting a bad feeling from this.

"You've broken your mother's heart." A woman that the Doctor assumed was one of Jackie's close friends said.

"Either I make him welcome or I run the risk of never seeing you again." Jackie said to Rose and the Doctor feeling very protective of Rose didn't want her mother to make Rose upset again.

"Oi, I'm trying to listen." The Doctor said gaining everyone's attention for a minute before he went back to the TV. He heard someone knocking on the door before all his attention went back to the TV.

"...his current whereabouts. News is just coming in we go to Tom at the embankments." The male new reporter said before it switched back over to Tom.

"They've found a body. It's unconfirmed, but I'm being told that a body has been found in the wreckage, a body of non-terrestrial origins. It's being brought ashore. A body of come sort's been found inside the wreckage of the spacecraft." Tom said and the Doctor's eyebrows shot up.

'Now this was useful.' He thought.

"Oh, guess who asked me out. Billy Croot." Jackie's voice once again brought him out of his concentration. He glared at Jackie and noticed that even more people were in the small apartment and that Rose looked so uncomfortable right then. He had to force his eyes to go back to the TV, before he pulled her into his lap to try and help her not be so uncomfortable.

"Oh!" Someone said right before the Doctor forced himself to focus back on the News just as someone knocked on the door again.

"Unconfirmed reports say that the body is of extraterrestrial origin. An extraordinary event unfolding here live in central London. The body is being transferred to a secure unit mortuary, whereabouts as yet unknown. Roads in central-" What ever Tom was going to say was cut off as a little boy climbed onto the Doctor's lap and grabbed the remote from him and turned the channel to a cooking channel where a man was making a spaceship cake. The Doctor took the remote back from the kid and quickly changed it back to the news.

"Albian Hospital. We still don't know whether it's alive or dead, Whitehall is denying everything. But the body has been brought here, Albian Hospital, with the roads closed off, it's the closest to the river." Tome reported as the Doctor sat the kid back on the ground.

"Go on." The Doctor whispered to the kid, and he watched him run off to the very crowded apartment full of humans before sighing and going back to the news.

"I'm being told that- General Asquith now entering the hospital. The building's being evacuated. The patients have been moved out onto the streets. The police still won't confirm the presence of an Alien body contained inside those walls." Tom said as the TV showed a stoic man getting out of a car and walking into the Hospital. The Doctor's attention was pulled away from the news by the noise in the apartment and his instincts telling him to find out what was wrong and fix it. He stood up and tried not to pull focus to himself as he walked out of the apartment. He was only able to take a few steps before the door opened and he smelled Rose stepping out into the night with him.

"And where do you think you're going?" Rose asked him, he turned around and looked at her with an innocent smile, well, he hoped it looked innocent.

"No where. It's, uh, a bit human in there for me." The Doctor said. "History just happened, and they're talking about where you can buy dodgy top-up cards for half-price. I'm off on a wander, that's all." The Doctor added trying to sound innocent.

"Right, there's a spaceship on the Thames, and you're just wondering." Rose said not believing him.

"Nothing to do with me. It's not an invasion." The Doctor said and Rose gave him a look, "That was a genuine crash landing. Angle of decent, color of smoke, everything- it's perfect." He said leaving out that it was just a little too perfect.

"So..." Rose asked hopping for him to elaborate.

"So maybe this is it- first contact, the day mankind officially comes into contact with an Alien race. I'm not interfering 'cause you've got to handle this on your own. That's when the human race finally grows up. Just this morning, you were all tiny and small and made of clay." The Doctor said laughing causing Rose to laugh. "Now you can expand! You don't need me. Go and celebrate history. Spend some time with your mum." He added then turned around and started to walk away.

"Promise and won't disappear?" Rose asked and the Doctor felt a little annoyance run through him, why wouldn't she realize that he would never just leave her here. He came back and gave her a second chance, and he never did that. Suddenly he got an idea, he began to pat his pockets before digging in one and pulled out a silver key. He turned around and handed it to her.

"Tell you what. TARDIS key- about time you had one. See you later." The Doctor said then walked away. Once he was out of the building he sped walked to the TARDIS and opened it with another key. He ran around the console turning nobs and pulling levers, he grabbed his trusty hammer and begin to gently use it on one of the many gizmos on the console a few times before it got to the right setting he wanted. He ran over and pushed the button that started the dematerialization of the TARDIS, he smiled and kissed the hammer.

The TARDIS disappeared from the ally that he had landed in earlier that day and materialized in a storage closet in where he hopped was the Albian Hospital. He looked around and noticed how cramped it was before he made his way to the door. He pulled out his sonic screw driver and started to find the right setting he needed, he winced when the sonic sounded loud to him. "Shh." He said to the sonic screw driver before continuing to find the right setting. Once he found it, he unlocked the door and smiled as he opened it only to find himself now in a room full of soldiers.