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Cristina walked with the weird guy Amelia had brought in to get a CT to confirm the tumor she had miraculously diagnosed. She wished she found brains as interesting as hearts, it would have been more triggering, but at least more exciting. Shepherds seemed to be all about brains, she thought it was weird. She never knew that there was a story behind that, just like the story she had of her own dad, the one she replayed every time she went on to save another heart.

Owen came to find Cristina, he wanted to check on her after this morning's meeting, he heard from Derek that she slept in his house the previous night when he was on call, and now she was on his service. "Hey, can we talk for a minute?" he tried her quietly, walking alongside her.

Cristina paused, "Yeah, of course, thank god. Shepherd is acting weird, and now little shepherdess is here and she brought a brain tumor and they're pushing brains up my ass, and I might be fired," she complained rightfully.

Owen grimaced, confused with all the detail she was trying to convey to him through what seemed a secret language, he chuckled, "Look, I don't know what's going to happen exactly, but you're not going to be fired, who knows, you might switch to neuro" he tried to offer some consolation.

Cristina appreciated Owen's attempt, even though it just wasn't doing much for her that moment in time, "Yeah, you're probably right, okay, well," she sighed, "I'll see you later, I have some brains to analyze," she threw her hands up with unconvincing forced excitement. Owen's gaze was fixated on his wife for a moment, he thought it was oddly endearing how she could handle her PTSD and at times it seemed like she didn't have it, it wasn't the same with him, and she had been patient, it was his turn now.

Meanwhile, Amelia and Mark caught on with some small talk as they followed Cristina to CT.

"So what's up with you?" Amelia nudged her hot childhood friend.

"What do you mean?" Mark replied, not catching on to their previous hotness discussion.

"The Mark I knew wouldn't hesitate, I mean c'mon you even went for Addison," Amelia said jestingly under her breath, earning herself a fake hurt expression from Mark, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I'm just sayin', you've got someone finally tying you down? Is that it?"

Mark sighed heavily. He thought about Lexie. He thought about her all the time, he couldn't stop thinking about her. He should leave her alone, just like she told him, she wouldn't care if he was flirting with Amelia, or anyone for that matter. "No, actually, I am not. I sleep alone. Every night. Completely by myself," Mark said quietly with a raspy voice.

As if on cue, Owen cut in the conversation, deciding to figure out his wife's story from Mark and the new visitor. "Hey, so I understood there's a brain tumor Cristina's working on, is it Shepherd's family, or.. what's the deal here?" he asked Sloan.

"No, actually, Amy here-" mark started and was interrupted by Amelia's cough and stare of exasperation.

"Doctor Amelia Shepherd." Amelia corrected, as she shook Owen's hands, "I'm Derek's sister, not his other wife or anything," she had heard Addison's anecdotes of how she was nicknamed Satan and other ironic names when she came here as the awful wife. However; she quickly figured it was probably not the best idea to start joking inappropriately around doctors she wasn't familiar with yet, she noticed as Owen shifted uncomfortably. Amelia cleared her throat, "I am also a neurosurgeon, and I brought a man with a brain tumor to remove," She smirked.

"Oh, another neurosurgeon," Owen chuckled, amused, "Doctor Owen Hunt, chief of trauma," he introduced himself back, "Don't worry, we'll have your husband in good care."

"Are you friends with Derek?" Amelia half joked, a little triggered by the husband reference again. Though Owen wasn't joking, he was sincerely confused, he had yet a lot to learn about the Shepherd history.

Mark giggled lightly at the interaction, enjoying the awkward state Hunt was in, "He isn't her husband, Dr Shepherd diagnosed him on her plane here, you see, he had spongy hands-"

Amelia decided to quickly cut off Mark, she knew exactly what he was about to say next, and she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of the hot head of trauma, "The point is, he's a sick man and we're in a well managed hospital," Amelia subtly flirted.

"Right, okay then, well, there's Dr Webber's office, I'm sure you'll earn privileges, Shepherds have proven themselves with tumors," Owen did his best to lighten the mood. He was peculiarly charmed by Amelia's spontaneity and striking persona, to say the least. He got paged to the ER and had to excuse himself.

"Hey, I might be lonely and sad, but keep your eyes off the red head, he's got a serious new wife, spare the woman more trauma," Mark warned Amelia and chuckled at his own pun

"Oh, well, how unfortunate," Amelia pondered out loud, as Mark walked away and she paced faster to catch up with Tom, or Todd, or whatever was his name, the brain tumor.

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