A/N: so I might have plagiarized Olivia Pope a little bit.. I feel bad when I do something like that and I hesitated whether or not to post this, but I thought, I wouldn't be losing anything, so.. for whoever would want to read, I hope you enjoy this!

It's set after 11x18

"So Hunt, huh?" Derek asked after a considerably long pause as he took another sip of his drink, the look on his face was very close to pride, but not quite, "How did that happen?"

"Oh no," she smiled, whining jokingly. "is this the part where you disapprove after the little sweet semi approval?"

"what? no, what's that supposed to mean? I'm not here to approve or disapprove anything, I'm just asking," Derek was truly innocent of the accusation this time.

Amelia's lips curved upwards in a half-sympathetic simper as she tried to form a sentence to answer her brother's question," Owen and I.. I don't know.. it's all very.. he's just so.."

"I know how you feel," Derek was now grinning with amusement as he reminisced being fresh and new to falling in love, with the right person, with the one he was going to make it work, to be paranoid about the relationship.. he could see right through Amelia.

Amelia knew that if there was anyone she could confide in, she wouldn't find anyone better than Derek to understand her, so she took a last big gulp of the drink in her mug and confessed, awe and angst evident in her voice, "Things may be happening too fast."

He sighed, contemplating on how to tell his sister what to do without coming off as controling or condescending, he merely wished for her to be content, "Amy, I'm not gonna tell you what I think of Owen, I'm just gonna tell you this; you should want the love that is devastating, difficult, love, because it could destroy you, and it's not easy to give in and put that power in someone else's hands and trust it, but this kind of love,it's true, it will heal you, it will also be life changing other worldly love, so if you think falling in love with Owen could destroy you, you shouldn't settle for another minute of wasted air, I know I wish someone told me this when I was taking time for granted when I could have been beside Mer."

Amelia smiled wistfully, gathering water making her eyes sparkle in the moonlight, she blinked it away and took a deep breath, because this time, the tears weren't associated with sadness, "I'm really happy for you and Meredith."

He was glad to see his sister finally getting what she deserved. The truth was, even when he was mad at her and wouldn't talk to her, Derek was always worried sick about her. Now, he thought, he could finally be happy with her. "Good night Amy," he got up and gave her a brotherly pat on the shoulder before heading to the master bedroom.

"Lock the door!" she grinned as she teased her brother who was already closing the glass door behind him

"hey," she heard a gentle yet manly voice call her. First she was taken aback, it was the middle of the night and she had been consumed in a book she was reading. It only took a second however, to register that the only person the voice belonged to was Owen, not only because she was already clinging to every detail of him, but adding on the fact that no one would show up so late unless he lived in their back lawn, literally.

"Hi," she greeted back simply with a twinkle in her eye that only he could bring out in her.

Owen looked relieved to see her, he was flat and worn out, he thought of any excuse to approach her, but he couldn't find one that wouldn't sound crazy if said aloud, "I just came back from the hospital and.. two cops died today."

"They were shot, their organs were donated," Amelia remembered two painful memories that were remembered that day while Owen remembered his own about his service.

"Do you wanna come over?" It was a blunt and unconcealed invite, one would think a couple would be dancing around each other cautiously at an early place in a relationship, but with them, there was no need for hiding or beautifying matters, there was barely a need for speaking at this point, they just knew.

"I could use your company," she showed no resistance, Amelia knew she was never one to play hard. She got up and tangled their arms together, walking slowly to his trailer. "You know, the trailer is kinda growing on me," she sounded surprised at herself.

"Yeah?" her partner chuckled, squeezing his arm slightly to bring her closer and let their hips bump playfully

"yeah, it's not so bad to eat breakfast in the shower when you think about it," she would never run out of jokes about how small that place was, especially for a doctor -even though she wasn't one to criticize, as she lived with her brother.

"Well, there's that, and other activities that could be fun in the morning," he teased.


"Owen wake up," she awoke before him that morning, and couldn't hold out much longer before letting her hand crawl over his biceps and then shake them lightly.

"hmm?" he wiggled under the covers and slid his hand to Amelia's waste, restoring the embrace that was broken up by slumber, all with his eyes still sewn shut.

"You don't have a waffle maker," Amelia expected this to be an obvious emergent reason to wake him up.

"I live in a trailer, I don't have a waffle maker," he stated, bringing his face closer to her and kissing the neckline that met his lips.

"Well, I make great waffles, let's go to the house," she suggested, erecting a loud snorting laugh from Owen

Finally waking up and adjusting to the sunshine, he tried to fight against the irresistible look Amelia was giving him, making his best attempt to sound as serious as the situation could be "You really think this is the best time to tell Derek and Meredith about us?"

"No!" she said a little too quickly, "I mean, yes.. derek kinda .. but meredith," she tried to get out of the tricky territory, "well they're not gonna be here anyway, we'll be alone"

"Oh really?" he said suggestively before coming up to meet her lips, "then you can make us waffles."

"Hey, c'mon, I'll go and you can meet me in the shower," she squirmed out of the bed and put her clothes on, leaving him in a hurry to catch up with her.