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The sun shone down onto the well-trimmed lawn as Wanda went to take a break. She sat down and took a sip from her water bottle, observing the field. As usual, Sam Wilson and James Rhodes (referred to as Rhodey, which was still odd in her opinion, as he was very much her superior) were still sparring, while casually spitting out banter every now and then, and Natasha and The Vision were both taking a breather as well. Pietro was unfortunately still bed-ridden under Dr. Cho's orders, as his wounds could have definitely been fatal. It was a miracle he came out of the fight with Ultron alive. Wanda let her head hang down, smiling and thanking whoever was out there listening for that.

"Mind if I join you?"

She looked up to see the Captain himself, Steve Rogers, slightly panting after a good training session.

"Sure," she responded.

Steve nodded his thanks and sat down next to her, taking a healthy chug from his water bottle.

The two sat in not an uncomfortable silence, observing the rest of the team.

"You know, we're a lot a like, you and I," Steve suddenly said. "And your brother," he tagged on.

Wanda, confused, glanced over at the super soldier. She allowed something between a scoff and a chuckle pass her lips. "Please, Captain, I do not see where you are coming from. We couldn't be more different."

Steve merely shook his head, a half smile gracing his face. "Well, I guess I can be confident you aren't as nosy as Stark."

She held her gaze, staring at him in confusion.

"Our countries were both fighting a war. And all we wanted to do was help."

He took a pause before continuing.

"Before I was administered the serum, I was…unbelievably plucky, for a guy my build." He breathed out a short laugh. "95 lbs at 5' 4", I tried to enlist in the army 5 times."

Wanda took a brief moment to try to imagine Captain America, the leader of the Avengers, a scrawny kid almost a foot shorter with almost no muscle mass. It was a stretch of imagination, even for her.

"Of course, the reason I was turned down was because of my health conditions, mainly my asthma."

Ok, she'd definitely try to grab the file on Steven Rogers when she could.

"Why?" she asked, mystified. He was merely a child, and would have barely passed basic training. He would have died so quickly. "Why fight?"

Steve turned his head to meet her gaze. "The same reason you and your brother volunteered for Strucker. Your country was at war, and you wanted to help."

Wanda lowered her gaze. She realized there was more to the Captain than the red, white, and blue, but she never realized how much she didn't know, nor their similarities. The differences, for her, were too outstanding.

"So, sixth time being the lucky charm, I was enlisted 1A, and administered the serum. With that, I helped win the war…" Steve returned his gaze to the ground, briefly letting the memories of him piloting Red Skull's ship into the ice, and hearing Peggy's voice over the intercom.

But he lifted his chin up and took a moment to look at the bright, beautiful blue sky, sunshine and all. It wasn't the day to be mournful. There would be those days, in time. Just not today.

"The two of you pretty much intended the same thing. I'm just sorry you were disappointed."

She pondered on that. The whole time she and her brother always thought they were doing the right thing. Fighting against their oppressors, making them pay for what they did. Trying to make them see, to make them feel their pain. But since the Avengers, their foundations were all but destroyed. Which, she decided, wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"I'm sorry too, I suppose," she spoke up after a moment of silence. "Pietro and I were so confident in what we were fighting for, it felt good to be dependent on something, after…an incident like ours."

She took a breath, pushing back the thought of their family.

"But I would not regret the path I am on now. Of course, there are others…but this…this is the best for all of us."

Wanda scanned the field again, looking at her new teammates, and smiled. What she and her brother had depended on was an idea that almost consumed the two of them. Now, there was something else the two of them could lean on. Real support…a team, with a goal…a family.

She looked back to Steve. "Thank you."

He grinned and nodded. "Don't mention it."

He stood and stretched his arms a bit. "And, y'know, you fight well too." With that, he returned to the rest of the team.

Wanda grinned, and watched as he walked away. Yes…it felt good to have a family again.

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