This must be one of the inner rings of hell must be like.

Honestly, who in their right mind would pay to watch oversized grown men - who clearly had some anger problems – play keep away, with a puck, while gliding around ice on razor sharp blades. Oliver, that's who. Plus all the other boisterous people filling the stadium. Felicity just did not get it.

Every time a man got smashed into the glass surrounding the arena the crowd surged to its feet and decided that yelling was the best course of actions. Yelling was something that made everything better, and of course the referees would take the yelling into thought when making their split minute decision.

Felicity had narrowly dodged having beer sloshed on her leg by the burly man sitting to her left. He was deeply into the game and was there with his young son who had stars in his eyes. She was situated to Oliver's left and was intent on keeping a keen eye out for anything that might have mustard on it, because she had already been there and gotten the t-shirt where mustard and sporting events combined.
More like she got it on her jeans. It didn't matter. It wasn't going to happen again.
No way.
No how.

One of the hockey players grabbed control of the puck and went flying down the stretch of ice, the section she was sitting in became frenzied as the puck was passed to one of his teammates.
There was tension.
There was yelling and hoots.
There was Felicity wondering how many teeth and/or brain cells had each player lost while participating in this ridiculous games.
There was the puck flying into the goal net and the team that she was there 'supporting' scored.

Damn but she missed the civilized society of computers and wires. It was the last thought she had before she was hauled up and found herself incased in Oliver's heat. He was cheering his team on, caught up in the excitement before turning his electric smile and gaze on her. And she couldn't help herself, she had to smile.
She loved everything about that man.

The pass six months had been bliss.

Not to say that bliss was perfect. There had been a number of times that she thought she'd like nothing more than to wring Oliver's neck; he could be overbearing and pushy, and that was on a good day. But he made her happy in every way. They had fallen in to an easy rhythm and Felicity found the natural ebb and flow of their relationship kept her on her toes and kept her wanting more.
Yes, there were times he knocked her feet out from under her, but he was always there to catch her.

A month into their relationship, she got to her place to find that everything she owned was gone. True, she didn't own a lot. Moving a lot, never staying in the same place for too long, had taught her to be light on personal items. Still everything that was hers was gone from her apartment.
Not thinking, she called Oliver.

"I've been robbed!" Was her greeting when he picked up her call.

"You sure?" Was his asinine response.
Of course she was sure!
She was standing in her place, which was barren. Well the furniture which had come with the apartment was still there but all of her stuff was gone. Gone. Disappeared. Poof! "None of my things are in my apartment!"

"They're at mine." It was at those words that her brain began to rapid fire and then just gave up trying to compute his words. Really, he just decided to move her in with him? They had barely been together a month! She had food in her that was older than their relationship.
And on that note, she really needed to clean out her fridge.
Oh no wait.
She walked over and jerked the fridge open. It was barren.

"Oliver." She all but growled out, slamming the door Felicity turned on her heel, "Where are you?"


"I'm heading over to kill you."

"Looking forward to it."

When she had arrived, it was to find Oliver lighting candles on his dining room table, which had been set for two. She did however note that her stuff was not at his loft, she was thinking the small moving truck downstairs held all of her worldly possessions.

Oliver looked up with a smoking match in his hand and his bone melting smile. She was not going to give in on this. It was too soon and what they had was good. Felicity did not want to mess with a good thing. She did not want him to decide that he didn't want her – even if he had made it extremely clear that he wanted every bit of her.
He had been dropping hints of her moving in since the she had come back to his place after being kidnapped.

Oliver had tucked her into bed and joined only after she asked in a barely audible voice. That night she'd fallen asleep surrounded by his warmth, and it was the best sleep she could remember having. Before she had fallen into dream land she heard him whisper into her neck that he could get used to this.

Now however, she was going to let all of what made Oliver Queen irresistible to her, sway her resolve.

"You are not charming your way out of this."

"Felicity," the smoothness of his tone caused a shiver to run up her spine, it was a damn good feeling, and he proceeded to charm his way out of it. Warm words and loving touches and a deep raw conversation.

Her anger melted away at the way his nerves made his words catch, and the way he would close his eyes before he spoke as though he was looking for inner strength.

Felicity found herself with his hands on either side of her neck and fighting back the urge to swipe the table and pull him down on it. Then he said the words, he had been laying it all out about what he wanted, but then he said those words and she turned liquid.
"Felicity Smoak, I love you."

She found herself moved in fully by the weekend.

And of course over the six months they'd been together, Felicity couldn't help herself. She tried. She really did. She had been good for just under two months.
Then she hacked into the SCPD.

Oliver had been stressed about a case and was working himself to the bone. Clearly he needed her guidance. And she was not about him being stressed out when she could make the situation easier. She had done it while he was a part of ARGUS and she would do it now. Hell, he needed her help. Plus he would never find out.

He found out.
He was an interesting mix of pissed, impressed, admiring, and annoyed. His face kept the 'I'm a serious detective' look while his lips tried hard not to quirk up at the corners and his eyes shone bright with a look that made her shiver with pride.

He loved her smarts and how protective she was. But Oliver had this weird thing about not wanting to arrest the woman he love, and knowing he couldn't stop her once she had her mind set on something he did something about it.

She became a consultant to the SCPD.
A damn good one.
It was fulfilling work and gave her talent a purpose. It was something she never thought she'd ever do in her life. Hell she didn't come from the best family for a background check and in the past she had actively gone out of her way to avoid police stations. Now she was working for one and it actually made her happy.

"My father is a criminal master mind and now I work for the coppers." There was a sing-song nature to her voice as she tagged a seat on the corner of Oliver's desk, pushing aside a cup of coffee that had gone cold.

"Remember the point in time when you didn't want anyone to know who your father was?"

"Yes and I vividly remember you telling me it didn't matter. Then I remember being kidnapped, beating some serious ass. Still it was nice how all the human scum ended up donating all their ill-gotten gains to those less fortunate. I think they found religion while in the big house."

Oliver was shaking his head at her but couldn't hold back his smile. Felicity had done some not so legal computer work to break apart all those involved in her kidnapping, it was through and not one of them had slipped through her grasp. Yes, she had them persecuted by the legal route, but anything she could do to them via a computer, she had.
It was brutal in the best way.
It gave her the closure she needed. And others, it gave them a ton of money.

"Remember your boyfriend is a detective." He pushed himself up from his chair, pining her with a look as he rolled his shoulders

"Remember your girlfriend is a bad ass genius."

"It's not something I would forget easily." Oliver placed a kiss on her forehead, "Now give me back my wallet. I'm starting to get hell around here that you keep pick pocketing me."

"Aw, your street-cred is taking a blow."

"Felicity." Sliding from his desk and pushing up on her toes she gave him a light kiss as she seamlessly placed his wallet in his pocket, he was taking her out to lunch after all.

Letting her hand rest against his hard chest she looked up at his with her bright smile and said, "I'm like the criminal with a heart of gold working for the po-po. This is stuff they make into movies. Do you think I can get a badge?"

Oliver gave her a pointed look. Later she foundwallet was missing from her purse, but she did have a kid's plastic police badge.

She couldn't remember a time where she was truly happy and comfortable being herself. He loved every inch of her imperfect person and she was head over heels for him. It's how he'd roped her into going to the hockey game.
Oliver had kissed her and muddled her brain as his fingers had trailed under her shirt and across her skin. By the time he had gotten around to asking her to go to the game with him, she would have given him anything he would have asked for.

Now she was going to have to pay him back.
Yes, stealing his wallet wasn't really pay back. But it had become their thing. To her it was as cute and romantic as anything, but it could also be frustrating as hell the moment you realized it had been picked. His was currently living in her back left pocket of her jeans. She had pocketed it after he'd gotten her a vanilla latte and himself a beer.

This place was freezing.
She was feeling half popsicle like and couldn't imagine consuming a cold beverage.
Felicity question just how human he was sometimes.

The excitement finally settled after the goal and he gave her forehead a brief kiss before releasing her so she could take her seat once again.
There were nachos in her seat.
Hot processed yellow cheese nachos in her seat.
The in which she had plopped down in, in a very un-lady like manner.

Not. Again.
Sporting events were her own personal circle of hell. This just solidified it.

Getting to her feet as gracefully as possible, she contorted her body to assess the damage.
It was bad.
There was a glob of yellow cheese with a nacho chip hanging from it on her left cheek, it was a stark contrast to her dark skinny denim jeans.

The burly man whose nachos they were began to apologize as she pulled in her lips, closed her eyes and gave a short silent prayer, asking to be beamed far away. Felicity felt Oliver's hand in her own, so she turned to look at him. There was concern on his face but she could see the internal battle behind his eyes as he tried to hold back a smile.

Letting out a deep sigh, "Please tell me hockey has a different bathroom set up than baseball."

Oliver lost the battle with his smile.

"Wish I could." Liar.

His hands found her hips and he rotated her so he was looking point blank at the damn glob. There was a beat, and then another, and then it had gone on for far too long.
He was admiring his view.
With an eye roll, Felicity turned back to him and gave his shoulder a slap, he grinned up at her, one of his hands still resting on her.

"Go along bathroom girl." His said in his low warm voice.

"I do hope you enjoy sleeping on the couch." She threatened Oliver as she pushed passed him. The threat held little weight and he knew it, but it sounded good.


Her ass was on the drier.

She had managed to get out the cheese with a bit of effort. The whole twisting her body around because she refused to take off her jeans had added a special level of complexity to the removal process. But she had done it.

Now, she needed them dry. Like super dry. It was freezing in the arena and she was not about to go back and die from hypothermia from a damn sporting game. No, she was going to die in a blaze of glory, in her bed…from old age.

There was one perk to all of this. The drier didn't have a button. Motion sensors all the way as Felicity angled her hips up enough for the sensor to be triggers. So now she was bent at the waist her hips thrown out and up as she wiggled her butt at the drier to trigger the sensor and let out the stream of hot air.

That's when he walked by.
Because was she really going to get to have a humiliating bathroom experience without Oliver Queen being present?
The answer was no.

He was the walking definition of sex and Felicity knew it well. His fair hair was buzzed short and he was sporting a well pass five 0'clock shadow along his angular jawline. His large body, made of hard muscles which she had explored at great length many a night, was leaning causally against the entrance way as though this was an everyday occurrence for him. The forest green thermal Henley he wore was stretched across his broad chest and seemed to accent his muscles.
Felicity decided that he need to partake in wearing those more often.

Shoving his hand in his front pockets as his eyes swept over her body, causing heat to pool in her belly, before coming up to meet her gaze. A slow seductive grin spread across his face.

"Take a picture. It'll last longer." This time around, her words held a flirty edge. His grin got bigger and his eyes flashed; she knew he remembered.

"Just trying to figure out what you're doing."

"You know. Having tea with the queen. Just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have tea with the Queen, it's a once in a lifetime treat." There was no hostility in her voice but there was a dry edge that cause Oliver to bite his smiling lip.

The drier died down and she wiggled her hips to kick it back into high gear, her movements caused his eyes to darken. Then there was a flash in them that she couldn't place.
Felicity could read Oliver well, but she didn't know what that flash in his eyes meant.

"You are a snarky one." Oliver shifted his position before continuing, his full focus directed on her and she felt like she was sixteen again, "Maybe you can help me. I went to go buy my amazing girlfriend a pair of sweats, she seems to have this thing about having food getting on her at sporting events, but my wallet seems to be missing."

"There seems to be some accusation in your tone."


Felicity smiled brightly at him, "You were going to buy me sweats?" He gave a brief nod, so she continued, "They cost a fortune plus your first born child here."

"Well, first, they are not getting our first born child and second, you only came with me because I asked. I know how you feel about sports."

"This is my way of professing my undying love for you. I'd sit through my own personal hell to make you happy. Also, there is a tech convention I want to go to next week and guess who gets to be my luck plus one?"

"I love you." His tone was deep, the air in the bathroom began to crackle with a different kind of electricity. Oliver went on, and she saw his muscles tense under his shirt, his fingers rubbing together. It was his nervous tick, and even with his hands still in his jeans' pocket she could tell.
"Do you still want a short engagement?"

She sucked in breath at his question as she stared at him with wide eyes. The ability to talk fled from her. She was always able to talk. Always.
Felicity was half certain that she came into this world talking and babbling, but now she was speechless.
So she nodded.

If this was going where she thought it was going, she was going to need gain the speech ability back. Like now. She needed to tell him there was no way in hell they were going to have a western themed wedding, and really all she needed was him.

"I know it's an archaic tradition, but I asked your dad. Well not asked so much as told him, growled at him." Oliver's eyes went up and Felicity knew he was trying to get it together. His words didn't come out the way he wanted when, on the rare occasion, nerves got a hold of him. And Oliver rarely did nerves. She moved to him. Drying of her jeans completely forgotten.

Felicity stopped a foot in front of him. Her hand had begun to shake.

"When?" Look at her, she formed a word.

"The night you were kidnapped. Told him I intended on spending the rest of my life with you so he was going to suck it up and help me find you."

"That was six months ago!"

"Felicity. I've known for years." Years?!

"How many goats am I worth?" It was a hysterical question. She was frazzled. He was skirting around the issue and she need him to blurt it out so that that she could blurt out her response. And then, maybe, just maybe he would whisk her back home and they wouldn't leave the bed for at least two days.

"You have my wallet." He ignored her questions about goats. Instead stating the obvious. She figured he knew she'd take his wallet at some point as payback. It was their thing. Why was he bringing up his wallet at a moment like this?
Oliver continued, "I was planning to do this at home after the game."

Oh. The light dawned.
She had his wallet.
He had planned for her to take it.
He wanted her to take it.

"What's in your wallet?" Her voice was throaty and full of emotions. She was pretty sure her heart was now living in her throat so any words making it passed it were bond to come out throaty.

"Felicity." The way he said her name, like he savored every syllable, like he was couldn't believe she was there with him. He moved against her in what would appear to be an intimate gesture but it was simply to retrieve his wallet from her jacket.

Felicity watched as his hands shook slightly. It was barely noticeable, but it was there. He open the leather fold and there, where he kept his ID was a stunning ring. Simple, classic, timeless.
Scratch that it wasn't stunning. It was breath taking all consuming and completely perfect because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and that symbolized it.
Oliver slowly lowered himself to a knee. There in the doorway of the women's bathroom at a hockey arena, he held his wallet open and Felicity was sure her breath had taken a trip to Europe. Her hands covered her mouth as her eyes began to glisten.

"You are by far the best thing in my life. You've kept me on my toes. You continue to have my back. You make me a better man. And I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. Felicity Smoak, please make me the luckiest man in the world. Will you marry me?"

Everything slowed.
Flashes of all the moments that lead to this flashed before her. She relived everything in a flash, the emotions beginning to roll over her in waves.

Oliver Queen was kneeling in front of her, in a women's bathroom at a sporting event when minutes before she was trying to dry her pants, the poetic justice was not lost on her.
Oliver Queen was asking her to spend the rest of her life with him.
Felicity couldn't think of anything that she wanted more.

With a head nodded she lowered her the hands at her mouth, showing off her smile that was growing by the moment and reached for him. All of the tension fled from his body and he raised up to meet her as her arms came around his neck.

Surrounded by his warmth she gave him a verbal answer to his question, right before their lips met in a body melting kiss.


The End.


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