Perhaps this is to ambitious of me, considering my unmet goals of before. Not to mention my conceit and ego that is apparently throughout this fic. My plan is to completely revamp this story (and eventually others), I want to go through and correct inconsistencies, typo's, silly grammatical mistakes (I'm horrible with grammar, especially run-on's, so other mistakes will have to be excused unless someone with a good grasp of the language wants to be my beta) before continuing. The other day I sat down and began to reread the entire story, struck by how many mistakes I let slip by me in my rush to post it for all to read. I was also struck by how childish and conceited I was at times. While my mailing group served a practical purpose in sending updates and answering questions it was also a very egotistical thing to start, but spurned by one reader's request and the mailing lists of other fanfic authors I started it. I have made other such egotistical move before, and am now apologizing for that. :;cringes in embarrassment::

So anyone who wishes to see my progress and catch updates can just go to my livejournal, which will have a full list of story links and my frustrations with it shortly.

So the update begins now. Seriously, right now. I'm going through part one, correcting anything I see. If there are any inconsistencies YOU see please email me at and feel free to let me know! After the intial correction is done then the next chapter will be started. I just don't feel comfortable continuing something that was so put together so haphazardly at first.

Much Love,