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Chapter Twenty

A knock on the front door woke Hermione up the next morning. She glanced at the still sleeping Teddy, as George walked out of the closet, looking as if he just woken up as well.

"I'll get the door, Hermione." He said as he stumbled out of the room.

She heard talking as she stood up and put her hair into a pony tail, then she heard George call for her. She checked on Teddy one last time and then quickly walked down the stairs.

"Yes George?" She walked into the front room to see all seven Cullen standing with George.

"You don't have an ear," Emmett said with wide eyes.

George paled, "My ear is gone?!" George ran to the mirror and once he looked at his reflection he shrieked and fainted.

Hermione giggled as Emmett seemed to be freaking out. "Emmett, he knows his ear is gone. He is just messing with you."

George sat up and glared at Hermione, "'Mione, why did you have to give it away so soon?" He jumped up and smiled at the Cullens, "Lost it in the war."

Hermione shook her head and looked to the Cullens, "What are you all doing here so early?"

Edward looked to his family and stepped forward, "We discussed after you left the house yesterday and we understand why you didn't tell us anything. It isn't safe for your name to just be thrown around and we don't hold it against you. We would like to stay in Forks, if you are fine with us coming back."

Hermione raised her wand and aimed it at Edward, "Augmenti." A stream of water came from the tip of her wand and in an instant Edward was soaking wet.

Emmett loud laughter filled the whole house as they saw that Edward was now covered in water.

"That was very stupid of you to leave because of a little incident. All of you."

"Bel-Hermione…" Edward tried to speak.

But, Hermione cut him off and glared at him, "No, you will all sit down and listen to me. You pull someone, who you thought was a muggle, into your world and with one incident that you couldn't control, you left. What would you have done if I had reacted badly to your leaving? I am very fond of your entire family and was hurt when you left.

"You're lucky that the wolves have been around to help with Victoria or I'm sure there would be more missing campers. She is after me because of what happened to James and if you would have stayed then we could have handled it sooner.

"And you," She looked specifically at Edward. "When someone is trying to tell you something when you are leaving, you should listen. I was trying to tell you that I am a witch before you could run off, but with your twisted sense of trying to save me, you didn't listen. None of this would have ever happened if you would have listened to me. Now, I'm not going to lie and say that I am still angry with you all. Even though you left, I do understand why you did. So we just need to move past this."

All of the Cullens remained silent for a moment before Rosalie stepped forward and pulled Hermione into a hug. "Please forgive me; we truly did think it was in your best interest."

Hermione smiled and hugged her back, "It's okay Rosalie, like I said I understand that you all thought that you were helping me. But don't ever do it again." Rosalie smiled at her and gave her one more hug before walking back to Emmett. "Teddy should be waking soon."

Carlisle smiled and he and Esme both gave Hermione a hug, "I hope you, Teddy and your friend can come over to our home soon."

The Cullens all said goodbye and soon the only one left was Edward.

"I will go check on Teddy, you two can talk." George said as he turned and walked up the stairs.

"You were trying to kill yourself." Hermione said simply once she knew George was out of the room.

"I thought that you were dead." He said softly while staring at her.

"That is not an excuse. There is no reason that you should wish for your own death, even if I had passed away."

Edward grimaced and looked away, "I cannot live if you are not alive as well."

Hermione stepped towards him, "Edward, eventually I will die. It may be tomorrow and it could be in one hundred years. You cannot want to kill yourself when this happens."

He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer, "Hermione, even with the secret coming to light it doesn't change things. I-I care for you."

"I care for you too Edward."

"No, Hermione, I truly think that I am in love with you."

"We can't do this right now Edward. You broke up with me and left. We cannot just immediately go back to normal." She stepped closer to him and grabbed his hand, "But that doesn't mean that I do not want to be with you. I-I care for you a lot, but I cannot say those words because you just got back." She gave him a hug and smiled at him. "We will be okay, I just can't say those words right now. though it doesn't mean that I don't feel it."

She heard George start coming back down the stairs with Teddy.

"I should go," Edward said softly. "But can I take you out on a date, just you and me?"

Hermione smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I can talk to Charlie. This will be us starting over and truly getting to know one another. Okay?"

Edward smiled and placed a cold hand on her cheek. "I'll see you soon then."

In a blink he was gone and the front door was closing.

"So you and Edward will be going out this weekend, eh?" George said as he carried Teddy into the front room.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "I knew you would be listening."

"You didn't tell him that you loved him."

"He just learned my secret and got back to Forks. We just need some time together."

George ruffled her hair, "Whatever you say."

Hermione took Teddy from George and kissed Teddy's forehead. She had a few more important things to worry about than confessing her love to her ex-possibly once again- boyfriend. First thing to take care of would be Victoria. She smiled down at Teddy and held him close. She knew, now that the Cullens were back that there would be more protection, for Charlie and Teddy.

Now that the Cullens were back, Victoria could be taken care of faster, and then they would only have to worry about Bellatrix.