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Chapter 17 – Interlude – Free Will

He did not know how he came to be. One moment he was not, and the next he was. It had been confusing at first. He did not know why he was, he did not know his purpose. He simply was.

He simply was for eons.

While eons passed, something stirred in him. He developed a concept of alone, of loneliness. He liked neither. Now, he had been young then, extremely young, not truly aware of his powers, but his powers were part of him and answered his unspoken request. Something came into being, it was tiny, with no real intelligence, but it was something.

He had been fascinated. He had created something! It was wondrous, and knew his purpose.

He was the Creator, and his power was Creation.

He had been elated. He would no longer be alone, loneliness would no longer plague him. He would just need to create something. So he did.

It took him an age, a moment, for him to have his first Creation. He named them Leviathan, and watched as they became aware of existing. He was so very pleased, at first. The Leviathan were so very curious, always trying to understand things. Quickly, though, that pleasure turned to horror. The Leviathans were out of control, devouring everything in their path, only their hunger driving them. He couldn't understand how he had been able to create such things. It had never been his intention. However, he couldn't bring himself to destroy them. He had created them, it was not their fault.

Not knowing what else to do he, created something - he called it Purgatory - and put the Leviathans in there. They would live, but they would not destroy everything else he created.

He waited before creating something else. He was still horrified by what his creations had almost done. However, loneliness made itself know once more and he created again. Now, though, he knew better. He would not make the same mistake again.

He created them, and they were so very beautiful. They were fierce fighters, devoted sons, merciful beings. He called them Angels. And the most beautiful of them all was the first one, his beautiful Morning Star. He did not love the others any less, they were all so very dear to him, but he knew that his Morning Star was different.

Things went well for eons. He was happy, his children were happy, what else could a being want? However, in the back of his mind, there was this itch. This desire to create.

So, he did.

He created this new species similar to them, but fundamentally different. He loved his sons and daughters, all of them, but he knew there was something missing. Something he had taken from them out of fear. He hadn't gifted them with Free Will. He had been still too marked by what had happened to his First Creations that he had been afraid of might happen with the Angels. So, he made them without Free Will.

He did not want that for this new creation, Humans he decided to call them, he wanted them to be free. Free to believe in him, to deny him, to agree with him, to disagree with him. He wanted them to make their own choices and live with the consequences. He wanted them to grow and learn.

He wanted them Free.

And so the Human race swept over the Earth, creating and evolving, being everything he had created them to be, and he was so very happy. Humans, with all their flaws, were probably his most amazing creation. He was so pleased that he gave them a gift. He gifted a select few with the power of Creation – not much, of course, just a tiny, little drop. He was eager to see what their creativity and imagination would unleash.

He supposed, he should have kept a closer watch on his Angels. He should have seen the signs.

When he asked his Angels to love the humans as they loved him, his Morning Star rebelled. The Morning Star was aghast at the idea of loving such creatures to such an extent. Beings that chose not to believe in their Creator. It was blasphemous for his first son. His child rebelled, and fought with everything he was against it.

For the first time since their creation his Angels stood divided.

He knew what would happen if the Morning Star won, so he did the only thing he could. He ordered his oldest children to fight against their brother, to imprison him in a cage that he would send to the deepest level of Hell.

His orders were followed, but Heaven was never the same again.

He fled. His aching heart could not bear to see his children in such suffering, so he fled. It pained him to do so, but he could give them no hope. He could not explain that that was the only way to save their oldest brother, and that even then it might fail.

Humans were such unique creature. Their Free Will the most powerful power they had. And it was in that power that he had wagered his oldest child's life.

Even so it was a chance in a billion, a chance so far in the future that he hardly could glimpse it.

But he loved his son with everything he was, could anyone blame him for holding onto even the tiniest grain of hope?

He hoped that that tiny human child he could glimpse, with his messy hair and bright, green eyes, would respond to his prayers. He hoped that when the time came that tiny human would be as bright as his Morning Star had been and be able to love the Darkest of beings.

He hoped that the human child would be enough to save his oldest son, because that was the only chance his Morning Star would have.

He hoped, because there was nothing else he could do.

Free Will was a powerful nothing.

No one was able to interfere with Free Will, most of all he.

So, he hoped and waited for the day where he would have his oldest son by his side once more.

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