This fanfiction is heavily inspired by the video game Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, as indicated by the title. If you have not played the game and do not wish for that story to be spoiled for you, DO NOT READ this story until you have completed the game!

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start on Life

"Eww! It doesn't get any more disgusting than this!"

Dark red walls of squishy material flanked the bright yellow glow illuminating in the cramped environment of Majin Buu's body, Vegetto's head moving from side to side. He rose up slowly from one knee, having recovered from the fall after the absorption.

His head titled upward in the direction he felt was the head, the sinster and gloating laughter resonating inside of Buu's body. The fusion naturally glared up in annoyance at Buu's celebration.

"Give me a break!"

Vegetto grunted lightly, lifting two fingers up and blocking his ears out.

"Argh...fruitcake. It's bad enough to be in here, but to have to endure that ridiculous laughter of his?"

His expression brightened slightly, confident smirking down once he dropped his hands down into his line of sight.

"On the bright side, the barrier did the trick! He hasn't been able to turn me into Buu goo."

The fusion quickly dropped his arms, having took once last glance around before narrowing his eyes towards a dark abyss to his right.

"Well, I better get busy. Finding a way out of this place won't be a picnic. The others are still in here...I can feel it. But where?"

Letting out a deep sight, Vegetto relaxed his shoulders as the golden energy barrier opened above his head, cascading down from his body to the ground he stood on. His eyes narrowed suddenly, a sudden pressure in his chest rising and building within his heart. He blinked hard, widening his eyes fully at the light blocking his entire sight.

Yet as quickly as it began, the light suddenly receded away, leaving Vegetto standing alone on a stonecobble sidewalk and gazing out into the open black sky before him. The fusion blinked hard, glancing around.

The strange and empty platform held various gardens and ornate huts, lining the outer edges of what appeared to be a floating platform that spanned for two hundred feet. Vegetto kept his perplexed expression and turned around fully to gain a better understanding of his environment.

He instinctively gasped, jumping back slightly at the massive green dragon looming merely a few feet above his body. Shenron let out a low growl, his deep voice suddenly booming out.

"Farewell for now!"

The massive green dragon then detonated into a glowing gold beam of energy, shooting upwards and splitting off into seven opposing directions to return the natural blue sky to the world. Vegetto stared up at the massive golden hourglass clock that stood in the heart of the platform, studying the golden frameworks surrounding it.

His attention soon diverted to his left, the sound of a familiar voice catching him off guard.

"Who are you? I recognize your face but I can't recall your name."

Vegetto blinked, his eyes locking with Trunks' who stood across the cobblestone pathwalk away. The two nearly mirrored their shocked expressions, Vegetto speaking next.

"Trunks? What is this place...where am I?"

Trunks blinked, studying Vegetto for a moment.

"Those voices...father's. And Goku's?"

His eyes widened back up, the discovery clear across his face.

"How is this possible?! My father and Goku are fused together?"

Vegetto remained silent, turning his gaze down to another figure that moved forward to Trunks' left and stood nearly waist high. Her pink skin nearly glowed in the sunlight, her gi a clear indication of her Kai status in the universe, and she smiled brightly at Vegetto with her pointed ears twitching slightly.

"It's the work of the Potara, Trunks! If two separate beings put the earrings on opposing ears, the earrings attach them together and fuse the two into one being!"

Vegetto blinked hard once more, staring at the small woman in confusion.

"I still have no idea what is going on here. Who are you, and what is this place?"

The smaller woman giggled, waving over to her right.

"Introductions can wait for now. Follow me to the Time Vault, and I'll explain everything. The fabric of time itself is in danger, and we're going to need your power to stop it."

The woman did not wait for a response, slowly heading toward a bright blue portal across the grassy knolll in front of the two Saiyan warriors. Trunks and Vegetto both exchanged another glance, soon following after her in obedient silence.