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There was a celebration held in the formerly enchanted castle. Everyone was in glee and utter delight. The place was lively, except for the music room. The music room in the West Wing was always feared by many because of the main servant who spent almost all his time in there.

Lying on the linoleum green floor was the fallen court composer of the castle with his long and silver hair with his pale, gaunt, face wrapped in his black tail coat with ivory cuffs that resembled the keys he played on his precious pipe organ. The instrument he loved more than any other. The doors opened to a creak as the man was lying on the floor, no one was sure whether he was alive or dead.

"Hey, it's me," the other human girl who was too young to fall in love with the Beast known as Cherry came in and knelt next to him. "I just thought I'd let you know your plans to keep Belle and your master from falling in love have failed. I might have a hard time forgiving you if you ever come to me to apologize for your actions. I don't know if you're alive or can even hear me, but good day. I'm off to go back home to America now after the wedding of Belle and Adam. Good bye and good luck with your life, Maestro Forte." She then got up on her feet and shut the music room doors behind her.

Unknown to her, as soon as she shut the doors, the court composer shifted and one of his eyes opened then, as if by a miracle from her coming to see him. He kneeled himself up and stood up, dusting himself clean. He cracked the door open and heard a lively celebration going on without him.

Looking down from the staircase in the ballroom, he saw that his master was no longer a vicious and furry beast, but he was a human. He looked around him and saw that everyone was human and Belle was in a golden and glittering ball gown. He looked down to his hands, the hands he had not used in ten years since the enchantress cursed them all, but mostly Master Adam. Everyone had wanted to be human again. Everybody. Except for him.

Belle and Adam were falling in love and he just didn't want that to happen, but it did. He told Adam not to fall in love... He warned him about the consequences... Now he was going to be ignored and he was right now. Forte growled and he went back inside his room, shutting the doors behind him. He wiped his eyes as he nearly let a tear roll down his cheek, he looked out the window and saw a horse-drawn carriage leaving and he took a closer look. That young girl riding in it... That was Cerise.

Forte realized that he was a nightmare of a man and often tortured Cerise when using her and his apprentice Fife for his own personal gain. He wanted to win this round between good and evil, but of course, lost. He sat on his bed, unsure of what to do now. Cerise, or Cherry rather, was the only one who only actually still paid attention to him.

Cherry had neglected her fear of him and kept seeing him. She even came to see him after the spell was broken because of that girl, Belle. He had to thank her, but she was gone off now and would probably never come back. He just knew now that he had to leave. He wasn't sure what to do exactly, but he knew that he would have to see her again.