Forte remembered that Cherry had wanted him to go out there in the world and get a girlfriend, but he was too old. Forte told her the same, but he couldn't find the right person for her to go out with. He then decided to use some rare abilities that he had in his 384 years of life, going on 400 with no signs or hope of the peacefulness that death had to offer.

Forte suggested he could go out with Cherry himself, but she said it would be creepy because of how much older he was compared to her, so he transformed himself into a gothic teenager with silky black hair in an Emo cut. Valentine's Day came and he came to the front door of Cherry's home and knocked on it.

Michelle opened the door in surprise to see the younger Forte without knowing it was him as he carried dead, wilting flowers with Kit Kats. "Oh, hello there..." she smiled slightly.

"Can Cer-...Cherry come out?" he asked quietly.

Michelle put up a finger and walked away from the door, shutting it to keep the warm air inside the house as winter was nearly ending.

Cherry walked to the door and recognized him anywhere as she saw him, even though he was now the same age as her, but looked like a modern goth teenage boy and she actually had on the dress and shoes he got for her on Christmas, but still her jacket for their date. "You're asking me out?" she droned to him.

"If I don't, who will?" Forte held out his hand to her.

Cherry took his hand, then looked back. "Mom, I'm going out!" she called.

"Okay, luv, have a good time!" Michelle called, so happy that Cherry was finally going to have a boyfriend.

Cherry and Forte walked together up the road as there was a small gas station they could eat at as their first date. Forte got the door for her and everything, giving her her Valentine's Day treats. Cherry had to admit that she was flattered by his tokens of appreciation for her. What would they talk about though other than school and their miserable lives though?

"This is totally pointless." Cherry said after she ordered a chicken sandwich for herself with some fries and a Sprite while Forte took a hamburger with fries.

"Everything's pointless... Wanna talk about it?"

Cherry glanced at him and shrugged. "Why do you really wanna ask me out on a date?"

"Cerise... I really care about you..." Forte stroked her face, making her shake chills down her spine, but not as much, she was used to it now. "I've been waiting all my life for the perfect woman... And she was right in front of me all along..."

Cherry glanced at him. "You were in love with Belle?"

Forte wrinkled his nose in disgust. "No! I mean you, Cerise... Yes, you were a little girl when we first met, but you're really growing into the woman I treasure..."

"This friend of mine wanted me to try you out too..."


"She said we had a lot in common... We both hate love, love death, and doom and gloom."

Forte cracked a smile. "That we do... And you promise me that I didn't cause it?"

"You made me realize that I am the way I am... I always felt so different... Sometimes... I feel like... I'm an alien abandoned on this planet..."

Forte took her hands, they felt so warm and comforting despite her cold demeanor, that was another thing they had in common. "You really are different compared to your family and everyone else around you..." he agreed with her on the alien part.

Their waiter came back with their food. Forte let Cherry have his fries while he barely ate his burger. Cherry seemed to stare into his soul whenever she took an aggressive bite out of her burger. Cherry and Forte both looked physically and mentally sick to their stomachs to see the other people enjoying Valentine's Day, being so happy and carefree, it made them both feel weak and disgusted.

"Want to go to the cemetery after this?" Forte offered. "We'll get ice cream after..."

Cherry put down her wrapping after balling it up and putting it into the fry basket. "I would actually enjoy that very much, Forte..."

After their dinner, Forte put Cherry's jacket back on and they went to get a dollar ice cream and they walked together along the cemetery, passing the various tombstones. A lot of people came to the cemetery to mourn the people they had lost, especially in Memorial Day, but Cherry and Forte treated it like a boardwalk or a playground of sorts. They even sat together on top of a hill that looked out to the rest of the graves, they were at the grave of Cherry's ancestor who was the first one in the family history book from the 17th century.

"How long have you felt like you were an alien, Cerise?" Forte asked her as he put his arm around her while he finished off his plain ice cream cone.

"Since as long before I can even remember..." Cherry droned as she looked at the blocked sky with no hope of sunshine or happiness for anyone else in the world. "I sometimes have these dreams that I'm a baby and I was sent off from somewhere... And I woke up in the hospital and I'm taken to my mom... I'm just not sure..."

Forte hummed, he wished that he could help her somehow. "Well, I'm not sure if you're an alien or not... But there is definetly something off about you... Oh, no offense..."

"None taken, I'm used to it..." Cherry shrugged. "Sometimes I wish I couldn't age... But there's no way... Unless I die..."

Forte gaped at her. She had better not kill herself on his watch. He was told about the horrible stories before he came back that when she was in middle school that she was so lonely that she was nearly suicidal.

"So, you'll be graduating soon..." Forte said to break the depressing tension.

"Yes, I suppose I will... But before that, it'll be time for my birthday..."


"When's your birthday?"

"Cerise, forgive me, but I come from a time in where birthdays weren't celebrated," Forte looked down to her. "We had other things to worry about than that nonsense."

"Understood..." Cherry nodded while she licked the sweet and ticklish taste that was the strawberry ice cream from the local market up the road from her house.

Forte and Cherry were unknowingly linking their hands together as they finished off their desert. Cherry wiped her mouth, due to being a slightly messy eater, then finished off her cone and wrapped up her dessert, finishing it off.

"You really care about me..." Cherry looked to him once they walked together to finish their walk and their 'date'.

"Of course I do... I always have and never would stop..."

"I might be married already by the time you pop the question to me..."

Forte blinked. "I'm not so sure about that..." he murmured.

"You seem pretty sure of yourself, Maestro..."

"Cerise, when it's just you and me and I'm in this form," Forte looked back at her delicately. "Will you call me 'Charles'?"

Cherry looked curiously back at him. "That's your first name?"

Forte nodded. "Oui, it is..."

Cherry was a little surprised, felt so odd to know his first name after this long. But she agreed to it. "Okay... Charles..."

Forte smiled to her. That was going to become the first of many times she would call him such a thing. And almost no angst in her tone of voice whenever she would say it. At least, not for now, he would think or hope so.