He didn't remember much from the night before, he had drunk so much that very thing was a painful blur. He got up from the floor of the living room and found the place was trashed he groaned as he picked up a bottle of Goblins Gin "Shit." He grumbled, he shouldn't have drink his body doesn't agree with it, it makes him aggressive and wild…poor Harry…he thought as he walked into the kitchen to find an even bigger mess. "Harry." He whispered a he had a flash of last night of his godson crying "Shit!" He cried out louder as he turned tail out of the kitchen and ran upstairs to his godson's room.

He stood at the door feeling his heart bang against his ribcage as he raised his hand to the door and knocked "Harry." He called out, he got no answer "Hey cub listen, if I said or did something last night I'm really sorry." He said thought the door but still he got nothing from the other side. He felt sick did he really scare him that badly. He open door and walked in to find the room empty "Harry?" He called out as he looked around to see if he could find his godson. The only thing he found was Harry bloody clothes and bloody rag and it made his breath hick high in his throat "Oh Merlin!" He cried out as he ran out the room screaming for his godson looking in very room of the house.

Harry had been missing for 3 days as Sirius tried to explain to the others what he could remember "I never brought that drink into this house, I…I don't normally touch it not since my younger years." He said as he rubbed his eyes as a blinder of a head ache grew

"It's true the Black have bad reaction to them." Remus said as he looked to the floor.

"Even so why the hell did you drink it!" Molly yelled at him, Sirius shook his head and place his hand over his eyes and cried

"I don't know I would never touch it that stuff! Merlin I can't remember a thing!" He cried out. Dumbledore looked to Snape and nodded to the hangover dark haired man

"Severus would you please." He asked,

"If I must." He walked over to Sirius and pointed in wand at the man's head and started to go thought the mess of his memory before fall out with his own head ache. "The drink was drugged, that is why his memory is so bad. Someone must have known what Goblin Gin does to the Black family and laced it with a forget me not potion or something stronger." He said

"S…So it's not my fault?" Sirius whispered

"That is not how Harry will see it." Remus said sadly,

"Where would he go? He can't heal himself." Molly asked as he held onto her husband who warped his arms around him

"What was the purpose of this?" Severus said out loud "If it was make Black kill the boy then there would have been easier ways to do that. If it was just to make him scared of him then where has he gone unless something else happen?"

No one spoke for a long time, Remus held Harry's shirt in his arms bringing it up to face and taking in a deep breath of his cub scent and then he froze with horror written over his face as he stared at the wall "He's pregnant." Remus whispered

"Remus what was that?" Dumbledore asked as very now looked at the wolf. He turned his head and looked at them

"Harry is pregnant, I could never smelt it before but now I can." He told them feeling his eyes well up as Sirius cried out in pain at the thought of hurt his cub while he is pregnant

"Can you tell who the father is?" Dumbledore asked, Remus buried his nose into the shirt and sniffed deeply but shook his head

"I can't pick up anything on the father, that's weird." He told them

"How is that weird?" The red head man asked as he helped his wife sit down

"When someone becomes pregnant the other person scent is intertwined with the bearer's scent. Harry would have spelt of the father." Sirius said numbly as he looked at his bruised hands.

"Did he tell anyone who he was dating or was he seeing someone?" Dumbledore asked, very one shook their head.

Remus rubbed the back of his head and sighed "He's been having dreams." He told them, they looked at him "Dreams that confused him he thought sometimes they were real other times he knew they were dreams. But he would always end up having…sex with someone in them and it was always the same…man." He winced at the term man, they were frowning again and Severus groaned and dropped to a chair before looking back up

"Voldemort." Remus nodded

"That is what he told me."

"What didn't you say anything!" Sirius yelled at the wolf, amber eyes looked at him darkly with a frown


"Yeah but who wanted him hurt enough badly that he could lose it?" Snape asked as he watched two snarl at each other before they looked at him

"I don't know?"