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Cold and Hot

Chapter 10

Gray winced as Lucy screamed as another contraction hit her, and gritted his teeth as her grip on his hand tightened again, making his bones crack slightly. Look across from his wife, he saw Natsu wincing as well, no doubt his ears and hand suffering the same abuse that he was. However, Natsu didn't have the ring they had created digging into his skin like it was him.

He glanced down at the ring, and felt a small smile starting to come across his face. The ring was simply made, the design looked like a key that had been bent around her finger, with the tip meeting the end of it. There was also two stones embedded where the front and end met, one a whitish blue to represent him, and a reddish orange one to represent Natsu. They had come a long way for seven months, he couldn't deny that. There had been times when they had all gotten angry at one another, but always talked it out in the end, or asked for advice from guild members or even Elizabeth, Matlock, and Rowan when they visited.

They had moved into his house, something that he had paid off long ago, and with a little bit from Lucy, had the place feeling just as cozy as her old apartment. They had even redecorated one of the spare rooms into a nursery, which it seemed would be in use before the day was through.

Another scream from Lucy caused him to wince and place his other hand on top of hers, hoping that it would somehow persuade her to ease her grip on the hand she was crushing.

"Almost there Lucy! Just a few more pushes." Wendy encouraged from over his shoulder as she reached around to dab at the sweat the beaded Lucy's brow. He blinked as Lucy muttered a few curses before giving another scream as she pushed.

"I see the head of the first one. Don't give up now human." Porlyusica stated, and Gray bit his bottom lip as Lucy breathed for a moment, and then tightened her hands on his and Natsu's, causing them both to grunt in pain before she screamed as she pushed as hard as she could. A moment later, he blinked as another cry filled the hair, this one more pitched.

"The first one is born. Wendy." Porlyusica stated, and Wendy moved away to take the baby to wash it as the older healer turned back to Lucy.

"Now the second one." She stated, and Lucy gave a groan as she started pushing once more. Gray's attention, as well as Natsu's was now divided between their wife and mate, and the small bundle that Wendy was cleaning and soothing. They continued like that for about two hours before Porlyusica saw the second head, and Lucy gave a few final pushes, then a second wail filled the air, and Lucy released her grip on her boys before laying back in exhaustion. Gray leaned forward, worried about her health, and sensed Natsu do the same.

"I'm fine you two." She muttered weakly, and both gave small smiles before the old healer pushed them away.

"I need to make sure of that. You two give me some space." She growled, and they both moved back before Wendy cleared her voice slightly.

"Would you two like to hold your daughters?" She asked, causing both of them to tense and look over at her in shock, right before a new born child was put in their arms. Gray tensed for a moment as he stared at the small babe in his arms, eyes going wide as he took in her small, slightly pinched up face, and relaxed when she gave small cooing sound. Pulling her closer to his body, he held her carefully with one hand, and used the other to brush the small tuffs of dark hair with natural blonde highlights in it.

"Now. Switch." Wendy stated, causing Gray to tense and hold his daughter closer before looking over at Natsu, who had mimic his action. Only to look down at Wendy when she gave a small warning growl.

"You two are both the father figures to these children. You have to connect with both." She said softly, but with a look in her eye that dared either of them to disagree. Gray frowned slightly, before inhaling and giving a nod before stepping closer to Natsu. They carefully took one another's daughter, and then stepped back before looking down. Gray blinked, and then felt his heart melting once again.

She was a little more restless than his daughter, and he blinked after that thought. They were both his daughters, just as they were also Natsu's daughters. He smiled as he looked at the squirming child in his arms, before softly touching the pink and blonde tuffs of hair.

"I can already tell, you're going to be just as restless as Natsu. No worries, all of us will help you keep out of trouble." He muttered, blinking when he rubbed a finger across her small hand and she latched on. Her restlessness seemed to settle, and she gave a small coo.

"I can't believe it. I have daughters. All of us, have two daughters." Natsu whispered, causing him to look up and smile as he saw tears pricking the corner of his friends eyes.

"Yeah." He muttered, and then blinked when a shuffle caught his attention and turned his gaze to Lucy.

"We still need to think of names for them." She stated, causing him to blink and then look at the small bundle in his arms.

"Nova." He muttered, smiling at the bundle before looking up and blushing at the look the others gave her. Only to huff as Natsu gave a smile and then looked down.

"Aisu." He stated, causing Gray to blink before giving a smirk and looked over to Lucy.

"They sound perfect." She whispered, and Gray walked over with Natsu, before placing both into Lucy's waiting arms and watched as she held both of them close.

"This is, the most perfect thing I could ever see." Natsu muttered, before easing onto one side of the bed and Gray gave a silent agreement before easing onto the other side. A moment later, they all blinked as a cheer arose from the guild, and smiled as they realized the old healer and Wendy had told everyone, meaning that people would be wanting to come see them soon.

"You two are so lucky. You will not only have me, Papa, and Daddy, but so many Aunts and Uncles as well. Welcome to Fairy Tail, Nova and Aisu." She whispered, pressing a kiss onto both of their heads before smiling up at Gray and Natsu. Both shared her smile, and easily hugged either side of her, staring down at their daughters, knowing that their lives couldn't get any better.


Gray smiled as he watched his daughters waddle quickly around the guild, Nova going one direction while Aisu headed the other. It had been four years since their birth, and both were so much like him and Natsu that it was nearly borderline scary. The only thing that gave him a peace of mind was that they had their mother's smile, eyes, and pure, compassionate, heart. It was their personalities that took after their fathers. Aisu was laid back, but the moment she snapped everyone knew about it, while Nova was always on the go and even going as far as trying to pick a fight with everyone. Although, whenever she attempted to shout or speak it came out rushed and babbled.

Usually the two fought with each other, making them have to break it up and put them in a time out, but it never really affected their bond, something he figured would never break. They may fight, but when someone else started picking on one or the other, the other would always jump in and start fussing, fighting and screaming. It had surprised all three of them when Nova had developed her magic first, and then Aisu. Then, to their surprise again, both of them knew how to use ice make, fire, and spiritual summoning magic. Mater had said that it wasn't that much as a surprise that their children would be more powerful than them, and so, they had taken upon them to train them in their magic as much as they could.

"Nova! Don't wander so far." Gray called, watching as his daughter blinked and stopped heading toward the door and instead turned toward Gajeel.

"Uncle Gajeel! Fight me!" She shouted, launching at the metal dragon slayer, who smirked before grabbing the back of her shirt and hoisted her up.

"Still to early midget." He stated, causing Levy to giggle beside and carefully take the child from him.

"You're just afraid that I'll pummel you!" She shouted, and Gray blinked when Aisu suddenly appeared beside her sister.

"Please. You can barely win a fight against me. How are you gonna beat a real dragon slayer?" She stated, crossing her arms and Gray sighed as Nova glared at her and started speaking before she could open her mouth.

"Aisu. Nova. You're suppose to be on good behavior today. Remember?" He stated, coming up behind them and crouching down to their level. Both blinked and turned to him with large, innocent eyes.

"We're sorry Papa." They said in unison, and he felt his heart melting. There was no way, anyone could stay mad at them when they brought out the 'innocent' looks. Giving a sigh, he picked both of them up and looked over when he saw Mira waving at him. He smiled and then looked at the girls in his arm.

"Looks like Momma and Daddy are back from the mission." He stated, smiling when they gasped and cheered. Giving a laugh, he headed out of the guild and started toward the station to meet them.

"Do you think they brought us more souvenirs?" Aisu asked, causing him to laugh.

"No doubt." He stated, smiling in content when they started to talk with one another as he walked. Their daughters were smart, beautiful, and just like all three of them. Giving a smile, he looked up as the station came into view, and the smile widened as the girls squealed upon seeing Lucy and Natsu.

"Momma! Papa!" They shouted out, and he placed them down, keeping behind them as they dashed to the other two. He watched as they ran into waiting arms, and smiled when Lucy looked up at him with love while Natsu picked up both girls.

"Welcome home you two." He stated, stepping forward and pressing a kiss to Lucy's lips before bumping fists with Natsu.

"Welcome back!" The girls cheered, and then started talking animatedly as they all walked back to the guild.

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