Naruto of the Mist


(Basically if you haven't watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden it won't make much sense. Anyway Naruto is part Uzamaki and part Hozuki but he still has his Spikey hair except

now its red with a little bit of silver on the tips of each spike.)

(In this story Ameyuri Ringo was Raiga's apprentice but she killed him for betraying the village. Fuguki knows all of Kisames Jutsu but he killed Kisame before he could kill him.

Also Chojuro and Suigetsu don't exist in this story.)

(In this story here is the swords Naruto will use and what they will be called.

Hiramekarei the Twin sword, Samehada the Sharkskin, Kiba or Kiba's the Fang, Kabutowari the Helmet Splitter, Nuibari the sewing Needle, Shibuki the Splatter, and

Kubikiribocho the Executioners Blade. They will be called as

Hiramekarei, Samehada, Kiba, Kabutowari, Nuibari, Shibuki, and Kubikiribocho. Or English name you decide

Appearance: Naruto again will have red hair with silver spikes at the end. He is dressed exactly like Mangetesu Hozuki but he also has that cloak he used to fight pain but

instead of Red with black flames it is blue and black flames. He will Also be wearing blue gloves with black lines (look up what they look like on Narutopeidia seven ninja

swordsmen of the mist)

His dad is an older cousin to Mangetesu or Minato is part Hozuki unsure right now.

Naruto has a Water nature and Lightning as a second nature He doesn't have a Earth nature but does know one because in the anime you can do Jutsu of all the elements you

just have to waive more hand signs.

He posses the Scroll Mangetesu used to hold all seven of the swords because they are to big for his back so he has a special conpartment on his right leg were he puts the scroll in then a mini door holds the op of the scroll so Naruto can pull the sheet out and summon one of the Swords then it raps itself up by itself like measuring tape

Naruto's Jutsu Main Water Nature, Lightning as Second, (Might add wind unknown right now)

Also I'm thinking about making my story like the anime were Naruto has just a couple of Jutsu at the beginning but gains a lot more at the end and just have him focus on

using the Seven Mist Swords.


Hidden Mist Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu: Sharks (Even Megaladon)

Water Style Water Shark Bomb Jutsu

Water Style Water Wall

Water Style Water Vortex

Water Style Mouth of the Serpent

Water Style Water Clone Jutsu

Water Style Water Prison Jutsu

Water Style Water Prison Shark Dance

Water Style A Thousand Feeding Sharks

Water Style Exploding Water colliding Wave

Water Style Super Super Shark Bomb Jutsu

Water Style Water Gun Jutsu

Water Style Great Waterfall Jutsu

Water Style Water Dragon Jutsu

Water Style Great Water Arm

Water Style Tate Eboshi

Hydrification Technique (Liquifies body)

Lightning Style Lightning Ball

Lightning Style Lightning Dragon

Lightning Style Depth Charge

Lightning Style Lightning Fang

Lightning Style Thunder Gate

Needle Senbon

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Earth Style Subterranean voyage

Still Unknown if I want to do Rasengan