Naruto of the Mist

Starts at Episode 1 of Naruto

Naruto was busy training in the base of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist (This story starts a few days before the first Episode). He was working with Swords because

there was not much to do but keep himself trained and ready for any battle. Naruto was trained by the former Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and they were the most

powerful ones to ever exist in history. However the war with the rebels killed Naruto's teachers in different ways. Ameyuri Ringo former user of the Kiba died of a terrible

disease. Next Jinn user of the Kabutowari, Kushimaru user of Nuibari, Jinpachi user of Shibuki and even Mangetsu master of Hiramekarei and all the other blades had died in

battle against his two teachers Fuguki user of Samehada and Zabuza user of Kubikiribocho. High above the building stood Yagura the Fourth Mizukage standing on a balcony in

the shadow watching Naruto train and smiling. "If you only new the truth my boy you would have turned against me but your the perfect weapon that I have in my arsenal

second to the three tails. Yagura thinks back to when the Seven betrayed him and he used that to his advantage.


Yagura was sitting in his office doing some paperwork when the remaining Six out of the Seven came into his office. They just finished the funeral of their good comrade

Ameyuri from dying a few days ago. However Yagura wasn't interested in that. "I'm glad you could all make it today the rebels have fled our village and I want to send you six

after them and slaughter them," said Yagura. Zabuza just looked at him like he was crazy and said, "That does it I'm out of here I'm no longer listening to you you" with that

Zabuza left with his apprentice Haku who was just waiting outside and was holding his Kubikiribocho and they were gone instantly. "Well it appears that you have a new

mission I want you to track down that traitor Zabuza kill him and bring back the Executioners Blade," said Yagura. "Fourth Mizukage I think you have gone to far with this war

in the blood Mist and we are not going to kill a comrade," said Mangetsu. "I see does he speak for all of you," said Yagura and they nodded "What a shame I guess I'll have to

kill you all," he continued and with Lightning speed he charged at Fuguki and grabbed both his arms disassembling his left arm and ripping his right off.

"AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH" Screamed Fuguki in pain but he kicked Yagura off of him and the five jumped out of the window into the ocean soon yagura jumped after them and

was in three tails version two instantly. Jinn pulled out his Helmet Splitter and charged a Yagura shouting "Not even a tailed beast can block the Helmet Splitter" but once he

was close Three tails Yagura thrusted his right arm out and cut Jinn in half thus killing him instantly. "You Bastard" shouted Fuguki "Ninja Art Needle Senbon" he shouted

soon his hair shot out like a machine gun going super fast at Yagura but the Jinchuriki just smiled and soon one of his tails transformed into it's original form and shielded

Yagura from the hit. "Is that all you got Fuguki it's a shame you cannot use your SharkSkin because that would tip the tide but it's too late," said Yagura evilly. Suddenly

Fuguki drop to his knees because he lost a lot of blood from his arm and without hand signs that jutsu took a lot of his chakra. Yagura charged forward but stopped when

Kushimaru and Jinpachi stood in front of Fuguki and Mangetsu came to Fuguki's side. "Come on Kushimaru let's show this joker why were called the Cold Blooded combo,"

said Jinpachi "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH he will regret messing with us," laughed Kushimaru and they charged at Yagura. Mangetsu started to bandage Fuguki's arm

but they needed a doctor so Mangetsu jumped over to Jinn's body as Fuguki was resting and Kushimaru and Jinpachi held off Yagura. He took the Helmet Splitter and then

pulled out a scroll. When he opened it their were seven Symbols, six were black but the second to last was White with the symbol bolt representing the Kiba was sealed in it.

(To all readers I did some research and when you look at pictures of Mangetsu opening the scroll in the anime or manga this is the order from left to right Executioner's Blade, Sharkskin, Sewing Needle, Helmet Splitter, Splatter, Fang, and Twin sword)

Mangetsu Sealed the Helmet Spitter into it's symbol then he took off his bandaged Twin Sword. and put it into the last symbol. He heard a screams of death as Kushimaru and

Jinpachi died but Kushimaru turned to Mangetsu and laughed out loud because in his mind he figured out Mangetsu's plan he quickly took his Nuibari and grabbed Jinpachi's

Shibuki and threw them both at Mangetsu. He grabbed both weapons and sealed them into the Scroll but was filled with sadness in his eyes. "You Bastard you'll pay for this

Water Style Water Dragon Jutsu" shouted Mangetsu soon a giant portion of the Ocean turned into a Dragon and it hit Yagura dead on. Mangetsu jumps over to were Fuguki is

starting to stand up and he quickly places the scroll in his pouch. "Master Fuguki take the swords and go find Naruto at the Hidden Wave I'll hold off the Three Tails for as long

as I can," said Mangetsu. "What but..." started Fuguki "There's nothing you can do your arms are destroyed so you can't use Ninjutsu and your Needle Senbon is ineffective

against him and your arm is disable you can't lift Samehada. Sure I could use it but I'm not a complete mater of it and Yagura is to fast," shouted Mangetsu. Soon the Water

started to Rumble and out came the complete Three Tailed Beast. "Rooooaaaaaarrrrrrr," it shouted and swam forward so powerfully. "Water Style Tate Eboshi," shouted

Mangetsu shouted as his clothes ripped off and water all around him circled into a ball and transformed into a Giant fish with sharp teeth. "Go Master get out of here go get

Naruto and get to the Rebels he shouted as he started colliding with the Three Tails. (Just like Suigetsu vs Killer Bee) Fuguki Nodded and started to running as Mangetsu

continued to collide with the three tails.

(A Few Hours later In Fuguki's point of View)

"I have to hurry and get to Naruto before Yagura can," said Fuguki as he quickly dashed through the forest outside the Hidden Mist Village to the the Land of Waves were

Naruto would like to hang out after he finished his training. "Yagura took my arms dammit and everyone else was being killed one by one," said Fuguki as he kept running.

Suddenly there was a humongous explosion were the fight was happening and Fuguki could only guess that Yagura used the famous tailed Beast bomb to finish off Mangetsu

so that meant he would have to hurry up and find Naruto and tell him the truth. He looked down at the scroll attached to his belt that held the five out of the seven swords he

wished Zabuza was here to help them.

Fuguki was almost to the Location in the Land of Wave when he notice the Sun was setting in red the symbol of blood. He picked up the pace even more. He felt odd for a big

guy he could go pretty fast. Soon he found what he was looking for a dock that was where he and Naruto use to go fishing like a father and son would and speaking of which

he saw the Uzamaki boy sitting at the edge looking at the red sunset in the sea. "Naruto," he said "There you are we have to get..." Naruto turns around and looks at him

with an emotionless face. Soon Yagura rises out of the water and steps onto the docks right behind Naruto smiling evilly at him. "Fuguki where do you think you are going

with Naruto's Sword's" said the Fourth. "What did you do to Naruto you bastard," said Fuguki. "I just showed him the truth on how you killed the remaining swordsmen with

Zabuza," said Yagura. "What that is preposterous, Naruto he did this to us who would you trust your sensei or this bastard," shouted Fuguki.

Naruto continued to stare until he spoke, "Sorry sensei but he showed it to me." Suddenly a shadow appeared right behind the smiling Yagura and instantly Fuguki saw a red

eye with three comma's in it. "No it can't be your the one who's doing this" said Fuguki. Yagura just continued to smile until he spoke and said "To bad it's to late, Naruto why

don't you go acquire your swords." Naruto charged forward and went through hand signs (Imagine them going at the same speed that Kakashi did in his battle against Naruto

and Sakura in Naruto Shippuden). "Water Style Water Shark Bomb Jutsu," shouted Naruto as the water rose up and formed a shark that hit Fuguki dead on and knocking him

down. "This is the first Jutsu that you taught me sensei so it should be the one to take you down," said Naruto. Naruto pulled out his old katana and said "Goodbye Fuguki

sensei" said Naruto as he pulls his sword down and kills him but Fuguki uses the last bit of strength he has to say "Naruto...Lie...Sharingan" with that last breath he dies

on the dock that felt happy with Naruto when they were younger. Naruto goes over and picks up the belt holding Samehada and then he picks up the scroll that Fuguki was

carrying and opened it. There showed the seven symbols but the first two were black so Naruto picks up Samehada in it's bandaged form and seals it into the second symbol

since he was to small to carry the sword on his back but he could lift it. Naruto placed the sealed scroll into his special case. He was soon remorses with pain but that wasn't

the time Now he had to kill Zabuza because he was the last one. However Naruto knew he had to get stronger because the only reason he beat fuguki is because the Fourth

Mizukage was there and he had damaged his arms for Naruto. Next time he would do it himself. Yagura came over up and put his hand on Naruto and the Shadow

disappeared "You did well Naruto, I can't make you a Genin yet since your only Seven years old but you can train with the six swords you now posses and you know full well

how to use the Executioner's Blade once you acquire it. So start training," said Yagura. Naruto nodded his head and bowed to Yagura, "Yes Lord Fourth Mizukage," said Naruto

(End of Flashback)

"What does Lie Sharingan mean" thought Naruto as he continued to train while Yagura looked at him from above in the shadow's as if reading his mind he though "Owe don't

worry Naruto You'll find out eventually and left his spot and jumped into the mist outside.

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