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I have decided to turn this into a series of one-shots about my human WoF. So feel free to send requests- preferably about Glory and Deathbringer, but other characters are fine to.

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I looked up from my sword into the narrowed green eyes of Sunny.

"Excuse me?" I said, confused

"You heard me! Tell. Me. Everything." Sunny demanded, plopping next to me on the couch. I looked at her, perplexed.

"What, no, Hi Glory, how you been? No, How are you after you were kidnapped and held prisoner? No, Hows those battle wounds feelin?" I said sarcastically, putting my now-sharpened sword into it's sheath and pulling out my dagger.

"If I asked you any of those questions you wouldn't even give me a straight answer and you know it." Sunny said breezily. I frowned at her and she carried on. "No, I want to know about him."

"Who?" I asked, my face the poster child of confusion, but inside I felt a sinking in my stomach. I had a feeling I knew exactly who 'he' was and I'd been dreading this question from anyone. Mostly Tsunami, because I could practically hear her laughing now.

"You knooow." Sunny moaned, rolling her head back. She turned toward me and poked my cheek.

"Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome?"

I suddenly developed a sudden interest in my dagger, fighting back the embarrassed pink I could feel creeping through my hair and clothing. I studied my sharpening rock carefully. When it became clear Sunny wasn't going to let it go, I looked up at her.

"I'm afraid I don't know who your talking about." I told her. "You'll have to be a bit more specific."

Sunny gave me a look that said quite clearly I know what your doing sister, and it ain't gonna work.

"Black hair? Dark blue eyes? Tall, muscly, goes by 'Deathbringer'? Ringing any bells?"

"The assassin?" I scoffed. "Your joking."

Sunny shot me an un-amused look.

"Your not joking."

Sunny huffed and turned to give me a patented Sunny Is Not Amused look that I knew she probably had perfected in the mirror.

"The two of you," she began, voice devoid of any emotion, "Have been flirting with each other NONSTOP and ALL I WANT TO KNOW is if I need to give him the speech."

That got my attention fast.

"Okay, first of all, we have not been flirting it is playful sarcastic banter." Sunny murmured "Flirting..." In a sing song voice under her breath and I pointedly ignored her.

"Furthermore, what is this speech you speak of?"

"You know!"

"I can assure you with perfect certainty that I don't."

"The speech!"

"Because that just clears everything up. Thank you for that Sunny, I understand perfectly now. You've been ever so helpful."

Sunny groaned again before waving her hands around in an attempt to show her frustrations.

"You know! The "speech". The speech that has to be given to-"

"Please tell me your not talking about the overprotective parent speech." I moaned loudly. Sunny huffed a sigh. I suddenly shot up in shock.

"Wait you are! Seriously?"

Sunny shrugged sheepishly. I gritted my teeth and spoke very calmly, which appeared to make her uncomfortable.

"You. Are going to tell a guy who who I am defiantly NOT dating a threatening talk about not breaking my heart, despite the fact that we are IN NO WAY DATING and he is a deadly assassin?"

"That pretty much sums it up, yeah."

I glared at her fiercely, opening my mouth to tell that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was this ok, when Deathbringer himself comes waltzing out of my kitchen, holding one of my LAST mugs of hot chocolate, which is totally not cool because RainWings apparently don't really make hot chocolate, which as queen I'm going to have to change very soon, seeing as I can't survive without a coffee-infused mug of hot coco every morning.

Deathbringer looks unfairly attractive, as usual. He's dressed in dark colors (of course) but instead of his usual I'm-about-to-go-kill-someone assassin outfit, he's wearing black skinny jeans and a navy blue t-shirt that shows off his lean body and muscular arms.

"Your all out off coffee beans Glo." he tells me calmly, and I'm snapped out of my ogling because of that stupid nickname and he is NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE dangit! Not to mention that this is not the first time he has showed up, usually stealing my food and sprawling on my couch.

"Out." I say firmly, trying to ignore the fluttering in my stomach that is most defiantly not from him and fought back a smile because there is a very hot assassin in my living room and I am the queen of an entire race of people and where the hell had he found marshmallows anyway?

He ignores me, as usual, opting to plop down next to me on the couch instead. He props his boots on the coffee table in front and sips at his drink.

Ignoring Sunny, who is staring at the two of us like we're some rare creature, I reach over and pluck the cup out of his hand, because it turns out he has two, which I didn't notice before, and one is obviously for me, and even if I most certainly do not like him that is no excuse to let perfectly good hot coco with coffee and freaking marshmallows go to waste.

And it turns out he knows exactly how I like my hot coco and that I like my coffee as black as night and nope not going there.

And it also so happens that the marshmallows are home-made with peppermint, so I ignore Sunny, and the two of us start talking about Lord of The Rings of all things, because of course he watched it when he went on missions to the Overland and his favorite character is Aragorn to and we both think the Dark Riders are awesome.

We finish our drinks (Sunny still hasn't said a word) and he offers to take the dishes back into the kitchen because I am a queen and as much as he would prefer to stay and fan over epic movies, he's sure I have many "Queenly thing-a-ma-jigs" to attend to.

"Dang your right." I realize, because I need to get to the pavilion to answer questions RIGHT NOW and I'm late.

"You go Glory." Sunny tells me, speaking for the first. "We can clean up, and besides." she turns to give Deathbringer a hard look. "Deathbringer and I have something very important to discuss."

I roll my eyes and leave, because there's no way I can stop her, and besides, Deathbringer actually looks rather frightened and I like it.

"Good luck!" I say with a laugh, and run out the door.

And for some reason there's a grin on my face I cant seem to get off.

Okay I am pretty happy with how this turned out. And I can totally picture Deathbringer and Glory sitting around talking about favorite movies and being adorable together.

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