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Sharp branches and thorns cut and scratched my bare arms, as I ran with tired legs and feet through the green forest just on the outskirts of the village we were in hours before. Each new step I took, was followed by the sound of a 'crunch' because of all the dead leaves and fallen sticks scattered around my path. Although running was never my strongest quality, I still ran faster then any girl could in my previous school. But I guess anyone would too, if they knew what I did.

Pushing hanging branches away from my sight, I looked up at the sky noticing the sun was going down. The sky was turning a magnificent picture of oranges and yellows, that would have every artist in the city trying the hardest to capture it's beauty before it's gone. I started to worry, I only had an hour left before it disappear again. Needing to go faster, I forced all energy I could possibly contain in my body to my legs, picking up my pace so I could make up for lost time.

I wish I could have taken a car instead of killing my legs, but cars wouldn't be able to go to the place I was headed. Breathing to the point where it hurts, I heard a young girl call out to me in exhaustion. Not stopping my sprint along the narrow path, I wiped my head back to see Wendy trying to keep up with me. She was breathing heavily and looked like she would pass out at any second, not to much Levy looked the exact same. The only one that looked like he could keep up was Gray.

As soon as I turned my sweating head to see what Wendy needed, she tripped on a large tree root, sticking out of the ground. She hit the ground hard and cried in pain when she realized her leg was cut open pretty badly. I came to a halt when everyone else stopped to wait for Wendy. Walking over to her, more like speed walking, I noticed that her wound was almost healed completely. Her hands were hovering over top of her leg with a green glow, illuminating from under it. After about twenty seconds the cut was healed, but red dark blood was still stained to her skin.

Standing up, Wendy patting her dress down, to wipe away the dirt from the fall. Once she was done, she looked at me saying she was fine, I guess my face said I was worried. Looking at her, I seen she was covered in sweat and her face was turning red, she looked way too tired to run anymore. After I noticed that, I could see everyone was dead tired as well, even Gray was turning a bit of red.

Letting out a big sigh, I suggested, "We should rest for a while." I sat down, leaning against a thick old tree. I leaned my head back onto the tree stomp and closed my eyes, trying to relax. I could hear the rest of them plopping to the ground too, breaking sticks and crushing dead leaves. Opening my eyes, I could see everyone was covered, head to toe in minor cuts, scratches, and dirt. I relaxed my tense muscles for the first time since departing from the guild, as I recalled the memories from hours earlier.


Team B, that consists of Erza, Juvia, Gajeel left once I made the teams. While, team A stayed behind to search the library to look for all of the books that had translations for every language, even dead languages. The library was huge, much bigger than my old schools one. Book shelves towered the walls, with each shelf crammed with books ranging from dictionary's to fictional novels. I could only dream of owning all of them, reading them front to back, getting ideas for my own book.

Gray and Wendy were on wheeled-ladders, reading countless amounts of book titles, trying to find any language book they could find. While, Levy used a pair of red glasses called gale-force reading glasses, to read every book Gray and Wendy threw at her, at intense speeds. As all of them worked at their best limits to find out the meaning to the riddle, I just read the letter over and over, trying to figure out what the strange symbols in-scripted on it meant.

I was so focused in the symbols on the old textured page, that I didn't see Wendy sitting next to Levy on the other side of the table from me. Until Levy slammed the last book closed, I don't think I ever would have noticed their presence either. She placed the newly read book onto top of the book stack and took the magic glasses off and placed them on the tables surface gently. I looked up to see the two mages looking disappointed, and Gray leaning against a book shelf with his arms crossed over his chest.

I put the beat-up letter down and asked why they stopped reading. Levy sighed, "I'm sorry Lu-chan, but there's no more books that have any information about languages." She placed her head on the table, while folding her arms around it. Levy looked as she would fall asleep at any minute, I on the other hand, was wide awake from the shock that this whole library had nothing on this ancient text.

I sighed, "Are you sure you checked all of them, maybe there's some that were hidden or something." Levy only shook her head. 'I don't understand. How can there be no records about these symbols?' I picked the paper up again, looking it over to see if I missed anything, any detail that can help. The old letter had various images of weird places and structures, but even if we could guess what they mean, they don't fit together to make a message.

I placed my hand on my temple, trying to rattle all the knowledge I had, to figure out the difficult message. As soon as I started thinking, I realized that most of the knowledge I had was based on my old worlds information. So no matter what I came up with, it wouldn't make sense here. I slammed my head onto the wooden table, 'Why was I forced to live in that other world, when I was just going to come back here?'

Ten minutes passed by and the room was completely engulfed in silence, when my ears twitched as I heard little foot steps coming from outside of the library door. Soon after, scratches could be heard as well, I stood up wondering what it could be, because most people had gone home by then. Levy looked up at me with a confused look on her face, "What are you doing Lu-chan?" I pointed to the door before continuing my slow pace to it.

Her puzzled face didn't change, in fact she looked even more confused when I didn't answer her properly. 'Can she not here it?' I guess Wendy did though, because she walked towards the door right after me. Both Wendy and I slowly walked to the closed off door, I twisted the handle and creaked it open. A small creature ran into the library, smashing into some books on the lowest level of the bookshelves.

Levy popped her head up surprised and Gray had a what-the-hell-just-happened look on his face, guess he couldn't hear it either. Wendy screamed in shock as the creature ran right under her and me, well I was the shocked because I already knew the creature. I skipped over to it happily, picking it up, I hugged the small furry animal, "Magnolia! Where did you go?" The yellow squirrel that comforted me when none of the celestial spirits would help me, was here.

Then I realized, "Where are you here?" But like before she didn't answer me. Wendy looked at me then the squirrel and smiled as did Levy. They ran to me asking questions like, 'Where did you get her?' 'What's her name?' 'Why is she here?' And 'When did you get her?' I answered as best as I could telling them about how the spirits wouldn't help me and how Magnolia comforted me when I was sad.

They asked if they could pet her, but for some strange reason Magnolia would hiss whenever they put out their hands near her. "That's weird, she was so friendly when I first met her." I apologized to them for her being so rude, but they said it was fine. Once they stopped crowding over Magnolia, she jumped out of my hands and rushed over to the book shelf she bumped into before.

I followed her asking what she was doing. All she did was scratch on of the books titled, 'Best Places to Visit on Your Travels' I looked at her confused, 'Why are you scratching that book?' I tried to pick her up, so she didn't wreck the book too much, where I had to pay for it but she hissed at me too. Eventually she gave up and started scratching my leg instead, I hissed in pain, bending down to stop her. But she scratched my hand and then went back to ruining the book again.

Something finally clicked in my head. 'How could I be so stupid?' I grabbed the book and rushed over to the table, slamming into onto the surface. Everyone except Gray jumped in surprise. I grabbed Levy's gale-force reading glasses and put them on, so I could speed through the book. It manly consisted of large images of different famous landscapes and buildings. I kept looking back and forth between the book pages and the riddle, until I found a match to each symbols. Once I found everything I needed, I closed the book with a proud face and put it back.

During all that time, Levy, Wendy and Gray starred at me with puzzled looks. I excitedly skipped towards them explaining what I just learned, "I figured the riddle out." "How?" Gray asked, "Because it's not a riddle, it's more like a map. See," I pointed to one of the several symbols on the old paper, "each symbol is a location. They're all across the country and each one has a legend behind it. And all of them have been around for hundreds of years." They nodded in understanding, "That's why even master didn't know what it said." Levy said in realization.

I rolled the map up and smiled triumphantly. 'Just wait a little longer, okay Natsu?' I turned my body around when I remembered who helped me find the book. I was about to thank Magnolia, but she was gone just like before, 'Weird.' I was curious as to why she magically disappeared again, but didn't have much time to time about when I knew my main priority was to find Natsu's cure.

Levy took the map from me to see the first place we needed to go. She told us that we needed to head to an island called 'Galuna Island' and that we had to take a boat to get their. I hugged Levy and told her to lead the way to the boat docks, as Wendy cheered in excitement and Gray nodded happily.


On the boat towards the Galuna Island, all of us were quiet. Levy brought the book with the locations in it along, to find out more information about all the places. Wendy on the other hand was sitting peacefully against the boat railing with a upset expression, she must have been worrying about Charla. All was quiet until Gray snuck up behind me and tapped my shoulder.

I jumped a bit as he scared the shit out of me. I turned my head over my shoulder to see his hand slipping off of it. I could see he looked concerned and like he really wanted to tell me something but was holding it back, "What's wrong?" I asked. He scratched the back of his head and looked down, "You know when you said that each location has a legend?" I nodded, "Well, this islands legend is or was about demons and how it's cursed." My eyes widened, not from the fact that there's such things as demons, but because I just then noticed that Gray was only wearing his boxers, I slapped his head with a folded piece of paper demanding he put some pants on, while trying to hold back my blushing face.

After scolding him for again stripping, he continued his previous sentence, he said something about how he's been there before, not because he wanted to but because Natsu had stolen an S-class mission and secretly went on it with telling anyone. It was too late once they found out and Erza and him had to go after him and Happy. It resulted in a fight between a person named Lyon, which is apparently his old friend, and others who wanted to release a deadly demon that had been frozen since he was a child. He left out lots of parts, like how he knew Lyon and why he knew how long the demons been frozen, but I didn't question it. He also mentioned that the island was inhabited by demons, but friendly ones, and some much more friendly than others, he shuttered when he remembered his experience there.

I laughed a lot as he told me about their adventure, and thought about how fun it sounded, 'I wonder what it would have been like, going there with all of them?' once Gray was done, I asked him a question that had been on the top of my head since he started the story, "Gray, why did Natsu steel the S-class mission in the first place, I mean would he do that normally?" Gray opened his mouth to answer, but stopped mid-way, his face went from knowing all to puzzled. He looked at the sea trying to figure out an answer to my question, "Hmm, I can't seem to remember." He thought about it some more before his memory gave him half of an answer, "I think he was trying impress someone or something. I know he went their for a stupid reason but I can't remember what. It couldn't have been for Happy but who else could have it been?" Just then I swear I could see a light bulb turn on over his head, "That's right, that moron went their so he could earn money for a girl. Her name was… It was... She… Who was she?" He trailed off.

I told Gray he didn't need to try so hard to remember, but he said that it was weird how he could remember everything else but who the girl was. I left him at the railing to think more on his own as I walked to the captain to ask how much longer it was going to be until we arrived. He said that there was about twenty minutes left and he will tell us when he can see land. I thanked him and wondered back to the deck to wait for the remainder of the sail.

As time passed, I began to wonder who Gray was talking about so I asked Wendy and Levy if they knew. Wendy said she didn't know because she wasn't apart of the guild yet and Levy gave me the same answer Gray did. 'Who was that girl?' as I was lost in thought, the captain yelled, "Land ahead!" I jolted out of my thoughts and looked out at the sea, to see a island coming closer as we sailed further.

Once we landed, Wendy thanked the shipmates as the rest of us carried our bags off the ship. We didn't really bring much, just one bag full of supplies, such as food, water, the map and the book Levy brought. Gray had to hold the bag because he was the strongest out of all of us and because we forced him too. We also brought an orb, like the ones fake fortune tells would use in my old world, to look more legit. Levy said that is was called a lacrimal crystal and that it can be used for many things, but it is commonly used for commination, so team B should be able to talk to use even if we're miles apart. 'It's kind of like a cell-phone, huh.'

Gray led us through the village, seeing as he'd been there before, to the chiefs hut. I wasn't completely ready to see demons yet, because when I seen one, I screamed and hid behind a tree. But eventually I got use to see them, one by one they came to greet us, but mostly Gray. They even asked us if Natsu and Erza were going to come to, but we told them they couldn't, disappointing them.

The chief greeted us kindly and said we could stay for how ever long we wished. He was much more nice than what my old world taught me what demons were like. Gray took the map and said that we needed to head to the forbidden temple, deep in the forest. When we were about to leave to the temple, Erza called us on the lacrimal crystal. She said that they found Happy unconscious in the forest just outside of town and that he would need medical treatments. Wendy asked if they had found Charla yet, but they said they couldn't find her, which made Wendy's eyes tear up at the thought of losing her friend.

I comforted Wendy the best I could, when Erza said that if Happy didn't get Wendy to heal him soon, he'll end up like Natsu. She told us that Happy was poisoned just like Natsu, but with a weaker one, so he could be healed without needing the cure. But if Wendy didn't heal him soon, he could become much worse than Natsu, making our time on the island cut short.

We ran to the temple as fast as we could, because there was only one boat left that would bring us back Magnolia until morning. Gray was leading the way, until I by-passed him, with max speed. 'I wonder why my hearing and speed has increased today?'


Once we had a rest, I stood up again to run back toward our previous path. Following close behind, was Levy, Gray and Wendy. We finally reached the temple where whatever we were looking for was. As we entered the crumbling structure, I asked levy, "What do you think we're looking for, exactly?" She stood beside me, thinking about what I just ask, "Well, if these places are supposed to direct us the the hidden location of the cure, than maybe another riddle."

The ancient temple was dark and the walls were cracked and covered in green mass and vines. Insects crawled the stone walls, as others scurried under our feet and flow through the air. It sent chills up my spine, especially when some of them touched me. We walked further into the temple, until it was pitch black, 'I bet Natsu could've lit his hand on fire as a torch.' I giggle to myself as I thought of him accidentally burning some vines as he tried to be a source of light.

Going into the cave with a torch might have been a better idea because once I couldn't see a thing, I had to rely on my ears to guild me. To make sure we didn't split up, Levy suggested we hold hands, yeah it seemed childish, but when your in a life or dead scenario, you tend to do things you wouldn't usually. After many steps into the darkness, I could see a faint light up ahead. I smiled thinking there might be a hole in the walls, or even a door, but man I was wrong.

The closer we got to the light, the more wrong I became. A large room was at the end of the hall we were in with a giant centipede like monster in it. It was exactly like a centipede, but fifty times bigger and more hairy. It had a bright glowing gem on its head and its tail curdled up like a scorpion. Everyone got into a fighting stance, and told me to stand behind them. I did as they said, but felt guilty because they had to defend me.

Gray put a fisted hand on top of his other hand that was flattened out. "Ice-Make Lance!" Two large lances made of ice formed from his words that shot towards the big bug. But the monster just swung his tail at his lances, smashing them into thousands of shards. The monster arched it's back, before spitting acid at Gray. He dodged it, but only barely because when he landed, his clothes were torn and a large gash was on his arm. He didn't pay attention to it though, as if it was normal.

Wendy rushed over to Gray, ready to heal him, but he stopped her, "No, you need you magic to fight." She nodded and began to fight the monster as well. She puffed her cheeks out and arched her back yelling, "Sky dragon roar!" A swirl of wind exploded from her mouth that was directed at the bug. Unlike Gray's, the attack hit the monster and damaged it. The bug stumbled back, but didn't fall down as it cried in pain.

Gray threw another attack at the monster implying it. Blood dripped from where the ice cut the monster, making it roar in pain and anger and making us cover our ears from its screeching. The monster stomped on the ground, making us topple over as the floor shook. Levy stood up first, writing something in the air, "Solid-Script Fire!" Large letters made of fire, that spelled fire appeared and aimed at the monster. It burned the monsters head, blinding it a little and shaking the ground even more.

The three mages continued fighting the bug as I stood behind them like a fan watching their favourite team play in a stadium. But I wasn't happy, I felt guilty that I couldn't help them fight. 'Why did they have to follow a contract?' I heard Levy cry in pain and seen that there was a crystal shard sticking out of her stomach. She fell to the ground as I ran over to her, I bent down with tears in my eyes, "Levy, are you okay?" She smiled at me nodding, "Don't worry, Lu-chan this won't stop me."

As I was about to carry Levy over to the hallway for safety, Wendy screamed in pain moments after. I looked over to see a large crystal smashing into her stomach. I rushed Levy over to the hall, placing her down gently before grabbing Wendy. Luckily they were light and easy to move, so it didn't take too long to drag them. Wendy tried to heal herself, but couldn't when her arm went limp. "Wendy, what's wrong?" She looked at me but didn't answer, I tried to get her to say something, but realized that she couldn't move and neither could Levy.

Right when I figured it out, Gray winced in pain and fell to the ground with another shard in his stomach. I quickly ran to him, using way too much muscle to drag him over to the others. 'Why is he so heavy?' I placed him beside Wendy and heard the monster roar. I looked behind me, realizing that I was on my own until they could move again. I felt fear run through me, but tried to push it back knowing I needed to be brave, or else were all dead. The monster swung its tail at me, but I quickly dodged it with a high jump. I seen a thick branch laying on the ground and ran to grab it. The monster spat acid at my, missing my body except my leg. I hurt like hell, but I kept running, until I tripped and smashed into the ground hard.

I could feel new cuts and bruises forming on my open skin. I ignored the pain as I stood up and ran to the stick again. Finally I rolling down to pick it up faster then bending down and stood in a fighting stance. The monster spat more acid at me, but it completely missed that time because I dodged it better. I ran towards the monsters head, ready to stab its eyes, when it's tail swung at me again. It threw me into the stone wall, braking a few bones in the process and opening more wounds. It held me against the wall, squashing me and cutting off my oxygen. I coughed up blood and started to feel light headed, but shook my head and held the stick in the air. I stabbed the monsters tail, with the stick, pushing it deeper the more it cried in pain.

Eventually, the monster let me go, with the stick still jabbed into its tail. The monster stomped in anger and pain again, throwing me to the ground as I coughed up more blood. As fresh blood dripped from all over my body, I could see the monster getting ready to spit more acid at me. I used every last inch of energy I had left to dodge the attack, but didn't do to well because more acid hit the side of my stomach. Falling to the ground yet again, I cried in pain as my vision went blurry from tears streaming my face.

The monster held its tail over top of my weak body, opening it tip with a crystal ready to shot at me. My eyes widened in fear, and I tried to move, but I had nothing left inside me. Closing my eyes, I laid there waiting for the attack that would end my life, but it didn't happen. I heard the sound of the crystal smashing into the ground but not me. I felt something holding me in a bridal type style. I opened my eyes in shock as, Leo held me running from the monsters attack. He noticed me looking at him, "Yo, Lucy." He smiled.

A tint of red creeped up my cheeks and I smiled back. Leo placed me next to Levy and went back to fight the monster. His hands glowed a bright yellow as his punched the monster over and over. But for some reason the monster wouldn't die, it would get injured but would heal itself. I tried to think of how he could fight it when I remembered that Levy brought the book about all of the locations.

I crawled to the bag next to Gray and dragged it back to my resting spot. I searched the bag for the book as my body shook from the pain. Eventually I found it and pulled it out from the bottom of the bag. I flipped some pages before finding the section called 'Galuna Island', I skipped the paragraphs about the environment, people who inhabit the island and what to bring when you visit, until I found the part about legends. The book stated all legends about the island, even small ones and the one Gray told me about earlier.

I read the paragraph as fast as I could, hearing Leo wince in pain ever now and then. Finally, I found the part about a monstrous bug living in the temple. It mostly said to just stay away from the temple and monster but that if you did decide to be stupid enough to face it, that there's only one way to kill it. And that was to rip the gem out of its head. I closed the book and put it back into the bag, "L-Leo!" I yelled with all my might, he stopped fighting for a moment to look at me, but went right back to it when the monster threw another attack. "The… The gem! On I-it's h-head! Ta-take it!"

He must have heard me, because when he dodged one of the attacks, he jumped towards the monsters head, holding out his hand. He grabbed onto the glowing gem and tugged on it. The gem ripped right out of his head, causing the monster to scream and making me cover my ears again. Leo jumped down from the monsters head as it fell to the ground and stepped towards me. He bent down, placing the gem next to me, "I thought you couldn't help me because of the contract." I whispered so I didn't stutter. He readjusted his glasses and wore a serious face, "How could I leave a beautiful women by herself in a place like this? Why don't we go to dinner after this?" I glared at his perverted question.

He snickered, "The contract does say you can't summon us for help, but that doesn't mean I can't use my own magic to open the gates and save you." He smiled at me and stood up ready to leave, "Wait! B-before you go… C-can you look around to see… See if there's any… Anything that looks like a p-piece of paper?" He nodded and searched the room, but couldn't find anything, so I thanked him before he left.

I sighed in disappointment, but remembered I needed to get all of us out of here. I seen the gems glow die down and picked it up, it had a object inside it and decided to shove it into the bag to investigate later. I slowly stood up, wishing Leo was still there to help me carry everyone back to the village. I grabbed one of everyone's feet and started dragging them out of the temple, yeah it wasn't the best way to do it but I was out of options.

After what felt like an entirety, I dragged everyone out of the temple. I looked up at the sky, breathing heavily and seen that the sun was coming up. Starting to worry, I wasted no time dragging the limp bodies back to the village. Once there, the village chief ran to me concerned, he asked what was wrong and I briefly explained what happened. He got a few other villagers to help me carry my friends to their hospital. Once there, they treated all of our injures.

The village chief thanked me for ridding them of the horrible monster and said that Gray, Wendy and Levy were going to be fine. Turns out, the crystal made them paralyzed and when removed, they can move again and it doesn't even leave a cut, but only it they do it properly. I really wanted to leave earlier but couldn't because I had to wait hours for them to remove to crystals. 'Its better this way, I mean if Wendy isn't healed then it didn't matter if we got back sooner.'

Hours later, the village chief told me that they were awake and healthy. I ran into the hospital room to see three awake mages sitting up from their beds. Tears clouded my eyes, and I ran over to hug them, well mostly Levy. They all smiled at me and asked how long they'd been out, "About four hours." "What?!" They all screamed in unison. "We need to get back to Fairy Tail now!" Levy demanded. They nodded in agreement and stood up rushing out the door, leaving me behind. I quickly followed after them once I thanked the village chief. They ran to the docks and as if on cue, the captain yelled, "All aboard!" We literally jumped onto the boat, panting.

I told everyone what happened after they were paralyzed and scowled them for leaving the village without thanking the chief. They apologized well siting on their knees and bowing their heads, making me laugh. Afterward, they went back to doing what they were doing when we set sail the first time. Levy was reading, Gray was starring off into the water and Wendy was thinking to herself, as I watched the waves swim on top of the sea. I thought about Natsu mostly, still surprised by how much he meant to me when I just met him and about what master had said. That 'I'm more important to Natsu than I know it' or something.

I couldn't get the image of Natsu laying on the ground while unconscious out of my head. It made my eyes water and stomach hurt, I wanted to hold him as he told me that everything was going to be alright. So many things as happened since I came here, most of which resulted in me crying, but so many amazing things happened as well. Meeting my mother again, meeting everyone at Fairy tail, finding out I had magic powers and meeting Natsu. 'Meeting him was incredible.'

As I thought more and more about Natsu and what's happened so far, I slipped onto the ground, leaning my back against the ships railing. I closed my eyes smiling as I thought about what Natsu would do when he's healed, 'Maybe he'll go on another mission or eat tons of food or even get mad at Gray because he was apart of saving him. I hope he goes straight back to his old self, his childish, funny, cheeky, kind, idiot and handsome self.' And with that last thought, I drifted off into a peaceful dream.

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