It was their last night of the summer before they had to begin their junior year and they wanted to make the most of it. Ruby suggested they go to a party that her bestfriend Amethyst was throwing. Sapphire agreed; she knew that it wasn't long before she would be cramming for the SAT's.

Ruby's car clock read, 12;45, as she parked across the street from the party.

"Here we are," The red girl turned off her jet black Mazda and got out of the car.

Sapphire could smell the booze coming from the house and hear the loud music bouncing off the walls. Bright multicolored lights flashed bright through the windows.

"Where are her parents?" Sapphire allowed Ruby to hold the door open for her.

The red girl closed her door softly; placing her hand onto Sapphire's hip as she led her up to the house. "They're out of town on a business trip,"

A wide open door allowed them to see a massive crowd of people crammed in the spacey house. Amethyst's parents were loaded. They were both lawyers and many of their clients lived far away so they traveled a lot. The purple girl didn't complain; she loved it.

"Ruby!" A drunken voice that belonged to her bestfriend called to her. "Over here,"

Sapphire followed her girlfriend as she led her to their friends. They were sitting on the couch towards the back of the house; away from the drunken fools and horny couples.

Amethyst was sitting next to Pearl; who looked aggravated.

"Hey guys," Ruby waved; releasing Sapphire's hip. "Ready for junior year," She grinned.

Sapphire sat down next to Pearl. They spoke quietly to themselves.

"Hell no!" The purple gem groaned. "I'm not even showing up for the first three days, I'd rather party."

Ruby shook her head. "I can't waste days like that since basketball season is coming up and all."

"That's true," Her bestfriend stood up. "Want to hit the dance floor? Pearl will be sitting here all night pouting about Rose,"

The skinny girl glared at Amethyst. "Mind your business!"

Amethyst waved her off and motioned for Ruby to follow. Before she left Ruby asked Sapphire if she wanted to dance but the girl refused. She had to keep an eye on Pearl.

"What happened with Rose and Pearl this time?" Ruby shoved random people out of her way as they walked to the dance floor.

Amethyst groaned. "Rose got back together with her old boyfriend and now Pearl is blowing a fuse! It's her own fault; I told her that Rose was just experimenting but she was too blind to see it."

"Damn," Ruby shook her head. "I feel bad. Rose is the only person she's ever dated,"

The purple girl shrugged and then smirked. "Speaking of ex's…" She pointed to someone leaning against the wall. "Isn't that Lapis?"

Ruby frowned. Amethyst was right. Lapis was leaning against the wall with a drink in her hand. Her blue eyes were bright, searching for some fun. When they landed on Ruby Lapis knew she had found some.

"Shit!" Ruby turned around so that she was blind to Lapis's advances. "She's coming over,"

Amethyst glared at the approaching girl. "Does she still cause trouble for you and Sapphire?"

Ruby recalled the first few weeks when she had began dating Sapphire. After she broke up with Lapis she waited at least a month to finally tell Sapphire how she felt. To her pleasure the blue girl felt the same.

When word got to Lapis; the blue girl was furious. She would always try and destroy their relationship by making Ruby look bad.

One time she miss led Ruby by texting her how sorry she was and how she wanted to apologize in person; so Ruby left lunch to talk with her in the hallway and before she knew it Lapis was kissing her. She tried to pull away but Lapis had a tight grip around her neck.

From where Sapphire was standing it looked like Ruby was pulling her closer at her waist.

It took five dozen roses, six boxes of chocolates and three weeks for Sapphire to forgive her completely.

"She hasn't tried anything lately but I bet she will now," Ruby tensed up when she felt someone tap on her shoulder; she turned around slowly.

Lapis was smiling down at her. "Hey Ruby; I didn't know that you would be here," Her blue eyes flickered over to where Sapphire was sitting. "And you brought your lap dog,"

"Watch it," Ruby growled deeply.

Lapis smiled more seductively. "I'm joking babe," She ran her hand up Ruby's muscled arm. "Why are you so uptight all of a sudden?"

The red girl softly removed the girls hand; she swallowed the lump in her throat.

'You're fine,' Ruby reassured herself. 'As long as Amethyst is…'

Amethyst saw Lars and Sadie rushing to pull their clothes off on the stairs. They were headed for one of the rooms on the second floor; possibly her room.

"No you don't!" The purple gem shouted; running to stop the horny teenagers.

Ruby panicked. "No," She tried to stop her but Lapis had grabbed the reaching hand.

She was alone with Lapis. Bad things always happened when she was alone with Lapis.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Lapis grinned; almost like a lion that was about to catch it's prey. "You can at least give me one dance…"

Ruby was given no choice as Lapis shoved her strong hands down to grasp her hips. The red girl felt slender arms wrap around her neck to pull her closer. Lapis was swaying her hips to the beat of the music while Ruby stood rigid. She was still trying to retract herself.

Lapis leaned her chin on her broad shoulders. "Don't you miss me?" Her cool breath that used to make her shudder made her groan in disgust.

Lapis smelt of weed and cheep liquor.

"Not really," Ruby tried to move away once more but was trapped between the crowd of people on the dance floor.

Lapis chuckled; sending another disgusting smell to Ruby's nostrils. "Well I missed you," Her hands wandered to the hard muscles on her arm. "And your muscles,"

Ruby's eyes widened beyond belief when Lapis groped the front of her crotch.

Lapis licked her lips. "But I missed th-"

Suddenly a strong force was pulling her away from the vulgar girl. The force kept Ruby standing while it tossed Lapis to the floor. That force was Sapphire.

Ruby gulped.

Sapphire had shoved Lapis to the floor with adrenaline aided strength and was glaring down at her. At least Ruby was expecting her to underneath her soft bangs.

"What the…" Lapis looked at Sapphire with a dazed expression. "Why do you always have to ruin the fun?"

Sapphire showed a tiny hint of emotion by twitching her lip in disgust. She silently snatched Ruby's hand and pulled her through the crowd. Ruby made no move to protest and silently followed.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Amethyst scolding at Sadie and Lars in a very adult like manner.

They had come to a halt when they made it to Ruby's car. Sapphire pulled out her spare key and unlocked the door to the backseat.

"Look Sapph…" Ruby tried to explain but was silenced by the threatening glare Sapphire sent her.

The blue girl opened the door to the back seat; Ruby climbed in without a word. She fiddled with her hands nervously and tried to think of a way to apologize. The blue girl was patient but certain things, like this, made her lose it.

The door slam as Sapphire slide in next to her in the back seat.

Ruby opened her mouth to try again. "Sapphire I'm s-"

"Shut up," Sapphire shoved her down on her back and into the black leather seats.

Red eyes widened as Sapphire straddled her waist; placing each leg on her hip. Her usual patient hands were rushing to pull her shirt open.


Sapphire pulled her by the shirt and slammed their lips together, silencing her questions.

Ruby felt her eyes shut when Sapphire's plump lips melded with hers. The red girl could feel her girlfriend's strawberry lip gloss coating her lips as they smacked against each others in a steady kiss. The sounds of their lips moving against each other filled the car.

Too distracted with the kiss, Ruby didn't notice Sapphire rip her buttoned shirt open. She did notice the warm hands traveling under her sports bra.

"Sapp…" She tried again but was muted with another kiss.

Her girlfriends tongue fought its way past closed lips. Sapphire pulled Ruby's tongue in between her lips and began to suck. Ruby gasped, surrendering herself to her girlfriend.

Soft hands traveled under her red bra and groped her supple chest between her palms.

Ruby broke away from the kiss. "Sapph…" She arched her back in an attempt to get those hands closer.

Sapphire squeezed them softly and smirked at the way Ruby melted under her hands. The blue gem continued to kneeled her breasts while she began placing soft kisses down a red neck.

Ruby blindly moved her arms to wrap around Sapphire's shoulder. "Sapphire…"

She was stopped again when Sapphire's lips found refuge beneath the sensitive spot of her ears. The blue girl ran her tongue over the skin once, twice and then placed her hot mouth onto it. Sapphire circled the area with her wet muscle before she sucked on the sensitive skin in favor.

"Oh Sapphire," Ruby mewled out as she felt her eyes shut; she moved her head to give her girlfriend better access. "Yes…" She trailed off with a gasp when Sapphire bit her sharply.

Sapphire moved her hands lower to Ruby's abdomen. Her light fingers teased the toned stomach by tracing random patterns here and there. Ruby groaned when Sapphire removed her lips from her neck but moaned when she felt hot breath blowing into her ear.

"Why was she touching you?" Sapphire asked, anger hidden behind her calm structure.

Ruby gulped; trying to speak with the menstruations being given to her stomach. "I didn't…I was with Amethyst and she just showed up," She tried explain.

"That's not what I asked." Sapphire trailed her hands down to the waist band of Ruby's shorts. "I asked, why was she touching you?"

The red girl tried to move her mouth in the form of a response but couldn't when Sapphires hand brushed the inside of her thigh as she pulled her shorts down.

"I asked you a question, Ruby." Her voice husked deep into her ear.

Ruby nodded frantically. "She…she a-asked me to dance," She swallowed thickly when Sapphire's hands began pulling at her boy shorts. "I co-couldn't get awa-Oh!" Ruby gasped again when the side of her girlfriends hand brushed against her moist lips.

Ruby bucked her hips up for more friction but Sapphire was quick to hold her hips down.

"An-and…" Ruby bit her lip in frustration; Sapphire was tracing her fingertips along her thigh. "Th-the crowd w-was blocking my e-exit,"

One of Sapphire's hands gripped her waist while the other traveled further south.

"I tried to stay calm, I really did…" Sapphire said softly into Ruby's ear. "But then I saw how close she was to you; whispering into your ear like this," Her tongue flicked the shell of Ruby's ear quickly.

The red girl gasped again; tightening her grip on her girlfriend's waist. "Her breath smelled disgusting," Ruby said through clenched teeth; because of how she let Lapis play her and the delicious way her girlfriends tongue felt on her skin.

"How she moved her hips against you," Sapphire grinded her own hips down to Ruby's,

The blue hand between Ruby's legs brushed against her wet lips due to the motion.

"Sapphire!" Ruby moaned loudly; her eyes closed as she continued grind upon the hand that Sapphire had gifted her with. "Y-yes…" She grabbed at long blue hair.

Sapphire nodded. "I was calm through it all until she touched you," The blue girl growled at the memory. "Then I got angry…Do you know why?"

The blue girl slipped her fingers through slick folds and towards Ruby's entrance. Her pointer and middle finger circled it with slow strokes.

"Wh-why…" Ruby's voice came out as a whine and she bit her lip to quiet herself when she heard people exiting the party.

Sapphire growled deeply. "Because you're mine," Her finger slipped through Ruby's entrance with ease.

Ruby squealed at the sudden entry. Her insides clenched the fingers tightly; making sure that it wouldn't get away.

Sapphire couldn't stop her own moan as she felt the warmth of Ruby around her fingers. She bit her own lip as she slowly felt around inside of her velvety walls. Ruby groaned again and thrust her hips up again to get closer.

"Did you hear me?" Sapphire pulled her fingers out before slipping three in. "You're mine," She sucked the sensitive spot beneath her ear again.

"Yes!" Ruby wrapped both legs around Sapphire's hips at the wanted intrusion. "I'm yours…"

Sapphire smirked. "Hell yeah you are," Her free hand gripped the bottom of Ruby's thigh for assistance.

Ruby moaned at her language and moved her hands to claw at Sapphire's clothed back. The blue girl continued to slip her fingers in and out of her girlfriend with amazing speed. All the while, she held on tight to Ruby's thigh as she melded her hips with her own.

Sapphire could feel the car shaking with each powerful thrust of their hips and hear the squeaking. Her blue eyes glanced through sweaty bangs and she blushed when she saw her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a lust driven animal. It was so unlike her to lose control and take Ruby in the back of her car; usually the red girl was the impatient one.

Blue eyes looked down at the girl beneath her. Ruby had her eyes clenched tightly and was biting on the bottom of her lip to keep quiet. Sapphire licked the bead of sweat running down her girlfriends cheek before moving back to her ear.

Sapphire used her thumb to swipe across Ruby's clit. She was rewarded with another gasp and the uneven movements of Ruby's thrusting hips. The red girl had lost her rhythm at the pleasurable sensation.

"You like that?" Sapphire smirked; sucking on the shell of her ear.

Ruby nodded sharply; unable to voice her opinion.

The red girl felt her lower groins heat up in the most delicious way. She was close.

"Sa-sapphire…" Ruby pleaded with an embarrassingly high pitched whine. "I…"

Sapphire shushed her softly. "Go ahead, I'm right here."

Her fingers sped up, if it was even possible, and her hips continued to thrust down harder. Sapphire pulled Ruby's thigh over her should; pausing before slamming her fingers back in. The new friction was amazing.

"Sapph-" Ruby's voice was quieted when Sapphire pressed their lips together.

Sapphire kissed her hungrily and Ruby tried her best to keep up with the pleasure hitting her all around. The blue girl felt the walls tighten around her fingers and kept going despite the cramp forming in her arms.

Sapphire pulled away from the kiss when Ruby was close. She trailed loving kisses up her neck and towards her abused ear once for.

"Let me hear you," Sapphire moaned when her hips slammed against Ruby's in an amazing way. "Say my name…" Her tongue moved across Ruby's ear before sucking on her lobe again.

Ruby lost it with a strong thrust and a name one her tongue. "Sapphire!" Her name was a mantra as she repeated it again and again with breathless gasps.

"Mhm," Sapphire leaned her head against Ruby's; loving the way her name sounded on her girlfriends lips.

Her fingers slowed but didn't stop as she milked more of Ruby's juices for her. Sapphire sighed contently when the warm liquid stop flowing. Her girlfriend's body went limp and she carefully pulled her strong legs off of her shoulder. Ruby moaned softly when Sapphire removed her fingers; her walls tightened around them in an attempt to delay the leaving.

Sapphire lay her body against her girlfriends and kissed her softly under her ear. "Mine,"

"I'm yours…" Ruby's voice was hoarse from screaming. "…This is so unlike you," She ran her fingers threw soft locks. "Most of the time you won't even kiss me in public and now you're having your way with me in the back of my cars for all to see."

Ruby chuckled. "As far as they can see through the fogged up windows that it,"

"Ugh I know!" Sapphire hid her blushing face in between Ruby's neck. "I just saw Lapis with you and I got so angry and-"

"Territorial…" Ruby smirked; kissing her on the forehead. "I thought it was hot. In fact, how about you mark your territory on me tomorrow during lunch?" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Sapphire slapped her arm playfully. "I'm not doing this again,"

"Why not?" Ruby pouted. "How about on my birthday? It's like in three days!"

Sapphire sighed in content. "Fine…"

Ruby grinned brightly; biting her lip at what she was about to say.

"You do believe me right?" Ruby whispered. "Lapis came onto me and I was just trying to stop her,"

Sapphire nodded. "If I didn't believe you I wouldn't have slept with you,"

Satisfied with her lovers answer the red girl leaned back down. Sapphire was counting the amount of seconds it would take for her girlfriend to notice. She knew she had figured it out when Ruby stiffened beneath her.

"Sapphire this is my car!" Ruby groaned; looking at the mess they made. "These stains are never going to come out and the smell! Oh my…My mom sits back here!"

Sapphire smiled; watching Ruby panic about how to clean the leather seats.