Final Score

Lapis Lazuli has been a problem for each of them for years. From the time that she and Ruby were dating, to their breakup and even onward when Ruby and Sapphire began dating. The swimmer lied, manipulated, and threatened both of them far too many times to count. Ruby tried her best to keep the peace; she didn't have any feelings for the swimmer, at least not anymore, but she didn't want to cast her away completely. She just couldn't stop thinking about the past and how Lapis was once a good friend to her and the others in the group; maybe Ruby just wanted to recreate that.

Maybe that's why she invited her to Sapphire's high school graduation party.

"You invited Lapis?" Was her girlfriend's cold and distant response.

Ruby held her hands up defensively. "I know we don't get along with her—"

Sapphire frowned. "Don't get along—Ruby—she tricked us into not going to the winter dance together, she kissed you, flirted with you at the party and threatens me whenever we pass in the halls; I think 'not getting along' is an understatement," The older girl lowered in voice when a few people in the restaurant glanced their way at her raised voice. "…do you still have feelings—"

"No!" Ruby objected quickly; grabbing Sapphire's hand from across the table. "I just…she was a good friend of mine a long time ago and I just can't believe that she would turn out like this. Everyone else is going to be there; Peridot, Rose, Pearl, Jasper, Amethyst, and even Greg! I just don't want her to feel like we're kicking her out of the group,"

Ruby sighed. "I'd like to think that she's changed; but if she hasn't, then I guess I'm all out of second chances," She tried to make eye contact past thick bangs. "…but if you're against it I totally understand; especially after what happened last year,"

"No, it's fine," Sapphire said. "Get whatever closure you need before you can actually get serious with me," She said, pulling her hand out of Ruby's grasp; she began gathering her things.

"Closure, no way, Sapphire you know I'm serious about th—"

"Then why do you insist on bringing your ex back into your life, hm? She's already wasted all of your chances Ruby," The older girl stood abruptly; pulling her purse to hang on her shoulder. "Look…I know that she's special to you, she was your first girlfriend, but you have to let her go; if you can't, then maybe you're not ready—"

Ruby frowned. "I am ready, Sapph, we've already been dating for a year and some months! What do you call that?" She accused.

"What do you call inviting your ex girlfriend to you prior girlfriend's graduation party, Ruby?" Sapphire shot back viciously. "…I should have known not to get involved with someone younger than me." She scoffed.

"So what, now you're calling me immature?" Ruby growled; expression livid.

"I guess I am,"

Ruby clenched her fist; crossing her arms protectively over her chest. "I suggest you leave before I say something I regret,"

Sapphire hesitated but only briefly. "Fine." She said, turning around to walk out of the building.

For once, Ruby didn't run after her.

"So you're just going to not show up?" Jasper asked with an eyebrow raised.

It had been two days since their little spat and neither had made an attempt to reach out to the other. That was the main flaw in their relationship; they were both dangerously stubborn. They expected the other to apologize and admit that they were wrong.

Ruby leaned further down into the orange girl's couch; moving her thumbs blindly on her game controller. "I guess so," She huffed out. "Damn it, Lars watch where you're going! You almost shot me,"

The sound of a snort reached their headphones along with a few mumbled curses.

Jasper frowned; she snatched the controller from Ruby's hand. "Hey!" The shorter girl objected.

"Cut the crap," Jasper snarled, tossing the headwear on the coffee table before them. "When are you going to talk to her, it's been two days."

Ruby shrugged impassively. "Why should I be the one to make things right,"

"Well, in her defense, you did invite your ex girlfriend to her graduation party," Amethyst said, not helping at all as she ate pizza from the kitchen. "That upsets some girls,"

The red girl didn't snap or shout like she usually did; she just nodded her head, staring blankly at the paused television. "I just wanted to—"

"Sapphire doesn't care what you wanted to do," Jasper stopped her. "She sees this as you trying to bring Lapis back into your life; she's an ex, that means it's over. You can't be friends with her, text, call, facetime, you can't do any of that anymore,"

"I mean—if Lapis was different and actually accepted the breakup then you guys could be friends but she is still trying to get with you. So by you inviting her to this party, you've basically given her a green light to finish what you two started years ago,"

Ruby groaned. "I know—I messed up—but she didn't have to call me immature. She made it seem like she was doing me a favor by being in this relationship,"

"You did start it," Amethyst mumbled.

Jasper glared at her. "You can stop being unhelpful at any moment," She rolled her eyes when Amethyst shrugged; the orange girl turned back to her shorter friend. "So what are you doing, are you still going to the party? Didn't you have this big gift planned out for her?"

Ruby nodded. "I did but I don't want her to have it anymore—"

Jasper scoffed. "Are you seriously holding her to th—"

"I want to give it to her but the gift itself represents how I want to be serious with her but after this fight…I feel like I'm not ready for that kind of commitment anymore,"

Amethyst spoke, ignoring the threatening glare from Jasper. "What was the gift?" She asked; her first serious question of the night.

The red girl shrugged. "Just this stupid ring; I know that she's going to be away for college for a while but I still wanted her to know how much I wanted to be with her. So the ring represents how, no matter how far away we are from each other, we will always find a way to make it happen," Ruby sighed. "It's stupid,"

Amethyst shook her head. "No way, this is perfect! If you give her the ring then I bet she'll know you're serious,"

"…I don't know guys,"

Jasper added. "You should give her the ring; Sapphire is a pretty attractive person and I bet there will be tons of college boys chasing after her. You better let her know how you feel before it's too late; you wouldn't want her to be the one that got away,"

Ruby bit her lower lip. "…I'll think about it,"

"Sapphire, sweetie just call her,"

Pearl shook her head, arms crossed. "No way, this is Ruby's fault and she should be the one to fix it. Sapphire did nothing wrong,"

Sapphire was currently sitting in her living room with Pearl and Rose. The pink girl, as Amethyst had previously said, is a senior in college who used to have flings with her skinny friend. Sapphire didn't quite understand the nature of their relationship quite well but despite what Amethyst said, Rose seemed pretty nice.

Rose sighed. "Who cares who was wrong; this is love and love means getting over your pride! So what if she started it, you were also the one who added fuel to the fire by calling her immature,"

"You were both wrong,"

Pearl pursed her lips. "...I still think Ruby was wrong,"

"I really miss her," Sapphire confessed. "I stood outside for ten minutes; waiting for her to either run after me or tell me she was sorry. But she didn't,"

Rose hesitated. "Sapphire, Ruby is usually the first person to fix things when you two fight, even when you're wrong, I think it's time that you make an effort and swallow your pride,"

Sapphire nodded. "If Ruby comes to the party then I'll apologize but if she doesn't then she has to reach out on her own," She stood up and walked out of the living room; leaving her friends in distraught.

It was the night of her party and Sapphire was completely on edge. Two hours into the graduation celebration and she hadn't seen Ruby once. The only people she noticed were Rose, Pearl, Amethyst, Jasper, Greg, Lapis and Peridot (some new student who became friends with Lapis and got invited as a plus one).

Speaking of Lapis, Sapphire had seen her leave for the kitchen a few minutes ago.

The swimmer had seemed overly cheery with her. Aside from a few snarky remarks, the other girl hadn't seemed to pose any problems.

"I'm going to get another drink," Sapphire announced to Pearl who was sulking to her about how Rose invited some guy named Greg and hadn't stopped flirting with him since she got here.

Pearl looked up. "Hmm, oh yeah, while you're doing that I'm going to try and get Rose alone,"

Sapphire stood up from the couch and looked down at her friend. "You know, Amethyst has been standing alone for a while, maybe you should chat with her," She hinted, not too subtlety.

Pearl frowned. "I've already been down that road with her and I'm not trying to go there again," She swallowed her drink before something came to her, she hesitated. "…Is Ruby here?"

"…I haven't seen her, no."

Pearl's expression softened. "I'm so sorry—"

"No it's okay," Sapphire held a hand up. "I kind of knew this would happen; I'm going to get a drink, you enjoy the party," She said before swiftly walking to the kitchen; ignoring the glances Jasper and Amethyst sent her way.

Sapphire slide the kitchen door open, halting slightly when she saw Lapis leaning against the counter with a drink in her hand. She withheld a sigh and made her way to the fridge; just wanting to get a drink without starting anything.

"Hey Sapphire," Lapis muttered, a soft smile gracing her lips. "Nice party; I'm glad Ruby invited me,"

Sapphire bit the inside of her cheek. "Glad you're having fun," She snatched a Pepsi and shut the fridge a little too hard before standing up straight.

The shorter girl turned around, intending to walk back out to entertain her guest.

"Speaking of Ruby; I haven't seen her all night, is she coming?" Lapis asked.

Sapphire shrugged. "She obviously isn't here so she probably won't be."

"She's your girlfriend isn't she, shouldn't she be at your graduation party—unless," A snarky grin graced Lapis's lips; Sapphire frowned. "She dumped you, didn't she?"

Sapphire didn't say anything.

"She did didn't she, oh, this is perfect!" Lapis let out a barking laugh. "I guess that is why she reached out to me a few days ago; she's finally finished with this faze she has with you and is finally ready to finish what we've started. Took her long enough—"

"Shut up," Sapphire said; voice cold and distant as she faced the arrogant girl. "Ruby doesn't want you back—"

Lapis raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah, then why isn't she here with you and why did she reach out to me?"

"Ruby is just a nice person; she thought that you had finally changed but I guess she was wrong," Sapphire quipped.

"Even so, something happened between you two; something bad," Lapis grinned. "And believe me, if you two have broken up don't think I won't go after her again; she belongs to me, you were just some faze. I'll always be her first,"

Sapphire took a deep breath. "I'll never let that happen,"

The shorter girl left her drink on the table and quickly stormed out of the kitchen and made her way to the staircase in her living room. She didn't notice Jasper trying to catch her as she ran up the stairs; tears close to falling from her eyes.

Sapphire shut her bedroom door and leaned her back against the brown wood. She couldn't stop the salty tears from streaming down her face any longer; Lapis's words impacting her far more than they should have.

"Sapphire…?" A soft voice whispered, sounding close to breaking.

Sapphire snapped her head up and gasped. "R-ruby?"

The red girl was sitting on the edge of her bed but had quickly stood up at the first tear drop. She was wearing a bulky grey sweatshirt, black basketball shorts and white socks with addida slippers. Her large hands were holding something tightly but she swiftly shoved it into her pocket and held her arms out.

Sapphire impulsively ran into the shorter girls awaiting arms; wrapping her skinny arms around Ruby's curved hips. The athlete rested her muscular arms around the ballerina's neck and pulled her closer; resting her chin atop her wavy blue locks.

"Hey now, you know it breaks my heart when you cry like this," Ruby soothed. "What's wrong?"

Ruby automatically closed her eyes; that was a stupid question.

"I-I mean, besides what's happened with us…o-or what's not happening?" She hesitated. "Did I do—"

Sapphire mumbled into her chest; speaking over Ruby's stutters. "No…I just, didn't think you'd actually show up," She sniffled. "The last time we spoke we weren't exactly on the best of terms, you know."

Ruby nodded, refusing to break their embrace. "I know…but I realized that I was being an idiot and I'm sorry for doing something that I should have known you would be against. Lapis and I are over; you're my future," She confessed.

"And I don't care how far apart we will be in a few months; I want to make this, us, work." Ruby pulled away so she could brush away her tears with her thumb; they held each other's eyes. "I love you Sapphire, and I'm willing to make this work if you are,"

Lip caught between her teeth Sapphire nodded. "I love you too Ruby; and I'm sorry for calling you immature, that was wrong of me," She bowed her head in shame.

"Don't apologize," Ruby pulled her up by the chin. "I take full blame,"

Sapphire hummed, trailing her hands up higher to Ruby's stomach. "Hmm, that's very mature of you; I like it," She giggled before frowning when her hand brushed against something hard. "What's in your pocket?" She pulled back curiously; attempting to reach for it.

Ruby playfully slapped her hands away. "O-oh, it's nothing…" She tried to play off. "How about we go back down—"

"Ruby," Sapphire interrupted; crossing her arms stubbornly. "What's in your pocket?"

Ruby shrugged sheepishly, a dark blush rising to her cheeks. "I-it's nothing really," She hesitantly removed the small black box from her pocket and opened it; revealing a ring with a red gem stone with a gold colored band.

Sapphire gaped.

"It's not like a proposal or anything; I just know that you're going to be away for a while and I just wanted something to give to you to show that you're mine…w-well not mine, you're not an object," Ruby swallowed; watching Sapphire slowly take the small gem encased ring out of her hand. "It's more like a promise ring; you don't see other people while you're at college and I promise to be faithful to you while I'm still in High School,"

Ruby scratched her neck; looking away. "It's stupid—"

Sapphire silenced her with a kiss; soft and chaste, ending just as quickly as it started.

"I love it," She confessed; sliding the ring onto her right index finger. "…I wish I had something to give you," Sapphire bit her lip.

"Being with you is a good enough award," Ruby flirted, a soft grin on her flushing face.

Sapphire bit her lip; softly pushing Ruby down on the edge of her bed. "I still want to make it up to you,"

Ruby felt her face set a blaze as her girlfriend began trailing wet kisses up her neck. Stopping just under the sensitive spot below her ear; running her tongue over the smooth skin before sucking softly.

"Sa-sapph," Ruby stuttered; hands twitching on the bed, deciding wither to pull her closer or away. "Our friends are right down stairs—"

Sapphire ran her tongue over her ear; earning a shiver. "Then you'd better be quiet." She husked into her girlfriend's ear.

Ruby shivered.

"Have you losers seen Ruby?"

Jasper looked up to see Lapis; she frowned. "Uhm, n—"

"I saw her walking upstairs a few minutes ago actually," Amethyst interrupted her orange friend.

Lapis nodded. "Thanks," She mumbled before ascending the stairs.

"Dude," Jasper faced the purple girl once Lapis was gone. "Isn't Ruby up there with Sapphire?"

She nodded. "She is, and they've been up there for a while; wonder what they're doing," Amethyst wiggled her eyebrows.

"No way," Jasper grinned before something came to her. "Wait, then won't Lapis walk in on them?"

Amethyst smirked. "Maybe she'll finally take a hint and get over it,"

"Or get scared for life," Jasper chuckled.

"Either way," Amethyst shrugged. "Both options should be good,"

Ruby threw her head back and bucked her hips forward. "Sa-sapphire—"

Sapphire moaned, low and deep as she thrust her tongue deep into her girlfriend's hot opening. Her wet muscle greedily lapped at the bittersweet juices flowing into her mouth; she pulled Ruby closer by the hips, trying to get more of her unique flavor.

Ruby cursed under her breath and gripped Sapphire's blue locks tighter as her aching clit was suddenly engulfed into a hot mouth. Her breath hitched when the ballerina's tongue created random patterns on her stiff bud.

Sapphire swallowed her helping and pulled away for a quick breath. "Damn you taste good,"

Ruby whimpered, shifting her hips as Sapphire dove in again; thrusting her tongue harder and faster. Ruby helplessly tried to meet each thrust with her hips and pulled Sapphire closer by her hair; she couldn't seem to get close enough.

"Sapph—pl-please," Ruby whined, eyes shut and face contorted as she tried with all her might to get more friction.

Sapphire smirked, not hiding how much she enjoyed having Ruby writhing and whimpering before her; knowing that only she had to opportunity to see the girl in such a vulnerable state.

"Hold on," Sapphire mumbled; pulling a broad leg to wrap around her shoulder before going back to work.

Ruby gasped at the new friction and bucked her hips in time with Sapphire's thrusts.

Lapis frowned as she checked each room for the red girl. So far she had searched each bathroom, two bedrooms and one closet full of towels; they were all empty.

"There's only one room left," She muttered to herself; looking ahead to where the wooden door stood a few feet away. "…Ruby has to be in here,"

Lapis stopped in front of the door to fix her clothes. She purposely unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt to reveal more cleavage and tussled her hair before opening the door, a smile on her face.

"Hey, Ruby—"

She was met with a loud erotic gasp. "Sapphire—"

Lapis stood frozen, hand on the door handle as she watched Ruby come undone.

The red girl was still wearing her hoodie as she sat at the edge of the bed with her legs wrapped around a familiar looking blue headed girl who was resting on her knees. The couple was too into their 'activity' that they didn't notice Lapis cover her mouth and run out of the room.

A few days later Ruby and Sapphire found it weird that whenever they ran into Lapis the swimmer would flush and immediately turn the other way. It was strange but they didn't worry about it because—

Lapis never bothered them again.

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