Erasing Sins

Tabitha had made many creations in her time, but there were two that were special. Her beloved Timmy and another creation that had too wanted to be more than the evil destructive creation she had been made to be. Her name was Helen; she was five foot three with porcelain skin and eyes so blue that they made you think of a tropical beach. Her outside was created to allude to an innocence that made men desire her, give up fortunes, wives; they would even kill for her. For over a hundred years she did as Tabitha wanted and destroyed every life that touched her, but even within the most destructive creature there is something else within them. The ability to love forms and she fell in love and she no longer wanted to hurt the world even when she had to leave her love. She was an ageless being and could never stay still for she would have been discovered. But now enough time had passed so she could return to Harmony, the place where she had become more than she was ever meant to be. Perhaps she could give the gift she had been given to another.

It was clear to Helen the moment she saw her that she was the girl she had been drawn back to Harmony to help. She was cute, tall with short brown hair, she probably would have been considered beautiful if the anguish and the anger inside of her didn't radiate out of her, but Helen knew she could make her beautiful again. She had seen her years before as a young teenager she was being given a piggy back ride by a boy Helen knew was the love of this young girl's life. Yet neither seemed to know it, but she was sure one day they would. The laughter and the smiles and the way the brown eyes gazed deep into the blue ones, she had been sure that soon that would fall in love forever. But seeing this girl now she knew that she had been wrong, their lives had not followed their course.

"Excuse me" she said approaching the girl who had tears trickling down her cheeks.

She wiped them away quickly, afraid of showing her weakness to anyone. "Yes?"

"Are you alright?" Helen put her hand upon the young girl's bare shoulder frozen by the cold weather. She had not only wanted to comfort the girl, she had wanted to see what she saw, what life had she lead, it was the curse/blessing that Tabitha had given her so she could become everything the men she was created to destroy desired. She wanted to cry for this girl.

The young girl's eyes soften at comfort of a total stranger, when everyone else had written her off a long time ago. "No one can help me anymore."

"I think I can Kay." She took off her coat and began to wrap it around Kay's frozen body.

"How did you know my name?" the blue eyes locked with each other

Helen smiled at the frightened young girl "I just want to help you."

"There's no point in that, I'm a lost cause."

"No you aren't. No one is."

"You don't know what I've done." She said letting the tears fall down her cheeks

"Yes I do and I've done worse, there is always hope Kay."

Helen watched as the young girls tears continued to fall down her cheeks, Kay had no belief in anything anymore. It seemed so shocking that this downfall could have happened so quickly less than four years ago this girl's life had been seemingly perfect. But someone had forgotten about her, she had been ignored, the tiny steps away she took away from who she was had been ignored until she was someone no one knew. So she clung to the belief that if she could have Miguel she could become that girl she was once more, but no man could heal this hurt. She sat down on a snow covered bench and Kay followed. She cupped Kay's head in her hands and brought her face to hers so theirs foreheads were touched and then she let the past four years flow into her and out of Kay until all that was left was that innocent little girl once more. Her memories of the past four years remained, but not the sin, not the anger, not the pain, her soul was as untouched as it had once been, and she had been wiped clean of her sin, her pain, the unfair burden of life that had been place upon her, the hopelessness.

Tears started to fall down her cheeks harder and harder as everything slipped from her until she was who she was meant to be. By the time she stopped crying Helen was gone.

She dried her tears and started to wonder if she had imagined the whole thing until she once more felt the coat around her shoulders and she knew the stranger who had been the first person in years to make her feel real was indeed herself real.

She made her way back inside to the party and started to laugh as she saw everyone having a good time around her. Her heart still broke when she realized that she and Miguel would never be, but now she hurt more to realize that Theresa had lost her soul mate, and Luis and Sheridan weren't marrying each other and worst of all that Antonio was dying. Antonio who had taken she and Miguel to the park, taught her how to throw a curve ball, would help them steal cookies from Pilar's kitchen. She started to laugh more at her silliness how had she become so obsessed with Miguel that nothing else in the world mattered. She wouldn't have lost him from her life completely if she hadn't acted the way she did.

"You okay Kay?" John appeared at her side out of nowhere

She turned to him and smiled "Amazing"

"You look different" his eyes said as he frowned

"I am different, I'm me again. I never realized how much I missed being just me."

He laughed at her, but he could see she was different, she seemed to have a glow about her that came deep from within, she had been pretty before but suddenly she was beautiful.

"Let's go dance" she said taking his hand "I'm only mean to annoying little sisters, big brothers I like. But that might be because Noah used to give me noogies if I annoyed him, I learned to suck up really well."

John just laughed at Kay's sudden zest for life and allowed himself to be led onto the dance floor.

Off of the side of the dance floor Kay didn't notice Miguel lose his focus to something Charity and Reese were talking about as he watched her laughing as John swung her around on the dance floor. He was drawn back into another time as he watched her and he saw the light in her eyes once more. He remembered them, who they were, who he couldn't figure out they'd lost. All of the classes since kindergarten until Charity came they sat next to each other, always each others dance partner, always the first one they picked to play on their team, the one they'd go to whenever something was on their mind, they wouldn't call they'd run over to the other one's house, everything that had ended the moment he'd met Charity, when he forgot his best friend. It was too late now though, but he smiled as he realized, she'd be okay, but now he hard to wonder if he was going to be.

It was then that Charity and Reese realized they'd lost Miguel in their conversation when Reese followed Miguel's eyes out to Kay dancing, smiling and laughing with her brother all he could say was "Wow." Then with a shake of his head "I didn't think I'd ever see her smile again. I remember why I loved her so much."

All Miguel was nod because there were no words that could come from his throat as he fought to hold back his tears. He knew he should be smiling for everything Kay had regained and the life he was about to make with Charity, but never before had it been so clear as to what he'd lost.