Chapter 8

Everything's Going To Be All Right


"Kay" Dr. Russell said the moment they were alone after she'd had her blood taken, her blood pressure taken, her temperature taken and peed in a cup. Which was long after she'd fought in the car with Miguel as her father drove. She begged, she'd screamed at him to turn around and go back in there to marry Charity, it was for naught though because she still ended up here in this bed. "I was talking to Miguel earlier is there any chance you might be pregnant?"

She was pretty positive up until that point there was smoke coming out of her ears, it was funny how one word could stop her fuming.

How Miguel could have stopped his wedding for the flu; was suddenly explained.

Her stunned silence was the answer Eve had been looking for as to whether or not she was only trying to keep the news from Miguel. She saw the look in Kay's eyes searching for another explanation, wondering when exactly her last period was and not coming up with any answers she could accept.

She looked up at Eve with eyes as big as a doe's "You can't tell Miguel. He's meant to marry Charity, he loves her. I can't do that to him."

"And what would you do Kay?"

"I don't know…I'll go…well I'll go somewhere."

"You'd keep Miguel's child away from him?"

The moment Eve said those words; Kay knew she could never do that to him, despite how this child was conceived she knew Miguel would want to know his child. "I'll tell him after the wedding. They both believe in marriage too much to divorce."

Eve frowned, "Kay as your doctor I can't say anything, but trust me when I say that isn't a smart idea."

"Well maybe I'm not pregnant, maybe we're making a big deal out of nothing...Maybe I have cancer."

Eve frowned again

"What would you like to be the one to tell my mom, I'm pregnant with her beloved Charity's fiancée's baby?" The possibility of that hit her even stronger "Oh god" she said leaning over into her hands cupping her face.

Just then a nurse came in "Dr. Russell, her results are in."

"Thank you" Eve said taking the chart, and remained expressionless.

"Well?" Kay said peeking through her eyes

Eve sat down on the young girl's bed and looked into the eyes of the girl she had once read bedtime stories to and tucked in when she and Simone had sleepovers and knew she was in for the biggest struggle of her life.

"Oh no" Kay cried and crunched her legs up to her chest "No, no, no. This can't be happening."

Eve took her hand "It's going to be okay Kay." Once more today she knew she was lying.