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She was weeping…


It was all the girl seemed to do these days.

That, and scream in her sleep, such as it was…

The predator's lip curled back as he listened from the tree outside her window, his black eyes glittering with malice.

'Disgusting, pathetic little human,' he thought as he relaxed back on the limb he perched on, his long, denim-clad legs crossed at the ankles.

He'd been watching her for several days now, just biding his time...waiting for the perfect moment…

He was patient because he wanted her coherent.

He wanted her to know what was happening when it happened.

He wanted her to want to live again...

...before killing her.


The morning air was chill and thick with moisture as the girl left her house and climbed into her ancient truck. The starter whined in protest before the engine finally caught and coughed to life, a puff of smoke billowing from the tail pipe in a display of fatigue.

Reaching over, the girl flipped the switch for the heat and blew into her clasped hands as she waited for warmth to exit the vents. As she hunched and shivered, her eyes fell upon the ragged void where a stereo had been and her gaze darted quickly to her lap.

It had been two months…

She took a deep breath and allowed herself to think his name…


With squared shoulders and new resolve, she nodded to herself. She was getting better every day. The nightmares had finally ceased and with the help of her best friend, she was getting back to the business of living.

A tiny smile tugged at her lips at the thought of her friend—her own personal Sun... Warmth suffused the area that had been an empty void since Edward had left, her heart beat quickening at the thought of the happiness Jake had brought her and the kiss they'd shared just the day before…

It had been sweet and gentle and real and just more than she ever could have imagined—more than she thought she deserved, but still, she would accept it—this new-found happiness—just as Jake had told her to.

He'd spent the first month just keeping her alive and sane, nursing her along carefully and patiently with kind deeds and caring words until she'd slowly begun to believe...

She was worth something… She must be—her personal Sun had said so...

The next month they'd spent every spare moment together, slowly and carefully weaving their souls until she'd woke up one morning—just days ago really—realizing with not a little amazement, she loved him, more deeply than she ever thought possible…

Her smile brightening at those thoughts, she put the old truck into gear and pulled out. It was time to get to school and on with life; a life that, she finally realized, was worth living again.


He was in the tree again, a sinister smirk upon his lips and hate in his eyes as he watched the wolf leave for the night.

It had been a simple thing to mask his scent from the shifter. All he'd done at first was clothe himself in the mind-reader's left-behind garments and he'd blended easily with the scent that was still thick around the human's house. His menacing grin widened. Now, he had an even better method of masking his scent…

Venom...and plenty of it.

His manic red gaze cut to the duffel bag he'd brought with him on this jaunt to the human's house and a low, deadly chuckle escaped him. He couldn't wait to present her with his 'gift'.

He hoped she liked it…

Movement at her window caught his eye and he watched as she slid the pane open while breathing deeply, a tiny smile curving her kiss-plumped lips. "Good night Jake," she whispered, her eyes glittering with love...

...and life.

The predator tensed and hissed lowly, his top lip curling back to show a deadly fang. This was it. That look in her eyes… That thick, cloying emotion that now rolled off her in waves… It's what he'd been waiting for…

It was time.

Getting into her house was simple as he merely twisted the flimsy handle on the back door. With a quiet snap, it gave and he crept in silently.

He knew, from all his weeks of watching, he was now in the kitchen. Moving quickly, he exited and ghosted up the stairs to what he knew was the Chief's room. He'd retrieve him first and let her watch.

Opening the door, he surveyed the room's occupant with cold detachment. This aspect wasn't personal; not really. He wouldn't even bother if the man's death wasn't such a potential source of pain for the girl. So, it was toward that end that he strode forward and snatched the slumbering man from his blankets.

Standing the man on his feet before he'd even awoken fully, the predator gave the mortal two stinging slaps; one to each cheek. The man's eyes were wide when he finally focused. "Wha… Who the hell are you?" he demanded with a scowl.

The predator slapped the mortal again and dragged him from the room. The man struggled feebly all the way into his daughter's room where he began to plead. "Look, take whatever you want. My wallet's in my room along with other valuables...take me back there and I'll show you…"

The predator chuckled and struck the mortal again, drawing a grunt of pain from him as his words cut off abruptly.

A gasp drew the predator's attention as the sleepy girl shot up. "Dad?!" she questioned frantically.

"It's okay Bells," the mortal said, a slight tremor in his voice as he tried to calm the situation and reassure his daughter. "Just stay there, baby girl. It'll be all right…"

"So touching," the predator drawled lowly as he dropped the duffel he carried. "But also very inaccurate," he continued coldly as he turned to face the terrified girl, his face obscured in shadows.

"Who-who are you?" she stammered while reaching for the lamp.

She sucked in a shocked breath as the lamp disappeared from the table and crashed against the wall in the next second.

"No lights," the predator ordered.

The girl whimpered with a nod as the mortal man twisted and struggled, to no avail.

"You're gonna be in big trouble for this, son. You should think twice… Just what is it you want with us?" the mortal demanded gruffly and the predator had to admire his courage, if only fleetingly.

The predator tossed the mortal against the wall and grinned down at him. "What do I want with you?" he repeated back to the crumpled man. "Retribution," he murmured smoothly. "Nothing more...nothing less."

"I-I don't understand…" the mortal muttered with a creased brow.

"It's not for you to understand, mortal, but to deliver."

The girl gasped, pupils blown wide with terror and realization. "Mortal…" she whispered as dread, cold as ice, raced through her veins. "Oh god, you...you're a vampire..." Tears now coursed down her cheeks as she peered around the darkened room frantically, as if searching for a savior to appear.

Low, chilling laughter filled the relative silence as the predator yanked the mortal to his feet by the front of his sleep shirt, drawing a pained grunt from him.

"Why?" the girl sobbed. "Why are you doing this?"

The predator pulled the mortal close, his hand around his neck as he tilted the man's head with a flick of his thumb. "This is all for you sweetheart. Let this be a lesson against playing in worlds you shouldn't even know of." He chuckled and the sound of it sent chills racing down her spine. "A shame it will be a short-lived lesson…"

With that, he tilted his head and bit deeply into the mortal's neck. The man screamed in pain and terror as the girl reached out desperately with one hand toward the darkened figures, the two now seemingly melded into one. "Please!" she begged. "Please spare my dad! Take me! Kill me instead!"

He pulled back from the struggling mortal's neck, blood smeared over his mouth and running down his chin as he smiled. "Oh don't worry sweetheart…you're next," he said before covering the coursing wound with his lips again.

"Bells...baby, run!" the dying mortal croaked as his hands clawed and flailed at the iron grip that held him.

The girl sobbed as she watched the shadowed struggles of her father slow before ceasing altogether. The sound of his body hitting the floor was punctuated by a high pitched wail of grief and a sinister laugh. Callously, the predator kicked the cooling corpse to the side as he focused back on the girl. "It's painful having everything dear taken from you isn't it?"

She stared blankly toward the darkened figure, her mind numb with shock as one question plagued her. "Who are you?" she demanded as tears dripped from her chin and jaw.

"You really want to know who I am?"

"Yes!" she hissed as her fists clenched at her sides.

He moved to grab the discarded duffle which he unzipped. "Let me present your gift first. I really think you'll like it. I know I do…"

That said, he dumped the contents onto her bed and her breath caught as she gagged, a scream lodged behind the action as she stared in horror. There, in a shaft of moonlight, just inches from her lap, were the heads of Edward and Alice Cullen, their horrified, sorrow-filled black eyes rolling wildly.

Losing the fight with nausea, she leaned over and retched, her stomach contents spilling over the opposite side of her bed as the predator grinned coldly. "I take that as a no?" he questioned dryly and she coughed and retched again. He shrugged and tossed the bag away. "Aw well, I tried," he drawled in mock regret. "I must admit though, that's hardly the show of appreciation I expected for their sacrifice." He tsk'ed. "Show a little respect, at least…"

Wiping the bitter dregs of bile on the sleeve of her night-shirt, she sat up and looked toward him. "Why? Why have you done this?" she asked, her voice raw and cracked with abuse and grief.

He was on her in the next second, her face pinned to the side as his nose traced up the length of her neck. "Why…" he stated flatly against her wildly throbbing pulse. "Because you ruined everything that was good in my life, and all for a teenaged crush!" he sneered while his hold on her neck tightened gradually.

"How?" she choked and trembled. "I don't…even…know you…"

His dark laughter crawled over her like a hoard of insects and she shuddered. "You just don't get it do you?" he snarled as his fingertips dug into her neck, drawing blood where they pierced the skin. "You're so selfish, so shallow, so singleminded, that it didn't even register when your very presence devastated my world…" He eased his hold and she gulped in air as tears ran onto her pillow unchecked. "It's okay though," he murmured as his thumb rubbed over her jawline tenderly. "I'm about to take care of that and there won't be a question in your self-centered little mind as to who I am and why I'm doin' this."

So saying, he wrapped his hand in her hair and yanked her up from the bed. Dragging her whimpering form along, he walked into the shaft of moonlight that spilled through the window as she clawed at his hands. Turning her toward him, he stared expressionlessly into her face, his black eyes, each an endless void swirling with hatred.

"J-Jasper!" she breathed in shock, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Now do you see?" he demanded while his grip on her hair tightened painfully as he shook her. "Now is it clear? You shouldn't have been in my world! My home was my only safe haven—the only place I had to get away from the constant thirst. And now, because of you, they're gone and I've been cast out—I've lost everything."

"I'm sorry," she sobbed. "I didn't mean for any of this to happen…"

He hissed and slapped her sharply. "You're sorry…" he spat as he studied her for a beat. "Yeah, maybe you are...now, but guess what?"

She lifted her head and looked him in the eyes, her own full of resignation and defeat. "What?" she murmured.


A strangled scream pierced the night as he bared his fangs and bit into her neck viciously, her adrenaline driven blood spraying in a wide arc from the corners of his mouth.

He reveled in it—this blood that Edward had risked everything for—this blood the mind reader had protected and coveted above all other…

A deep chested groan left him as he took time to bask in it; the scent and the sticky wetness and the warmth of it as it ran down his chin to coat his chest…


This was his moment—one he had pictured time and again since meeting her and he closed his eyes in satisfaction as her heart gradually slowed…

…and stopped.

It was done.

She was dead…

…and he was free again.

Dropping the girl's spent corpse, he collected the horrified heads and placed them back in the bag before lithely jumping from the window.

"Well, Major," a familiar voice drawled from the trees. "Ya done had your fun. We best clean ya up and get on home."

The predator stared up at the open window for a moment before turning to his Captain. With a nod, he shouldered his gruesome trophies and fell into step with his brother.

"Home…" he murmured.

"Sounds good to me."