Part I: Daughters of Deception

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

-Timothy Leary

It took them four years to defeat the villain. They had stopped an great evil. But in the process, they unknowingly caused another. They didn't realize what they were trying to protect was itself something to be abhorred.

Only one of them would ever know the full scale of the aftermath. It was her ambition and her secret doings that allowed her to know the truth. She was nearly driven to suicide by this revelation. But she would be led into a different, though even darker path. It required her to make the greatest sacrifice possible for a human-exchange death for something much worse, an eternity of pain.

But despite knowing the full cost of her exchange, that was the trade she made. And from that day on she would spend each waking moment plotting, strategizing, trying to conjure up the vision of a complex gambit, and writing list after list of things to be done. And at last, it was there.

As always, however, she would have to watch her back constantly. Others would be coming out of the woodwork. They would have their own agendas. And they would be just as unfettered as she was already.

The war for the future had begun. It would not be a war of violence, but one of subtlety where the most devious schemes would win the day.