A/N: I became addicted to reading prefect drabbles earlier this year (thanks to the ever-talented forthright and RosieB) and have been trying my hand at writing them ever since.

This is my second attempt, but my first for the Inu-Yasha archives. Every chapter will be exactly 100 words. Updates will be Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, and range from 3-6 chapters a week (depending on people's interest).

Chapter 1 - Lurking

Kouga crouched in dry grass, cool and frost-tipped in the night. The shift in seasons was approaching. He peered through needle-covered boughs into a dim campsite, occupied travel rolls and a cocoon-like contraption Kagome called 'sleeping bag' circling the embers of a fire.

Long dark hair splayed from the top of the cocoon, spread across the dirt in slumber. A hint of face peeked out, nestled beside a warm ball of tawny orange fur.

He frowned. The kitsune still sleeps with her? After all these years? He's too old for such a role.

He edged closer for a better look.