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"Alright, everyone," the teacher announced as the rest of the students lined up in front of the bus that was parked outside of the theater. As the night progressed, the sky slowly faded into oblivion with the passing ticking of minutes. An icy breeze passed over us as the wind turned from autumn to winter. I wrapped my arms around my torso as the teacher continued on. "So, I have the tickets and I will be passing them out. Each of them have a seat number, and the ticket you get is your assigned number, so please stick to it. When we get in there, we'll get organized and seated, then you may do your last minute running around before the show starts; snacks, bathroom, et cetera."

There was a unison in murmurs as everyone agreed.

"Good. So, I'll be coming around and handing them out at random, so please stay put until I get them all handed out. Thank you." She went around and handed each and every ticket to the students, starting from where she stood, making her way down to where Leo and I stood.

"Man, I love this play. People get freakin' hung! Like, by their necks!" Leo exclaimed, clenching his hands in excitement. I only shook my head at his mild maelstrom.

"I find the music to be quite unique and catchy," I added, which led to Leo giving me a nod of approval.

"Shit," Leo shouted under his breath.

"What?" I asked.

"My shoes untied, give me a sec," Leo said as he hobbled over to a bench to prop his foot up to retie his shoe.

"Hurry up, hot head."

"Yeah, yeah, give me a sec."

During this time, it wasn't until our teacher made her way over to our side did I realise that Jason, Percy, and Will had made their way behind us, looming over my shoulder as she came around.

"Will," she mumbled as she handed him a ticket. "Nico, here you go," she said to me, continuing down the line, handing one to Jason and then to Percy.

"Wait a minute," I called out, looking over to where Leo was finishing up with his shoelace that had taken him way too long to retie. But my voice was in vane as she didn't hear me as she went over to Leo who was now making his way back over.

When he got back beside me, he waved his ticket in my direction.

"I'm so pumped," he said with a smirk.

"Dude, I don't even think we're sitting together now. Nice going, idiot."

"Hey, my shoe was untied."

I smacked him upside the head, crossing my arms as he rubbed the aching spot.

"That hurt! Oww..."

"Good, it was supposed to."

"Alright, everyone, time to head in," our teacher called out as everyone lazily followed her and made their way inside the theater.

"It's about time, my legs hurt and I just want to sit down!" Leo whined as we shuffled into the entrance.

The inside was crammed with people, but still spacious. It was immaculate. As the crowds died out as they filed into their respective seats, more foot room became available. We followed the flow of people as they flooded into the seating area, weaving in and out of people until we spotted our number and group.

Leo and I swerved through the rows and people to get to our numbered seats. Leo broke off before me, finding his assigned seat beside Percy as I continued past him and Jason, finding my number between Jason and Will. Sighing, I took my seat, keeping my eyes locked on the stage and the intro/warm up music that the orchestra was doing.

After a few minutes of bouncing my leg, I looked over and passed Jason and Percy, whispering, trying to get Leo's attention.

"Dude," I tried, voice low. After a few moments of silence from him, I tried again, this time a little louder. "Dude."

After a third try, Leo looked past the two between us and leaned forward, making eye contact with me.

"What?!" he hissed, also trying to keep his voice low.

"Switch seats with me," I seethed back.

"No way, I got a cute chick beside me!" Leo exclaimed, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"What about Callie?"

"That's going to take me a while; long term goal man, this girl I'll never see again after this and you are not switching with me."

"Screw you," I mouthed.

Leo smirked. "Have fun with lover boy," he mouthed back as to make sure none of the people beside us heard.

I sneered at him before sitting back in my seat. I looked around, examining the decor of the theater. A chandler hung, dim and unlit, vaguely over the stage. Only dim house lights illuminated the area as the crowds on the aisles slowly dissipated.

I sighed and stood up, excusing myself out of the aisle and making my way to the hall. The air was much less stuffy, and I could feel like I could finally breathe. I slowly made my way over to the counter where they were selling snacks and memorabilia.

"Hi, I would like a bag of Reese's Pieces, please. Thank you." I dug around in my pocket for some change as some one from behind me spoke up.

"Oh, and a water please."

I turned around and behind me stood Will, eyes locked on the server, a small smile shadowing his lips as the man behind the counter agreed, bring over a bottle of water and what I had asked for.

"Hey," I called out, agitated.

"That will be five fifty, please," said the employee.


"Here," Will cut in, handing the man six dollars over my shoulder, not even sparing me a look. "Keep the change."

I was just about to yell at him when he handed me my snack, still never looking at me.

"Here. You're stuck beside Jason and Percy, this is my apology," Will said as he continued past me.

"Wait," I yelled, catching up to him, "what do you mean? Will!"

Will stopped abruptly, almost making me run into him. He finally looked down at me, his eyes were soft. They had a glow to them, one that I couldn't exactly place, but was relaxing, as if a breath had left me feeling heavy, but was now gone.

"What do you me-" I tried again, voice meek, smaller than I meant it to be.

There was almost a pained look in his eyes, something speaking deeper than words that I could not describe. The harder I tried, the more lost I got. But this was only for a split second, for a second later, it was gone, replaced with a kinder look. He smiled.

"Trust me," he started, walking slower this time, "sitting next to Jason when Percy's near is not fun. They'll probably talk the whole time, so just think of it as me saying sorry on behalf of them."

"Okay..." I tried to understand, but it still didn't make all that sense.

The lights in the hall blinkered, signalling us that they were about to start with the show.

"Let's go," Will suggested, gesturing with his chin.

"Yeah," I agreed, trying to shake the thought out of my mind.


The house lights fell down as we made it back to our seats, a tuning note played by the orchestra signalling the last few spare seconds before the prologue and overture were to start.

It wasn't two minutes later did the opening chord for the theme start to play. The music slowly faded out into silence as a man came on stage wheeling a cart with paper and a quill pen. He was sharply dressed as several other actors made their way on stage, walking around while low music played. It was incredibly how everyone barely missed one another, the music being drown out in a soft melody.

The man on stage started to speak, auctioning off items.

I straightened my back, hoping to have a better view, but the man in front of my was much taller, causing a great pain when it comes to seeing. I moved in my seat, trying to see if it was only that one spot. I leaned to the right, but the view was no better, so I leaned to my left, hoping to get a better view.

"Having fun?" Will asked. I turned my head to look at him, but when I did, our faces were only inches apart.

"Umm," I stuttered, unsure of what to say. Our faces were so close together, I didn't know what to say or do. "Sorry," I mumbled, backing away, but now unable to see the stage again.

Will laughed. "Dude, its fine."


I leaned in, but this time not as far. I rested my elbow on the arm rest and leaned on it, shifting my weight and getting a better view.

The show continued on as the man on stage started to speak.

"Thank you," he said after a man to the right of the stage slowly raised his hand. "Lot 663, then. Ladies and gentleman, a poster from this houses production of Hannibal by..."

This continued on until he mentioned the chandler that hung idly over the stage. The lights for it came on and it begun to rise, hanging over the stage as an all instrumental version of the theme played. When it was fully raised, the lights went dark and the crowd clapped. I looked around, taking in the atmosphere. When I looked to my left, Will sat there, relaxed, a small smirk pulling at his lips as he clapped. And I felt lighter.


After the opening number, the stage was being cleared as the scene went on, introducing characters. The lead opera singer continued to fly on her own air, standing center stage as the new owners of the opera house gushed over her talent.

They requester her to sing the aria in act three.

" a personal favour, you would oblige us a privet rendition. Unless, of course..."

"This is one of my favourite songs from this," Will whispered to me, leaning closer.

As she agrees to do so, she starts, moving around the stage, until one of the sand bags almost hits her, causing her to storm off in anger, refusing to do the show until it is fixed. The assemble started to sing about it being the phantom of the opera, but the new owners don't believe in it. The instructor announces that there is another that could sing the part; Christine.

A girl in the same costume as the rest of the background dancers steps forward, her hands shaky as she started. At first her voice precarious, but after a few measures, it becomes stronger and more certain. As she continued, her costume changed on stage as they remove part of her costume behind a curtain made out of fabric which two actresses held.

"Think of me

Think of me fondly

When we've said goodbye

Remember me

Every so often

Promise me you'll try."


As the dancers are being scolded, the voice of a man echoes, congratulating her on her performance.

A young girl in the costume of a dancer comes on stage, speaking to her.



"Christine," echoes the same voice of the man.

"Where in the world have you been hiding?

You have just been perfect.

I only wish I knew your secret

Who is this new tutor?"

Meg and Christine walk off to a room that has been added to the left of the stage. Christine puts on a night coat, looking in the mirror.

"Father once spoke of an angel

I used to dream he'd appear

Now as I sing I can sense him

And I know he's here.

Here is this room he calls me softly

Somewhere in side, hiding

Some how I know he's always with me

He, the unseen genius."

Christine takes a seat on a chair as Meg comes over, worried.

"I watched your face from the shadows

Distant from all the applause

I hear your voice in the darkness

Yet the words aren't yours."

"Angel of music," Christine stands up, and Meg sings along side her, voices mixing with words.

"Angel of music

Hide no longer

secret and strange angel," the sing together.

"He's with me even now," Christine sings.

"Your hand are cold," Meg points out.

"All around me."

"Your face, Christine, its white."

"It frightens me."

"Don't be frightened," Meg sings lastly as the last note rings out.

Meg gets scolded for not practicing and runs off, leaving Christine alone with a note given to her by the instructor before she also turns and leaves.


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