Title: Gambit's Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems... Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that's it.

Chapter One

Third Point of View

Bella knew she was different from a young age, always getting what she asked or didn't ask for. She wasn't like her mommy and daddy. She noticed that when she talked anyone who heard her, did everything within their power to please her and she didn't like it at all. How could she enjoy her childhood when people only liked her for her voice?

When she was ten, she was abducted by a man, a simple man who was once the head librarian in her neighbourhood. He was kind and sweet but under her gift, he turned envious and unkind. She had turned a good man wicked and that was when she realised that she could no longer talk and so from the day she was found by the police the damage was done, she refused to talk.

They called it traumatic experience, Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD as they said many doctors and specialists told her mother and father that she would grow out of it, but she never did. So they signed her up for sign language courses as a simple solution when she still wouldn't talk a year later.

With her not talking everything stopped, yet she was happy to be alone and unnoticed, Bella didn't want to corrupt anymore.

When she turned thirteen she grew real sick, the doctors couldn't understand what was wrong or what was happening but she ached all over, her hands hurting the worst and when she was finally sent home to rest she discovered the truth.

Her mother's boyfriend of the month was screaming at her because she was ruining his cushion, her illness and treatments were wasting away all the inheritance Renee had left. He went to strike her just as Renee came in and for her to cry out as claws protruded from her fingertips. The man had screamed in horror, calling her freak, a mutant.

She can't remember much after that as she screamed in agony, her hands and flesh burning where the bone split her flesh. But afterwards Renee told her the truth, Charlie was not her father. That night, they packed all they could and moved, Renee expressing her fear about how mutants were hunted and taken or even killed and she swore to keep Bella safe.

They moved three more times when Bella accidentally revealed her claws due to anger. She had learnt to control her beast so to speak, with meditation, but there were times she couldn't control them. It didn't help that the older she got the more tuned her senses became, or the fact she now had a set of pointed teeth.

It was like teething all over again, that and it was as if someone turned up the sounds to maximum, it was frustrating and confusing. It wasn't just the sounds, it was the sense of smell and sight, and it was all enhanced just as much. With the senses and the claws came an animalistic grace and instinct, it frightened her and pleased her that she wouldn't be tripping over and humiliating herself anymore.

But Bella also lived in fear, each school had hate posters up about mutants and those that couldn't hide their powers were beaten by the others or taken. She didn't know who by, they just wouldn't return for school and missing posters went up the day after. Though Bella feared and did well to hide her abilities she still found herself running for her life.

"Now, now sweetheart, we need you for leverage." The man chuckled darkly before shooting.

At the pinch of pain, Bella looked down to see a tranquilizer in her arm before the world around her swayed and blackness took her.

"You told me you would leave her be if I did as you asked!" The voice startled her awake, the room spinning till rough warm hands grasped her bare arms. "Calm Issy, it'll wear off soon."

Bella held back a whimper at the loudness of it all, the clinking, the voices, the smells and when the blur in her vision subsided she focused on the man before her. He was stocky, with kind eyes and mutton chops.

Where am I? Who are you? She signs causing the man before her to frown slightly before turning and snatching the clipboard from the woman next to him and handing it to her. She wrote the question again and explaining she can't talk.

"My name is Victor, I am your father." Victor replied softly, trying to hold back his rage. He should have listened to Jimmy and left while they still could and when he had met Renee and had told him she was pregnant, well he began to feel fear.

He wouldn't know what abilities his child would get, he hoped that it would be something like his and from the updates he gets, it seemed like it was. But his little girl had been found out about and Stryker had blackmailed him into killing and kidnapping. If he refused then she would be treated like any other mutant on this godforsaken island.

Bella frowned and wrote down her question. Why am I here?

"You're here to make sure I comply with their demands swiftly and without trouble. I am not a good man Issy, I have done horrible things but you, you are the best thing I have ever done and I tried to keep you safe all these years by staying away, but they found you. I promise I won't let them hurt you while you're here." He whispered, he promised before casting a look over his shoulder and leant in. "I'll try and get help without them knowing, my brother Jimmy will come if all turns well. Stay safe Issy, I love you."

Bella watched the man - her father - leave quickly and hope bloomed in her chest with a crippling grief. She had always thought that her real father didn't love her, but it seemed he did indeed care for her. Thus the reason why it hurt, he was protecting her and now they have her and are using her to make him hurt people.

"Remember our deal Stryker, no harm is to come to her." Her father snarled before striding away.

Bella held back a hiss as a man grasped her arm and yanked her up. "Where shall I put her?"

The man - Stryker - shrugged. "With the rest."

She didn't know what that meant till she was roughly shoved forward, down a flight of steps and through a large steel door. It took all her willpower not to scream in horror as she saw others in small cells. Many of them bandaged and curled on the floor whimpering.

What did they do to them? They're only children, some no older than five!

Rage swirled around in her belly causing the familiar ache to start in her hands. Bella quickly clenched them before the man saw them and shoved her harshly into her very own small cell. The whole room smelt of blood and rust, even though there were more scents it could hardly be detected over the stench of blood.

When the man finally left the cell room she screamed silently in rage while flinging her arms out. It didn't soothe the rage that bubbled inside but it helped. Yet, Bella still refused to make a noise. She could see now, as her eyes roam over the others that they were expertly sliced open and healed. They were experimented on and though her father promised they wouldn't hurt her, she didn't want to reveal her corrupting gift just yet.

Hours and days seemed to blend together, children and people coming and going like clockwork all the while being fed meager food. She hadn't seen her father since the first time and she hoped he was alive, but the more she stayed here the angrier she got and now her claws constantly stayed out. She had grown used to her fingers being claws and the one time she was able to retract them, it felt weird so she kept them out.

"He took down ten of us before we took him down, slippery bastard."

"A year we've been after him." Another voice gritted out annoyed.

Bella's head shot up at the voice, narrowing as she saw two guards dragging an unconscious man down the aisle and shoving him into the adjoining cage. He was older than the others and lean, a red welt resting on the back of his neck from where he was struck. Seeing the mark on his neck caused something to stir deep down inside of her, something unfamiliar.

She hissed at the two guards as they let him fall face first on the metal ground. She didn't know why she reacted the way she did but their rough handling of the man infuriated her more than anything. The guards just laughed as they closed the door and walked away.

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