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In the Far Far Future of 2250 humanity was safe, the Goauld extinct, Ori dead and their followers back in their own galaxy, Replicators wiped out and the Wraith defeated. The rest of humanity's enemies were long gone and man was in the golden age of space exploration and colonies. Humanity was now spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, the Pegasus Galaxy and the Ida Galaxy with new planets being colonised on a nearly daily basis, The Empire of Man was truly living in a blessed time.

Chapter One

Most would consider living in such blessed time a good thing, but not all, some considered it boring, one of these people was Lazarus. Lazarus Gistac was one of the many explorers working for the AMSU Corporation of Earth, which sent explorers off by the hundreds and thousands to map the star systems and galaxies in one man's ship and he had just made the discovery of his short five year career with them.

Lazarus could not believe his eyes, right there in front of his little old falling apart spaceship he called Dana was an ancient Ustrian Cruiser, and it was worth a fortune. With the money he could make off selling it illegally he could buy his own star system or at least a very good M class planet, not that he was so inclined but he could if he wanted.

He was only 22 and if he managed to successfully get that ship he would never have to work again. He was ecstatic that he had discovered it; luckily as well he had been by himself. He knew he was smart to choose to be one of the first to explore this new galaxy humanity was starting to colonise.

Lazarus was left in a predicament, contact his superiors and receive some recognition and a cut of the profits or board the vessel himself and receive a significant amount more recognition and money and most assuredly a promotion as ancient ships were a rarity even in this golden space age humanity was in. Lazarus piloted the small ship into an orbit of a nearby moon while he decided what to do.

AMSU was the leading corporation in space exploration and salvaging of alien/ancient tech which they then reverse engineer and make huge profits. Lazarus knew if he sent a signal back to AMSU a professional salvage team would arrive within a week or two and take it back to the nearest AMSU base and be stripped. Well that is if Jaffa or Human pirates didn't pick up the signal first and investigate.

Sending the signal would be the easier option because boarding an Ustrian ship was incredibly dangerous he had heard. What with all the security systems and such he could die horribly and receive no money and we'll be dead and he wanted to be alive very much.

He knew if he died in that amazing ship no one would come looking for him, well not until someone else wandered upon it. That was the problem with working for AMSU, with so many employees Lazarus was just a little barcode's to them. As part of the contract with the corporation he had to have the barcode's tattooed onto him and whenever Lazarus got stressed or nervous it itched.

As Lazarus tried to decide what to do with the Ustrian ship situation it itched like a motherf***er. As he stared at it he read AFE873F993OC134 softly aloud to himself for what seemed like the millionth time in his year long trek to the outermost edges of the galaxy where the best money was to be made.

Lazarus ummed and erred about safe option one or dangerous option two for many hours before he starting getting tired, a good sleep will help with this he thought. He took the few steps to his cramped bunk bed right behind the main controls and took the standard AMSU sleeping pill which guaranteed a perfect sleep no matter what.

It was one of their first money making reverse engineered items, found decades previously in an unknown alien crashed ship at the bottom of the Caff ocean on the planet Aura one of Earths vassal planets back in the Milky Way.