This is the first slash fanfiction I ever wrote, with a bunch of editing I did recently. I hope my editing was able to edit out the bad parts.

Obviously all characters belong to JK Rowling. Do I even have to say that? Probably, but still.

I suck at this. Wow.

"Hey, Finnigan!"

Seamus turns around and stares at Dean, who's running to catch up with him, grinning like an idiot and waving his DA coin around in the air.

"You bloody fool," Seamus hisses, grinning all the same, feeling his heart beat slightly faster. "Don't wave it around like that, Umbridge'll see you."

"Aw, fuck Umbridge," Dean says carelessly. Seamus smirks despite himself. "What's she got now, spies around the castle?"

"Something like that," Seamus replies as Malfoy and his Slytherin squad walk – no, not walk – strut past, curling their lips at the two boys.

"What the fuck?" Dean gazes at them as they strut past, his mouth wide open. Seamus looks at him out of the corner of his eye and smiles a bit. He looks especially cute today, Seamus decides, leaning his hand on his chin.

Seamus stops immediately when Dean looks back at him, expecting answers.

"They call themselves the Inquisition Squad. Or, rather, Umbridge does. I'm not exactly sure."

Dean rolls his eyes. "Inquisition Squad, Umbridge's bloody spies, same difference." He looks around, looking bored, then looks back at Seamus. "Common room? Nothing to do down here."

Seamus's heart gives a little jump at the thought of being alone in one room with Seamus – Jesus, the things that could happen – but he banishes the thought almost immediately. "Yeah, sure." He plays with the loose tie around his neck, runs his hand through his hair, burnt at the tips from his latest potions catastrophe.

They walk up the stairs, bantering, bump into Ron and Lavender, then Harry and Hermione a little ways later. Hermione smiles slyly at them, for reasons unknown to Seamus. He looks to Dean for clues, but the other boy looks just as clueless as Seamus feels.

They get to the common room (finally!), and Dean bounces at the edge of his bed, Seamus resting against the Gryffindor-scarlet pillows on his.

"So," Dean starts.

"So," Seamus says, his cheeks glowing red. "Ginny –"

"Broke up with me. Kissed Harry. I'm aware, thanks," Dean mumbles. Seamus bounds off his bed to sit next to Dean.

"That tosser," Seamus grumbles. "Ah well. There're better people out there than Weasley."

Their eyes connect for a second, then they look away, flushing bright red.

Seamus is sure he imagined it. After all, Dean is straight. Has to be, might be, must be straight. Yet the way Dean had looked at Seamus was all too familiar. It's how Seamus imagined he must look when he stares at Dean. Like a big, gaping idiot.

"You okay, Shay?" Shit. He's been quiet for too long.

"What? Yeah, Dean. 'Course." Seamus determinedly avoids Dean's eyes, fiddling with a corner of the quilt on his four-poster.

"You're a shit lier, Seamus. What's up?"

Shit. Shit shit shit shit.

Seamus looks down and bites his lip. The only option for him now was to tell the truth.

"Y'know I'm queer, Dean -"

"Yeah," the other boy said, voice trembling a bit.

"Yeah," Seamus said, and took a deep breath. "Well - I think I -"

"You like me?" Dean said, piecing it together. Seamus nodded, his face burning.

"That's good," Dean said, and Seamus looked up at him in surprise, letting go of the corner of blanket he had been fiddling with. Dean turned pink. "Would you mind if I kissed you?" Dean asked, and Seamus shook his head, and just as they had drawn apart, there was an exasperated sigh from behind them. They turned and saw Ron.

"Finally," Ron said, rolling his eyes. "You two have been making eyes at each other since second year, there's no chance you thought we hadn't noticed. Blimey, Hermione'll be thrilled."