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Monty Oum please grant me strength..., she muttered in prayer to him.

Ruby Rose was having a really stressful day ever since the Tyrells are coming to Winterfell as well as the Arynns too soon after King Robert and his royal party arrived first and settled in the seat of the Starks in the North for their long-term stay. Not only that the Lannisters are coming too as well and the old lion Tywin Lannister is with them and finally the Martells.

Lady Catelyn has been blaming her for attracting too much attention from the southerners to come here in Winterfell though not directly in person but still she blames her regardless. Besides she and the wife of Lord Stark have never got along well that much at all for over nine years.

Earlier after a brief reunion, she knew that after taking a short break in a month-long trip by her persuasion, Robert and Ned are having a private moment between men underneath the crypts of Winterfell where the ancient Kings in the North and Lords of Winterfell are buried down there in paying respects to Lyanna's grave and decided to spend her time elsewhere where the Red Reaper noticed Lady Catelyn overseeing the arrangements and accommodations for the royal party staying in Winterfell and also for their new groups of guests.

"The Tyrells are coming here to Winterfell. So, too, are the Arynns and the Lannisters. Gods be good, can Winterfell handle with so many people from the visiting parties?", the Tully woman said with worry that this may strain even with her abilities after the maester previously reported to her earlier.

"We've got a Greyjoy, some Baratheons, the Arryns, the Lannisters and the Tyrells. All we need now are the Martells then it's a party.", Ruby joked to herself out loud that she may regret saying that later unfortunately.

Maester Luwin entered the the hall with another message in his hand as he reported dutifully, "Pardon me my lady. I have just received word from the raven that Princess Arianne Martell and her uncle Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne with a small party of Dornishmen are coming here to Winterfell. Arrived at White Harbor recently in travel by boat."

"Me and my big mouth...", the red hooded woman muttered in a deadpanned tone of the karma while remarking in her mind. Wonderful. The entire Great Houses of Westeros gathered here together in Winterfell.

Catelyn looked completely aghast of another party or more are coming here to Winterfell. "By the Seven! Do we even have anymore spare rooms?"

Despite of this unexpected turn of events recently with more of the parties coming here soon, Lady Stark had began to redouble her efforts in handling and managing the household accommodations and needs for their incoming new group of guests once they arrive sooner than later while blaming Ruby internally for jinxing even though it was unintentional in the first place.

The Arynns who are relatives in marriage with the Tullys and Starks since Robert's Rebellion, the Red Rose suspects in her mind that they may not be here sharing grief and condolences with Lord Stark for the death of old Jon Arynn as Ned and Robert were his wards he fostered and the sons he never had at the Eyrie but brushes it off for now as she strolled down the hallways of Winterfell to ponder more on the next party of visitors.

Although she never claimed to know much about Jon Arynn since her arrival in Westeros, he's been kind to her and was the one who supports her in aiding the rebel cause in overthrowing the Mad King despite the others' view of being a woman not meant to fight in a battle since a decade ago. I never knew Lord Arynn but he sure reminds me of Professor Ozpin somewhat... May Monty help you find peace., she prayed.

For the Tyrells, Ruby knows that they're not here for a simple visit just to see the legendary Red Rose not for a good reason when it's the game of politics the people of the south played. If she recalled correctly, Mace Tyrell who tried to take credit of her last name with a claim of Ruby is actually from Reach, and even going so far to claim she is his bastard child to make Reach seem more important, despite the fact her traits are closer to the Starks.

Of course no one believes him, thankfully, and it hurts his reputation more as a result of his folly in attempting to steal credit from Ruby, to point there are rumors his own lords want him replaced with a new family head, and some suggesting a new family takes over as the Wardens of the Reach. They even suggested her as the candidate if only she had accepted the rewards and titles from King Robert when he ascended to the Iron Throne as the new king.

Probably because they think me and my last name Rose after my mother are related to those Tyrells. Idiots. I can guess the women in Highgarden are far more competent than men after all., Ruby mused to herself.

No, the biggest reason why the Tyrells are coming here is to join their family and the Starks, preferably through Robb in an arranged marriage. Because of the slow yet revolutionary methods starting in the North made the North more powerful, richer and more influential during the past decade thanks to her. To the point to the fact, that several Southern lords seek to build a powerful alliance with the Starks that could challenge even the Lannisters at the height of their power. She could bet on a pouch of Gold Dragons that Mace and his mother Olenna, the Queen of Thorns especially want this to strengthen their family's waning power in the south since the blundering fat fool attempted to take advantage of her name and humiliated himself.

Next are the Lannisters, well those blond haired rich dudes who are bound in marriage alliance with the Baratheons to secure the hold on the Iron Throne held begrudging respect for her and may try to bribing her into serving House Lannister instead of the Starks because of her inhuman supernatural power and skill and her knowledge that made the North and the Night's Watch strong for a decade. Also, they somewhat resent her for "corrupting" the mind of Cersei in picking up a sword and fight like her twin brother Ser Jaime instead of doing a woman's duty of being a lady and birth her husband's children until their father put an end to it.

Quite a bit too harsh for a father there to his own children..., Ruby had noted.

And knowing about Tywin Lannister who may be the brutal yet intelligent and cunning version of General James Ironwood, he may have schemes and plans cooked up within his mind formulated for the Red Rose. Either by arranging a betrothal with one of his family relatives or even his dwarf son to acquire her bloodline to strengthen House Lannister all for the sake of securing the Lannister legacy he worked so hard to achieve whether she like it or not with consent of King Robert who has been so insistent on arranging a marriage for her.

At one time during the feast at his coronation as the King on the Iron Throne and a political marriage to Cersei of House Lannister a decade ago, Robert loudly announced Ruby's betrothal to his younger brother Stannis in his drunken declaration in front of everyone and, oh boy, she was not amused at all as she then used her metal arm to painfully grabbed his balls between his legs again to put an end to it much to the horror of the guests for a mysterious scythe-wielding one-eyed women boldly standing up against their new king.

Thankfully his always serious and stern brother didn't want the arranged marriage with the red hooded woman either and had defused the public situation between the Stag and the Red Reaper with Jon Arynn and Ned Stark while he took it as a slight with the grounding of his teeth that Ruby thought it would shatter if he clenched them too hard.

And finally the Martells, she only heard about the exquisiteness of the desert country including the women warriors already existing before her arrival in Westeros and also reputation of the Red Viper of Dorne who happens to be Prince Oberyn. One of their family members, Princess Elia Martell was brutally raped and murdered by Ser Gregor Clegane along with her two innocent children during the Sack of King's Landing, the Martells hated the Lannisters to the very core out of all the Houses who rebelled against the Targaryens and will take every opportunity to get back at them whenever it appears before them.

With Tywin Lannister and his party arriving there in the North, soon there's no doubt that it won't be long before Prince Oberyn cause trouble even with the sacred guest right invoked. There better be a good reason or two of why the Martells are coming here to Winterfell other than provoking a fight with the Lannisters over a decade-old family grudge between them or Monty help me!

To seek solitude away for just a little while, the red hooded Huntress traveled above the rooftops of Winterfell as she pondered in her mind about everything that has happened to her in Westeros while the rest of the Stark household down below are preparing the feast fit worthy for a king, his family and his royal party of Baratheons and Lannisters tonight.

For the past decade while being in Westeros for quite a long time after ending up there, Ruby had to endure all the sufferings of contempt, suspicion and hatred as the people of Westeros weren't entirely accepting of her because of her enigmatic nature. Her name was even used as a cursing language: "May the Red Reaper take your head!" or so and stories of her scary side to scare children which is more effective than grumpkins and snarks.

In short, she was not easily welcomed here in this world filled with medieval mix of fantasy, violence, politics, backward feudal societies and war.

While she was being idolized in songs and stories today, there were gossips and rumors set on her like a pack of Grimm Beowolves stirred by fresh meat in the game outside the borders of the Vale. The list of them ranged from the Stranger's daughter coming to judge the wicked and the evil by slicing off their heads and claiming their souls for her father; one of the children of the forest; an alleged family member of House Banefort, a vassal bannermen of the Lannisters or even descended from its legendary founder, the Hooded Man; a sorceress from Asshai immigrated to Westeros; a red priestess of the Red God and finally being an alleged mother of the bastard son conceived by the honorable Ned Stark.

Some of the Northern lords held contempt against Ruby Rose as they believed the alleged rumor of her to have conceived Ned Stark's bastard and sullied their liege lord's honor and his wife's too as well and the hidden resentment towards her for letting thousands of wildlings and a few hundred giants get pass through the Wall and settled in the Gift next close to their lands ever since their bad history of war and hatred with them 8,000 years ago.

Most of the Southern lords notably Tywin Lannister, Stannis Baratheon and Randyll Tarly except those in Dorne saw her as an insolent idealist who would dare to break the long-running traditions and customs of the patriarchal society that gave women the freedom to pick up a weapon and fight like men because of the inspiration she made in her role during Robert's Rebellion and the fearsome yet awe-inspiring reputation she had gained.

The Faith of the Seven are very wary of Ruby in her presence in Westeros because of her feared status as the Red Reaper and also the rumor of being Stranger's daughter and her god, Monty Oum, the lord of Dust and Aura and the creator of Remnant she worshiped that they tolerated since there were no incidents of other people converting to her god as the Huntress respects the laws of the Seven Kingdoms. Particularly Lady Catelyn who is a faithful follower of the Seven, had feared that Ruby may spread her religion to her trueborn children and secret nephew instead of hers.

Septa Mordane wasn't much friendly to her either too since she and the septa of the Stark household are at odds with each other for their different point of view on religion and women's roles.

Having read about the Faith's history filled with religious bloodshed and the followers' strong fanaticism in their religion such as the Faith Militant, these guys made the White Fang and Cinder Fall's faction looked perfectly sane. Thank Monty Oum, there ain't that much fanatics of you in Remnant or things would have been more complicated than ever., Ruby inwardly thanked Monty.

While scoffing at the existence of magic even if her Aura and Semblance are similar to the ancient magical power in the world including those of the Night's Watch unlocked by her, the maesters of the Citadel are trying to get their hands on her beloved Crescent Rose and study it for... research purposes such as creating primitive incarnations of guns that would ultimately change the way the armies of the Seven Kingdoms fight in wars by any means necessary which turned out unsuccessful, thank Monty.

There's no way in hell that she's going to let her beloved weapon that has been with her whole life since she built it herself and prided in it as a Huntress just to be torn apart piece by piece by these group of wannabe smartass monks with chains around their neck, not including Maesters Aemon and Luwin or Monty be damned if she ever let that ever happen!

Even the Night's Watch wasn't much kinder to her despite all her efforts in helping them getting back on their feet, Ser Alliser Thorne, Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck had strongly opposed her changes and reforms despite the benefits of it even if it means in restoring the mere fraction of its former strength that led to Alliser's broken legs by her hand that completely shuts up the discontent among the cold and bitter men but they still curse her in their cups and in their conversations behind her back. Not to mention the thieves, murderers, rapists and all other scumbags were very hostile to her in first meeting that she had instilled a mix of military-and-academy-style discipline and training methods on them for a decade to mold them into the credible fighting force of the Watch.

On the other hand, the black sisters held some degree of resentment against her because most of them were former whores got sent to the Wall by the southern lords in her consent since she took advantage of the practice of exiling the criminals and outcasts of the society to the Night's Watch which now includes female prostitutes to steadily increase its strength in strength and skill of arms.

But it was a much kinder fate for them other than being hanged alive or humiliated in public for sleeping with men in the wrong place and in the wrong time, however they won't be feeling any warm pleasure of the flesh from their black brothers since the celibacy in the Night's Watch is still in place and effect but they did so in secret for several or more occasions.

For the free folk, well, were kinda very angst and very suspicious towards Ruby in their first meeting during her own investigation of the White Walkers' existence in the lands Beyond the Wall that it led to a series of misunderstanding at her since the red cloak followed a trail of red rose petals she wore frightens them in their superstitions before eventually it was cleared out with a long personal conversation with Mance, the King-Beyond-the-Wall.

Ruby even attempted to play peacekeeper in negotiating a ceasefire between the Night's Watch and the free folk that has led both sides accuse her for choosing either of them until she had to use her Crescent Rose's scythe form to scare them into silence if they don't shut up now and putting aside their differences here and now but it turned up good in the end with the the free folk settled south in the Wall away from the White Walkers under Mance Rayder's leadership to keep them united together and from causing trouble with their northmen neighbors.

Oh well, she can't please everyone and can't do everything perfectly on her own here in Westeros. Last time the red hooded Huntress checked, she's definitely not Mary fucking Sue for Monty's sake!

If Ruby hadn't have her right metal arm and a left bionic eye right now, the red hooded Huntress would have been a cripple no longer suited for combat duty or maybe a badass one-eyed and one-armed fighting cripple if she had been stubborn enough. She did saw some of the characters from her favorite animation shows were like that she watched back home after all.

Having been through all the series of hardships, conflicts and tragedies that had befallen on Ruby and her teammates and friends during their time as students of Beacon Academy together when facing them, they had managed to pull things through well enough on their own and persevered to reach their dreams and goals in the end back in Remnant... but at grave cost that changed their lives.

Ruby Rose may have lost her innocence and naivety of her childhood in the past that changed her... but never her heroism she cherished.

She owed it much to her childhood dream of becoming a hero who protects people from the monsters either in monstrous and human skin thanks to her strong sense of moral justice, a trait she obtained from stories about heroes and monsters that her sister Yang used to read for her in bed, as well as the way her parents raised her in childhood. These stories are what gave her the ideals that she wished to live by and uphold throughout her life, and are the reason for her love for books also that led to reading a lot at Winterfell's library provided by the kind Maester Luwin.

"As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right and protected people who couldn't protect themselves!", the black and red haired woman remembered the words of her motivations for becoming a Huntress.

Just like what the other people said about her coming out literally from the Age of Heroes in her participation in Robert's Rebellion and all other gossips and rumors, they have no idea and know nothing of her at all as the Huntress of the Vale, the leader of RWBY and the daughter of the late Summer Rose who has done far heroic deeds there with her friends and family together.

Regardless of how the people of Westeros saw of her whether in the positive or the negative light depending on their own perspectives within their minds, Ruby Rose will protect them from the imminent invasion of the White Walkers in the coming winter even if they fear, distrust, despise or hate her for being who and what she was best at her job.

How can she protect the innocents if she cannot protect herself from the likes of the nobles and their game of thrones they play as if their lives are nothing more than chess game pieces waiting to be moved and sacrificed at their whims for the sake of victory?

Death will always come to claim her one way or another either by in battle against White Walkers or men, or by treachery and deceit as she's not invincible but there's an old saying in Bravoos from one of her travels across the Narrow Sea at some point of time in her own version: "What do we say to the God of Death? Not today for Monty Oum is with me always."

That is her resolve when she was stuck here in this world and will stick by it til the very end of her life if she had to.

Turning around briefly in the midst of cold northern air to see the landscape of the North from above, the Huntress notices the four separate parties approaching Winterfell bearing the colors and banners of the Arynns, the Tyrells, the Lannisters and the Martells hailing their arrival for the Starks to welcome them formally in their great castle since after King Robert arrived with his royal party.

"Time for the Red Reaper to meet the falcons, the roses, the lions and the vipers arriving in the wolves' den with the stags...", she muttered with a little poetic tone to herself before disappearing in a trail of red rose petals in eye's view from afar that certain few other people of the arriving parties have managed to see that as they entered the walls of Winterfell...

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