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The Findings of Earth


The End and the Beginning

Two souls stood in a dessert. The sky was covered in dark clouds and the landscape was made of a gray kind of sand. There was nothing in sight, only sand as far as the eye could see. They were in limbo in a place between heaven and hell and far away from earth.

The souls were holding hands. The bodies they were given in the after life were covered in bruises but they didn't cared, they were together and they had managed to get out of hell.

Kenshin widened his eyes. He had never been there before. He was glad to see something different that the usual dark city and its countless streets. He wondered if he was in heaven. He looked up at the sky to meet the same view he saw when he was in hell. That gray sky that never allowed him to see the light of the moon or the sun.

Kaoru got distracted when she saw a small spot in the horizon flying slowly towards them. She remained silent as the light approached them and it stopped just in front of them.

"I can see you managed to get his soul out of hell" Kaoru only nodded as a response. "You two passed every test we put you through"

Kaoru blinked and hesitated a moment before speaking.

"What do you mean by that?"

If the light had a face it would have smiled.

"We needed to know if you were worthy"

Kaoru was about to speak but she was cut off by the lights sweet voice.

"We first evaluated you as individuals, then as a couple and finally as soul mates"

"So what happens now?" Kenshin asked.

"That is up to you. You've earn the chance to have a second opportunity."

Kenshin and Kaoru looked at each other.

"Does that mean that I get to be reborn?" Asked Kenshin.

The light shone brighter for a moment "I know your soul is good but you still committed a great deal of crimes. Her soul has proven that you don't belong in hell but you don't belong in heaven either.  The only thing I can do is give you the chance to go to earth and try again."

Kaoru smiled and held Kenshin's hand tighter.

"Did you heard that Kenshin? You can go back to earth"

Kenshin's eyes were still looking at the light. His expression hadn't changed.

"Every soul has a destiny" continued the sweet voice "there are al types of souls and each of them has to fulfill it. Every soul chooses the path it follows and their actions are what eventually allows them to go to heaven or sentenced them to hell. Kenshin your path was and always will be the one of a warrior but your destiny is to be with your soul mate. In your next life you will also be a warrior but the choices you made are the ones that would make your next life different from the last."

Kenshin nodded, he understood. The sword will always be with him but he had the choice to make it something good or bad.

"There is only one way your soul would ever be allowed to enter heaven. Kaoru's soul is linked to you. You got out of hell because you were together and that is the only way you'll ever be in heaven"

"So what you are saying is that Kaoru has to come to earth with me?"


Kaoru smiled "I don't care" she said to Kenshin "I said that I will always be with you and I mean it"

"Those words you spoken hold more truth in them that you think" The soft voice said. "As I said your souls are linked. Your destiny is to find each other in the next life, to love each other again and to learn something together. Only if you accomplish these things you'll both enter heaven but if you fail to do so you'll both be doomed to hell and this time there is no getting out."

Kenshin and Kaoru looked at each other. They went into the depths of each other's eyes, the melted the blue with the violet and they communicated with out words but saying more than any word could say. The understood that they were facing their destiny jointly, that whatever would happen they'll be together but they needed to be one to save themselves. 

"Yes" They said in one voice. Their eyes still lost in the other and their hands held together.

"You have chosen your faith" Said the light as it disappeared slowly. "But I can guaranty you that it won't be an easy journey"

Kenshin and Kaoru knew that and they were ready to face whatever the light had in mind. The got closer to each other and finally their lips met. The shared one more kiss before their souls were separated and landed in earth.