Camp Drama Doom Games

Chapter 1: Let the Games Begin

Finally it was the next season, that Chris McLean didn't expect a certain Blaineley to be back in the game at all. As Chris was getting ready for his speech to the audience, Dr. Doom brought out Blaineley.

"What is she doing here?" asked Chris.

"She is on contract" continued Dr. Doom, "and she'd love to do commentaries like from season 4 again."

"You did not go over that with me" continued Chris.

"Well, I wish Silver Sable did keep you, then I'd be the host of the show instead of you" said Blaineley.

"Oh, we're getting off to a rocky start here, I'll leave you two kids alone" said Dr. Doom.

"Well, time for the usual introductions, welcome to the new season being titled Camp Drama Doom Games" said Chris.

"That's right, we're hosting the reality series for this season in Dr. Doom's very home country of Latveria!" continued Blaineley.

"Yes, I nearly had been kidnapped by Dr. Doom's wonderful neighbors in Symkaria" said Chris in a sarcastic tone.

That indeed sparked anger among Silver Sable and her Wild Pack crew whom were watching it within their territory.

"I do not like this one bit" said the Silver Sable.

"So what do you want us to do about it?" asked Sandman.

"Not like we can sneak there and spoil the fun" said Prowler.

"That might be the only way to get the money for the current season" said the Silver Sable as she hatched up her scheme.

Back with Chris and Blaineley, Chef had arrived on the scene.

"And here is Chef" said Chris, "our lovable, fun Chef."

"Don't I ever get a helper here, I remember I got a helper in season 4" said Chef.

"Maybe we can get Bob to do that job" said Blaineley.

"Bob!" ordered Chef as poor Bob comes running to him.

"Yes sir?" asked Bob.

"The two hosts have assigned you to be my helper" said Chef, "now Deadpool, your pal was all about fun. I am going to make me the opposite of that, do you understand that?"

Bob then swallowed some air.

"Yes sir" replied Bob.

While Chef was ready to order Bob around with various chores, both Chris and Blaineley were prepared for the teams.

"Okay, this season there'll be three teams" continued Blaineley.

"We'll routate on calling the roster of the three teams" continued Chris.

"Chris, the honors of the first team" said Blaineley.

"Okay, Dr. Doom had intended to choose the teams and also the names of the teams which I took a look at them and some of the names were funny especially for those who'll participate in it, like the first team called Reed Richards is a Dork!" laughed Chris.

"He named a team like that?" asked Blaineley.

"Hey, Dr. Doom hates Reed Richards the way I hate you, since he's the leader of his country he can do what he wants, for the first team will comprise of Zak Monday, Deadpool, Wolverine, Mindy, Riley, Irwin, Mandy, Billy a.k.a. Captain Spring Green, Jimmy, Cindy, Reed Richards, Jake, Tails, Heather, Sticks and Finn" said Chris as he was catching his breath.

"Now the second team will be called Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool" said Blaineley, "oh, I guess he sees your series that often, well this team will be comprised up of Timmy a.k.a. Cleft, Molly, Iceman, Hawkeye, Hiro, Danielle, Danny, Sam, Tucker, Zak Saturday, Dukey, Hulk, Sonic, Alejandro, Amy and Marceline."

"For the third and final team will be called SHIELD is Stupid" said Chris, "it'd comprise up of the Beak, Isabella, Scooby, Viper, Flash Thompson, Huey, Sheen, Carl, Libby, Johnny a.k.a. Johnny X, Sissy, Shadow, Duncan, Nigel, Rogue and Aseefa."

"Now if those were called to be on a team please follow us" said Blaineley.

Dr. Doom indeed chuckled a bit as poor Reed Richards was going to participate. Mr. Sinister also laughed at that as well.

"So, you think Reed Richards could be the first one kicked off?" asked Mr. Sinister.

"Nah, I'll find a way to keep him in the game just to embarrass him even if he wants to leave" laughed Dr. Doom, "I'll torture him!"


"That's just great, Dr. Doom has a scheme up his sleeves, otherwise he wouldn't include me to be part of a team" said Reed Richards.

"Yea, I get to be on the same team with Wolverine!" laughed Deadpool.

"Uh, I am the only one still in the game from the KND" said Nigel.

"Yes, another shot at the millions, just because you're competing with superpowered people doesn't mean you can find ways of outsmarting them" laughed Heather as she gave her evil grin.

End of confessions.

However as the three teams were gearing up for the first challenge, a certain Agent P had already received call from Major Monogram, as he headed down toward a secret location in Latveria, he suddenly found himself with Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

"What is this, am I going to work for him?!" cried Heinz.

"Agent P, glad you could make it, there are rumors that the country of Symkaria might try to attack Latveria in a covert manner, you'll be teamed up with your arch nemesis Heinz Doofenshmirtz, SHIELD has been given him immunity from prosecution until the operation is over" continued Major Monogram, "aside from that SHIELD agents are also in Latveria as well with a few heroes on the ground. Good luck and make everything safe."

"So, I guess we're working together then" said Heinz which Agent P sadly nodded.