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If there was one thing that Jellal loved more than Erza, it would be the Cardinals that flew by in the woods. Their color reminded him of her hair. Something else Jellal loved. Erza's hair. It was scarlet, but so were the cardinals. He was by himself. His group not to far off from the clearing. Jellal liked the quietness around him. He liked traveling with them... but none of them could get along. Racer kept taunting Cobra, Cobra kept messing with Midnight while he slept. Midnight had a problem with being awake at midnight which bothered Angel. Angel constantly complained that Hoteye was annoying, and Hoteye kept hitting on Meredy. Meredy was so patient, she could live without the constant flirting, but Jellal had to give her days where she needed to be alone. There was times like this he wanted Ultear back. She would know what to do, but she wasn't there and it killed Jellal. He never had any type of romantic feelings for her, but she had the advice when he needed it. He missed her constant nagging.

Erza was on her way back from a solo mission. It was requested that she came alone. She walked among the forest looking at the cardinals. She loved those birds. Not because of her hair, but the color reminded her of Jellal's face tattoo. She saw Jellal recently, but she wouldn't know when he would be back to see her. He did manage quiet a few people now. Well part of the Oricion Seis... She always listened when Jellal bantered on how none of them could get along. If Jellal let her she would whip them all into shape so Jellal could concentrate. The only time that they could get along was when the mission was in action. The teamwork was beyond amazing, from what Jellal told her. She made her way into a clearing and couldn't believe her eyes. She saw Jellal, with a cardinal perched on his finger. He was so graceful while softly petting the top of his head. Erza smiled at what she saw and requiped herself out of her armor. She didn't necessarily need it anymore, but she became used to it and it still gave her comfort when she truly needed.

Jellal could sense someone nearby. At first he thought it was Meredy, but the foot steps were off. Meredy walked more dainty and tactile, this was Erza. He knew march from miles away. He was caught off guard. He didn't expect her to be around. He didn't want to move. Not just yet. Erza sat behind him and wrapped her arms around him. She pressed her head to his back and inhaled deeply. It was one of her favorite scents after all. Jellal remained where he was as the Cardinal flew away. No words needed to be exchanged. None at all. Erza could tell just by the way he was sitting that it was not a good time to talk. She could tell he was annoyed. Jellal enjoyed Erza being right there. He knew, that she knew he was not in the mood, but seeing her made everything better. The two sat there watching the Cardinals fly, and yes, they finally watched the sunset.

Jellal turned around and gave Erza a deep kiss. He needed it, and Erza was happy to go along with it. They continued their kissing until they heard a noise...

It was Meredy, and she was pissed. Not only did Cobra throw mud at her cloak trying to get to Midnight, Hoteye decided to compliment how she would be the cutest pig in the mud, because her hair was pink. She was not having it. Not at all. She finally found Jellal and what did she see... Jellal in a deep make out session with his girl. She felt a little bad that she interrupted, but something had to be done.

"Jellal, I'm sorry to bug you during your time with Erza, but I'm done. I'm so done with them boys. Fix it." Meredy demanded.

"Meredy, you have a sensory link. Use it. Then they'll learn." Jellal replied.

"I thought it wasn't allowed."

"Do it, Meredy." Erza interjected. "It will teach them a lesson. I have to do it on a daily basis..."

"If you are okay with it. I'll go. You can continue with you tongue down her throat Jellal!" Meredy said laughing and skipping off.

Both Jellal and Erza blushed at the comment, but shrugged it off. They were caught, but hey, they both knew they were going to continue where they left off.

Sorry it's a little short!