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65 million years ago- A mysterious race known only as the 'Grays' fights a long and bloody war against the ancient Chimera. The war sees all territory, including Earth, under the Chimeran Empire fall before the Grays' onslaught. The Chimera are driven back to their homeworld where they engage in a last stand against the Grays. Despite putting up fierce resistance, the Chimera are brutally put down to near extinction with only a small population of survivors left that the Grays take away and put into cryogenic storage. The Chimera's homeworld is placed under quarantine.

200,000 BCE- For reasons unknown, the Grays vanish from the galaxy. Few worlds once under their domain possess scattered remains of their technology. Before their unexplained disappearance, the Grays had wiped the minds of all the Chimera they had taken after the war and settled them back on their homeworld into a pre-technological state.

100,000 BCE- The Chimera unify under one empire and begin to slowly spread out across the stars again. They unknowingly re-settle on the old worlds once belonging to their ancient ancestors. On a few worlds colonised by the Chimera, they find ruins of the once proud Grays civilisation. Amongst them are vast amounts of technologies that improve Chimeran society by centuries, including faster FTL travel, terraforming and locations to many other former Gray controlled systems.

50,000 BCE- The Chimeran Empire holds a considerable portion of the galaxy under its banner with over 2000 colonised worlds and dozens of 'Guardian systems', which observe and protect pre-civilised worlds. It is at the point that the Chimeran Empress of the time halts further expansion into the galaxy.

48 BCE- Some species from the Guardian system begin to develop space travel. This draws much debate within the empire on what to do next. Many believe they should offer the new spacefaring species client race status, while a more aggressive faction believe they should subjugate them. The debates started becoming intense with the Empire showing signs of division for the first time since it's formation. Then to top it off, one the races from the Guardian systems' makes contact with a Chimeran outpost. Both species begin to open dialogue on the outpost, when an Imperial warship enters the atmosphere over the location of the talks.

The rogue ship opens fire on the delegates. The opening salvo kills most of the diplomats on both sides. Hours after the incident occurs, a rogue faction calling themselves the Pure Chimera broadcast all across Chimeran space claiming responsibility. They speak of how their species are the master race of the cosmos and all other species were subservient to their will. To make matters worse following the attack months later, several worlds experience many acts of terrorism and dozens of systems declare their independence. The newly independent systems form the Chimeran Hegemony, showing evident signs of the Pure Chimera's work in the split of allegiance.

To counter the growing threat from the Pure Chimera and their new illegal state, the Emperor declares a state of emergency and rallies the Chimeran people to fight and help free their brothers and sisters trapped by their oppression by the Purists. This instigates what is later called the Imperial-Purist War. A year into the conflict begins with success going the Imperials way. Having liberated many of the occupied worlds under Hegemony's control, the war looked to be all but won until out of nowhere Purist forces unleashed a horde of reinforcements. This shocks Imperial forces both from how the Purists were able to get such numbers quickly and the ferocity of the attacks by creatures that appear to be deformed or mutated Chimera.

With their new strength, the Hegemony forces push back the Imperials and go on the offensive managing to re-occupy worlds taken by their counterparts and even take systems loyal to the Empire. The war stretches into a fourth year with it grinding into a stalemate between the two sides, with the Imperials facing new horrors and monstrosities the Purists unleash on their forces in every engagement. In an unexpected turn of events in the war, an alien ship arrives in an Imperial controlled system and is immediately seized by Loyalist forces. When the ship is brought planetside, they find one primate looking-being aboard and bring her before the commander in charge of the planet's defence. After managing to translate her language and continuous questioning, the mysterious being introduced herself as Master Alana Kurica of the Jedi Order. She also explains she came from a place called the Galactic Republic and she had put herself into self-exile after several clashes with the Jedi Council over the new code they had set for the Jedi to follow.

She is soon transported to the Imperial capital of Secaria and brought before the Emperor and the Imperial High Council, where she demonstrates her abilities in front of an amazed audience claiming that it is thanks to an ability called the Force. To her own shock she senses the Chimera are completely void in the force, shaking some of her beliefs to the core. Days after her arrival, a team of Purist commandos attempt to kidnap Kurica but are thwarted when she proves to be stronger than they anticipated. The Imperials make Master Kurica an offer of joining their forces and strike back against the Purists, much to the hesitancy of Kurica who wishes to live out the rest of her life without more conflict. She reluctantly agrees after a few more days of deciding, in exchange she'll be set free after the conflict.

The Imperials happily agree and give her the rank of Commander in their army after she props up her experience in war. In something that exceeded the Imperials expectations of the Jedi, Master Kurica leadership and fighting skills astound them. She quickly earns the respect and trust of the troops she commands, becoming a symbol of admiration amongst many Imperial soldiers. This proves to be a pivotal turning point in the war which sees the Purists lose ground and push back all the way to their last remaining stronghold, with Master Kurica leading the attack. The battle ends in the Purists surrendering, ending the war but not all lay down their arms as a small group manages to escape.

While the empire celebrates the Purist defeat, research is done to find out how and where the Purists had found the numbers they managed to produce and come up with a horrifying discovery. The Purists had enslaved all but one the Guardian Systems and infected the races with a mutagen called the 'Transformation Virus'.

Sending ships to the last surviving system the Imperial Chimera finds the Chamaele, a large reptilian-like species, holding out against Purist remnant forces. After helping the young race out in eradicating the abominations, they offer to help rebuild and place the Chamaele under protectorate status to which the grateful younger race accept.

Upon giving Alana Kurica her freedom as part of the agreement with the Imperial Council, the Jedi Master requests if she may settle into the Empire as she had taken a liking to the Chimera. The Council gladly grants it and learns more about the Republic and Jedi Order from their new citizen, coming to the decision to remain isolated and to not get involved with such an unstable government.

1908 AD- The Tunguska Event- The renegade Pure Chimera sent the Transformation Virus to Earth in the disguise of an asteroid crashing in Siberia, Russia.

1914-1918- World War One begins in August of 1914 with the Anglo-French invasion of German Togoland. The war is fought between the central powers Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against the Triple Entente allies of Britain, France and Russia. It's during this conflict that Russia suffers troubles both from the war and at home, by crushing the Russian Revolution. The Russians surrender to Germany in early 1918, handing over several territories in eastern Europe and turn their attention quickly to the growing unrest back home. The war ends in October 1918 with the allies forcing Germany to sign a ceasefire.

1919- The signing of the Treaty of Versailles makes way for the formation of the European Trade Organisation (ETO), in an effort to encourage European nations to cooperate better

1921- Russia cuts off communication with the outside world, to prevent infiltration and anti-imperialist propaganda from getting within its borders. The Tsar orders for the country's borders to be sealed. The Russians begin building the 'Red Curtain', a massive fortified military wall that will seal the border between the Russian Empire and the rest of Europe.

1927- With enough resources and soldiers through the T virus, the newly created Chimera launch an all out assault against Russia. The Russian military put up a fierce and desperate attempt to hold off the Chimeran forces but are soundly defeated in every engagement. With Russian forces being pushed back, a doctor by the name of Fyodor Malikov develops an experimental vaccine to combat against the Chimeran virus and begins to distribute it to all remaining troops. It begins well with reports of soldiers committing amazing feats against the invaders but later on some of the soldiers start to experience side effects from the vaccine, most of them claim to hear voices and erupt into psychotic rages.

1928- The virus immune soldiers begin to disappear from their posts, as does Doctor Malikov, as attempts to persuade the vaccinated soldiers to fall back to Moscow are met with failure.

1930- 90% of the vaccinated soldiers go AWOL and begin to go insane. They travel westward, preying on humans and continue to fight the Chimera, named later as the Cloven. In Germany, recovery from the Great War to a full member of the ETO solidifies support for the Weimar Republic government. The National Socialists' party's agenda is ridiculed and marginalized.

1938- Ghost towns appear across Russia and Belarus. European intelligence believe the use of chemical or biological weapons were involved.

1939- The UED (United European Defence) create the MDC (Military Defence Commission) in Luxembourg to focus on weapons research and development. Later in the year, over 100 Russian refugees die after trying to seek asylum in Finland. There is no response from St. Petersburg over the deaths.

1941- In December, Dr. Malikov flees for his life and travels to England with his research as the Chimera continue their onslaught against the Russians.

1944- The first nuclear weapons are tested in Alaska.

1947- A man, believed to be a Russian refugee, appears at the British Embassy in Estonia. The man's hands are completely frozen around a leather satchel. The man, referred to as "The Runner" by the news press, dies en route to Britain. The satchel he carries is found to contain what is apparently a genetically modified skull which had six eyes and was slightly larger than a human skull. Intelligence reports also find that entire cities in Russia have just suddenly been abandoned.

1948- European intelligence agencies try to listen in to Russian radio broadcasts. A British Intelligence MI6 listening station in the Ukraine records Russian radio broadcasts. After six weeks, the only signals heard are looping propaganda programs in Russian encouraging, "Brotherhood, strength and fortitude...in the face of the angry night".

1949- By the end of the year and having conquered Russia, the Chimera launch a massive invasion of Europe quickly conquering the Baltic and Balkan nations. The year ends with the Chimera overrunning Poland and the Bratislava Line in Czechoslovakia.

1950- The UED struggle to withstand the relentless attacks by Chimeran forces but are offered hope by the United States, who offer military support. The UED also note the small number of refugees who escape from captured territory, such as only less than a thousand people surviving the fall of Warsaw, Poland, a city of nearly 2 million.

Italy falls in the first month of the year as Genoa, their last remaining stronghold, is taken by the Chimera.

By March, all of Continental Europe is overrun and millions of people are killed or turned into Chimera. The United Kingdom is the last free standing nation in Europe and begins evacuating civilians to Canada and Greenland. Chimera forces begin the invasion of the British Isles midway through the year, taking all the cities and infecting the population en masse with Spire attacks. On the other side of the world, Jordan Shepard, a test subject of Project Abraham, is injected with Pure Chimeran DNA and his body severely mutates into an Angel-like Chimeran being and starts referring to himself as Daedalus.

1951- Events of Resistance: Fall of Man. Nathan Hale, sole survivor of Operation Deliverance and contributor to the fall of the Chimera in the UK, is picked up by SRPA forces just outside London not long after the destruction of the London tower. He is taken to a SRPA base in Iceland but is caught up in the Chimera invasion of the country, after being alerted to the location of Daedalus. Daedalus escapes captivity and the rest of SRPA forces evacuate Iceland back to the USA, where Hale is introduced to the Sentinels, other test subjects of Project Abraham to create super soldiers using Chimeran DNA. Events of Resistance 2.

1953-May 15th to June 26th- The Chimera launch an invasion of the United States with a massive fleet of ships, conquering much of the east and west coast. Team Echo, a unit made up of Sentinels led by Nathan Hale, head to Twin Falls to reactivate a section of the Liberty Defence Towers to prevent the Chimeran Fleet from venturing further into the States. The mission ends in success and the Chimera are halted for the time being.

Two days later, SRPA forces attack the Holar Tower in Iceland to shut down the tower network. The assault ends in failure and SRPA heavy losses, including the death of two members of Echo Team and Hale is put into a coma after an encounter with Daedalus. Soon after the failed mission the Chimera breach the Liberty Defence Perimeter, killing or infecting 60 million people within hours, including the President of the United States.

Nathan Hale awakens from his coma to discover the US is on the verge of collapsing and because he hadn't taken his inhibitor treatment, he hasn't got long before the Chimeran virus in his body begins to take full control. With not much time left, Hale leads a mixed team of Sentinels and SRPA forces to the Chicxulub Crater in Mexico, where the nearly the entire Chimeran Fleet is assembled around a massive Tower excavated from the crater. The battle ends with all but two survivors and Hale defeating Daedalus and setting off a fusion bomb on the capital ship, destroying the rest of the fleet around it.

However, it has an unexpected side effect as it gives the towers an energy surge to open up a wormhole to a Purist controlled system. Hale succumbs to the Chimera virus and Joseph Capelli is forced to kill him. After Hale's death, Doctor Malikov studies Hale's body and finds antigen in his blood that becomes the basis of a cure for the Chimeran virus, named the Hale Vaccine. Not long after the vaccine is produced, all remaining Sentinels are giving it, including Joseph Capelli who is dishonourably discharged for killing Hale.

Late 1953- 1957- With the wormhole open to the Purists, the Chimeran forces on Earth have completely subjugated humanity, reducing survivors to scatter to abandoned towns and villages. One settlement is Haven, Oklahoma where a resistance cell is located and led by Joseph Capelli. On one day he is informed of a visitor which turns out to be none other than Doctor Malikov. He tells Capelli of a possible way of closing the wormhole and defeating the Chimera once and for all but is soon cut short when a Chimeran Death Squad arrives in Haven.

After holding off the attack, Capelli orders the settlement to evacuate and sends them and his family to safety, whilst he goes with Malikov to New York. Events of Resistance 3.

Battling through Chimeran forces and bandits across the ruins of the US, Capelli and a resistance force called The Remnant team together to bring down the New York tower. With Malikov dead after an encounter with convicts, the former Sentinel improvises a plan to send a terraformer, used by the Chimera to freeze the planet to their liking, into the tower.

The plan ends in success as Capelli manages to destroy the terraformer from within, causing it to crash down onto the tower and set off a chain reaction to all other towers in the United States. With the towers destroyed, the wormhole closes just before the Purists arrive and temperatures begin to rise again, all remaining resistance fighters across the globe launch an all out assault on the disarrayed Chimeran forces.

1964- Seven years after the Towers' destruction closed the wormhole, humanity begins to rebuild the devastated Earth despite massive environmental damage and half the world's population wiped out. It's by this time the last Chimeran stronghold falls in Siberia, Russia and finally ends the Human-Chimeran War.

1966-With all the Chimeran gone except the feral strains still around, delegates from the surviving nations meet in Reykjavik, Iceland to discuss a possible central government to unite humanity under a single government for the first time. There is much debate over the structure of such a government, many of the delegates arguing it's for the best interest of every human incase of a possible Chimeran return and share the benefits of the stockpiles of technology left behind to help improve human society.

1975- After years of debates and a final guarantee that each nation will get equal footing on technological advances and shared knowledge, the United Earth Commonwealth is formed on the 16th of March. The United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil and Turkey are the first signatures of the new central government in the new global capital in Geneva, Switzerland.

1983- An issue that was all but forgotten until sightings in Russia and Finland, arises over what to do with the Cloven. Many believe that they should be exterminated, since they all have the Chimeran virus and pose a serious threat to human society. However, research and copies of documents from the Human-Chimeran War are found to show the Cloven never attacked humans unless provoked. They also possessed an amazing ability to reverse engineer both Chimeran and Gray Tech.

The Premier chooses to instead send a handful of delegates to meet with the Cloven to open a dialogue. The reception they receive from the Cloven is frosty at first, but then cools down when the delegates begin talks with the Cloven leaders over a possible assimilation into UEC society. A deal is agreed on the promise that the Cloven get fair representation in the Commonwealth Parliament and equal opportunity as anybody else in the world, in exchange they would help in better understanding and improving captured technology. The Cloven officially join the UEC.

2009- Joseph Capelli, hero and many consider to be the saviour of humanity, dies peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90. The world mourns of his passing and he is given a state funeral.

2017- Thanks to reverse engineering the Chimeran and Gray technologies, as well as the information and research left behind in the Towers, all aspects of the newly rebuilt human civilisation on Earth improves better than before. Advancements in healthcare cures most life threatening diseases and disabilities and even helps with mental issues the Cloven suffer from. The terraformers help bring balance back to areas suffering environmental damage and advancements in the military allow for the new United Earth Commonwealth Armed Forces (UECAF) to react swiftly anywhere around the globe to any crisis. A continuing population boom since 1957 has reached a record five billion.

2023- 2025- After human and Cloven scientists unlock new ways of space travel, the first manned space journey to the moon occurs in mid summer. Two years later a colony is set up for scientific research and possible future mining operations.

2055- Population reaches over seven billion, causing concern of future overpopulating. Plans are drawn up over colonising the other planets of the solar system, in particular Mars as a prime target for terraforming. Several spacecraft are modified for the journey to the red planet, carrying colonists and scaled down versions of the terraformers on Earth. The new colonists arrive on Mars by January next year and immediately go to work on the terraformers

2077- The first visible signs of Mars turning into an Earth-like planet with a breathable atmosphere, grasslands and rivers appearing.

2090- 2091- With Mars now a success as a habitable planet, more terraforming projects are given approval on Europa, Io and Titan. Another project given approval is the first capable FTL drive ship to the nearby Alpha Centauri system. With a team of scientists and other personnel, the ship sets out to find any possible extra-solar planets in the system and is watched by everyone on Earth and the inner system colonises make its maiden voyage.

After a week the ship exits out of FTL in the centre of the system. With extensive scanning and probing of the most possible habitable planet of the system, the scientists report back sending positive readings over the go ahead of sending a small terraforming operation and colonisation. The report is met with much enthusiasm and celebration over the first extrasolar planet for expansion. By next year several more ships full of Human and Cloven colonists travel to the planet, blessing it the name Haven.

2113- Because there is no official naval force to defend the UEC and it's colonies from possible foreign and domestic troubles, the UECAF funds the building of FTL capable warships and creates the formation of the Commonwealth Space Fleet (CSF).

2140- Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Indi are first given the term Inner Colonies as the UEC continues to expand out further into the galaxy. At this point 6 star systems and 10 planets are flying the UEC colours.

2201- On the colony of Zeus, ruins of an ancient civilisation are discovered in the planet's vast forests. Upon exploring through the oddly pristine interior of the ruins many researchers first assume it to belong to the Chimera, until the technology found turns out to be identical to Gray tech. The find that catches the eye of everybody is the still working library style room, containing vast amounts of information of the race the ruins had once belonged to. Zeus quickly becomes a major science hub soon after.

2248- The UEC population reaches over 15 billion and populates over 80 worlds.

2369- More worlds are found to have both ancient Chimeran and Gray ruins and structures. Many however are no longer in operation.

2419- UEC space is on high alert and panic spreads when a ship matching Chimeran design enters into the Commonwealth controlled system of Hera. The UECAF and CSF ready themselves and prepare to send a fleet to the system, until the vessel sends a message offering peace from the Chimeran Empire and wishes to establish relations.

Both sides agree to meet on the orbital station above the Hera colony. The Imperial diplomats grow curious as to why the human representatives appear to be both fearful and hostile of their presence. It's quickly made clear why when they are presented with the facts of the war which left humanity facing extinction, shocking the Imperials that their hated enemy attempts at destroying another civilisation.

The Imperials explain it was the fault of the Purists renegades and the Transformation Virus they used to destroy entire species, during their own war with them over two thousand years ago. Although not completely trusting the Imperial Chimera, the Commonwealth Parliament agrees a friendship and trade treaty signed by the Emperor and Premier in front of a vast audience from both sides. The first embassies open on Earth and Secaria.

The touring of the old Chimeran Towers around Earth rocks the Imperials to the very core, not quite believing what they are told and shown. They are given permission to study the Towers by the Commonwealth government after a personal request by the Emperor, to find out more of their unexpected ancient past.

2465- Several ships in UEC space are attacked and destroyed by weapons resembling that used by Imperial warships, causing outrage and the calling of the Chimeran ambassador to Parliament. She protests against the accusations, claiming there must be some mistake as the Empire has no quarrel with the Commonwealth. A week later after the destruction of the UEC ships, a tragedy causes shockwaves through Chimeran space.

The Emperor and most of the royal family are assassinated when the royal cruiser is destroyed on a return journey home to Secaria, the weaponry signatures matching CSF designs. With the Imperials accusing the UEC of this act, both sides are on the brink of war until a CSF cruiser disables a would be raider on the edge of UEC space. The boarding party capture half a dozen Chimera on board but after investigating the computer database, they discover these Chimera are not Imperials but the Purists.

This evidence is presented to the Imperials, thus avoiding war between the UEC and the Empire. In revenge for the murder of their beloved Emperor, the Imperials assemble a large fleet to strike at the Purists last holding system. The UEC sent ships to join the fight, the first joint Commonwealth-Imperial military forces working together as payback for trying to eradicate them over 500 years ago.

On arrival at the Purist homeworld, the joint task force obliterates the small fleet guarding the planet then turn their attention to the planet, unleashing a massive bombardment onto the surface. Imperial and UECAF troops are sent to mop up any remaining Purists, both unaware of a lone ship escaping from the fight.

The battle ends in the final defeat of the Purists and improved relations between the Empire and the Commonwealth. The Imperial High Council crowned the last surviving child of their late Emperor, his youngest daughter Nissaya as Empress.

2491-A terrorist organisation calling itself the Human Legion sends threats to the Commonwealth Parliament, demanding the removal of all Chimeran presence in UEC territory. They bomb government property and kill many people to prove their point, recruiting their members from the Outer Colonies by taking advantage of their distrust for the government back home.

The UECAF sent troops to the colonies to track down the terrorists, engaging them on several worlds. They manage to defeat the larger groups on several colonies but the Legion still linger on many of the Outer Colonies, drawing the fight into guerilla style warfare.

2515- And now…


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