He'd never felt terror quite like this before. Whole and all consuming, however baseless. He was petrified, even though he knew his fears had no validity. He'd thought long and hard about what he'd been able to do, and no matter how long he thought about it he could come to but one conclusion. He had only one choice, this was the only path open to him. No matter what he did, no matter what details he altered, he would always end up...here.

"Here" was on his knees in front of the scarlet haired fairy queen who had stolen his heart. No. That wasn't right. Saying she had stolen his heart implied that he had ever been able to call it his own in the first place. It had always been hers, even when he wasn't himself and trying to kill her, she held his heart. Even when she didn't know it. His heart had been hers from that very first moment he laid eyes on her in the Tower, before he'd even been able to comprehend a heart and what it was, he'd lost it to the little girl who smiled so brightly in such a dark place.

That little grl who smiled so brightly had become and amazingly beautiful and powerful young woman who could terrify him in more ways than the domestic terror a man feels when his girlfriend comes home and he realizes that he forgot to do the dishes again. The idea of her pain terrified him, the idea of her suddenly realizing that she was too good for him and throwing him out on his behind terrified him. In all honesty her guild terrified him. The whole lot of them were psycho's, destroying entire cities and laughing it off. Erza's temper terrified him, her seemingly clashing kindness and soul filled with rage, coupled with a ridiculous amount of magical power that could flatten a small country terrified him.

None of these things scared him half as much as her ability to crush him with a single word at any given moment. Somedays that word could be "monster." On days when he wanted to leave her for her own good but what he really wanted was for her to talk him out o leaving that word was "go."

Today, as he was on one knee in front of her, that word was "no." He waited with baited breath, knowing, with his head that word would not pass her lips. However, seated deep within his heart was a self loathing that he could not shake, that he could not crawl out from underneath. That self loathing was whispering to him that "no" would most assuredly be the word that crossed her lips today, right now, in this moment.

So, with bated breath he waited for an answer the two parts of him argued on what her answer would be while she stood there, staring wordlessly at him and he stared back, not bothering to try and conceal the many emotions he was feeling. He had learned long ago that he could not conceal anything from her.

In fact, he had learned that right here, on this very beach, while they were watching a sunset much like this one. They had kissed that night. The next day Jellal had done what Jellal did, and tried to leave. Erza did what Erza does and scared the living shit out of him. During the "Great Scarlet Tantrum of x792" she had convinced Jellal to not leave, as well as that his fear of his girlfriend was completely justified.

"Yes." Jellal had to ask her to repeat herself, just to be sure that he hadn't misheard. She obliged, and Jellal couldn't help but let out a triumphant and relieved whoop before leaping to his feet and folding her in his arms, kissing her once again underneath this Scarlet Sunrise.