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Truth: sincerity in action, character, and utterance; the state of being the case

A pair of massive objects, one black and one white, move across the sky. The air is lit by fire and electricity, painting everything in stark relief. There is a noise, too quiet to hear over the roars of the beasts, that I strain myself in a vain attempt to understand. Suddenly, my world is filled with a blinding light.

I wake up, my heart beating loudly and adrenalin flowing through my body. It's one of those nights. It isn't really accurate to call them nightmares—they are exciting, and I don't feel frightened or worried. However, they are exceptionally vivid, and while they aren't all the same, they are similar. I think back- what day is it? How much do I have left to do?

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. Today is Thursday, which means I have completed all my testing. I have finally graduated. Now, graduating in Unova isn't like other places. Our school system is a joke. Most training for jobs is on the site, and school does little to prepare us for the world. Nuvema town is slightly different. Ten years ago the town attempted to curry favor with Professor Juniper. Although it failed, they still extended schooling by two years. Thus instead of becoming trainers at twelve like everyone else, we have to wait until tenth grade. They don't just let you pass, either. You need good grades in order to graduate. Instead of increasing interest in science, this rule has parents going to other towns to sign up.

I'm not like everyone else. Schoolwork, especially math, comes easily to me. Between summer courses and extra studying, I've managed to finish early. In fact, I was almost overqualified for the finals. Compared to the study for the classes, taking the Pokémon league trainer exams is a breeze. I'm not quite twelve, but there is no rule against starting early— I've checked. I mailed in my paperwork, including my choice in starter. I want an Axew or Drilbur, although a Zorua might be neat. First choice is limited to the well connected or rich. A kid can dream though, right?

Perhaps starting early doesn't seem important, but to me, it's everything. I've never been one for organized sports. I enjoy biking and skiing, butthe area in which I live is not well suited to it. Instead, I spend most of my time reading. While there is nothing wrong with this, the speed at which I read means that I am always out of books. This, combined with my long held obsession with Pokémon, has me far more excited to get my starter than almost anyone else in my class.

Bored, I flip open my laptop. It was a gift from my mom for graduating 8th grade. It is slow, but it is much better than going to the library every time I want to read a book. It's early in the morning, so nothing has been posted, but I still check anyway. I spent the next our surfing the web, looking at a few of my favorite forums and rereading a few webcomics. To my shock, at 11:00 I received an email from Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper is a world renowned scientist, and is rarely seen around the town. I wouldn't have believed that she knew I existed. I quickly opened it up, wondering what she could possibly have sent me. Is it simply spam, pretending to be from the professor?

Dear Black,

Would you come to my lab at 3:00? Your school work appears to indicate dedication and intelligence. While it is hardly the best measure for determining skills, it is all I have. I was hoping you could help me with a project I am currently working on. Considering your love of Pokémon, this project should be perfect for you. The door will allow you in.


Dr. A Juniper

Pokémon Professor

Surprised but flattered, I shoot off a message to my mom. I have to prepare for my meeting with the woman who is likely the greatest scientific mind in all Unova. I don't believe for a second that that is all she knows, though. If she wanted more info on me, she could have it in minutes.

3:00 simply can't come fast enough for me. The first half hour or so was spent with me frantically researching more on the professor. After that, I got ahold of myself. I looked through my notes, refreshing my knowledge of what we covered in science. Then, I went on Wikipedia and researched some more, both about her and about her specialty. All that was twenty minutes ago, and I am pacing my room, wishing all the while that the clock will move faster.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, it is 2:40. I can go over now. As I walk, I wonder why she might have asked me to come over. Surely she has colleagues who can aid her? The only thing I can think of is that she has something involving Pokémon that she needs help with. Why would she need me, though? Does she not want it getting out just yet? Perhaps she has made a discovery, and needs more information? Or maybe- I cut that line of thinking off. I have no way to know, and she is about to tell me. I don't have any information, so it's pointless to speculate.

It is almost a relief when I arrive at the lab. Sure, I'll need to make a good impression, but I'll finally learn the answer to my questions. As I open the door, I can't help but realize how small it is. While the building is large and the entrance is fancy, the inside is almost cramped. Despite being much larger then my house, it seems almost cluttered.

When I meet her, it seems almost anticlimactic. I've spent the last couple of hours psyching myself up for it, so when I saw her it was almost a letdown. As she talks, it strikes me just how ordinary she is.

Professor Juniper: "Hi there! I've been waiting for you. As you well know, I am Professor Juniper, and I am researching how Pokémon came into existence. In particular, I wish to understand the differences between them. What are abilities? How does a duck contain enough water to douse a fire? What makes a Grumpig Psychic, but an Emboar Fire? To help with this, I would like to give you a rare Pokémon that was recently found. It is a Snivy, but with the contrary ability rather than growth."

I can almost feel my eyes bulging out of my sockets. Pokémon with the different abilities aren't unheard of. Some Pokémon, like Krookodile, have two abilities. However, there is a recently discovered phenomenon. They are called hidden abilities, in which many Pokémon have a second or even third ability. This Snivy is clearly one of them- Snivy doesn't ordinarily have a second ability. Hidden ability Pokémon are even rarer than Shinies. To give one to an 11 year old is unheard of.

Even as I think this, she continues speaking. "In addition to this, I would also like to give you the newest model Pokedex. Please record data on every Pokémon you encounter. I hope you will explore Unova. I would also like a daily status check of the Snivy. Please let us know if the hidden ability has any surprising affects."

Now my eyes are really bulging. I couldn't have even dreamed of affording the first model Pokedex, much less this new one. How rich is the professor that, she can give out both of these without a care? I'll have to listen carefully, though. I think she's wrapping up.

"I've taken the liberty of getting your trainer's pass early. It ordinarily wouldn't be here until Saturday or Sunday. I must admit, I was a bit impatient to start getting results. I know that rushing won't make the wait any shorter, but I wanted something to do. Oh, and before I forget, can you do something for me? When you get to Striaton City, go and visit a friend of mine. Her name in Fennel, and she is a world famous inventor. Do you understand?" In response to this, I can only nod dumbly. "Alright, then. Good luck, and take care!"

As I walk out the doors, I dimly recall that this is what I've been waiting for. My first Pokémon. What should I nickname it? I've always felt that not giving your Pokémon a name is a sign of disrespect. Searching my memory, I recall an ancient Kanto legend about an emperor and his famous sword. Sending out my Snivy, I say "Welcome to the team, Kusanagi."

As I left the lab, my mind was in a whirl. I had my new Pokémon, I had a Pokedex— everything I'd dreamed of and more. In fact, I was so distracted that I almost walked straight in to my mom. She greeted me, commenting:

"Oh there you are! And? What did Professor Juniper have to ask you about?"

I wordlessly show her the Snivy and the Pokedex. She must be as shocked as I felt, because it's a whole minute before she can respond. When she does, it's muted.

"I can't believe it! Well, here's something to help you on your journey. Pokémon really are something. With one like that on your side, you'll be safe wherever you go. Oh, and before I forget, take this X-Transceiver. I was planning to wait for your birthday, but if you're travelling you'll want to be able to call people. I've taken the liberty of entering myself. Take care, and don't forget to call."

With a smile on my face, I walked out of Nuvema town into a wider world.

As I step onto route 1, I wave to two of my friends, Bianca and Cheren. They are just year and one and a half years older than me, respectively. Due to a coincidence in the time of year we were born at, they started two grades above me. Bianca's a little flighty, but smarter then she seems, while Cheren was Valedictorian. He is very serious and dedicated. It may seem odd that we are friends, but despite our bickering we just seemed to click into place. I'm a more recent addition to the group, but I seem to be a balance their constant arguments. Of course, most of them involve Bianca's nonexistent sense of time. Yah, I'm not exactly innocent in them.

For once they appear to be in a good mood rather than upset. As I run over, I call out, asking what has got them so happy. Beaming, Bianca turns and relates their own meeting with professor Juniper. They said that they had to wait for the third person she had picked out, but that our travel plans were still on. After that, I explained that I was the third person, with a contrary Snivy. They were more than happy to show off their shell armor Oshawott and thick fat Tepig.

Immediately, Cheren challenged me to a battle. He pointed out that this would probably be the only chance we had to check our Pokémon's potential. After this, it would be decided by type advantage.

In the battle, my Kusanagi stomped his Tepig, Flare. It easily outpaced it, running around and knocking it down after it took one too many scratches. It tried to do the same to Bianca's Oshawott, Shell, but Shells's scalchop gave it the win. Kusanagi's scratches didn't do much to a shell, and its attacks really hurt. Flare managed to take out Shell. Its attacks were just too strong to take, and because it was blunt impact it wasn't stopped by the scalchop.

Afterword, Bianca challenges us to see who can catch more Pokémon in the next year. Cheren, not wanting to be outdone, immediately agrees, and I also acquiesce. It looks like the trip won't just be about training.

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