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"So here it is,

Merry Christmas!

Everybody's having fun,

Look to the future now,

It's only just begun" –

Slade, Merry Xmas Everybody

Why Can't It Be Christmas Every Day?

by Nanaki Lioness

Warning: Has Takari, and a little Taito-ish content. Takari, for those that don't know, is TK x Kari, and Taito is Tai x Matt. There's nothing more than Christmassy fluff though. Actually, nothing much happens in this fic, but it never does in anything I write. Don't expect a plot or anything, will ya? ^_~

Dedicated to Ishida for writing the awesome fic White Christmas. Go read it, you'll love it ^_^

The sweet smell of cinnamon Christmas cake filled the small kitchen as an oven was opened with a rush of hot air. The person who had opened the door was anticipating this, and was therefore standing well back, a grin on his face as he saw how well the cake had turned out. Lightly brown around the edges and well risen; not at all sunk in the middle, and springy to touch. Perfect. Grasping it firmly with the oven gloves, he pulled it out and set it onto the side to cool down.

"Is it out now Matt?"

"Sure is TK." The blonde boy fixed his younger brother with a smile as he boy bounded over with never ending energy, peering at the cake in the tin eagerly. Matt was inserting a knife to the centre of the cake, and smiled when it came out clean.

"When can we start decorating it?" TK asked, blue eyes wide and shining happily. Matt laughed.

"We have to wait for it to cool down!" He said. "Give it ten minutes or so." He paused before continuing, glancing round for their parents, who were nearby, watching some Christmas TV programme. He lowered his voice. "TK, do you think Mom and Dad have been getting closer recently? Or is it just me?"

TK looked at his older brother for a moment, and then nodded. "I think they might get back together," he said, a little hope sparked in his voice. Matt shook his head. TK had always had that about him; he never stopped believing, and never gave up on the idea that one day, they would be a complete family again.

"Don't get your hopes up. This is the first Christmas we've spent together in a long time. I think maybe they're just in the spirit of Christmas, or maybe putting it on for us." He stared out the window at the freshly fallen snow and smiled slightly. "But it seems to me more than that. Like...there's something magical in the air."

"Christmas is always magical, Matt."

"I don't mean like that, TK. I mean between Mom and Dad." He pried his sapphire eyes away from the window and glanced down at the cake again. "But maybe it's just wishful thinking, eh?"


There was a silence between the two for a moment as they both stared out the window. The five o' clock snow was always mystical to them. Dusk was just beginning to set in, and the snow falling around them was tinted blue. The moon had an aura around it that you knew was the snow creating an illusion of an almost halo. There was nothing more beautiful than that in their eyes.

"Come on TK. Let's go outside while the cake cools down." TK's eyes lit up and he began to rush to the door. "But wrap up warmly; it's pretty biting out there!"


A couple of hours later, when the two brothers were warming up by the fire with hot chocolate, there was a gentle knock at the door. Matt set his drink down and got up to answer it. He glanced at the kitchen on his way to the door; he and TK still hadn't decorated the cake. He mentally noted that they should sometime that evening.

As he opened the door, expecting to see carollers, his eyes widened in surprise as he saw Kari shyly standing before him, two gift wrapped presents in her hands. Then he grinned. Kari and TK were becoming closer, and even though he could see his name on one of the tags to the presents, he knew her real incentive to visit was his younger brother.

"Hi Kari!" He greeted, stepping aside to admit her to the house. He grinned as Tai poked his head round the door. He had been expecting to see him with her. "Hey Tai."

Tai responded by singing Christmas carols out of tune. Matt grinned and slammed the door in his face.

"Matt! Hey! Don't I get a tip for trying?!"

Matt opened the door and let his friend in. "You've got to be the worst caroller I've ever heard."

Tai pouted. "And you could do any better?"

"Sure could." Matt grinned. Tai looked rather ridiculous, standing before him with melting snowflakes nestled in his chestnut hair, dampening it slightly. His brown eyes sparkled with mirth and merriment, seeming out of place a little on the damp figure. Matt had always liked that about Tai; no matter what was going on around him, he would never lose that sparkle. "Don't just stand in the doorway, come on in!" He said, gesturing inside.

Tai followed Matt back into the living room, where Kari and TK were talking. Kari had given TK a present, and he soon got up to fetch hers.

"This is for you, Matt," Kari said, handing him the other gift wrapped parcel. Matt accepted it with a smile and placed it under the tree. He and TK had already received presents from everybody else earlier in the day. Tai and Kari obviously wanted to do it at night time, where the whole Christmas spirit would be much more magical, and excitement would be high due to the day arriving soon.

"Thanks Kari."

"Not gonna open it?" Tai queried. Matt shook his head.

"Not until Christmas Day. It's only Christmas Eve, you know."

"So you won't be wanting this?" Tai held out a present, grinning. Matt shrugged and Tai sighed, exasperated. "You're no fun!" He exclaimed as he gave it to the blonde, who thanked him with a nod.

"It's a tradition," Matt explained, placing it under the tree. "I never open anything until the day itself."

TK returned with presents for both Kari and Tai, grinning as Tai instantly ripped the bright gold metallic wrapping paper off with vigour.

"Thanks TK!" Tai smiled, happily as he looked over the track listings on the CD. Kari simply placed her smaller gift into her pocket, giving TK and small smile that sent the young Takaishi's heart fluttering.

"Wait here," Matt said, heading to his room. He returned moments later, holding two presents in his hands.

"That's one of the nicest things about Christmas," Kari commented as Matt handed her one. "You get to give things to those you love." She glanced at TK as she said those words, just briefly, enough for him to notice. "Thanks Matt."

Tai waited eagerly as Matt passed his present to him, but Matt pulled it away. "Promise you won't open it until tomorrow."

"Aww Matt!"


"All right, I promise..." Tai agreed sullenly, accepting the present. He read the tag, hoping it might hint to what was inside.

"That won't help," Matt laughed, knowing what he was doing.

"You wrote something on Kari's!" Tai protested.

"Because I knew Kari would read it, and not rip the paper off without even acknowledging it."

"Then why didn't you leave it blank?" Tai sulked, crossing his arms.

"Tai, I couldn't just leave it blank. I had to write something. In fact, there is a small hint on there, that you probably haven't noticed."

"Where?!" Tai held the tag up again. "To Tai, Merry Christmas! Love Matt." He read it again and again before noticing a tiny piece of writing at the bottom. "Do you have a magnifying glass?" He asked eagerly.

"Nope." Matt grinned. "I did say 'small', remember?" Tai sighed and placed the present away in a bag he was carrying.

"Well, we're only on a flyby," he explained. "Got more presents to deliver!"

"Playing Santa?" Matt asked, raising an eyebrow. Tai grinned.

"To our friends we are!" He winked and headed to the door, Kari in tow. "We'll be back later though. I think Kari wants to spend more time with TK, and I want to prove I can sing carols by going out with you to do so."

Matt rolled his eyes but said nothing. TK and Kari were blushing and glancing at each other shyly.

"See ya later!" Tai yelled as he opened the door and disappeared back into the snowy night.

"Bye!" TK and Matt called back as they closed the door and grinned at each other.

"I think our hot chocolate's are probably cold by now," TK said, a twinkle in his eye.

"Yeah. You wanna...decorate the cake?"

TK nodded and dashed out into the kitchen. Matt grinned, following him. Whilst they had been outside their parents had vanished. There was a scrawled note on the table, written by their father, explaining they would be back later, but there was no further enlightenment as to where they were.

Matt shrugged and pulled the icing out the cupboard, watched by an ever-excitable TK. Wherever they were, he was sure they'd come back happy and high in the spirit of Christmas.


"Hey Matt, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

The two were mixing colors into the icing they had made, hoping to make red and green in order to decorate the cake in 'Christmassy colors'. TK had insisted in putting on a CD with seasonal songs on it, and the two had been singing along to it whilst they decorated. Matt had already written 'Merry Christmas!' across the cake with neat, script handwriting; so flawless and perfect as though he had written it with a pen. TK had always admired how everything that Matt did came out perfect. Even when he had been softly singing along to the carols they had been listening to, TK was reminded of an Angel sent from Heaven. His brother's voice only added to the Christmas magic.


Matt was looking at him, one fine golden eyebrow raised in anticipation.

"Sorry," TK murmured, realising he had been getting caught up in the moment. "I was just thinking about how everything you do ends up perfect."

Matt looked at him, a slight blush across his cheeks as he set down the small bowl of cherry colored icing. He smiled in genuine happiness, surprised at his brother's comment.

"Thanks TK," he said softly. TK grinned. He always felt at ease, like Matt would never judge him and that he could ask him anything.

"Matt, how would you approach someone to ask them out?" He asked, the words tumbling out of his mouth without even realising.

Matt seemed to ponder the question before turning back to his icing bowl. "Just be straight and ask them, I guess," he said with a slight shrug. He began beating at the icing mercilessly. "I can't be much help; I've never done it myself." He set down the spoon, satisfied that the icing was ready, and filled the impossible-to-use contraption to place icing onto a cake delicately.

TK didn't respond for a moment. Matt seemed to be avoiding the question.

"So how would you ask out a girl you like?" He tried again as Matt began to squeeze the icing out onto the cake with sheer perfection caused by practise.

Matt stopped what he was doing and sighed.

"TK, like I said, I can't help. I've never done it."

"But you always have advice!" TK protested. "You always know what to do!"

"Is this about Kari?" Matt queried. TK nodded. "Then just ask her out right. I'm sure she likes you too, so why not, eh?"

Matt saw that as closure to the conversation and carried on decorating. TK sighed and turned back to the bowl of lime colored icing. Sometimes talking to Matt was like talking to a wall.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door, which TK went to answer as Matt was in the middle of placing some holly berry dots on the cake.

"Heya TK!" A familiar voice floated through the small apartment, and Matt set the decorator down. Tai appeared before him, a grin plastered across his face. "In the kitchen, I see. How typical."

"Me and TK were decorating the Christmas cake," Matt explained. Tai nodded in understanding and picked up the almost empty cherry icing bowl. "Hey!"

Tai collected a small amount on his finger and licked it clean, grinning the whole time.

"Finished delivering presents?" Matt asked, starting work on the decorating again.

"Yep. I told you we'd be back."

"You weren't gone very long."

Tai shrugged. "Kari was eager to see TK."

Matt seemed sceptical but shrugged it off, calling to TK to come help him finish the icing before it all dried up.

TK appeared, Kari by his side, grinning like a madman as he picked up the lime icing and began to beat it again. Kari watched, eyes glowing with warmth at the feeling of being so close to TK.

Tai watched Matt, which was slightly off-putting to blonde boy, but he said nothing. He could tell Tai was fascinated, but couldn't work out why.

"What?" He eventually asked, turning round to talk to his friend.

"You're doing it so perfectly," Tai responded, reminding Matt of TK's earlier statement. "I was just wondering how. I mean, if I tried anything like that, I know I'd mess it up."

Matt stopped, satisfied with what he had done, and scooped out what was remaining of the cherry icing, placing it back into the bowl. He washed out the decorator while Tai helped himself to the red icing.

"I'm sure you wouldn't," Matt said after a few moments, drying the decorator and filling it with lime icing. He glanced at TK, who nodded in understanding. Matt grinned and grabbed Tai, placing the device into his hands and pushing him towards the cake. "Try it!"

"No way," Tai protested, but Matt glared at him.

"I want you to. If you do mess it up, I can fix it."

Tai looked at him for a moment before sighing and turning to the cake. Matt stood beside him, instructing him as to where to place the icing.

TK watched them, smiling as he felt Kari slip her hand into his. He didn't have to ask her out; she already knew, and they had come to a subconscious realization of their young love. But TK, watching the scene before him, had finally worked out what had put Matt on edge in their earlier conversation.

"So how would you ask out a girl you like?"

"TK, like I said, I can't help. I've never done it."

It was all so clear now! He grasped Kari's hand tightly and led her out the kitchen, leaving the two alone. He should have realized! He had asked Matt the wrong question…Matt would never ask a girl out, of course he wouldn't!

No, TK could clearly see where Matt's heart belonged, and where he was sure it would stay. Yet the object of his affection would never know, and would never guess how much the young man cared for him. TK could almost feel it, radiating from his brother. It hurt TK, to feel what Matt could feel; the warmth and love of being so close to Tai, and yet never quite being close enough. Never being quite where he wanted to be.

Kari looked at him, confusion in her eyes, and he simply smiled at her and surprised her with a soft kiss. He knew Matt would work things out by himself.

They both glanced round at a shout of laughter from the kitchen as Matt corrected yet another mistake by Tai. Tai was finding it hilariously funny, hiding his face in his hands as he giggled.

"Told you it was a mistake," he was saying.

"Hey TK, could you take over?" Matt called out. "I think Tai's done enough damage for one day!"

TK led Kari back into the kitchen, grinning as he saw Tai delving into the red icing again. Without warning, he turned and dabbed some on Matt's cheeks, smile almost reaching his ears.

"It's nice to see them so happy," Kari commented as TK set to work on the cake. Matt was right; Tai had done some damage, and though his older brother had done his best to correct it, a couple were still glaring at him. He grinned.

"I know," TK agreed. Matt was attacking Tai with the icing as well, both laughing like schoolchildren.

"I wonder if things will ever work out between them?" Kari mused. TK glanced at her in surprise. "Don't tell me you didn't notice. Those two are head over heals and beyond. Have been for ages now."

"I kinda guessed…"

TK quickly finished off the cake, and showed Matt the final product. He refrained from pointing out to his older sibling that Tai had managed to get icing in his hair.

"Great work little brother," Matt said, giving him a quick hug. "Mom and Dad will sure be impressed when they see it!"

He covered the cake with a prop-up fly net, smiling as he saw Kari and TK's entwined hands.

"So you two finally got together then?" He questioned rhetorically. "Well, that's great! Congratulations!"

"I hope things work out for you too, Matt," TK said, glancing at Tai. He was at the sink, frantically trying to get icing off of his clothes. Matt looked at TK, eyes wide for a moment, but he soon smiled.

"I could never keep anything from you," he said quietly, a twinkle in his eye. "But yeah, I'll be fine. He'll come round. This is Christmas after all, and Christmas is known best for it's magic." He glanced out the window at the snow that was still falling. "You never known, maybe Christmas will weave me a little magic this year."

With that, he headed back over to Tai, pointing out to his friend where he had missed icing. TK and Kari smiled; Matt was right. Christmas was one of the most mystical times of year, and no-one knew what would be in store for them in the holidays season. He only had to think of his parents, himself, and Matt.

Old lovers had been reunited, a new love had been born, and a promising future lay ahead for another love to bloom.

Yes, TK thought happily. This is Christmas. Happiness, contentment, love and magic. Pure magic. I wish it could be like this all the time. But then again, the future's only what you make it, right?

He smiled, placing a kiss on Kari's cheek.

If this is what happens at Christmastime, then I want to have it every day. And that's what I'm going to do.


Authors Notes: Panic attack everyone, I actually wrote something that wasn't depressing! ^_^ And yes, I know it's November, but I got so inspired by White Christmas, written by Ishida, that I just had to write a seasonal fic.

I hope you liked it, and if you didn't like the Taito overtones, then you should have read the warning. Either that, or just view them as friends, I dunno.

Feedback would be appreciated, as I've never done anything happy before; mails to Nanaki_Lioness@hotmail.com or reviews below if you're at Fanfiction.net. Thanks!