Harry blinked. His green gaze was locked on a white figure that was casually standing on the balcony of his bedroom. Seeing his gaze, the white-clad figure rose and opened the door to the balcony casually, bypassing any intruder alerts that he had set. Harry opened his mouth to say something, but found himself so stunned, and dumbfounded, and speechless, that he ran out of things possible to say.

"Hello, Wizard-san." The figure said softly in fluent-though a bit accented English, twitching his fingers, a beautiful red rose appearing in his hand, before he handed the rose to Harry, who continued to give him a bemused stare. Harry had heard of this figure, this man. The infamous Kaito 1412, later named Kaito Kid, by the Japanese mystery novelist, Kudou Yuusaku. The thief had intrigued Harry, as the thief claimed to be a magician, and he used completely Muggle ways to perform magic.

"Kaito Kid?" Harry managed to say, as he awkwardly accepted the rose from the white-clad figure's hands.

"Yes, and may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?" Kid asked, his indigo eyes piercing into Harry's emerald ones.

"Harry Potter." Harry replied, still faintly confused about how Kid had managed to bypass the wards that surrounded the Potter ancestral home. "How did you get past the-" Harry started.

"The wards?" Kid smiled. "Akako-do you know her? She lent me this-" Kid revealed a deep purple gem, before tucking it back into his suit, "-saying that it would help me with real magic." Harry frowned.

"Akako?" He'd heard of her before. She was one of the stronger witches of the entire Magical community. She was of Japanese descent, and she was one of the last from the LeFay lines. "She's quite popular in the Magical community. Now...why are you here?" Harry questioned.

"Why, Harry," Here, Harry had to resist a shudder at how Kid seemed to say his name in such a silky and seductive tone, "my wings decided that they were tired, and what better place to land, than in a handsome stranger's home?" Harry tried not to blush-failing at that, as Kid stepped closer to him. Harry was once again speechless, as Kid flashed him a smile, before stepping back onto the balcony.

"I'm afraid I must take my leave now, Harry. May fate allow us to meet again." And with those words, Kid departed, leaving behind a shower of red rose petals and a dumbfounded wizard.